I’ll Tell You What I Really Think

Perhaps it’s because I’m so opinionated, that people ask for my opinion on certain “hot topics.”  Or maybe it’s because I have this space, so friends will sometimes ask how I feel about things like The Biggest Loser controversy or that idiot woman who plastered herself and her children all over the inter webs with the masterful banner of “What’s Your Excuse?”  But, I tend not to give my full opinion on whatever the health and fitness topic of the moment is because A.  A lot of other bloggers and journalists already do it and  B. I don’t want to completely offend anyone.  You know what they say about opinions…

But then I thought,  what good is freedom of speech and having a blog if you can’t have a little fun with it? I decided to put all my opinions of the latest news flashes (and one old one) in one post.  I’m efficient like that.

Here’s a list of what’s trending and what I think of it:

1.  The Biggest Loser:  Are we seriously asking if a contestant of a WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION lost too much weight?  It’s a TV show where the contestants are supervised every waking moment by doctors.  The competition was to lose more weight then anyone else.  She did.  She looked friggin’ amazing.  She has now gained a few pounds back because the show is over.  Crisis averted.  If it was a man, would we have the same reaction?  Right!

One of these things is not like the other.  One is HEALTHY, the other isn't.

One of these things is not like the other. One is HEALTHY, the other isn’t.

2.  FitBits:  These are the latest craze in tracking your calorie burn and overall fitness.  They are in 2014 what pedometers were in the 90s.  I don’t have one.  I don’t need to track one more thing around here and, if you’re just a little bit obsessive (like I am) this may push you over the edge.  I like them because they have people thinking more about moving more, and that’s always good.  Especially the people who think gardening for an hour is the equivalent to an hour spin class.  They now have concrete data as to why that’s laughable.  I don’t like them because a lot of them are not accurate and they can lead to obsessive behavior by people who probably need to move less!  Proceed with caution here.

For a more in-depth article questioning FitBit obsession, check out this post from Melissa at The Valentine RD.

3.  Maria Kang: She’s the obnoxious woman who posted this:


To me this screams “I need attention,” and “everyone look at me,” which is to say it’s not about us and our excuses, it’s all about her.  Nothing about this is motivating.  Does she look great?  Sure.  Does every mother of three look like this?  No, but is that the ultimate goal?  How do your mom skills look Maria? Your people skills suck leave a lot to be desired.

4.  The Oscars:  No one cares about short film live action, foreign language film, sound, editing or about 10 other similar categories..  The Oscars needs to remember that it’s a TV show which needs ratings.  Give the people what they want!  What we want is to hear speeches from actors we love in movies we’ve actually seen.  Where can you even see these short/foreign films and would you want to?  Give them their own awards night (obviously not televised) and then free up more time for Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett and Matthew McConaughey to preach on!  Ok, maybe just Jared and Cate and Lupita.  We also need more live musical performances and Ellen, sans the stupid pizza thing.  Of course, all those snooze-fest awards gave me more time on Twitter during the actual show so…

I dare you to tell me who this guy is.

I dare you to tell me who this guy is.

How about this one?

How about this one?


5.  Cadbury Mini-Eggs:  What?  This isn’t a hot topic with Easter coming and all?  Here’s the thing, one of my very few indulgences are Mini-Eggs.  Milk chocolate mini-eggs.  I don’t even like milk chocolate but there’s something about that crisp sugar shell that I crave every spring.  So imagine my excitement when I saw Cadbury put out a dark chocolate version of the mini-egg!  I thought it was my dream come true, until I ate one.  Anyone want two free bags of dark chocolate mini-eggs?  Yes, I bought two bags.

*Update: the boys discovered the dark chocolate mini-eggs and love them!  One problem solved, many more created.

Your turn!  Give me your opinion on any topic.

Do you have an Easter candy treat you look forward to?



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  1. Hilarious!!! Fitbits totally agree as think it’s make people obsessive. Kim of like with their phones. That mom picture wanted me to throw eggs at her chiseled abs. I think it’s great you’re back in great shape but I think you just depressed the nation with your attention seeking craze.
    Emma @ be mom strong recently posted…Want to be a Mom Strong Captain?My Profile

    1. Exactly! I’m way obsessive with my phone, I certainly don’t need some kind of challenge with that.
      Picturing you hurling eggs at her abs is just making me laugh!!

  2. I still don’t understand the BL thing – it’s a weight loss competition. They are trying to win by losing the most amount of weight. duh. Oh and confession? I’ve never had a cadbury egg!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…5 Ways to Improve Your RunningMy Profile

    1. I know YOU get it Angela, and basically every other fit person on the planet. What was the fuss all about?
      Just want to be sure you know I’m taking about the MINI eggs with the candy shell – not the ones with goopy egg creme in the middle. If you haven’t had the mini’s, you really should try them!!

  3. I am so a milk chocolate fan myself and wouldn’t have bothered buying the dark chocolate, because never truly loved the taste or the bitterness here of it, but then again Kevin loves dark chocolate and probably could buy and eat two bags all on his own. Thank goodness he didn’t, because like you, if my girls found them, we wouldn’t have any left to tell the tale either! As for Maria Kang, I am so over here and then some and don’t want to give that nasty, vile woman another minute of play. Seriously, she got more publicity for something so ridiculous then it was ever worth in my book!
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Why It’s Important To Have Regular Vision Tests for Your Whole FamilyMy Profile

    1. Oh the chocolate wars! It’s so crazy b/c in my house it’s the opposite – dark for me and milk for the hubs. He has no idea how I can eat the dark b/c he thinks it’s beyond bitter!
      I contemplated digging up good ‘ol Maria b/c you’re right. Why give her any more air time? My bad 🙂

  4. Yes, I agree on the FitBits… it would not be helpful for me, but I do have a few clients who love theirs and they seem to be helping them on their weight loss journeys. I’ve never liked Cadbury eggs, but now I’ll know to avoid the dark chocolate ones!

    1. They definitely work for the right people. I guess it’s about finding a good fit for the type of person you are!
      You should really try the mini-eggs. They are so small and just a few after a long day are the perfect treat.

  5. Well…after my post today, I am glad Lupita made the cut here! ; ) But I agree. Way over the top with the Oscars. Enough.

    I hadn’t even thought about the negative side of the FitBit but of course you are right. It’s a slippery slope.

    Now on the BL–I did think she looked a bit on the unhealthy side. I think the whole model of the show needs some reworking.

    My “speak out” is that I am getting a bit upset with some healthy living blogs that are anything but–there’s a lot of disturbing eating/exercise habits begin wrapped up in the packaging of healthy living and inspiring. But that’s a whole post in and of itself!
    misszippy recently posted…Why I think Lupita rocksMy Profile

    1. Yes to all things Lupita! I loved what you wrote about her today and even thought about it on my morning run.
      I agree 100% that the BL needs re-working. I’ve never liked or religiously watched the show for a whole host of reasons.
      I think you need to do a post on the non-healthy/healthy blogs. I would love to hear what you have to say because, of course, I have my opinions 🙂

  6. Funny :). I agree with the Biggest Loser thing too….was she not competing to win a boat load of money? I would have probably done the same thing. Do I think it is healthy?…no, but the goal of the show is to loose as much as you can as fast as you can….so there you have it!
    Fitbits….I have same opinion…I already have too much to keep track of…
    The mom…..did she think she was actually encouraging anyone? Isn’t that what we should be doing….motivating and supporting each other!!!! Not every bodies priorities are the same…so no we are not all going to have abs like that right after kids, but lets encourage each other to be healthy and happy!!!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Be Stronger than your Excuses & Happy National Strawberry Day!!!My Profile

    1. You nailed it Jen with being HAPPY and healthy. Everyone’s definition of happy is going to be different and women need to support each other way more!!

  7. I totally agree with you on the attention grabbing Mom. Please. BL’s girl did look a bit skinny but I was more concerned about what these people are doing to themselves just to win some cash. My go to Easter candy are those stupid Robin Eggs which are close to the same thing like you crave.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…The Perfect Rest Day Link UpMy Profile

    1. Please is right! PFFTTT!
      I agree with the BL and what Miss Zippy said too – the whole show needs a tweak!
      I don’t think I’ve had a Robin’s Egg!? It’s a good thing these candies are only here for a short time, right?

    • Chris on March 5, 2014 at 9:28 AM
    • Reply

    I am a 100% Peeps fan. I know…I know…there is ZERO redeeming value to Peeps…nothing but pure sugar but I love them. Allie you must buy extra Peeps and put them in your freezer. When summer comes, have the boys toast Peeps over an open fire. My grandchildren love them. There is something sick and fun about putting a stick up a Peeps ass and setting their little beaks on fire. (Yes I’m THAT kind of grandma) As for Cadbury eggs I bought one a couple of years ago because of all the hype and hated it.

    1. Hahahaha!!! What a great idea (and thought behind it)! The boys would LOVE that. Every grandma should be “that” kind 🙂 You know I will be.
      Make sure you’re eating the MINI eggs. Not the ones with that gross creme inside. Bleck!

  8. Fitbits are definitely more for people like me who need accountability. You’ve got it down pat!
    Kate recently posted…A Place at the Table (and giveaway!)My Profile

    1. Exactly! They are great for the right person. It’s just not a good fit for some and can end up doing more harm then good. Thanks Kate 🙂

  9. Ha! I love your commentary on the Oscars. So funny and so true!

    I posted the Maria Kang thing on my FB page awhile back and people jumped down my throat! I didn’t even openly criticize her! I guess she has a lot of support but personally I think it is unrealistic. She is a trainer for her full-time job so just as a working mom in finance needs to be on top of all her numbers, latest presentation, etc., Maria Kang needs to look good-it’s part of the job. Unfortunately everyone, moms included, have to pick and choose what they can excel at on a daily basis and not everyone can choose to excel at flat abs on a daily basis. I do want to encourage people to move and workout and make it a priority but I think a realistic approach is much more manageable and desirable.

    Biggest Loser- I thought she was skinny so I’m happy to hear she gained back a few pounds but honestly, I don’t really think she needed to gain that much (maybe 5 lbs). Also, I think the uproar was a little out of proportion. Like you said, it is a weight loss competition.
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Marvelous MarchMy Profile

    1. Somehow I missed your blog post on Maria!? I’ll have to go back and read it. My whole issue with her is not how she looks but the way she put herself out there. It made women feel “less then” and I think that was her point. If her intentions were good, I would be all for it, but clearly they were not. I used to work full time as a personal trainer, I had twins and did a triathlon three months after they were born. I would NEVER in a million years dream of putting something out like she did.
      I’ll have to read the comments you received b/c I will defend you my friend! How dare they!! 🙂

  10. Oh that poster of the mom surrounded by babes…I’ll tactfully say that I doubt it inspires any mother. Just makes them depressed. Anyway, your post made me laugh and think about Easter candy. I waffle between going cold turkey and not buying any sugar this year for the Easter baskets and buying out the jelly bellies at the grocery store. Can’t ever seem to find the happy medium. Thanks for the post!
    Amy Mak recently posted…Mama Didn’t Raise No Martyr: Love Takes TeamworkMy Profile

    1. I love your tactful response. So true.
      As for the Easter candy, I give in to buying it since it’s only once a year and truly the only real candy I ever eat! Plus they always have the darn bags on a 2 for 1 special!!

  11. Oh Allie, you crack me up…the awesome looking mom with the three kids…well good for her, but honestly I could care less. She posted it to get attention and she got it. Positive and negative…it didn’t motivate me ’cause I don’t look like her. And you know what, I could care less. I want to look good but not at the expense of working out all the time and enjoying my Cadbury eggs as much as I would like. Haha.
    Michelle recently posted…Mom, What’s For Dinner? 10 Family Favorite Recipes {#TuesdayTen}My Profile

    1. That’s right Michelle! It’s all about priorities and finding a balance. I’m all for “to each his own” and hate when someone like this gets so much attention. And then I go and give her more!? What was I thinking? I had better have a few more mini-eggs and think it over 🙂

    • Denise Pantason on March 5, 2014 at 12:53 PM
    • Reply

    Allie- I agree with you on all topics…exactly my thoughts and especially the obsession with mini eggs!!! My favorite!

    1. Maybe it’s a runner thing?? They are SO tasty!

  12. I appreciate your opinion on the Fitbit – I’ve been wondering whether I should get one. I think I’ll pass for now, and spend the money of a new pair of athletic shoes!
    Dana recently posted…Insider tips for your Disney vacationMy Profile

    1. I would definitely opt for the sneakers but, the Fitbit could be good too. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are. Since you’re into lists, I would guess you should pass on it 🙂

  13. Ha! You go lady. I don’t understand why people care to have an opinion on the BL thing. She was a consenting adult who went on a stupid (in my opinion) show. whether she developed an eating disorder or not, that is for her, her trainer, and her family to deal with. Public ridicule isn’t going to help. Maria Kang is another one of those things that I don’t understand why people get all ruffled about. Those are her thoughts, you don’t have to agree, do what’s best for you, move on. Why give her any more attention than she deserves. Fitbit. I can’t. I am too obsessive and is it realistic? Are you going to wear this thing for the rest of your life? Or should you just understand what the best nutrition is for you in your life in this moment and go with it?

    Honestly, let’s just meet for coffee and hash this out 🙂
    Tara Newman recently posted…WIAW: The Protein ChallengeMy Profile

    1. I think we just did!! I love it. All of it. We should absolutely meet for coffee and talk about something else 🙂

  14. Well, I think you already know my thoughts on the BL – she competed to win and took flack yet actors do the same for their roles and win awards!!
    Ummm….on the FitBit – I might be one of those slightly obsessive. I noticed that I wasn’t getting many steps after my workout so no I try to get 10,000 on top of my workout. That means I jog in place sometimes when I read blogs at my standing desk – I have issues but this makes me feel better about spending time in the blog world than if I were sitting on my butt.
    My favorite Easter candy – Starburst Jelly Beans!!
    Kim recently posted…Giving Something UpMy Profile

    1. Yes! I loved your analogy with actors on the weight loss thing – so true.
      I admire you for the read blog and jog thing. I enjoy sitting on my butt reading – not so much getting up though!
      Starburst Jelly Beans are the BEST! I had forgotten about those. I bet they can double as running fuel 🙂

  15. oh man so much fire all in one post!

    I am a fitbit lover and proud–but I have also had mine for almost 2 years–before it was “cool”. I have an old version too. I love it. I love hitting 10k steps and my kids love to check it too (crazy lol) But its just a pedometer really PLUS it saves me time because it syncs wirelessly with my fitness pal which saves me a lot of work and keeps me rather honest. So yes, not obsessed but I do love it.

    I surprisingly don’t do the easter candy thing. I don’t do candy in general but I love some great flavored jelly beans!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Jump SquatsMy Profile

    1. I know you are!! The key is not to be obsessed and I love that your boys get in on the action too. That is a win/win.
      Kim also said jelly beans and yes, those are great too.
      Thanks Nellie!

  16. Loved this post!

    I have a Fitbit, and I love it, but it’s really not for everyone.

    Your comments on the Biggest Loser are spot on. So much concern trolling going on out there, and not enough logic.
    Lex @ Flecks of Lex recently posted…Fantasy Fitness Fashion: New Balance High Visibility Beacon JacketMy Profile

    1. You really hit the nail on the head with that comment! Where is the logic? Common sense has been lost somewhere. Thank you!

  17. The mini eggs are my favorite. In fact, I have some hiding right now. Cassidy came home with one creme egg and one small bag of the mini eggs and told Scarlet she could pick one. She picked the big one and I hid the little ones. Whooo! I love all Easter candy but the Snickers eggs and the giant peanut butter Snickers bunnies are up there.
    And everything else you said – yes! It’s called “The Biggest Loser”, isn’t it? I was her exact weight when I was first pregnant with Des. Yikes. Luckily I gained some.
    Tamara recently posted…Adele Dazeem, Or In Other Words, Happy Blogiversary!My Profile

    1. I love that you also have to hide candy from you’re kids! I was actually trying to hide those dark chocolate ones when the boys found them. Good thing! A good friend of mine LOVES those PB eggs so I also have some for when he’s around during Easter.
      I cannot imagine you any thinner!? You look so great now, and don’t even get me started on your amazing hair!

  18. Okay the fact that people went all CRAZY about that Biggest Loser Chick losing weight was NUTS TO ME!!! It’s a COMPETITION – CLEARLY she is competitive and wanted to win money! That’s some amazing motivation right there!!!!!!! I would do anything for that chunk of change, ok well probably not ANYTHING. But anyways, I knew she was going to gain some weight back, I mean, it’s not realistic towork out for like 8 hours a day, every day! Common people!! CHILLAXXXXX! Go for a walk and log steps in your FITBITS!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Saint Patrick’s Day: Rolling Up a SpecialtyMy Profile

    1. Ha ha ha – love the little zinger at the end!

    • Babs Malt on March 5, 2014 at 10:34 PM
    • Reply

    Totally agree on the milk chocolate mini eggs. A favorite of mine for years! However, if you need to cure your chocolate craving other times of year, another personal favorite is Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bar of chocolate. It doesn’t often find it’s way into my home, which is good and bad, I suppose. The dark chocolate is not as bitter as I find others to be. Yes, it’s more than a pound. Yes, I’ve eaten the whole bar on my own (durations of its existence vary based on how well I hide it from myself). This is why I wear the BodyMedia armband. (Good segue?) Not the FitBit as discussed above, but still can cause OCD. I only wear this armband based on my husband’s research, and it’s ratings and accuracy are impressive. That and he happened to come home with it for me one day so we could be BodyMedia buddies. Cute, huh? Just like the Buddy Bands on Saved by the Bell, well almost. I have become a smidge obsessive with its connection to My Fitness Pal and the measuring of food, etc. But I will say that it definitely makes me work harder at the gym. I want to eat more, of course! And kick my first 1/2 marthon time’s butt. Hence work harder. The band has also busted Run Keeper’s quick calculations of my workouts as well. The calories I burn in your fabulous spin classes, for instance, were showing 1000-1200 calories burned on Run Keeper as opposed to the less than 500 average from BodyMedia. Pre BodyMedia I was eating those extra 500 calories. That’s more than 2 mini packs of Cadbury Mini Eggs!! But don’t worry, I still appreciate the spin class just as much 🙂
    Good call on the Oscars. I enjoyed Ellen, because I’m a fan anyway, but the whole pizza ordeal was a bit long lasting. It seemed like it was one of those scenes on Family Guy that they extended someone repeating something just long enough to annoy you, but was still found entertaining. As in Stewie repeating, “Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy…” Thought I’d throw in a reference we can relate to! I’d like to send props out to P!nk and her performance that blew me away! Wish I had seen more of the nominated films than Frozen!
    Thanks to Bridget for sharing this on Facebook. It finally got me to pop in here. Although you might not want me back if I leave such long-winded replies! Must be the mini eggs I just ate! 🙂

    1. Barb you are awesome and I LOVE seeing you here on my blog!! I don’t usually bitch this much so you’ll have to come back Friday when it’s back to the “usual.” That said – I know how well the BodyMeida is working for you. You and your husband are perfect for it, and you found the RIGHT and ACCURATE one which is key. You are absolutely going to rock your first half no matter what. I’ve been next to you on that treadmill and at the finish line of a race (Somers) and I know what you’re capable of!…not to mention spin class.
      LOVE the reference to Family Guy because it’s a perfect analogy and I was already saying “mom, mommy, mum, mama” in my head because of course, I love that one!
      You can post long comments any time you want. My space is your space 🙂

  19. I have to kindly disagree about Maria Kang. Just like the Biggest Loser is a contest to lose weight (so agree on this), Maria was looking to get big hits. Score for Maria because we are STILL talking about that crap. I’d mention it on my blog if it wasn’t for the fact that she won, she scored, and she’s continued to propel that negative hate (which I argue she purposely did) to a freaking career so she doesn’t need my help. Pretty soon we won’t have to worry about her kids, she’ll be able to pay someone to care for them. She continues to do controversial things just to stay out there. Now I’m going to have to come up with some mean saying and plaster it all over so I can make some bank. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Hask Argan Oil and Keratin Hair Care Products ReviewMy Profile

    1. I’ve been waiting for someone to disagree! Thank you Carla but I kind of agree with what you said. I felt ok talking about her now since a lot of the hype has died down, and God bless the people that actually want a trainer like that, but yes she did accomplish her mission although most people want to throat punch her. I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 At least we’ll all know it’s just a ploy for bankroll since you’re a thoughtful and intelligent woman!

  20. Thanks for including my link lady! I love the fact that we have never spoken but yet, I feel like I can hear you saying all of these things. I think you would make me laugh my ass off and we’d have a blast together. I look forward to meeting you IRL soon!

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed because since becoming a parent I have not gotten to watch the Oscars as I used to (beginning with the red carpet in my PJ’s with good Chinese food delivered to my door) and I’m still kind of bitter about it. I didn’t watch any of the awards, still haven’t heard the song from Frozen (the pleasure of having boys) or anything seen any of the movies except DBC (and only that because I could rent it from home) so I’m useless where that’s concerned.

    I haven’t watched TBL but damn, that girl looked too skinny to me and the “What’s Your Excuse” woman, I just want to punch her in the face. Hard.

    Thank you for my free pop culture therapy session. xo
    Melissa Burton recently posted…Tunes For Tuesday – Peter Gabriel & Kate BushMy Profile

    1. I’m sure whatever you’re hearing in your head is exactly how I sound! I can’t wait to find out.
      I hear you about lack of seeing and doing with the kids. At least you were able to watch DBC because I didn’t see ANY of the nominated movies. Well, I saw Frozen but you know what I mean.
      As for Maria Kang, I would say I’ll hold her down and you punch her, but I think you could manage all on your own. I’d like to challenge her to a push-up contest 🙂

  21. I agree with you about biggest loser. In the end it’s a game about who loses the most weight. She was recently interviewed and had already gained 15 lbs so everyone can relax. However she is only 5 ft 4 so she was on target with her weight in my opinion. I have never cared for the cadbury eggs but the chocolate eggs with the whipped cream in them is another story!
    Susie (The Esthetic Goddess) recently posted…My Chemical Peel Adventure! Part OneMy Profile

    1. There really is an Easter candy for everyone. I just love that you can only get them this time of year!
      Glad you agree about the BL controversy. I’m sure it helped boost their ratings, which needed a boost.

  22. Between the two of us, we should be able to talk some sense into The Academy, right? I have railed about this topic before, too. It makes me nuts. There is a reason why The Golden Globes are so much more fun to watch (and it isn’t just because of the wine, although that helps!). It is because they show what we actually want to see! And don’t even get me started on Maria Kang. I can’t take the blood pressure spike this early in the morning! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Hello Idina Menzel Or Should We Say Adele DazeemMy Profile

    1. I mean really!? You’re so right about the Golden Globes! Light years better then the Oscars.
      Didn’t mean to spike your BP so early 🙂 Just pop a few mini eggs and reset.

  23. Well, I’m not likely to overdo on the exercise thing, but I still don’t think I’m into FitBits. I think the winner on Biggest Loser did a great job, and she’ll be fine. Is losing that much weight in a couple of months healthy? Not sure, but being extremely overweight also isn’t healthy, so I wish her all the best. The mother with the 3 little ones? I wish we would stop doing this… motherhood is a journey that takes different paths for different people. As women, lets encourage each other, not compare!!!!!
    Seana Turner recently posted…Making Change HappenMy Profile

    1. Yes, yes and oh hell yes! Thank you.

  24. So much awesome in this post, but I’m traveling, tired, and dreading a redeye home tonight. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Cadbury mini eggs. Candy crack. Yum.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…How to Find Great Books for Eager Young Readers (Guest Post)My Profile

    1. I hope you are able to re-charge soon and enjoy the weekend with your family…and a bag of crack, err, um, mini-eggs 🙂

  25. I missed the Oscars entirely but after your commentary, I feel like I know what I need to know! And Maria Kang? Thank you. Just thank you for saying exactly what needs to be said about her. And you know what? She got exactly what she wanted. Attention.
    Ilene recently posted…Maybe This Could Be BigMy Profile

    1. You didn’t really miss anything but Lupita. She is one amazing woman.
      You’re so right about Maria and why am I giving her more??

  26. I agree with you on all of the above. 🙂
    Alison recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #10: HotMy Profile

    1. I knew you would 🙂
      Thanks Alison.

  27. My own favorite easter treat are the reese’s eggs. I don’t even eat normal reese’s, but somehow, shaped as an egg, they are better? My husband tells me that most of his coworkers are wearking FitBits now and I’m pretty sure he wants one. Maybe they’ll be the latest in fashion accessories pretty soon…
    Rachel G recently posted…10 Must Have Items You Don’t Really NeedMy Profile

    1. The FitBits are definitely making the rounds as a fashion item. They work for a lot of people and, whatever gets them to move is great…as long as it’s accurate.
      That’s funny about the Reese’s eggs!? Maybe they actually DO taste better then the regular variety!?

  28. I totally agree on BL and Maria Kang … neither are positive models for young women who are already bombarded with unhealthy body image pressure – there is a reason that eating disorders continue to rise even as knowledge and treatment becomes more common! As adults we should know better, but for younger kids it is very confusing – and dangerous!

    My wife had a Striiv (competed with original FitBit) and it was a great tracker, but prone to all of those pedometer inaccuracy issues. We are looking at a Fitbit now for her for tracking as the Striiv died in the fall. It is perfect for her just like a GPS is perfect for my runs – tracking and accountability,

    On the Oscars I disagree to an extent … I get what you are saying, and while the show would be more ‘entertaining’ if it was just focused on big name stars … I look at the Grammys. When I was younger, I remember watching a 12-minute segment with Wynton Marsalis playing Classical and then Jazz as he was nominated in both – and he got the award ON TV! Now anything that is NOT pop music is sent to the ‘ghetto’ of the non-televised awards. Which means that as far as anyone knows, ALL music is pop music, which narrows listening habits even further (which is why 1% of artists earn 77% of money!)

    Great post, found you as a recommended listing from Bloglovin’
    Michael Anderson recently posted…Take Care Tuesday – Tips for Setting Healthy Relationship BoundariesMy Profile

    1. Excellent points all around! It’s so true about the messages being sent (bombarded in some cases) to kids. I’m so glad I don’t have a daughter to raise in this environment.

      With the trackers, it’s all about getting accurate readings. I’m glad you brought up the GPS because I used Nike+ for the first time last week and it was horribly inaccurate. I’m sticking to my Garmin from now on!

      So true about the Grammys which is why I don’t think I know anyone who watches anymore. Sad, but true.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Glad to know you got here from Bloglovin’ too.

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