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In Defense of Skinny

There’s been a lot of chatter lately among my friends, family members and strangers that I’m getting “too thin.”  It’s been going on for a while now, so much so that I felt I needed to address it here.  I know that the majority of you are genuinely concerned for my well being and state of mind, but I’m sure there are quite a few that just need some hating to do.  Get it all out haters.  The non-haters have actually confronted me (in the nicest possible way) with their concerns so I’ve decided to have an airing of the grievances Seinfeld style in the spirit of festivus!

It’s also in the spirit of MizFitOnline aka Carla Birnberg, who wrote a post titled What If One Woman Told the Truth?  I told her I was ready, so here goes nothin’…

1.  I know I’m thin.  I’m doing it on purpose.  No, I’m not sick and I don’t struggle with body image issues and I’m certainly not puking in the bathroom or bingeing and purging.  I’m training like a maniac for the biggest competition of my life thus far and I need to be ready to roll with the athletes. I have to take any advantage I can get.  You run faster with less weight.  It’s as simple as that.

Do I look thin here?  Yes.  But I also just PR'd a half-marathon.

Do I look thin here? Yes. But I also just PR’d a half-marathon.

2.  I love my body.  I’m very lucky that I have zero body image issues.  Sure I wish I were 6 feet tall with no body hair and gorgeous, long flowing locks on my head but I’m more then happy with what my body does for me.  I would never in a million years do anything to damage my health or hurt my body in any way whatsoever.  Just the opposite.  I nurture my body with massages.  I eat as healthy as humanly possible to treat my body like I would fuel  a machine.  I get 7-8 hours of sleep (not uninterrupted unfortunately!) almost every night and I foam roll and stretch until I have to dash off to whatever it is that tears me away from running or spinning or power sculpting.  I have actually thanked my body – out loud – for doing all that it does for me.  It was in a yoga class and yogis are way into that kind of shit.  But I meant it and I live it.

Someone else who lives it is my dear friend in fitness, Kim at Day With KT.  You can read what she wrote about this same topic HERE, which really pushed me over the edge to write this.  Thank you Kim!

3.  My heroes are runners that look like this:


Deena Kastor – runner, Olympic medalist, American record holder & amazing woman.

Shalene Flanagan - world class champion runner/athlete

Shalene Flanagan – world class champion runner/athlete/badass

Do they look thin?  Of course they do!  Do they kick so much butt in running competitions?  Of course they do!  Do I want to emulate my heroes?  As much as Miles and Vaughn want to be Batman and Robin!

3.  I eat like an animal.  A very healthy animal, but still.  I probably eat more food by 10am then most people eat in a day.  I’m constantly snacking and picking and grazing on all kinds of food, fruits and veggies in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I devour meals after workouts and I carry as many snacks for myself as I do for my kids.  It’s ridiculous.

4.  For the first time in my life I’m weighing myself once a week.  I actually had to go out and buy a scale.  The reason for the weigh-ins is so I don’t lose too much weight.  I have a number I don’t drop below or rise above, much like any other person in the universe.  I’m losing weight because I’m working out more then I ever have and piling on miles and strength training.  I’m not restricting calories, but I am very careful about what I’m eating.

5.  When I was pregnant with the twins it was all about them.  I absolutely still worked out (hard at times) but I listened to my body, I ate even more food which I didn’t even think was possible and read up on everything I could get my hands on regarding a healthy twin pregnancy.  Did I want to be running and racing while pregnant?  Of course!  Did I cry my eyes out on my front steps when I realized that wasn’t happening?  Yup. I sure did.  What I didn’t do was keep running despite all the warnings my body gave me not too.  I found healthily alternatives and gained 42 pounds in the process.  As a result, I delivered healthy twins and that is by far my proudest accomplsihment.

This is world class runner Kara Goucher when she was pregnant.  This is what I thought I would look like when I was pregnant.

This is world class runner Kara Goucher when she was pregnant. I thought I would look just like her when I was pregnant.

This is what I actually looked like!  Notice I am NOT standing on a track.

Instead, I looked like this!  Notice I am NOT standing on a track.

6.  I’m not obsessed with my workouts and training.  Hahahahaha!  OMG I totally am but hey, there are far worse things to be obsessed with and I do have other interests and hobbies that balance out my life.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who view how I train as “crazy” (my husband is one of them) but it brings me joy and nothing else makes me feel more alive then when those endorphins are coursing through my veins, so how can that be bad?

To everyone who has reached out to me with their concerns I want to say – I hear you.  I love you and thank you for being concerned and having the balls to tell me to my face.  I appreciate your love and friendship and I’m here to tell you that I know, I get it and as soon as this competition in Spain is over with I will gladly join you for a beer and a bacon cheeseburger every night of the week!…as long as we run the next morning 🙂

Ever have friends or family confront you about a problem they thought you may have?  

Thoughts on weight loss for training?  Thoughts on body image?



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  1. Michelle

    When you train a ton, the weight loss is inevitable. When I was in college and running a ton, I would come back from summer break with extra pounds, deliberately. No matter how much I ate (and I consumed a ton of food…I have plenty of stories about that), I would end up losing pounds during the season. And if I went below a certain point, I was done…meaning I just couldn’t race well. So I get it. It’s smart of you to own a scale…I’ve never had one (no need now…LOL) and back then the training room sufficed. I love that you are ready for a beer and bacon cheeseburger when the race is over! 🙂
    Michelle recently posted…When One Word Just Isn’t Enough…New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It sure is! After the stomach bug I lost 4 pounds and it took forever to gain it back (and then some!) so I’m glad you can relate. There is a fine line of being thin and too thin to race well – so true! Thank you Michelle 🙂

  2. Tara Newman

    I understand if people REALLY close to you are concerned but other than that I wish everyone would mind their own store. Keep their eyes on their own plate. From my experience, the concern is usually not coming from a genuine place. I hate to say it but it’s the truth. We have become a world obsessed with how others live not how we ourselves live. I love when people lecture me about the damage my husband is doing to his body and how he will need knee surgery, etc. They have no idea the team of doctors he consults or that he has a coach. Or what about the fact that my mother needs knee surgery and gets NO physical activity. I guess this is kind of a hot button for me. Apologizing for the rant 🙂
    Tara Newman recently posted…WIAW: Chia Pudding Recipe Round UpMy Profile

    1. vita88

      No – I love it! It’s very true. The only people who have actually confronted me are the ones doing it out of love. People do love to talk. If I had a dollar for every person who told me my knees were going to fall off b/c of running I would be able to pay for THEIR knee replacements from being sedentary. Preach on sista!

  3. Bklynmom3

    I thought this post was really interesting because I am very sensitive to women going too far with their weight loss, but I have never thought this about you. There was a period in my life when I was anorexic and even though I had never been thinner, I was wildly unhappy. I hate thinking of others feeling the same. When I look at photos of you, I am inspired by what I see- an incredibly fit woman, very much like elite runners I see in magazines. I have 1 year old twins and you have been a great inspiration to me. I am running a half marathon this fall. Your blog is hilarious and gives me hope that I can get more fit. Thanks!

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much for this and for your honesty! This is exactly what I want to bring across and to have you put it into words just makes my day. I have no doubt you will reach your goals twin mama!!

  4. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Hmm. I am sorry you have to defend your own body choices in this way. I have never saw you as thin but really just super fit! I get it. The less weight you have on the faster you can go! You are constantly coming in first and breaking records…you have to be an elite athlete to do that!! I understand your friends concern. It if you have a scale then you know what you are doing. No one knows their bodies better than athletes. Also, I don’t get that kind of “I need to be thin” kind of vibe from you. I AM devastated that we can’t share a cheeseburger when you come to NY but Spain comes first!! Is Spain before or after fitbloggin? Maybe we will save it for savannah 🙂 you are amazing Allie! Keep training, keep working hard, Spain is a once in a lifetime journey–you might as well be in peak body condition!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Single Leg Hip LiftsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Nellie and FitBloggin is AFTER Spain so we can definitely chow together!!

  5. thedoseofreality

    I think it is fantastic that you were so honest and open here with why you are losing weight. And it makes perfect sense. P.S. I think you look damn ass awesome and if I looked like you, I would walk around naked. The end.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Turns Out The Internet Will Survive Without MeMy Profile

    1. vita88

      HAHAHAHA Maybe I should try that and give people something else to talk about? Love it Ashley. Thank you!

  6. MIzCarla

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    MIzCarla recently posted…Gluten-free egg in a frame.My Profile

    1. vita88


  7. Bonnie

    So sad that you even had to write this! I wouldn’t have even thought you were on the dangerous side of skinny, you look amazingly in good shape, yes. Dangerously thin, absolutely not!
    Bonnie recently posted…Lilly Pulitzer Two Day New Year Cheer Sale 2014My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks Bonnie! I really appreciate it.

  8. Dana

    I think you addressed people’s concerns (strangers? really?) in a respectful and firm way, Allie. To my untrained eye, it is clear that you are very fit and healthy. And clearly you have plenty of energy – I can feel it from here! I think you are very lucky to have a passion that makes you happy and healthy at the same time – you inspire me. Not to run a marathon, but inspiration nonetheless.
    Dana recently posted…No way like BroadwayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I’ll take any kind of inspiration I give you – that makes me infinitely happy!!! Thanks Dana 🙂

  9. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    I’m sorry you even had to write this post, but I think it will help others understand what intense training does to the body. I’ve never been as regimented as you, but even when I was training for Richmond, the excess just melted away, even though I was eating like three teenage boys with a serious case of the munchies. My weight tends to fluctuate within a few pounds, dipping lower when I’m training intensely and climbing a bit when I’m not. Like you, my body has a ‘happy’ range, and I’m careful not to dip below the bottom end of the range. I LOVE my body for all of the amazing things it’s done, most importantly carrying and delivering two healthy girls. Sure, there are things I’d like to change, but never at the expense of my health. I need to be around for my daughters as long as possible, so I’d never jeopardize my health by pushing my body too far! It’s sad that our society has placed such an importance on being skinny that people can no longer distinguish between healthy athleticism and dangerous behaviors, like bulimia and anorexia. Sorry for the novel comment. Way to write it, Allie!! You ROCK, and I’d love to join you for that juicy burger after you kick ASS in NYC & Spain!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…There’s No Way Like Broadway (Guest Post)My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much Nicole and you never need to apologize for a “too long” comment – no such thing. I know you totally get this and it doesn’t really make me sad per say, but just needed to clear the air since SO many people had been telling me this lately. I’m like – “don’t you know I’m training for a huge competition?” They definitely don’t get it which is why I felt I needed to explain 🙂 Thanks again. I cannot wait to meet up with you at any time and for any reason!!

  10. Kim

    First off – thanks for the mention that was so sweet!
    Second – you are amazing!!! You look incredible and you are a bad-ass ATHLETE!!!! Of course you’re thin in the fittest way possible!!! I understand people who genuinely caring about you asking but strangers? Always gonna be haters!!!
    Now go train your skinny ass off!!! (Just kidding – I don’t look and see skinny I see uber fit but that doesn’t sound the same!)
    And, one day we will meet and lay on the beach drinking wine after a hard-core run!!!!
    Kim recently posted…You’ve Never Been Where?!My Profile

    1. vita88

      That would be my dream come true! Thanks so much Kim for kicking this whole thing off and giving me the last drop of courage needed to write this. xoxo

  11. Alison

    I’m envious of your body1 Wish I could have that kind of exercise and eating discipline.
    I think it’s great that you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re doing it with great intentions. Go you!
    Alison recently posted…New Year, New You: Kick Off 2014 Giveaway!My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Alison! You’re always so supportive and I certainly appreciate it.

  12. Ilene

    Allie, while it sounds like some of the comments made to you have been out of genuine concern, I’m sorry that you have also had to deal with haters. The thing about haters is that they will always be hater and they will always find a reason to hate. I’m assuming if you had gained weight, they also would have commented on that as well. I get that you are training for a huge event and the less weight you carry, the faster you will go. When I train for distance runs, I try to lose weight before I begin my training for this reason – but also enjoy eating like an animal when I have my 20 mile runs! I am wishing you the best. You are a gorgeous woman inside and out. Skinny or not. xo
    Ilene recently posted…A Modern Family ChristmasMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much Ilene. You bring up a great point! The haters are probably dying to see me gain weight and (I’m positive!) would never say it to my face if I did thus proving they’re not genuinely concerned. I can’t worry about them and only control what I do and I’m loving it right now.

  13. Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

    Good for you Allie! Anyone who has ever trained, especially as hard as you, knows the changes that come with it. I am a little panic-y because I know I have to lose weight just so I can finish my half. I totally get what you are saying. You look maavalous daaling!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…The Devil Is In The DietMy Profile

    1. vita88

      If you eat well, the pounds will melt off as your training runs get longer and/or more intense. I’m looking forward to following your transformation!

  14. reesa lewandowski

    Wow quite frankly I don’t think you look too thin at all (not knowing you personally of course), but rather in shape & awesome.

    Best of luck on your training!!
    reesa lewandowski recently posted…Bath & Body Works $50 Bubble Bath Day Giveaway – Ends 1/22My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much. It’s mostly people who have known me for a long time who are “concerned” even though they know what I’m training for. I guess I’ve never been this intense about it…but I’ve never competed on this level either.

  15. Shannon

    I think you are a world class athlete and that is exactly what world class athletes eat and how they train. I think you are focused, determined and inspiring. Haters are generally insecure people worried more about how they compare to you v. listening to why you are who you are. When they don’t listen, move on, they will always be that way until they ‘exercise’ their own demons! I am proud of you and couldn’t be more excited for you to kick ass in Spain. You are a world class athlete, amazing mom, daughter and a great inspiration as a friend! I always think, when I want to hit the snooze…Allie wouldn’t hit the snooze…Rock it sister!

    1. vita88

      You are all kinds of awesome and never once mentioned anything ever about my weight. You are one of my biggest supporters and are always lifting me up in ever way. THANK YOU! I also love that you think of me first thing in the morning in a “what would Allie do” scenario. Consider my day MADE! xoxo

  16. Sue @This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Haters are always going to hate, don’t let them get to you! You look fabulous and you’ve worked HARD for that body!
    Sue @This Mama Runs For Cupcakes recently posted…I’ve got goals….do you have goals??My Profile

    1. vita88

      Damn right! Thank you so much 🙂

  17. Marisa

    Allie you are our Flanagan, Kastor and Goucher! You are the epitome of what an elite runner’s body looks like.

    Have those questioning your weight ever run, biked or worked out with you?!?
    For those of us that have, we know you could not even do one of your workouts if you were not FEEDING your body PROPERLY.

    How you view yourself is what is most important! Take the comments from those that love with you with a grain of salt. Move ahead from the haters (let’s face it, they cannot catch up to you)

    Keep your eye on the prize: “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.” – Herschel Walker

    ((HUGS to my Miyagi))

    1. vita88

      I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for this. I think I’m going to copy it, blow it up and hang it on my wall – especially because I know you mean every word of it and I appreciate it so much!
      I absolutely LOVE that quote and I love YOU! Thank you, thank you Marisa.

  18. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    Great post Allie! I’ve definitely had family and friends think I was crazy about working out so much and wanting me to rest more. Sometimes I think it is partly out of a view that they don’t need to work out 6 days a week so why on earth should I work out that much? Like you said, it brings me joy and quite frankly, I know what I’m doing and I always schedule rest days and listen to my body. I think you are doing great and you need to do everything to keep your head in the game! You are an athlete and you should train like one!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Jumpstart JanuaryMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Britt. I’m happy to hear that you get these kind of comments as well. Like I said, I know they’re coming from a good place (for the most part) but sheesh!!!

  19. Mary

    For the record, yes … you are thin, but I don’t think you look anywhere close to unhealthy! You are fit, strong, all muscle — and last time I checked having a low percentage of body fat was a GOOD thing.

    I would LOVE to look as good as you do, as I’m sure most women would!
    Mary recently posted…Giving Back Shouldn’t End After the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you Mary! I love your honesty and always appreciate your comments. Keep ’em coming!

  20. Karen @ Baking In A Tornado

    Haters need to hate. Nothing you say or do is going to change the fact that their comments are about their state of mind, not about you. Do not get sucked into feeling you have to explain yourself, you don’t. You just go back to the business of being the best Allie you can be, no explanation necessary for that.
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fairy TaleMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You are SO right Karen! After writing this, and seeing all the feedback, I’m thinking that’s exactly how I should feel. No more explanations – I’m just going to own it. Thank you!

  21. Kate

    I’m glad you have people who love you and are concerned, but I’m sure those people handled approaching you the correct way. The others should just mind their own business 🙁

    You look great and even though I don’t know how you stay away from the junk, I’m impressed!
    Kate recently posted…The things I wouldn’t do to save moneyMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you Kate!
      It’s kind of like being pregnant and not being able to drink. Once you’re in the “zone” you don’t really miss the junk 🙂

  22. Claire

    What a brilliant and inspiring post! I passionately believe that expressing concern over another adult’s body is not okay: even close friends need to assume that another grown up knows what’s going on with their health, and keep their opinion to themselves unless specifically solicited.

    I used to dance a lot, and while I just about side stepped eating issues myself, had a lot of close friends who suffered. Expressing concern over thinness when it is a healthy situation (like yours!) is pointless and a bit obnoxious, expressing concern when it isn’t healthy can be toxic. The moral of the story: grown ups’ bodies are their own, they know more than you do – it’s never okay to tell them they’re “too thin” (or too fat, for that matter – still not your business). (general “you” in case that wasn’t clear!)

    Rant over – phew!

    Congratulations on your training – sounds like you have a great attitude and are on course to some amazing achievements!!
    Claire recently posted…TWO: SödermalmMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much. You bring up such a great point (many actually) about being an adult and being in control. Whenever you’re in a competitive/athletic environment there’s going to body image issues and disorders, etc. However, anyone who knows me, knows I would never chose thin over healthy and yes, I’m an adult and can own it. Thank you for your “rant” it was very well thought out and well put!

  23. Jenn @comebackmomma

    Stopping in from the NE Bloggers group on FB. I can’t believe I have never read your blog. We have some of the same friends. I love Carla. Anyway, I can relate to others thinking I had a problem with exercise and body image obsession. I sort of did and I’m glad that I took a step back. I am sometimes jealous of moms like you who still seem to be able to do it all, but that is just not the right balance for me right now. Keep up the good work.

    1. vita88

      That is great! I’m glad you’re here now and I will definitely be checking your blog out too.
      I absolutely do not “do it all” and have many days of mom failures, training failures and just failures. The important thing is to have a short memory and stay the course!
      So glad to have found you and thank you so much for your comments.

  24. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    It’s really sad that you had to write this. But it’s understandable in a way too. The loved ones that confronted you about it probably aren’t into running, fitness, competing as much as you. They see you losing weight and think – eating disorder, not someone in training. I’m just guessing at that. I think you look like a competitive athlete who is going to kick ass in NYC and Spain. I like that you are telling the truth. Let’s get our tribe going!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…The Injury UpdateMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Truth tribe!! Love it.
      Yes, the loved ones have seen me train for years but never this intensely. They also don’t train themselves and definitely didn’t relate the weight loss with healthy training. If it comes from a good place, it’s all good! Thanks Angela.

  25. Tamara

    I’m only sorry you had to write this. I’ve never ONCE read your blog and thought you had body image issues. In fact, I think of you like Kim – healthy and secure. We should all be that way!
    And I’m talking as someone who before kids, was 104 pounds and 5’6″. And it’s not actually that far off from that now. So I’ve heard it from people over the years, but if you spend five minutes with me and see the way I eat..well..
    We should get food together one day! And tweet the heck out of it.
    Tamara recently posted…Where’s My “Get Up And Go”?My Profile

    1. vita88

      Love, love, love it!! Thank you Tamara and you are ON for the Tweeting/eating extravaganza!

  26. Angela Gilmore

    First of all the fact that you don’t have body issues is amazing! Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t have them, but so many women do. I have always had poor body image, always. Two years after having my kid I tell people that I wish I was the weight I was when I first told myself I was fat! Good for you for training hard and getting it done! You are seriously inspiring!
    Angela Gilmore recently posted…Jack in the SnowMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much! It’s funny that if you’re constantly thinking about what you don’t have, you don’t appreciate where you are. I try to stay present but it’s HARD.

  27. Janine Huldie

    I have always been thin and petite and while I was pregnant I did all I could for my babies and like you eat more and tried my best to do right by them. After having my second, I consciously watched what I ate, worked and took care of myself. I lost all the baby weight and was as thin as I was before I even met my husband. OF course,I would hear from those who thought they knew better then me that I was too thin, even my doctor (my OB/Gyn) that didn’t know me before I had my girls ( I started seeing him right before I first got pregnant) told me to watch how much I was losing. It totally made me annoyed, because I sure wasn’t starving myself, but was just trying to be fit and healthy. Now, I have put on a few pounds again, but still on the lighter side being just normal for my height. But I could seriously relate and sorry you had to defend yourself here, because it truly is a shame that if you are trying to be healthy and get in shape that you have to defend that.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Starting the Goodreads 2014 Challenge with The Fault in Our Stars – Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Yes!!! You so get it! My OB/GYN did the SAME thing to me just a few months back and I was so ticked. I wanted to say “I know you’re not used to seeing healthy and fit people in here but before you start telling me I’ve lost a lot of weight, why don’t I take this gown off so you can see my body!!!” Thank you Janine – you put that perfectly.

  28. Miss zippy

    I say rock on, Allie. You are the picture of health and strength and you do all you can for a healthy racing body. Sorry you had to lay it out like this, but hopefully it will put aside others unfounded concerns.
    Miss zippy recently posted…What I’m loving right now (Polar Vortex edition)My Profile

    1. vita88

      I think I’v accomplished what I set out to do in more ways then one! Thanks Amanda – I know you GET IT!

  29. Tracy

    I used to hear too thin all the time too. 5’4″ and 115. Not hardly. I used to place in my age group and was able to keep up a decent training and running pace. I am now 9 pounds over that. ( Menopause is a crapper) and am training for the Princess Half in February. I want at least 5 pounds off to be able to run a fun, fast half. I started following YOU for inspiration. You look great to me and I like your firecracker spirit. Unhealthy thin can’t run too terribly far!

    1. vita88

      Good for you! Thank you for your words – they mean a lot. Good luck training and running the half. I’m sure you’ll be great…and not too thin 🙂

  30. Melissa Burton

    Sorry about the haters but you are also very lucky to have people who have reached out to you out of genuine concern for your health and well being.

    While I can tell that you know how to fuel your body and take care of yourself well, I also hope that means that you will also listen to your body during this training time and if your body needs rest that you take it even if it means interfering with training.

    While I normally don’t love the idea of a scale, I’m glad to hear that you are using yours to make sure you don’t lose too much weight.

    It’s a long haul and if you ever have any nutrition related questions that I can help with, lmk.

    Much love!
    Melissa Burton recently posted…#14in2014 – A Goals/Resolutions/Intentions Post and Link-UpMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I definitely need your help with nutrition. As soon as you’re “open for business” I want a consultation! Although I’m very good at listening to my body, and would absolutely take a rest day if needed, I worry that I’m not fueling properly or maintaining the right balance. I would love to have you do an eval.just to be sure I’m not missing something.
      Thanks so much Melissa!

  31. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    I think this is the first time I’ve read a post with this angle on weight loss and you nailed it. It’s not about vanity when you’re training, or hitting some dangerously low number- your body is adjusting the to demands you’re putting on it and you’re working with it to ensure you are as ready as possible to be a fit, strong athlete out there competing! I really, really admire your honesty… and I hope it helps the haters understand.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much Laura. It means a lot to me coming from another strong mom athlete.
      I think I’ve made my point and then some!

  32. Jess

    I think, in a way, it’s good that people are realizing that losing a lot of weight isn’t always a sign of health – but I can understand why it would be annoying when you’re obviously very aware of what you’re doing and careful of your overall health.

    I’ve also noticed people are really bad at estimating the weight of very athletic women, anyway. We don’t get defined muscle tone by accident – it takes a lot more work and deliberate effort then it does for men – and all the women in your pictures, including you, have muscles they couldn’t maintain if they were starving.
    Jess recently posted…2014: Moments of JoyMy Profile

    1. vita88

      So true! Most of the people in my life do not understand serious training or what it takes to do what I do and maintain it. This piece was mostly to help them understand since I can’t be bothered with the haters 🙂
      Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them.

  33. Jessie

    My first time reading your blog. I think Jess makes a good point (^^), as well as the earlier commenter who said only to pay attention to your close family/friends. Otherwise, people are just trying to make themselves feel better!

    1. vita88

      It is true!
      Welcome and thanks so much for reading and commenting. It’s usually not so heavy around here 🙂

  34. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Most ppl don’t understand commitments to exercise thus they start categorizing ppl who enjoy it. You are a total ROCKSTAR & I never once categorized you with some of these “other” bloggers in the healthy living community…you know the ones. Good for you taking to heart genuine concerns. I wrote a post on haters before you started blogging…where I basically tell them to eff off 🙂 !!!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…#FitList14 for Rx Fitness LadyMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Oh I MUST find that post Joi!! I know you totally GET IT and understand as you yourself are also a ROCKSTAR! Can’t wait to mix it up with you at FitBloggin.

  35. Britton

    Of course you are going to lose weight…you like run 100 miles a day, right? LOL! Ok, maybe not 100! But yes, folks have to realize that you train a lot and of course…weight loss comes with that. As long as YOU know you are healthy…that’s all that matters! It is great, however, that you have people that care enough about you to FIRST be concerned, and SECOND actually express their concerns to you!
    Britton recently posted…MyBBLife: The Year AheadMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You speak the truth my friend! For the record, I run 100 miles in about 3 weeks but thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

  36. Ara Spellman

    As a ballet dancer for over 25 years, I feel your pain. Endurance athletes are thinner, it’s the nature of the beast 🙂 They will come around and your body will change, fluctuate and be whatever is healthy for you. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your body because life is short and you have to live it to your fullest, not to someone else’s standard.
    Ara Spellman recently posted…New England WinterMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It’s so true! I’m sure having the body and endurance I do is fleeting as well so I want to take full advantage. Thank you for your understanding words – they are appreciated.

  37. Katie @ Pick Any Two

    I’m a relatively new reader, but I certainly understand that when you’re training for a serious athletic event, weight loss is inevitable. It sounds to me like you are very aware of your body and its needs, and your goal is optimal performance rather than fitting into a certain pair of jeans. I appreciate you sharing your perspective so openly!
    Katie @ Pick Any Two recently posted…Speed Cleaning: 15 Cleaning Tasks That Take Under 5 MinutesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you Katie! I definitely listen to my body and try to give it what it needs.
      I appreciate you reading and your comments 🙂

  38. Crystal@TheFastFitRunner

    You look great, but I understand the concern when people can see a noticeable difference in someone. I do think though, that even the average joe can elevate themselves to podium positions by training, eating, behaving in general, like the elites. So if you are doing everything to give it your all, you are right, losing a few pounds is what has to happen….that is what elites do during training season! Now, if all of us average joe’s could just be as disciplined as you (and I am speaking for myself here, because God knows I love to eat….always working on that aspect).
    Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted…Menu Planning – Week 1 of 4 week ChallengeMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you! I understand their concern too and I think I answered every possible question here so now I can just direct them to this post 🙂
      I absolutely love to eat too and it does get hard at times to not have fries or chips. I make up for it when I’m not in training though!

  39. Hope

    You go Allie. Well meaning folks and haters will always have their unsolicited opinion and concerns. All the elite runners I’ve seen look like you… You’re putting the work in. While I’m generally ok with my weight, I’ve been trying to lose weight in my efforts to run faster. Who wants to run while lugging around all these pounds. You continue to inspire me . You are going to kick butt running with the bulls. haha!
    Hope recently posted…From Wogging to JoggingMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You said it Hope! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to reading about all YOUR running adventures!

  40. WriterMom Angela

    I’m with you, I think sometimes people just look for something to hate on. I think as long as we are happy in our own skin and healthy then it’s nobody else’s business but our own! If they are genuinely concerned about your health that’s one thing, I have a cousin who battled anorexia in college and it was scary for those of us who love her and very hard to approach her because she thought she was fine. Even after she was seeing a Dr she would do crazy things like eat WHILE working out so the calories could not “stick” to her. It’s a scary disease! I think you’re amazing, I wish I was as driven to train as you are, and I wish I enjoyed running!

    I think we are getting such mixed messages these days! One minute we’re seeing videos telling us to love our bodies the way they are, and portray positive self images for our daughters. The next Jillian Michaels is yelling at us from our TV that if we join Curves and work out we’ll be HAPPIER than we ever have been in our life. Really? Losing that last 10 lbs will suddenly guarantee us some happiness???? Ugh!
    WriterMom Angela recently posted…What do you want to be when you grow up?My Profile

    1. vita88

      I hear you loud and clear! I’m so sorry you had to go though that with your cousin. It’s a very scary disease that often times has nothing to do with weight. I hope she’s recovered now and living healthier and happier.

      Mixed messages are everywhere! I don’t know how mothers of daughters can handle it all when I can barely handle it as an adult and personal trainer. I hated when The Biggest Loser came on TV for soooo many reasons not the least of which was unrealistic weight loss and Jillian promoting personal training as yelling and berating people. Oh, don’t get me started!! I think we need to write a post just about that!

      Thanks Angela. You’ve made so many good points!

  41. Lady Lilith

    Nice attitude. I think we place to much on body image that sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture. I hope you run goes well.

    1. vita88

      Very true. When you have bigger goals, the body image becomes secondary. Thank you!

  42. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Love this post Allie but sorry that you had to write it. I understand family and friends being concerned but that haters…oh I don’t have patience for the haters sometimes. You, my friend, are a rockstar and I can’t wait to see you kickass.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…How we tell storiesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Christine! I know you understand and now that I’ve said my peace, I’m done with the haters 🙂

  43. Yum Yucky

    You, as well as the other runners you included pics of here do NOT look skinny to me. What I see are very athletic body frames. Look at your arms & legs, for goodness sakes. You are clearly BEASTMODE!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Colloidal silver for ear infection, eye infection, pink eye. (how it healed Greedy Baby)My Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m glad you see it! Let’s hope everyone around me now gets the message. Thank you!

  44. corlie

    I have a friend who is a competitive rock climber and she is tiny, there is not a drop of extra fat on her for obvious reasons, she needs to cling to blank rock faces and haul herself up it. And people give her SO much grief about her body and it really upsets her, it seems to be the curse of serious athletes that people don’t really understand what your body needs to be able to do for you.
    Good luck with the training!
    corlie recently posted…Flashback friday – a gallery of photos #geturicethresherprojectMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you for telling me this! It’s good to know there are other women out there dealing with it. Your friend sounds awesome. I would love to try rock climbing – outside on an actual mountain – instead of one of those indoor places. Very cool. Best of luck to her to keep on doing what’s she’s doing!

  45. Martha

    I’ve also had people tell me that I was looking too skinny when I was in a period of extreme physical activity…the reality is that, like you, I was eating more in the first half of my day than those other people probably ate all day, but I was also extremely active (and loving it!) so of course the pounds were melting off. I have learned that if I am at peace with my body, the haters don’t matter. <3 Good luck with your competition, I'm sure you'll kick butt!!
    Martha recently posted…Seven ways to grow your blog in 2014My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you and yes, as long as I know what I’m doing, the rest shouldn’t matter. Well said.

  46. Caitlin

    I just recently decided to do figure competitions and have been on a strict nutrition and training plan, and of course dropping pounds like crazy. I’m dreading when I start getting these comments, cause you KNOW they’ll come :/
    I love the honesty in this! Good for you! I’ll respond with some similar arguments too!
    xx Caitlin
    Caitlin recently posted…Organize Your Life with ATBMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Be prepared! Thanks Caitlin and good luck. I have a good friend who did a figure competition and she dealt with all sorts of drama, but she did amazing and had fun too. I blogged about it in a post called “Where’s My Super Suit” and the pics of her are crazy.
      I give you a lot of credit for doing one because they take a ton of commitment and discipline. Best of luck and don’t worry about what people say 🙂

  47. Chris Carter

    GOOD for you!! You are doing something that is fulfilling to YOU and there is honor and purpose in that. I am so impressed and most of all proud of your integrity and thoughtful response to the ‘worriers”. 🙂

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you and I really appreciate it 🙂

  48. Allison

    I really love this post and applaud you! I think that so many people get being fit as a way of life and as a hobby confused with an unhealthy obsession. I appreciate that there is a fine line but if you are healthy and happy, then isn’t that really why they should be HAPPY for you. Kudos to addressing the concerns (and PS – loved seeing that pregnancy photo fo you!).
    Allison recently posted…Dear Little One…Good Nights are Mine to GiveMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you! Yes, I agree, it’s about being healthy and happy.
      Those pregnancy photos are crazy! It seems like it was so long ago that I was pregnant.

  49. Holly

    Thank you for making it clear and letting it be known what your standard is. I get the same thing from people all the time and I have no way of explaining my “visual weight” other than defending myself by spouting how much I actually weigh. To their surprise I weight a lot more than I look so they hush. You brought up a good point that many people dont understand when it comes to weight and lifestyle. You have to eat as much as we do to do what we do…otherwise we wouldn’t be able to perform well. Anyways thanks for hitting this topic spot on its something that I myself struggle with friends/family from time to time. P.S. you have the best arms!
    Holly recently posted…Raining Pinks SaturdayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Holly (especially for that PS:-) and I can see that you understand. I used to tell people my weight too so they would “hush” (love that!) but now I’m done with all of it. Having your own blog is nice like that, right?

  50. heidi

    This is PERFECT. At 35 after 4 kids I am in the BEST shape of my life. Qualified for Boston, taking over 20 min off my pr a year and a few days after baby number 4! I currently weigh about the same as I did in high school but this grown up body is built of fast, lean muscle …although I am working on it being a bit more lean…a bit more fast and always improving. I EAT CONSTANTLY. My friend’s father in law mentioned that I am always eating, he saw me in church munching, he thought the food was for the kids (it was) but I constantly eat! While my training is excellent, I could do a little better with my diet-better snacks, cleaner meals. I have only had one “too thin” comment, but the people closest to me see how I train, see how I eat and it has been OK…although as I train more I am prepping for more “too thin” comments. I will be prepared with the most tactful responses possible thanks to this post. Thank you.

    1. vita88

      That is SO great!! I love hearing stories from other 30 something moms who are in great shape. Congrats on the BQ – what a year to run Boston. It will be so emotional – enjoy it!!
      I hear you with the snacks too 🙂 Keep eating and keep training like a mother!!

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