Apr 16

Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Finally!  Spring has hit like a ton of bricks, although it snowed here last night, but whatever.  I’m going to just bask in the fact that I’ve been running and biking outside in nothing but shorts, sports bras and smiles.  It’s funny that over the winter, you forget about a lot of the frustrating things that come with warm weather running.  Dogs.  Car divers/motorcyclists and other runners/cyclists.  I figure I can air my grievances about all of them here, right?



I know two things about dogs: They love to run and they hate runners.  Ok, well, they hate runners that aren’t their owners.  I’m a runner and I’ve had dogs, so I know this.  I’ve also been attacked, had a good friend bitten while she ran right next to me, and have had a ton of near misses with “man’s best friend,” the last two of which were between Saturday and Monday of this week!

I know it’s super important for your precious FeeFee to run free and, hey, if you live near a trail that is frequented by runners and cyclists, it’s really our responsibility to not get attacked by your dog. I mean, really.  Who can blame the poor dog for wanting to bite our legs off?  I, for one, look very intimidating with my towering 5 foot frame and menacing grin.  I’m almost begging to be attacked by daring to run by your house.


Plus, the way my heart rate sky rockets when I see the teeth of your pet, and perhaps a little bit of pee sneaks out when it darts after me, I should actually thank you for contributing to my training.  A jump from 90bpm to 185bpm in 2 seconds should absolutely be considered classic interval training and could be partially responsible for that recent PR I just got.

I’ll send your thank you card in the mail with biscuits for Fydo.


A lot of drivers hate runners.  I get it.  You have to slow down for like seven seconds so that you don’t kill another human being who is out getting some fresh air.  It’s so annoying isn’t it?  I really wish lived on a planet with a bizillion miles of paved paths so runners didn’t have to make you drivers pay so much damn attention when you’re behind the wheel!  Trust me, I know how important that text message is and hey, when you need to check Facebook while you’re driving, I’m sure it’s because you’re missing a very important post about how much someone loves their husband/wife/child/dog to the moon and back.  Don’t let something as trivial as my life stop you from liking that post!


And motorcyclists – it’s so great to have you back!  When I’m out cycling and you rev your engine behind me or, better yet, get as close as you possibly can to my bike without actually having me get on the back of yours, is so necessary seeing as there’s almost no room for a motorcycle and my huge bike on the road.  I get it, I do.  I also hope you continue to saw off your exhaust pipe so I can hear you coming from 16 miles away.  It’s very helpful.  And, thank goodness there’s no helmet laws in CT.  Well, let me clarify, there aren’t any for motorcyclists who can go 100 miles and hour. I’m bound by law to wear one on my bike though.  I mean, I can sometimes get up to 40mph on that baby.  Look out!

And finally…


If I wave to you, are you going to absolutely just die if you acknowledge me in any way whatsoever?  I’m not looking for a cheering section or even a full wave.  How about just a smile?  Maybe a little nod of “Hey we’re out here doing the same thing and having a great time” sorta thing.  No?  Ok.  I can see how it could be too overwhelming.  Please don’t over-exert yourself on my account.



To everyone out there with an amazing dog (on a leash), who doesn’t try to kill my hearing or my person on a motorcycle, and all the awesome runners and cyclists who do wave or smile – I love you all and it’s great seeing you out there again!


What do you love most about the warmer weather?

Ever had a near miss with a dog?  Are their helmet laws in your state?

If you run or bike, are you a “waver” or an “ignorer?”  



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  1. LOL! I love this! I so get this. I don’t think I have gone a single run without a dog running up close to me. I actually had to pepper spray one a couple of weeks ago. I love dogs and I hate doing that but it came down to me or him/her.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Half Marathon Training Update – Week ThirteenMy Profile

    1. I know how you feel! I love dogs but if they’re bearing their teeth and snarling – all bets are off!

  2. AMEN!! As a responsible dog owner, it absolutely drives my husband and me nuts when people let their dogs roam free to chase cyclists and runners. My husband was actually attacked and bitten by two dogs on a local greenbelt several years ago and had to undergo the rabies shot series because the owner couldn’t prove she had vaccinated her dog. And I lost count of how many times I had to outride pups, only to be almost run off the road by some Bubba who clearly doesn’t understand that, yeah, I have just as much right to be on this road as you do. Having said that, I’d take the Bubba over the texting driver any day!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…We Are Virginia TechMy Profile

    1. I can imagine that responsible dog owners get doubly upset. My good friend also had to undergo the rabies shot series after she was bitten. SO ridiculous!!! The dog that came out at me on a busy road last Saturday almost caused an accident (and got killed himself) when he ran right out into the road after circling me. Insanity!

  3. Yes! Right on Allie!!! Especialyl with the dogs one. I have had waaayyy too many near misses with dogs, especially out of town. It drives me crazy. I usually do the stop and yell GO HOME while pointing, which works, but one time it is going to backfire on me, I am sure of it…..and terrified of it. I hate stopping my rhythm to do that though, especially on my 18+ mile runs!

    As for cars, when I run in a sports bra I feel like that is my fault and it is one of the downsides of doing what I am doing, but the rest of the time it really annoys me. It was the worst in the winter when I had to run on the roads as sidewalks were ice rinks and cars would wave their arms (well the people inside would haha) at me, I got pretty mad!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Ignite Naturals ReviewMy Profile

    1. I do the same with dogs as far as giving commands but it’s SO scary and yes, totally messes with your rhythm!
      As for the sports bra, repeat after me: It’s not your fault!!! You should be able to be out there, as the elite athlete you are, in what you need to wear to be comfortable. I mean, I definitely get it, but I go out in my sports bra too – you have to when it’s that hot.
      As for the mean drivers – yep, they just hate us! What can you do? I just smile.

  4. I am not a runner myself, but seriously all three would get on my nerves, especially people that have dogs that don’t keep a better eye or control not hem. Just sorry you have been attacked in the past and that is a bit scary, as well as a bit alarming, too. Loved your grievances though and you said a mouthful here!
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Work from Home with Kids Makes Dream Possible with Shaklee – Guest PostMy Profile

    1. Thanks Janine! It’s very scary when a dog is charging you and all you have is an iPod and Garmin. I do carry pepper spray sometimes but I would hate to have to use it.

    • Shannon on April 16, 2014 at 7:26 AM
    • Reply

    OMG -so true! I don’t know how many drivers I have dramatically jumped out of the way for yelling at them-I mean really! Dogs are no joke and I love them-keep them on a leash! I learned that the hard way! Smiles and waves, come on folks-I say hello to cows (who look at me like I am crazy) and horses (who actually come toward you-yikes) I almost never see people-but when I do-I smile and wave…if I ever see you flash by me, you bet I will smile and wave! Love this post!

    1. Yes, yes and YES! I believe I have gone out of my way in my car to circle back and yell encouraging things to you on the run 🙂 Keep talking to the animals too – I do that and it just makes me smile!

  5. I think you nailed all my pet peeves. Cars that don’t move over to despite no other cars being on the road is another. And the creeper beepers are out in full force with the warm weather. Happy Spring!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Apple Pie SmoothieMy Profile

    1. Ah yes, the creeper beepers!!! Gross.

  6. I don’t get out much so I don’t know.

    (Are you noticing a pattern in my comments? Heh)
    Alison recently posted…Three YearsMy Profile

    1. Yes I am. You’re acting as though you’re pregnant with twins. Keep eating chocolate and sitting. You’re doing great! 🙂

  7. And dogs going the bathroom in the pathway- ugh!

    1. YES! I actually now see those little plastic bags (filled) on the sides of the trail now. Um, you’re supposed to properly dispose of those people!!! WTH?

  8. Your post made me laugh, probably because I can relate to everything you’ve written. I have actually gotten to the stage where I have mentally earmarked an olive tree that doesn’t look too difficult to climb as one of the areas I run has an abundance of pet dogs running loose! Something I just don’t understand as we have four dogs and wouldn’t dream of letting them run loose in the road – but many (not all) Greeks are totally irresponsible when it comes to looking after their dogs.

    I have thought about carrying dogs treats on me when I run, so that I could give them a treat in return for my leg or arm, but I figured that would only encourage dogs to follow me, so I would look like the crazy, running, dog lady of Pantokratoras.

    I also enjoy bike riding and the amount of times I have had wing mirrors nearly have me off my bike or cars pulling out of side roads in front of me is unbelievable.

    I hope that your humourous approach to the problems of dogs, motorbikes and cars wakes some people – you know who you are! – up to the danger they create for other people, who are just as entitled to use the roads, woods or local park as they are.
    Debbie recently posted…Natural Nasal Relief From Hay Fever And Other AllergiesMy Profile

    1. That is too funny that you are ready to climb a tree to possibly escape vicious dogs! I’ll have to remember this if I’m every lucky enough to run in Greece. And, I hear you about the dog treat thing – it sounds like a good idea but it probably would attract them.
      Be careful out there!!

    • Kim on April 16, 2014 at 9:50 AM
    • Reply

    This post made me smile and nod along because I have experienced several of these in the last few weeks!!
    Last week while Hunter and I were running – 2 dogs (big, of course) chased us to the point that we couldn’t even walk – we had to come to a complete stand still. This lady (who I actually sort of know from way back with school kids) opened her front door and stepped outside. Both dogs went to her. I said, “your dogs are chasing us.” She asked me which one was really bothering us and then proceeded to say that dog wasn’t even hers (even though it clearly knew her and responded to her). Then she yelled as we started to run again – ‘GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!!” Psycho!!
    Kim recently posted…Trusting or Naive?My Profile

    1. Ah yes, I love it when the owners actually blame YOU for their dogs bad behavior! There’s one house in particular that I swear, when I run by the owner gets mad b/c she has to stop whatever she’s doing and get her dogs under control. WTH??? Total psychos!

  9. I can’t stand it when people can’t be bothered to say hello on a run…I try to acknowledge everyone. But not everyone responds. I don’t get that.

    I wish we had more space on the side of the road. I stick to the trails most of the time, because there are so many places with blind corners and narrow roads and I have almost been hit a number of times.

    But…I do run on trails next my house with my dogs and they are usually off leash. However we don’t really run into anyone except other people with dogs off leash, and honestly most days I don’t run into anyone. I think my husband runs into more people at the time of day he goes though. The trails are privately owned by a boarding school and the only people that really use them are people from the school. It’s like playdate time for all the dogs when they run into their friends. But I do get what you are saying…I can see both sides here. My husband has been bitten by a dog that ran out of his yard and into the street on a run (not hurt, but his jacket was ripped), and even worse, the dog owner was a jerk about it. I was once accosted by a huge dog on a run (on the street as well). He didn’t bite me, but he did scare the heck out of me. I think it depends on the situation. I don’t let my dogs off leash on other trails, but the one near our house works out for us.
    Michelle recently posted…Chocolate Hazelnut Butter CookiesMy Profile

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is bothered when other runners don’t acknowledge me. It’s just kind of rude.
      I hear you about the dogs and them being off-leash on your trail. It sounds like that’s the culture of the trail there, and if no one cares, more power to you. Let the dogs have fun!…while you’re having fun too of course.

  10. I hear ya! I ran on Monday and came home SO ANGRY! I had one driver almost hit me while I was in a pedestrian crosswalk with the big yellow pedestrian crossing signs, and then another driver honk at me while I was in the same crosswalk. (I promise you, they both had plenty of time to stop, and I had the right-of-way). I have this new plan to throw rotten eggs at such drivers.
    Becky @ RunFunDone recently posted…Use Your Good Brain!My Profile

    1. That is definitely another one that really ticks me off too! Do people not know it’s a LAW to stop for people in a cross walk??? I swear I would carry a dozen eggs just for that purpose. Great point Becky! Maybe we can tag team ’em with toilet paper too 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh! I absolutely hate it when dogs run after you! I am terrified of dogs big and small. Luckily I only have to worry about this when I am at my parents’ house since all the dogs in the city are on leashes.

    My biggest gripe is with inexperienced cyclists and runners. I was biking down a shared path about two years ago when a kid was running on the left instead of the right. I had to pass him on the right as a result to avoid oncoming bike and running traffic. My husband went first, no problem. I went second with about 4 feet of space. Without warning or even bothering to look, the kid darted out in front of my bike so he could run on the right hand side. I hit him going at a fast clip and took a major fall. I still have a scar on my ankle. Needless to say I cursed the heck out of the kid. But I find it is just as bad with adults not paying attention. One lady walked out in front o my bike in Central Park and I hit her. I didn’t feel bad either. There are a bizllion cross walks with lights and she decided to walk out in the middle of the road!

    And on a final note, I read a story about a cyclist in Brazil that was hit by a car. Apparently cars are extremely vicious with cyclists there. The car severed the cyclist’s arm and then took his arm and threw it in a river out of animosity. How crazy is that!? And I’ll end this rant right there.
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…The Best Active VacationsMy Profile

    1. OMG about Brazil!!! That is insane! Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and be happy people don’t intentionally hit me, and instead just beep and give me the finger. I think I’ll take that over a severed arm – WTH???
      You bring up an excellent point about people who are clueless to the rules of the trails and roads. That’s awful that you were hurt like that! I’m always coming up behind clueless pedestrians on this one trail and yelling “On your left!” which scares the crap out of them, but hey – you should be to one side anyway!!

  12. Oh man, do NOT run by my house if you want to live to see another day – AKA: 5 very protective German Shepherds. LOL!! My parents like their privacy?
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…That’s A Haunted House 2 My Profile

    1. A German Shepherd bit my friend. The woman at the ER said “After working here for 25 years I’ve learned there are two things in life to avoid – motorcycles and German Shepherds!” Yikes. Thanks for the warning!! 🙂

  13. I love the airing of grievances.
    I was once knocked down by FOUR German Shepherds while delivering pizza, as you know. Why do people always have 3-5 German Shepherds? I guess there’s something about them. My friend has six, actually!

    1. I know – that is awful! My dad also reminded me that he was bitten by one when walking with my stepmom on our street. What is with those dogs and their owners? And why do they have a whole pack of them? Yikes!

  14. hahaha your dogs and mine would get along very well. He growls and he’s under 30 pounds. But he HATES other runners! Yes it IS warm, even though it was freezing yesterday!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted…Name that Baby and Half Ironman CharlestonMy Profile

    1. I just think it’s probably frustrating for dogs when they see runners! They want to come with us. Who can blame them?

  15. Oh, how I loved the snark. You pulled it off well. So remember me on the course yelling HTFU at the peeps running into transition. I should also mention my ability to stand in front of cars with ahole drivers and get in their face. Nothing infuriates me more than drivers lacking patience on an open bike course during a race.

    Dogs…if they chase me an aren’t on a leash, I call animal control. Every time. Don’t mess with me 🙂
    Tara Newman recently posted…Time-Based vs. Mileage-Based TrainingMy Profile

    1. I absolutely will not mess with you! I’ve called animal control before as well. Someone has to!

  16. I’ve been chased by a dog on my bike before (when I was way younger) and it was terrifying trying to get away. As for the motorcycles…I wish CT had helmet laws, there are always people getting killed in accidents near us, but also so many motorcyclists drive like asses. In between lanes of cars, passing when they shouldn’t, driving super fast, and begin intentionally dangerous – how ignorant that they would come that close to a bicyclist. I hope you have a better experience this season.
    Stephanie recently posted…Until FallMy Profile

    1. Me too! And I couldn’t agree more about the helmet laws. But, law or no law, use common sense for God sake!!

  17. Oh I’m definitely a waver, and I even like to say hi believe it or not! I like to actually go out and say HI to EVERY single person that I see as an experiment to see how many return the courtesy 🙂 It’s not a lot which is surprising considering how supportive the running community is online. I guess virtually people are friendly and all business when running 🙂
    Sue @This Mama Runs For Cupcakes recently posted…The Prettiest run this side of the Potomac and a calf updateMy Profile

    1. It’s weird, isn’t it? I find that a lot more runners then cyclists are friendly. Maybe the cyclists are going to fast? Whatever it is, I’m going to keep being friendly out there!

  18. CT is my running wave mecca! I love doing it there because, most of the time, they wave back. Here in NYC we’re a dime a dozen, and friendly gestures are seen as odd!
    kristin miller recently posted…My Shower!!!My Profile

    1. That’s SO true! There are WAY too many runners in the city to be constantly waving. I see a lot more cows then people when I run 🙂

  19. I have never ever thought about these things before!! I just kind of assumed outdoor runner had a great time, enjoying the weather and pounding the pavement. I didn’t realize you guys had so much drama on the roads!! I think other runners should be somewhat friendly geesh. Then again, when I run my 5ks I am anything but friendly–im usually just trying to get through it!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…I Am So Happy Spring Break Is Over!My Profile

    1. Racing is completely different. You shouldn’t have enough energy to wave or slap high-fives, if you’re competing. And, in Brooklyn (or anywhere in the city) runners are a dime a dozen so you can’t possibly wave to everyone or you would be exhausted. And, for the most part, I’m having a great time out there 🙂

  20. This is great information that everyone should read. I wrote a post last summer about the rules of bicycling because parents often let their kids ride all over our neighborhood. It was a great reminder to read the rules so that parents can teach them to their kids.

    I also remember when my mom ran when I was younger, she used to carry pepper spray or something made for dogs because the dogs would sometimes chase her. Most of the time the dogs were just annoying and chased her but sometimes she said they looked pretty mean.

    1. It can get dangerous but, for the most part it’s just annoying. When I used to run in the early morning I would always carry pepper spray!

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