My Husband’s First 5K!

It has been 10 years in the making but my husband finally ran his very first race!  It was actually 3.5 miles and, if you’re a runner, you know it’s those .5 miles that make all the difference.  He decided to do it almost on a whim (and I may have dropped a few hints) but somehow a Christmas miracle occurred yesterday with him waking-up, suiting up, starting and finishing his first 5K.

I never thought I would see the day!

I never thought I would see the day!

I know it’s difficult being married to a runner.  I think I know, anyway, and I do appreciate the sacrifices he makes so I can go out there and train and race.  But, what I used to want more then anything was for him to be a runner too.  Not only is he not a runner, he thinks running is ridiculous and racing even more so.  The only real running he does is fast and furious (R.I.P Paul Walker) on the treadmill in between push-ups, sit-ups and lifting weights.  I think it was ultimately his curiosity that got the best of him.  Either that or he’s so desperate for alone time, away from the twins, that he’s even willing to race a 5K if that’s what it takes to have a meal in peace afterward.  Lightbulb moment.


To say my husband is not a morning guy is like saying Tiger Woods is not a prostitute guy.  It’s a huge understatement which was just another reason this race suited him – the start time was at noon!  Unfortunately, the late start did not bring the sun and it was about 32 degrees when the horn sounded.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

He was glad he woke-up just in time to get some foam rolling in – and rolling around with the boys:

Wait to take the picture mom until I have ALL my animals!

Wait to take the picture mom until I have ALL my animals!  There’s a foam roller in there somewhere!?



He likes to poke fun at me mercilessly ridicule me about how my running friends and I hem and haw over what to wear to races in different temperatures, distances and venues.  He was in utter disbelief that Runner’s World exists has a “dress the runner” app that I find unbelievably helpful.  “What the hell is so hard about getting dressed and then putting one foot in front of the other?” he would say.  You’re about to find out!

Once we were in the car on the way there he was reconsidering his outfit.  Then, when we were there and he saw what everyone else was wearing, he started to question it again. My friend Anne and my Aunt told me later that he also mentioned to them (when I wasn’t around) that he may be dressed inappropriately.  HA!!!  And, he was pretty mad about putting pinholes into his Under Armour sweatshirt to secure his bib number.  Right?  How come no one has figured out a solution to this one yet?

Baby it's cold outside…except when you're running…sometimes.

Baby it’s cold outside…except when you’re running…sometimes.


We’ve addressed my type A issues and on race day they are in full effect.  I have a semi-strict race day regimen, part of which is getting to the venue at least an hour ahead of time.  The ying to my yang however, prefers to get to things just as they are happening or about to happen, which is to say late.  Instead of following my experienced lead in this case he butted against me saying, “I know you want to go and warm-up (another thing he found utterly ridiculous) but I’ll be hanging out freezing my expletive off for an hour.”  Oh bless his heart.  He wasn’t even registered for this race!  Is he not taking into consideration going to the bathroom 14 times, pinning your bib on, making one last trip to the car because maybe I should wear that neck warmer after all, into account?  In a word – No.

We got there at 10 after, he chose to not sit in the car but get registered, go to the bathroom, then oops forgot his headphones in the car, chatted with some friends we met up with and then met Anne and I at the start pretty much at the same time.

It was around this time I noticed I wasn’t getting all the usual pre-race jitters.  Sure I was a little nervous at the start line but mostly I was having fun!  I was beyond excited to be at a starting line with my husband.  I had almost none of the anxiety I usually have thinking about what him and the kids are doing, what my exact splits need to be and if I’ll place in my age group.  My mind was busy and focused on him and it was fantastic.  Is this what everyone is talking about when they say just go “run it for fun?”  Lightbulb moment.

I gave him a quick kiss and wished him good luck.  The horn sounded and I took off.


I had a great race.  Mostly because the finish line had more purpose – I was actually going to cheer my husband in to the finish and see him completing his first race.  I was so psyched that I cannot imagine what kind of conniption fit I’ll have if I get to see my kids run someday.  This is how I know I truly love running.  It sounds like such BS but I love to share it with other people.  I honestly do.  Getting to that finish line was just the first part of completing the race for me and the second part was the best.

The way the finish line is set up at this race, you have to take two hairpin turns into a parking lot before you cross the line – sucks for the runners but very cool for spectating purposes.  I was able to see him coming around the first turn into the lot and cheered him in the rest of the way.  I was warned against saying anything “too runnerish.”  What the hell that is, I don’t know, so I yelled “Are your nipples chaffed sweetie?”  No I didn’t…not for a 5K anyway.

He finished in under 30 minutes, which was his goal, and when he could talk he said “I’m never doing that again.”  I almost cried because that is the sign of a true runner!

I told him not to make any big decisions right after a race.  As with children, you would never ask a woman who has just given birth if she wants to have another one because the immediate answer would be something like ‘HELL NO!”

After swapping war stories with our friends who also ran, we went out for a childless quiet relaxing meal of burgers and beers.  It was a great day.

Yes my friend ran it dressed like a Christmas tree.  What?

Yes my friend ran it dressed like an elf. What? 

When we got home I of course made him mark his bib with the date, his time and place and it will be hung in the garage right next to mine.  This may be the start of something big!

The couple that runs together…probably gets divorced!

The couple that runs together…probably gets divorced!


What activities do you do with your partner/significant other?  Have you ever tried something just to make your spouse/partner happy?  Have you done a holiday race yet?


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  1. How great is this?!! I love that he had wardrobe worries after teasing you all these years about your running attire. SO funny!! (and totally makes sense!!) Same with the pre-race ritual!! If you’re just a spectator, that hour does seem like a long time, but when you have port a potties to visit and numbers to pin on, it goes fast!

    He did great!! I love that you had him mark his times on his number for posterity and that you got to have this experience together!! Aw!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…We Do Want THIS “Cole” in Our StockingMy Profile

    1. I know!! You really just have to go through it yourself to “get it!” It’s just like having kids 🙂
      Thanks Lisa – it was really awesome.

    • bethp262 on December 9, 2013 at 7:30 AM
    • Reply

    Congrats on your hubby’s first race! Excellent!
    My non-running husband actually ran a half marathon once. It was the second leg of a marathon relay, the Disney marathon relay in 2012 (the only year the did that, actually!), and I ran the first leg. He did quite well, finishing in around 1:47 and said “never again”! He has stuck to that promise so far, but you never know. 🙂

    1. I love the “never again!” So funny. Great time for a non-runner – wow!!
      Thanks Beth.

  2. Congrats to your hubby! I hope he gets the running bug and becomes a crazy addict like the rest of us! And I totally understand what you mean about sharing your love for running. My husband is a great runner so I never see him cross the finish line. It was cool to cheer him on when I was pregnant and not racing. And just wait til your boys run their first race. Cue the waterworks & idiot grins. Best thing ever!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…A Love Letter (aka My Desperate Plea)My Profile

    1. Thanks Nicole! Sadly, I think that was his first and last but it’s all good b/c I don’t think there’s room for two runners in this family. I cannot wait to see the boys run, even if it’s only one race!

  3. Congrats to him on doing this and under his goal time. I know you’re proud. I don’t call it BS….it’s passion! I love it! I’m sure your kids will follow suit.
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…A Joy Box for You “Joi-Style”My Profile

    1. You know it Joi!! Thank you!

  4. Sounds like a great race and how wonderful that you finally got to experience it together!
    Bonnie recently posted…Cookies on 9 in the Historic 9th Square – New Haven CTMy Profile

    1. It really was, and such a great experience! Thanks Bonnie.

  5. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Now you can look forward to fun runs as a family 🙂
    LydiaF recently posted…Co-Hosting Bewitch Me & Titi!My Profile

    1. We did!! I think he will run another one with the boys for sure…until he can’t keep up with them…
      Thanks Lydia

  6. Too funny! My husband will occasionally join me for 2-3 miles but he’s never done a race… I need to see if I can get him signed up!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Need A Post-Holiday Detox?My Profile

    1. Do it! It’s so much fun to share it with him…at least once 🙂

  7. That’s so cool! Good for him to at least try it. Maybe you can talk him into again! My husband can’t run unfortunately so I am left training alone which is ok. My husband is a big outdoorsman. He hunts and fishes so now I do too.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…California Dreamin’…My SpinMy Profile

    1. That’s great that you do the things he likes too! Training alone is probably a good thing. My husband and I only ran together twice and it was pretty ugly!!

  8. Well, that’s awesome!
    Love all his nonchalance, heh.
    Under 30 minutes is really good!
    Alison recently posted…Love LanguageMy Profile

    1. He really did awesome for his first race AND being a non-runner. Show-off!

  9. You might make a runner out of him yet! 🙂 My husband still runs a lot more than I do. He loves competing…with me, it’s all for fun now. I’m more likely to complain at a race. LOL. I remember those days when we would run a New Years Day race after staying up partying all night long…not necessarily a good combo. Haha.
    Michelle recently posted…Personalized Christmas Gift Tags {Guest Post}My Profile

    1. Ah yes, the all-nighter and then race in the morning! Definitely not a good combo and one I never do anymore either. I had to teach a cycle class on New Years Day last year – never again. What was I thinking?

  10. How awesome that your husband ran a 5k! Good for him! Also I love your running capris!

    I should have Pete answer your questions because his answer would be I do all kinds of stupid things to make my wife happy! Actually he enjoys running and once or twice a year he can convince me to go with him!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Delightful DecemberMy Profile

    1. Athleta for the capris, of course!
      Your husband is awesome. It’s so cute how much you both do together. I’m jealous.
      My husband loves basketball and I don’t see myself trying that anytime soon!! And I don’t think he wants me to either 🙂

  11. This is SO sweet!! congrats to hubby. I love the pic of him and your boys–too freaking cute!! I am not a runner, but I like to dabble 🙂 A meal away from my kids might drive me to run a few miles too 🙂 Under 30 is also amazing. I know you are so proud of him!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Party Planning & Facebook AnnoyancesMy Profile

    1. I really am! Glad it was that obvious. Thanks Nellie…and you may enjoy the quiet time running brings!!

  12. You just gave me hope. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for nearly 2 years now, and given that he used to be a professional athlete, I never in a million years would have guessed it would take an act of congress to get him to do a race. No amount of begging, encouraging, whining has done it thus far. But if it took you 10 years…..I am hoping maybe, just maybe, I’ll get him to a starting line sometime in the next 5!
    Crystal@TheFastFitRunner recently posted…St Jude’s Memphis Marathon – the Marathon that wasn’tMy Profile

    1. Don’t give up! As a runner, I’m sure it’s in your nature not to let the mere passing of time diminish your commitment to get him to the starting line – ha ha!! It will be worth it, I promise. Good luck!

  13. I went to a Phish show for my husband! It was…interesting. And I do enjoy them, but I can’t tolerate 30 minute jams of any song, much less ones I’ve never heard.
    Anyway. I am waiting for him to go to a Tori Amos show with me? Probably won’t happen. We did love Bruce Hornsby together but he’s a Deadhead so of course he did!
    I digress.
    He did get me a gig I have today and he was there to help me set up the lighting on Friday for a rehearsal and it was really cool to have his help. He did all of the heavy lifting, and even vacuumed when he broke one of my lightbulbs! And he replaced my bulb.
    I’m so nervous. I wonder if it will make a good blog post..
    Tamara recently posted…Invisible Mama.My Profile

    1. It will make a GREAT blog post – I want to read all about it already!
      Phish show? Ugh, yeah the 30 minute jam session is not for me either. You really love him! I bet Bruce Hornsby was a great show…and I don’t blame him for not wanting to see Tori Amos…sorry 🙂

    • Tracy on December 9, 2013 at 12:42 PM
    • Reply

    Sounds like SO much fun. My sisters have gotten the running bug with me but not my husband. He says he has bad knees….really? Was so proud to see my sister complete the MCM last year I could have burst! Wish my kids would do it too. They couldn’t text and run I guess! Loved your story!

    1. That is SO great! My SIL is the only other family member who will run with me. I so wish I could get more of them to do it!!
      I’m laughing over the texting and running – seriously 🙂

  14. Congratulations to your hubby!!! 🙂 So fun!
    Lindsey Hein recently posted…Dominating the Stroller Run.My Profile

    1. Thanks! It was great.

    • Beth on December 9, 2013 at 1:47 PM
    • Reply

    When I started running, people would ask my husband if he ran, too. “No, it’s her thing” was his usual reply. Then this year I had a couple half marathons that none of my running buddies wanted to do, so I talked him in to driving with me so I wouldn’t be alone. While he was there, why didn’t he go ahead and enter the 5k? Well, now I’ve created a monster. Any 5k that I register for, he wants to do as well. So that’s two entry fees plus a babysitter! But in the end it’s well worth it. We’re going to train for the same race in 2014, my first full and his first half. I’m very excited! Better start saving my babysitting money now…

    1. That is AWESOME!!! I know I should be careful what I wish for but, like you said, in the end it’s well worth it. Thanks for sharing – that is so great!

  15. So great! Congrats to him for toeing the line. I’ll be interested to see what he does next, b/c we all know there will be a next!

    My husband is running a 5-miler this weekend after years away from running and only playing basketball. Not only that, but he had knee replacement surgery in August, so this is a big milestone for him. Pretty cool.
    misszippy recently posted…How was your year of running?My Profile

    1. Oh wow!! Good for him! Can’t wait to hear about how he does…assuming you’ll write about it 🙂
      Not sure if there will be a next time for my husband but, we’ll see. Thanks!

    • Kim on December 9, 2013 at 4:12 PM
    • Reply

    I love everything about this!!!
    “Don’t yell anything to runnerish!” What does that even mean? I guess you could have said “break a leg” since that’s pretty unrunnerish!!
    Funny that he actually 2nd guessed his outfit!
    Mostly, I’m happy that he ran a race and that you got to be part of it all!!
    My husband does his yearly PT test and has to do 1.5 miles – when I was training for my failed race and thinking that I might get a 50 sticker he said he would get a 1.5 sticker since that is the extinct of his “racing.”
    Kim recently posted…MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAYMy Profile

    1. Oh that is TOO funny!! Someone posted a sticker on FB once that read “2.62 I hate running,” and I shared on my husband’s page. He loved it. That pretty much sums it up! Thanks Kim 🙂

  16. Way to go Mike! I love how excited you were to share this with him. I get it. I love, love. love going to the theater, and my husband is not quite as enthusiastic. Yet he goes with me, and I love sitting next to him as the curtain goes up. There’s just something awesome about sharing your passion with your spouse, isn’t there? Although I have never been invited to golf with my guy. Hmmm.
    Dana recently posted…Sign here, SantaMy Profile

    1. YES!! Completely. I’m so glad you can relate to that as it was such a new and fun experience for me. Thanks so much Dana!! As for golf, consider yourself lucky. It’s a total snooze fest!

  17. Congrats to your hubby on his first 5k! And i don’t blame him for not wanting pin holes. Those shirts are expensive!
    Kate recently posted…Let’s talk about the weekend, shall we?My Profile

    1. I know!! That’s totally what he said and then he brought it up again after the race when he was taking them out. Geesh!!

  18. Congrats to the hubby! You look like you are all decked out in Athleta 🙂 My FAVORITE store!
    Tara Newman recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide for Active WomenMy Profile

    1. I am! I’m way too addicted since they opened a store pretty close to me (at Westfarms!) and now it’s even easier to get stuff. So dangerous! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  19. Congrats to your husband! There’s nothing like the first race! (Which somehow turns into the 2nd… and 3rd…) How wonderful that you were able to share it, even though he’s not typically a runner!
    Carrie @ poet in the pantry recently posted…Snickerdoodle BlondiesMy Profile

    1. It was so much fun and I sincerely hope it turns into a 2nd and 3rd…

  20. Over the summer I got my husband to run his first (and probably only) race! He took off like a bat out of hell with no clue about pacing. I tried to tell him to slow down a bit but he kept going. Needless to say I passed him soon when he was walking. It was fun but I definitely don’t think it’ll ever happen again!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Marvelous is…My Profile

    1. That sounds A LOT like how my husband runs!! Maybe it’s a guy thing? He definitely went out too fast (especially since this race starts downhill!) and then had to dial it back. I didn’t dare give him “pacing” advice b/c I was just happy he was there. I have to say, I’ll be surprised if he does another one! Thanks Angela and I’m glad your husband at least tried it. Gotta give him credit for that!

    • The Notso Mysterious Husband on December 9, 2013 at 10:48 PM
    • Reply

    Thanks for all the well wishes Ladies!! My wife is right on, I can’t stand running and only do it to stay in shape (mainly because my basketball days are done and golf can’t be considered “cardio”). I’m just wondering what my time would’ve been if I didn’t have to help the old lady bring her groceries in from her car at mile 1, give the 14 yr old my left sneaker because his was torn, and then carry that sweet 85 yr old man uphill for the last 1/2 mile. 😉

    Weird that the 14 yr old had the same size shoe, huh?

    1. You are a jackass. Get back to work!

  21. I’m always impressed with you guys who love the 5ks! We had a marathon/half-marathon in town this weekend, my friend did the half & oh boy she was feeling it!

    congrats to your husband! great accomplishment.

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May
    Amy Powell recently posted…My Health Journey in 2013My Profile

    1. I would have to say that the 5K is probably my least favorite race b/c it’s an all out sprint for 3+ miles! I would much prefer doing a half marathon. Congrats to your friend!! That’s awesome. Hopefully she’s less sore today 🙂

  22. Sounds like you both had a great time, Mike just might not know it yet. Clearly he’s a slow learner if he doesn’t yet know that in all things, his wife knows best.
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…White Chocolate Peppermint CakeMy Profile

    1. Is he ever! He only wanted one kid and I always wanted more then one. On the first try, I got pregnant with twins! After that he pretty much knew I would always get my way – now he has to learn that I always know best 🙂
      Thanks Karen!

  23. I love that your husband did this race with you and that it helped change you a little bit too. Your wit within your post made me smile…a lot.

    My husband (Jay), son and I did a walking 5K after Boston in an effort to show support. My little guy has done some kid races and loves it. The little guy wanted to run the 5K with me this past weekend but I knew he wouldn’t be up for it yet. He’s determined though and I think the next 5K I do, he’ll want to do it too.

    Jay, on the other hand, will likely never, ever run. He likes being supportive (he tries to come to every race I ever do) and cooking breakfast for me when I get home. Who’s going to argue with that, right? Kudos to Mike! BTW, he ran in less than 30 minutes for his first 5K – I’ve been running for years and may have just achieved that goal this weekend (I can’t remember if I ever did it before). Tell him congrats!
    Melissa Burton recently posted…Tunes For Tuesday – Billy JoelMy Profile

    1. I know – he’s such a show off!!
      I love that your husband makes breakfast for you. That in itself is worth the run.
      I also love how interested your son is in running with you. I can only hope my boys will follow suit.

  24. Oh, ,how wonderful! I had no idea that there was a dress the runner app! The trouble that will save me in the future! I wonder how long it will take your husband to race again after he said he wouldn’t. I bet you not for long!
    Ilene recently posted…The BridgeMy Profile

    1. That app is super helpful and has yet to steer me wrong! Not sure about another race for him although he was already talking about besting his time. So competitive!

  25. This is super sweet and congrats to your husband for finishing under his goal! I think it’s great that you both were able to do it together and I love when my s/o does things with me that I enjoy! The first time he took a spin class with me, I was smiling the entire time…he wasn’t though because of the seat! LOL!
    Britton recently posted…How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    1. Ha ha!! That’s too funny about the seat. I’ve been teaching spinning for about 7 years now and my husband has been to about 5 classes because of the seat! Thanks Britton 🙂

  26. That’s amazing, one more to that troop… hope he have enjoyed and that was only the one of the much more to come.
    And don’t forget cold weather could be a rock on your shoes so i write this one to help all with this cold weather season ” particularly is been tough for me” . Congrats to your boy… Keep Up !
    Eddie Keller recently posted…Winter Training TipsMy Profile

    1. One more to the troop for sure! Thanks Eddie.

  27. I am so in love with this post!!! I so want my hubs to run (as I mentioned to you before) but it just hasn’t been in the cards. What I am reading is that he is not desparate enough!? LOVE and kudos to BOTH of you!
    Allison recently posted…A Mother’s Love. Grown.My Profile

    1. Thank you so much!! I think this may be a one and done once he realizes that I hardly EVER go out afterward and rarely get to relax – just the opposite. Don’t give up though!! You never know when he may surprise you…

  28. Hey vita, don’t have any more babies, you need to save all that time and energy for a bigger race with your hubby. I’ve always wanted my girlfriend to compete in a race with me but she actually hated exercise, which was big pity cause I’m a fitness freak haha
    Justin recently posted…Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not ExercisingMy Profile

    1. Hey Justin – you obviously don’t have kids. It’s hard when you’re with someone with different interests. Maybe you can try doing something your girlfriend is into and then she will race with you?

    • Leah on December 12, 2013 at 10:04 PM
    • Reply

    This is awesome!! Congrats to your hubby!! Love that he stressed (albeit trying to be secretive!) about his outfit!!
    Leah recently posted…It’s a Wonderful LifeMy Profile

    1. It was pretty funny!! We had a great time… 🙂

  29. Congratulations to your husband!!! That’s awesome and so great. The first race is always so exciting. My husband and I used to run together and race together but no more. I think it’s because of the children. ha! Congrats again to him and to you!

    1. It’s always about those kids!! Thanks Christine – it was so much fun having him there.

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