Nov 29

My Favorite Strength Workouts for Running and Triathlon #RunIt

Is it already time for another Run It Wednesday post? Apparently. I have barely recovered from my Thanksgiving hangover but I’m ready and willing to talk about weights and workouts I love that make me a stronger and more competitive runner and triathlete! And, as usual, if you don’t like my workouts you can choose from five others below from trusted friends and experienced runners.

Let’s get started…

This season I have made strength training a priority. My coach and I agree that it is the missing link and must be included two days per week in my already crowded training schedule. I have joined CrossFit (which I think is a great option for runners and triathletes!) and have purchased a strength training plan in my Training Peaks application.

I have been doing the strength training workouts now for about a month and they are absolutely making a difference. I know most runners and triathletes don’t want to do anything but swim, bike and run but that is foolish. I know because I used to be one of those athletes! Especially as I age, I know how important it is to not only strength train but to do it specifically for the sport you are engaged in — in this case running and triathlon. Even science backs it up.

So far, my “favorite” (meaning the best sport specific workout for running/triathlon) is this one:

Body Weight Lateral Lunge x 15 each side

Body Weight Anterior Lunge x 15 each side

Body Weight Posterior Lunge x 15 each side

Body Weight Lateral Lunge with Reach x 10 each side

Body Weight Anterior Lunge with Reach x 10 each side

Body Weight Posterior Lunge with Reach x 10 each side

Medium Weight Lateral Lunge to Stability 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Posterior Lunge to Stability 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Single Leg Squat and Reach to 3 Targets (Right – Center – Left) 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Single Leg Single Arm Overhead Press 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Single Arm Split Stance Cable Row 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Step Up 2 x 15 each side

Medium Weight Single Arm Cable Chest Press 2 x 15 each side

Body Weight Upper Body Step Up 10 each arm

Prone Plank 2 x 1 minute

Side Plank 2 x 30 seconds each side

And you’re welcome for all the links to the YouTube video demonstrations. I know I needed to click on a few and the visual is tremendously helpful!







Do you have a favorite strength workout or does that seem like a stupid question?

Which of these would you most likely do?


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  1. You know I’m all about that strength…
    Wendy recently posted…Race Recap: Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half MarathonMy Profile

  2. Oooohhh, I really like the upper body moves in your workout!I’m so bad at upper body work – I need to start doing that again and I’m going to use your workout as inspiration!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Equipment Based Workouts for Runners {Run It}My Profile

  3. I love joining up with you ladies! And to learn some new badass strength moves from you is awesome!

  4. You know I love my strength workouts. Its basically all I do these days, though I’m starting to be able to run/walk to the gym. Progress!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Old School #WIAWMy Profile

    • danielle on December 7, 2017 at 3:49 PM
    • Reply

    ok, i realize the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. well, i’m here to admit insanity. i’ve been training for full marathons since 2011 and every single year at this time i’ve been on the sidelines with an injury… why? i’m sure it’s the lack of strength training. i could get away with so much more when i was younger, but i was already dealing with a faulty deck of cards from the beginning. the reality is my body machine is unique and i can’t just run like it’s not big deal. i have to train with purpose if i want to run anything over a 10K maybe even 5K, let’s be real. i love to run and just run for fun, but always get bitten by the speed bug and want to crush my 1:44 half pr, then start feeling good, and suddenly i’m running all over and feeling invincible. of course i don’t give myself time for strength because i’m stupid! and then here i land, injured and wondering why me.
    i think the answer is if i want to run for fun that’s fine, but but i’m going to have to consider strength training for real. i think i need to start making a habit of working with weights – the slowness and patience required is what kills me, and it’s exactly what i need. i know it.
    getting older and wiser doesn’t have to suck if i can just accept it and move forward.
    i’m not totally strength training yet, but have made friends again with the stair climber. this machine of suck is my gateway to the next life with strength training… baby steps for me as always 🙂
    thanks for the great workout ideas. i’m sure i will love them after i sit and watch all the 142 demo links LOL

    1. Once you make the commitment to strength train, you know all those nagging injuries will subside. But, trust me, I know how hard it is to carve out time for something that seems more like taking medicine than working out. You have so much on your plate, I would go with “acceptance” and “fun runs!”

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