Sep 17

Boob Job Anyone?

Day Two of the #MBC continues!  Today’s post prompt?  Something controversial.  Ohhh Joi, I love when things get sticky!!  I had so many options here but I chose something I’ve been thinking about lately…my boobs.

Ah the age old question of should you or should you not get a boob job?  I never in 10 million years thought I would ever consider this.  I used to have big boobs in high school.  Really, I did.


How did I lose something THAT big?  What the hell?

Proof!  Exhibits A & B…although they look like Ds!  Come on?!                                           Circa 1993 – I was 17.

Somewhere along the way, they just disappeared.  Mostly from exercising so damn much – after all, boobs are just fat, and then of course I got pregnant with twins.  I remember having to double up on sports bras and after a run I would literally sink into the couch and hug my boobs and cry from the pain!  It was awful!

After the boys, I breastfed for exactly 3 weeks.  I was either feeding a baby or pumping and the whole thing was a total nightmare so I gave it up toot sweet!  And the boobs faded away again.

I never really gave it a lot of thought.  I’ve know people that have had boob jobs and I always thought it was so vain.  I never understood why someone would go though all of that just to have bigger boobs.  Then, I started to talking to some friends and was clued in as to exactly why someone would endure all that.  Apparently, some of my friends (after being blessed multiple times with kids) have boobs that resemble Cambodian tribes women…or tube socks.  Some of them have told me they have aeriolas the size of dinner plates.  Now that’s a visual.  Suddenly, it all made sense to me.  Luckily, my boobs were somehow spared these evils but, they are ridiculously small.

There is some major padding in that top!

There is some major padding in that top!

On a recent trip to Hershey Park, I noticed a woman in the pool who had an amazing body…and three kids!  She was wearing a bikini and she filled it out perfectly.  The hubs obviously noticed her too because he said “I think they’re fake” and made the universal sign for boobs…like I thought he was talking about her Trina Turk sandals!  Obviously I then had to reassess her entire body because her boobs certainly did not look fake…they looked…perfect!  Wait a minute!!!  They don’t jiggle!  They’re perky (I mentioned the three kids right?) and they are in direct proportion to her fabulous body.  Holy shit, she had fake boobs!…and I wanted some.

Does it really?

Does it really?

I am now seriously considering doing this.  Of course the hubs is more then willing to spend the money and will probably hire a full time nanny to take care of the kids if need be after the surgery.  But then…so many questions!  Will I be embarrassed that I’m doing this?  Will it interfere with my running?but think of all the new workout tops and sports bras!!  Is it really worth the surgery and recovery time?  And what do they even use now to make them bigger?  Do I want foreign objects in my body?  Um, probably not.  And, lastly, what will other people think?  That’s the sum of it.  It really comes down to – do I really want to do this and do I give a shit about what other people think?

I posed this question to a girlfriend of mine in a text.  Her response?  “You work your ass off to be in great shape.  Go get yourself a nice pair of tits!!”

Did I mention how much I love this girl?


Tell me dear readers…what do you think?



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  1. Until I had my girls, I could never understand the desire to spend tons of money on boobs.But now that my body has been through two pregnancies and 24 combined months of nursing, I can understand why some women want the extra lift! Having said that, I was so glad when I weaned my youngest and traded my huge boobs for ultralights! I don’t think I’ll ever have mine done just because I want to ‘save’ my surgeries for life threatening emergencies, and the thought of something foreign in my body gives me the willies! But, to each her own, so you go girl. Get those rockin’ tits!

    1. ha ha ha!!! OMG I did NOT expect that last line from you!! OMG so funny!!! I agree with everything you’re saying and actually, I think writing the post help me realize that I don’t want or need bigger boobs!!! Thanks Nicole!

      1. Ha! That last line shocked me too :)!!!!

        1. Ha ha ha!! I love it when you don’t see it coming…

  2. I don’t think I’d ever do it because surgery when you don’t actually *need* surgery doesn’t appeal to me, but the idea of boobs that don’t hang down sad and low like a pair of basset hound ears sounds wonderful. It’s been decades since my boobs have been perky. I don’t want bigger (if anything actually smaller) but perky does sound fantastic. Yes!! I’d be all about the perky!! –Lisa

    1. LOVE the basset hound comparison – I have *not* heard that one!!! Perky is good, isn’t it? Thanks Lisa!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post for a controversial topic! Well done Allie! I have very very small boobs. Always have. I like to think they are proportionate to my size! I never actually seriously considered getting a boob job but my husband and I have talked about it before. I guess I like being able to wear any type of top I want and workout without the worry of excess jiggle. BUT, if after having kids everything goes downhill (literally) I would consider getting a boob job provided I stayed within a small range (like maybe a B cup).

    1. I always use the “proportion” argument too!! And, I agree – I would definitely just want to be a solid B!! Thanks for understanding!!

    • Heather on September 17, 2013 at 8:45 AM
    • Reply

    Oh boy! I’ve got an opinion about this one. I have a fine set of tube socks that have served me well in the feeding of my babies and continue do their job in a variety of other functions. I would love to wave a magic wand and have them lifted and a bit fluffier….however, I am against boob jobs for aesthetic sake and I’ll tell you why;
    Variety is the spice of life. Boobs are supposed to come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes; boobs are supposed to droop a bit with age.
    What really gets me is the message it sends to young women. I can’t help but feel like it somehow diminishes those who, like me, were born with small boobs. I walk around feeling like its my responsibility to go get them “fixed”, but I know that there is nothing wrong with my boobs! The size, shape and look of my boobs does not define my femininity, my beauty, my strength or my worth.
    I love my boobs just as they are…small, flat and FAST!
    Well…you asked! 🙂

    1. Bravo!!!! Love this comment and SO much truth in it!!! I don’t have daughters so I guess that isn’t in the forefront of my thinking but yes, we are not dolls that need to be “fixed” however, if it’s something that is truly causing you self-esteem issues or affecting your life in other negative ways (which is NOT the case for me!) then I say do it. But I LOVE your comment and agree with you!!

  4. I say GO FOR IT! I am all about doing what makes you feel good about yourself and if a boob job would make you feel better (and hubs approves, which I know he will) DO IT! I know others have reservations about elective surgery, but I am for it and considering getting some work done next summer!

    1. Thank you!! I feel the same way (now!) to each his own & life is too short to not do what makes you happy!!

  5. Oh, I loved this post! I’ve never had much of anything up top, but then I’ve always been on the slim side. But boy when I got pregnant! Who hoo! For the first time ever, I actually had cleavage! LOL I had to buy bigger bras, my blouses filled out nicely, and I was enjoying my new friends. Then I stopped breastfeeding. And my new friends disappeared. My boobs are even smaller NOW than before I got pregnant! Now I’m buying new bras again, because I can’t even fit the old ones properly. I hadn’t really thought about implants, but who knows. I think I might consider it somewhere down the line, when I know for sure that I won’t be having any more kids.

    1. Ah yes, just another joy of parenting!! The same thing happened to me & a lot of my friends! It’s the roller coaster boob ride!! One bra that is amazing (& a lot cheaper then a boob job!) is the bombshell by Victoria’s Secret! The saleswomen told me they completely sold out for about a month when they first came on the market!! Ha ha!!

  6. Ok, soo, I rarely even wear makeup and my hair is rarely “did”, so it’s a stretch to say i put that much effort into my looks- however- when it comes to aging i am all for a little nip and tuck 🙂 botox? yes, please. boob job? sign me up. i hate the plastic look, but i intend to, well, “perkify” as needed 🙂 so if you’re thinking this is what you want- I say perkify!

    1. That is funny because I also rarely wear make-up & my hair is so short there’s really no “doing” it!!

    • Chris on September 17, 2013 at 9:43 AM
    • Reply

    After I lost 100 pounds (as you know) my poor old boobs were sad and saggy. I had worked so hard and wanted to be proud of my body but could only focus on the negative sagging. When I went to my buddy, Dr Jon, he not only removed a lot of my hanging skin, he did a very lovely “front end alignment” as I like to call it. He didn’t add anything to my boobs, just lifted and rearranged what I had. Dr. Jon’s specialty is boobs, even though he does all kinds of plastic surgery. You are proud of your fit body, as you should be. You don’t have to opt for huge basketball boobies…just something that would enhance your already beautiful body. Something natural looking. We cut and color our hair, we wear nice clothes, we put on makeup…why? To look better and feel better. I say, go and get a professional opinion. BTW, my extended tummy tuck HURT…my boob job was a piece of cake.

    1. Chris you know I love you! You’re the reason I’m even considering this because A. I love Dr. Jon & trust him and B. if I got through my “other” surgery, I’m sure a boob job would be nothing!! I love how you refer to it as “a front end alignment!!” That is classic. And, you make a lot of great points about other ways we make ourselves more attractive – why not a nice pair?? Thanks for commenting! You always have a way with words!!

  7. I SAY DO IT!!! First of all, girl, you crack me up. I now have crazy boob imagery of cambodian drooping boobies held up by tube socks!lol
    If I had the dinero I would get a boob job in a heart beat. At my slimmest I had no boobs.I had pecks, for sure. I loved bench pressing so in place of complete flatness I had a pair of Arnold Schwartznagger male pecks. Sexy, right? I explained to my husband(then boyfirend) that I wanted boobies to better fill out my clothes and to FEEL more feminine. He didn’t get it until a male extends commercial came on and it was put in terms he could understand. Guys want to be bigger there just like girls want to be proportionate in the boobular area.

    1. My hubs definitely gets it. He loves me either way for sure but if it makes me happy, he’s all for it! I totally get the imagery of “pecks!” It seems that female athletes rarely have boobs!!!

  8. I say go for it too if that’s what would make you love you even more. I’d love to get my boobs put back where they belong. I look in the mirror and hate them (that one in particular). I’d love for them to be perfect and though I look at women and say those are fake – I wouldn’t care if someone thought mine were – that would mean they look good. LOL to the “dinner plates”.

    1. I know, right? When I saw that woman, hers definitely did not look fake at first glance, but like you said, if people thought they were them they’re looking good!!!

    • Kim on September 17, 2013 at 10:53 AM
    • Reply

    I have to say – for the most part I’m perfectly happy with my body. But….sometimes at the beach when I’m laying there in my bikini I wish I had that little extra umph!!! I think it would make my stomach look better, too!! I say if you want it – do it!!! Who cares what anyone else thinks?! They aren’t the ones that get to choose or even have a say in what you do!!
    BTW – super cute suit!!

    1. Thanks Kim!! I really don’t care what other people think…except maybe my family!? I know exactly what you mean about a little more umph in the bikini!!!

  9. That visual of the areolas the size of dinner plates… My eyes opened wide and I couldn’t close my mouth. WTH!

    I’m vain, so I would never say that I would never go under the knife, but I fear for what implants do to the body. That said, a boob job really isn’t something I would consider. I used to be (still am, kinda) a member of the itty bitty titty committee, but I’ve graduated as I age from a B cup to a D. LOL! Who woulda thunk? And that’s fine with me. Anything bigger on my frame would look icky and draw too much attention. I like to think that I’m well proportioned for my size and weight. But I do remember looking at Dr. 90210 (is he still on?) and marveling at the mothers bringing their 18 year olds to him for a boob job for their birthday. WTH?

    1. The first time a friend of mine made the reference about the dinner plates…I cried I was laughing so hard!! I certainly HOPE Dr. 90210 isn’t around anymore – 18 is definitely too young to make plastic surgery decisions. I agree that I just want a little more – a solid B would suit my frame. I’m not going for stripper status here – just a little extra!!

    • Shannon on September 17, 2013 at 11:52 AM
    • Reply

    I have to say, increasing the size is never what I think of…during the course of pregancy with my twins, I did have the largest, most ridicilous boobs anyone could have and I HATED every minute. What I am left with is saggy lopsided boobs, that honestly I just want lifted. I want to not worry about them looking funny in a bthing suit. However, I have three girls and I want them to know that no matter what, they are perfect just the way they are, African bush woman boobs and all. I am coming to terms with mine…Afterall, living in CT, how often am I really in a bathing suit? Don’t do it!!!
    PS I do hate paying the extra money to buy those bras for running, but oh well!

    1. Ha ha!!! I know the living in CT thing is true. It’s like buying a convertible when you can only drive it 4 months out of the year. Love the African Bush Woman reference – you are hilarious!!!

  10. Such a topic indeed! I say go for it, if you really want it. It was hard getting your body back in shape, do something for you. I won’t really call it vain, but you want rock your body you worked hard for. After we have our very last child, I know I will be thinking about this for sure. who knows, I may end up needed a rearrangement. Found you through #MBS

    1. I’m definitely done having kids so if I make the decision, it’s all systems GO! I’m glad you found me. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    • Kate on September 17, 2013 at 12:27 PM
    • Reply

    As long as I have the money, I am 100% getting mine done after having kids.

    1. Direct and to the point. You go! Can’t wait to read all about it!!

  11. Do you girl! Whatever makes you happy. I, on the other hand, have a size 10 cup…LOL. My twins deflated after I breastfed my daughter for three long years. I’m comfortable with it. I go bra-less all the time. But if I weren’t happy, I’d do something about it. As long as it is safe, and will not cause a health issue, why not? #MBC


    1. I definitely need to check out the health risks because I work too hard to have my boobs give me cancer!! That would be the ultimate in ridiculousness!! It IS nice to go bra-less though….which just brings me right back to my original dilemma! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  12. Allie..Go for it for sure! I have absolutely nothing up top! I like to tell people God gave me a gift on the backside instead but I would love to get this done. I just want to have children first. I love my body, myself, and all that jazz I just want some knockers! You had a rack back when, so weird how the body operates. I don’t give a flip what others think….I want some! Great #MBC topic!!!

    1. Seriously!! I have zero body issues. I love my body and love what ti does when I work it, when I had kids with it and now I want to reward it with some boobs!!! Definitely have the kids first…who knows? Maybe they’ll get big and stay that way! Thanks Joi. I’m loving this #MBC!

    • Hope on September 17, 2013 at 2:46 PM
    • Reply

    Hahaha!! This was a funny post. You could re-use it tomorrow. LOL This was a great post for controversy. I’m all for perking up the girls. Not too big on implants though. But seriously, if they can take some of my love handle and thigh fat and “augment” the girls…I’m all for it! You do work hard on looking great, nothing wrong with a little enhancement.

    1. I was just thinking I could re-use this for tomorrow as I’m struggling with tomorrow’s post!! Thanks Hope!! A little perking never hurt anyone:-)

  13. What I think makes you look so strong, is your athletic body. If you did some in-proportion enhancement, enjoy, but definitely your athletic “look” is your trademark, in my opinion. Lean and mean (but nice)! It might slow your running times…:).

    1. Thanks Nancy!! I definitely wouldn’t do anything more then what’s in proportion to my body. And I’m really thinking about those racing times, believe me!! It’s not worth adding minutes to my time:-)

  14. Vita,

    I am on the exact opposite side of the spectrum….I got a breast reduction 6 years ago. Some people thought I was nuts and others totaly got it. I could present the world greatest argument for smaller boobs and the next gal can give a very convincing argument for larger boobs. Do what’s gonna make you feel like the best you ever!!!

    1. Good for you! I hope you’re happy with them. That’s the most important thing!!

  15. DO NOT GET A BOOB JOB! DO NOT DO IT. I have been having the conversation A LOT lately (hmmmmm are people trying to tell me something?) and I always come back with the answer: NOPE, I wouldn’t do it!!!! That’s like $7000 for each BOOB all for vanity purposes and in about 10 – 15 years you’ll have to fix them… It’s just not worth it… ESPECIALLY IF: you sleep on your stomach, LIKE I DO! lol. Oh and exercise! I have a celebrity friend (won’t say any names)… Who got NUMEROUS boob jobs, to the point that she just looks plain SILLY… And she completely regrets it, but she pretends to LOVE THEM… I definitely know she regrets them though! (can you guess who I am talking about – LOL)

    1. Ummmm let me see….Pam Anderson?? I don’t want stripper boobs!! Just a nice full B cup would do it. I think you see too much plastic in LA. No one has a boob job in my cow town here in CT! Because I love you and value your opinion I will definitely heed your words. I actually think writing this blog has helped me see that I don’t want them. Thanks for putting an exclamation point on it!!…or two.

  16. Hm…I’m all about what makes people happy. I can’t say for sure what I’d do for myself. I think my husband would not like it, for some reason. Mine aren’t big and never have been but they’re round and perky. (small miracles! literally) It’s been a little tough for me in life, but I do like their shape.

    If they were tube sock shaped? I’d probably be saving my money..

    1. One less thing for you to worry about!! Luckily mine are small but still have shape!!

  17. Okay, I did have a boob job. Not the kind you think though. I had mine reduced. I am only 4’10” and weigh 100 pounds. My breasts were naturally an H, essentially they were taller than me. Yes, for real. It really ticks my husband off that he met me after the boob job. Honestly, it was just a comedy of errors. So I had mine reduced. They were painful and hurt my back and I didn’t want anything to do with them. What I loved, besides the fact that they are almost normal sized (they are still a little big IMO but you can only take out so much tissue at a time) is that the doctor lifted them for me and they were just so perky and cute. But that was a long time ago and if I had the money I would do it all over again because now they are hugging the bottom of my rib cage more than they are supposed to. I would make them one size smaller and get those puppies lifted so high they looked like adams apples. Yesss sir eee. There’s nothing better than having perky boobs.

    Honestly, I think the size of yours are great but having had extremely large breasts I prefer the look of tiny boobs. It gives you more clothing options.

    1. Adams apples!! OMG that is hilarious. I’m glad you got yours taken care of so you don’t have any more back issues – that is awful!! Clothing options is definitely a plus but I’m just looking for a slight increase so I think my options would still be wide open. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kita on September 17, 2013 at 8:41 PM
    • Reply

    I want to get rid of my boobs I wear …well never mind what I wear just know I have to go to a speciality store for my bras they don’t make them in my size in regular stores. I use to stick mines out as a kid my mom said if I kept doing it they would grow and boy did they. Maybe if I lose some weight they will shrink. Do what makes you happy I am all for surgery that brings on confidence and makes you feel and look good.

    1. That is funny about what your mom said! I swear they curse us sometimes. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    • Leah on September 17, 2013 at 8:42 PM
    • Reply

    You need to do what you think is best for you. Sounds cliche, but it’s a very personal decision. I think a boob job can sometimes make all the difference for your self esteem. But, only if you are doing it because you want to (I know women who do it for their husband only… that I think can be a more problematic)

    1. You are absolutely right!! My husband really couldn’t care less either way. He said it’s completely my decision and I think, by writing this post, I may have talked myself right out of it. That’s the great thing about writing. It gives you clarity! Thanks for your comment. I definitely appreciate your perspective!

  18. This is a a great post. I believe in doing WHATEVER makes you happy. Life is just too short for anything else. With that said, I had a breast reduction when I was 19, it was a tough surgery. It also negatively affected my breast feeding, are you having more children one day? Might be something to consider. I am very happy with my size (went from a DDD to a C) so I don’t regret the surgery for a second.

    1. I’m so happy for you that it worked out!! I’m definitely done having kids or I wouldn’t even consider it!

    • Dana on September 17, 2013 at 9:13 PM
    • Reply

    What a great topic for a controversial post! I’m going to take the less popular stance – I wouldn’t do it. I know the risk is very small, but there is a risk anytime you go under general anesthesia. I’m just not willing to take that risk on an elective surgery. I’ll just buy pretty padded bras and call it a day!

    1. I love the less popular stance. You’re so right too! Imagine if something awful happened to me b/c I got a boob job? I couldn’t do that to my kids!! Thanks Dana.

  19. Those 90’s boobs were huge! Lol. Good for you. The tube sock boobs scare the mess out of me. I’m 30 with one child and hopefully another on the way. I will be praying to the gods that my girls maintain a little bit of spunk. Doubt that I’d get a boob job though. #mbc

    1. I know, right? What happened to my 90s boobs?? Good luck with baby #2! If your boobs held up after the first, the odds are in your favor!

    • Toya on September 17, 2013 at 10:03 PM
    • Reply

    I agree with your girlfriend and I will tell u like I told my two friends who got them. If you can afford it and its whatn u want GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

    1. You are a good friend!! Thanks!

  20. Oh you crack me up. I had big boobs in college too. I remember one time we were changing for a xc meet and one of the upperclassman shrieked at me “Goodness gracious, those are huge!” She actually did not say Goodness Gracious, she said something inappropriate. Anyway, I was mortified. You’d think they wouldn’t be so big with all the working out I did back then. By 3 kids later, they are almost nonexistent now. Husband thinks he was gypped. LOL.

    1. The husbands always feel that way. Mine was shocked to see that picture of me. He’s like “where did they go?” so I pointed to his children running around!!

  21. Great post and totally not controversial in my opinion. What a woman chooses to do with her body is for no one else to judge…you do you, sister!

    That being said, YES…I would get a boob job. I belong to the IBTC and always wanted bigger boobs. As I’ve matured I’ve realized that I like my small ladies, but will certainly give them a lift after kids. We work out to feel good about our bodies and I think there is nothing wrong with a small surgery.

    P.S. your boobs were huge when you were 17 and also, you look fabulous in a bikini!

    1. You are absolutely right about it being a personal choice. I wouldn’t judge anyone (now!) on any kind of cosmetic surgery.
      Thanks for the P.S.!!!

  22. Funny that you write about this. I would have never considered getting a boob job when I was younger. I’m small but I didn’t really care. But after kids and breastfeeding? Oy, I feel like my boobs have disappeared into nothingness. So yes, lately I have thought about a boob job – not seriously but still.

    1. I know, I know! I never really thought about it that much either until recently. The kids definitely took their toll but maybe it’s something about getting older too? For whatever reason, it’s on the radar! Thanks Christine.


    1. Well said Auntie Laurie!!! And SO true!! Thank you for that. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many strong and smart women!!! Love you!

  24. Oh my gosh! I love this post! I have nothing on top. Nothing. Like you, I had more in high school than now – and I sort of long for them sometimes….

    Would I pay for a boob job? No. Would I love to have a really great set of boobs for a day here and there just to see what it’s like? Absolutely. But…as you mention…I’d much rather be able to run comfortably with my flat chest than bounce for 5 or 13 or 26 miles. Priorities, I suppose!

    1. If their only were “removable” breasts!! That would definitely be the way to go. I love my Victoria’s Secret bombshell bra but you can’t fit that under a swimsuit. I’ve tried:-)

  25. I most definitely do not need bigger boobs (my F cup size is big enough), but I have thought seriously about how nice it would be to get a boob lift – just to perk these babies up.

    1. So many people have said that!! Gravity is working against all of us!

  26. My husband and I want two kids (we have one right now and are trying to work up the nerve to try for a second.) I was a small A cup before I had my son, and after pregnancy and sixteen months of breastfeeding, they are maybe half an A cup. I’m guessing that after baby number two, they’ll be a negative A. On the one hand, I’d like to get a boob job for aesthetic reasons (and to be able to find bras in my size. Nobody makes half A cups.) On the other hand, my tiny boobs are not affected much by gravity and are still pretty perky. And since they fed my son for over a year, I’ve grown more fond of them. I guess I’ll wait and see what they look like after baby number two before I make up my mind.

    1. I love the “half an A cup!” Seriously, they just disappear. There are a lot of advantages to having small boobs and the perkiness factor is definitely one! Good luck…

  27. I would do it! I want to get a boob job at some point. I’d like happier boobs again.

    1. That’s a good way to think of it. Who doesn’t want HAPPY boobs? Thanks!

  28. Lol, this reminds me exactly of the post I did last month on the samething. I even have a picture like your chest image…mine says “freakishly amazing”! I never wanted bigger boobs before I had my daughter but then I wanted to look less like a bodybuilder and thought that would be the trick. Well 8 years later I sit here typing with the same size boobs I have always had…I mean my fingers are typing not my boobs…wouldn’t that be fun!

    In the end I am worried I will resent it, most people I see look heavier all over on top and since I have lost a huge amount weight, I don’t want to look chunky…even if its boobs.
    Always a personal decision!
    Stopping by from SITs girls Sharefest!

    1. I’ll have to go find your post! That is too funny. You have a good point about being top heavy and looking bigger. I’m pretty small and that’s the last thing I want! I’m cracking up about your boobs typing!! Now that would be amazing!
      Thanks for stopping by from SITS!!

  29. Interesting perspective having been on both sides of the coin Allie!

    I’m 5’1″ and have a size D chest and if it were up to me, I’d switch with you in a heartbeat. Everyone goes through the “grass is always greener” phase but it sounds like you aren’t going through a phase. I believe that life is short and if it’s do-able, you should do it!

    1. It’s true – you always want what you don’t have! After blogging about it…I think I actually talked myself out of it. I’m going to stay just the way I am. I think…:-)

    • Kate on June 28, 2017 at 11:22 AM
    • Reply

    I’m an A-cup, and personally, I love my small boobs. They’re comfortable, I don’t have to worry about buying expensive sports bras or regular bras, I can go braless in the summer, and they just never get in the way. I also love women who look athletic and fit – and larger boobs just don’t really fit into that vision for me. I kind of hated my larger boobs while I nursed my son for over a year – and they weren’t even that big! That said, if a larger chest will make you feel more attractive and confident, then go for it! It’s all about what makes you happy. But I think you look great as is.

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