Hello.  My name is Allie Burdick and I’m an addict.  I’m a running addict.  I need to move fast and sweat once a day.  Part of my recovery plan was (for the first time ever!) leaving my magic running shoes at home *gasp!* when I left on a five day vacation.  I was still glowing from my triathlon win and thought it would be nice to just take a break and sleep in everyday  of my vacation.  And, by “sleep in” I mean wake up at 6:30am instead of 5am since my boys aren’t much for sleeping in either.  I have no clue where they get that from?!  I should have stayed on the couch eating pizza and watching Breaking Bad while I was pregnant with them.  Instead I was running, walking, lifting weights, swimming and teaching fitness classes all while listening to Jay-Z and Eminem.  I think it adversely affected their energy levels.

I told him to put his pants on.

I told him to put his pants on.

So I waved good-bye to my magic shoes and off we went to Hershey Park, PA.  The first day was pure bliss.  We went straight to the pool and I quickly ordered a watermelon mojito because I was on vacation and not running in the morning.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

The second day, we went to the park.  It was about 2000 degrees out and the sweat was pouring off me.  It was truly disgusting.  I figured that was about the amount I would be sweating during a 10 miler on a 70 degree day so I broke even…if only in the sweat department.

Christmas in July my ass!  The poor person in this costume probably died of heatstroke!

Christmas in July my ass! The poor person in this costume probably died of heatstroke!

By day three I was starting to show signs of withdrawl.  It didn’t help that we had to pass the fitness center every single time we went to our room.  The fitness gods were really testing my willpower.  The fitness center doors were adorned with class schedules, a map of the 3 mile running trail, and info on the indoor pool…oh wait, that was it!  I have several bathing suits…I could sneak down and swim laps in the morning!  No.  I will be strong!  I will rest and relax and do all the things normal people do on vacation.  And then I had my spa treatment with Dexter.


Hello Allie.  Welcome to the Hotel Hershey "treatment" room...

Hello Allie. Welcome to the Hotel Hershey “treatment” room…

Not helping!

Now it was Sunday and I was on the home stretch.  I had been eating and drinking and relaxing…and taking a lot of pictures with chocolate bars which is really just weird…even if you’re not into healthy eating.


What?  You don't have a family photo with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup man?

What? You don’t have a family photo with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup man?

Surely you have one with KitKat?

Surely you have one with KitKat!

By the end of the 5 and half hour drive home on Monday I was chopping at the bit to run.  I wanted to get out of the car and run home by the time we got to Jersey!  But, when we finally arrived home, my anal retentive radar was in high gear and I had to immediately unpack everyone, do laundry, organize the fridge, water the plants and give the kids a complete scrub down!

I finally went to sleep around 10:00 and had sweet dreams of rising with the sun and going on the longest run I could in 1 hour.  My alarm went off at 4:50am, I jumped out of bed, rushed downstairs and stopped dead in my tracks.  Where the bleep is the sun?  And what the bleep is that sound?  It was pitch black outside and raining.  I shit you not.  I quickly googled “what time is sunrise in CT?”, it reported back 5:26am.  Dammit!!!  I was still under the delusion that the sun was up at 5:00!  Had it been that long since my last 5am run?  Apparently.  I hate running in the dark and there have been reports of bears in our ‘hood lately so I did the only thing I could…grabbed my pepper spray and headlamp and headed out the door!

Best 7.5 miles ever!

Do you run or workout on vacation?  Do you run in the predawn hours?  Are you freaked out by people dressed as giant-sized chocolate bars?


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  1. Honestly, you are the cutest, best ever, but I can’t relate to the running at all. And you really lost me at 4:50 a.m. alarm! But, if I could look like you in that FABULOUS bikini then maybe I could get on board! ;)-Ashley

    1. Ha ha haaaaa!!! Thanks Ashley…and I’m sure you ARE NOT alone in your feelings! Runners are a different breed:-)

    • Amy on July 25, 2013 at 8:04 AM
    • Reply

    I LOVE the family pics!!!!! The last one we have is with Minnie Mouse and my hubby has on the ears (bow included)!
    We started our vacation with a 20 mile bike ride (I’m in spin withdrawal) and threw in some P90. This of course was all cancelled out with wine, ice cream and birthday cake. I love vacation!

    1. Thanks Amy!! I love that your husband put the ears on!!
      I’m in Amy withdrawal!! I hope you’re back this Friday…:-)

  2. Wow, I cannot believe you made it the entire time without working out! Good for you! Even our vacations revolved around running, swimming, hiking and being active. We went to Hawaii in January (so awesome!), and every morning I got up, nursed my youngest, & then swam laps. Heavenly! I could look up and see my girls waving at me from our condo’s lanai. We also took them on some short hikes and managed to sneak away (we had some extended family with us) for SUP-ing and a gorgeous trail run. Perfect balance of lazy beach time and endorphin rush in paradise!

    I also ran, swam, and stayed active through both pregnancies, and my girls never stop going either. As much as they wear me out some days, I don’t think I’d want it any other way!

    1. Oh Hawaii!! If and when I make it there – I will absolutely be running!! It makes a difference when you husband is active too. Mine doesn’t run so…
      It’s definitely great to have active kids and your daughter is proving to be a little super star!!

    • Rebecca on July 25, 2013 at 2:16 PM
    • Reply

    I must say, I really enjoy reading your blog! You are a constant source that I can return to for inspiration when I’m flaking out or feeling down. It’s also a good way to keep up to date on how you’re doing, I miss seeing you in class on a regular basis. And every time I read about your running exploits it brings me that much closer to hitting the road/trails again myself 😉

    1. Awww thanks so much Rebecca! I miss seeing all of you too. Let me know when you’re ready to get back out there so I can cheer you on…if only virtually:-)

  3. Ha! Oh this cracked me up! I used to run in the dark, until we moved and now I’m not a fan of the neighborhood. So I run with pepper spray and my trusty dog, who is in all reality more afraid of the boogy-man than me. 😉

    1. Ha ha – so you can relate! I’m disappointed to hear that about your dog!! I definitely want to get a dog (aka running partner), in the near future and I thought that would solve all my pre-dawn running issues! Bummer…:-)

  4. Haha, I loved this post! I really like your style of writing 🙂
    Well done on enjoying your holiday and not letting the fitness side of you take over!
    Everyone deserves/needs a break 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate! You are right – we all need and deserve a break. It was a good change!

  5. I have decided, if and when I can get myself to run, I do best at around 10:00 am. Although I am also a morning person (yesterday I woke up naturally before my 5:15 am alarm to go to the airport), I have the mental energy to do work, but not quite to exercise. And giant candy bars only freak me out when they’re dressed in Christmas gear in the middle of the summer. Looks so out of place! Stopping by from SITS 🙂

    1. Hi Bev! Thanks for stopping by! I totally understand the difference between just waking up and doing work and waking up, getting dressed and exercising! You have to find you’re own groove and it sounds like you know when the best times are for you.
      Yes, that poor, poor chocolate man in his scarf and Santa hat! It was just wrong.

  6. I wish I could say the same thing. I guess I am just not addicted to running anymore, although I don’t like when I skip too long. 🙂 I am sitting here in my running gear reading blogs instead of running. Hahaha! I am going to go through…I have a dog giving me the “eye” even though he already went with my husband! I just realized the other day that you are in CT too!

    1. Your dog must be a motivator! Someday, when my boys are at least 7, I will get a dog. I had one when I was younger and childless and I loved running with her. Sounds like yours has excellent stamina!! You’ll have to give me some tips when I’m ready to commit.
      I didn’t know you were in CT?? We’ll have to meet in person sometime!

  7. Allie, this is hilarious! I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation! I am like this when it comes to working out. When I take from the gym, I feel like such a slacker…like I just HAVE to work out! I’m glad you were able to finally get that run in though and back on track! LOL!

    1. You feel my pain!! It was all the gluttony of vacation adding up…but I have to say, my body feels restored and I’ve had a great week of exercise. Totally worth it!

  8. Haha! THis is a GREAT story! 🙂 I never workout on vacation- I just surf, SUP, play tennis, play golf, swim in the ocean, snorkel, kayak… you know all the normal relaxing activities!

    1. RIGHT!!! As soon as my kids are old enough I hope to do all those “relaxing” things as well – family style. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You are a dedicated runner if you want to run while you are on vacation. Most of the time we spend large amounts of walking around that I would never plan on exercising intentionally while on vacation.

    1. Running is fun for me…& a stress reliever so I really NEED it on vacation!!

  10. I give you props for making it so long. I always run on vacation…it’s sometimes a really big highlight for me when I’m somewhere new. But I think what you did is probably healthy.

    Yes, the later sunrise if bugging me. I run around 5:30 or 5:45 most mornings and headlamp time is just around the corner. Boo!

    1. I agree about running on vacation when you’re somewhere new – it’s a perfect exploring opportunity!
      I’m def with you on the headlamp:-( huge thumbs down!

  11. Hello, crazy lady! 🙂
    But gosh you look good, maybe I need to start running again.
    (oh I also need to unpack, do laundry, clean the house, change sheets, wash the children, do allthethings immediately after I get home from any trip!)

    1. I know, I’m definitely a little nuts:-) And thank you for sharing in my “type A” organizing traits. It’s good to know I’m not alone!!

  12. I am impressed that you made it through the entire vacation without working out. I’m not sure I could do it. I usually always work out. I’m usually chomping at the bit to jump out of the car and move after a long trip but after 5 days off? I can’t even imagine!!

    1. Thanks Christine! It was VERY hard and if I had my shoes with me I definitely would have buckled…although it was very hot and humid out so that was also a deterrent. I’ll tell you this – never again!! Ha ha

  13. Oh, that would have been my best 7.5 miles ever – if I could still run 7.5 miles! I am proud of you that you were able to go 5 days though without a run. My runs are shorter these days but it would have been really hard for me!

    1. Oh it was!! And, I had a great WEEK of training after all that rest…which makes me think I could take it easier a little more often. But, I enjoy it way too much…never again!

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