Jan 15

Out Sick

Is there nothing more pathetic then a sick athlete?  Maybe a sick stay-at-home-mom?  How about when you’re both?  When I’m sick (which is now twice in six weeks people!) I long for the days when I was a kid with a mom.  If you know me at all then you know my mom died when I was 17 so I miss her every single day.  But, when you’re sick, and now have your own kids to take care of – not to mention all the wallowing in self-pity that needs to be done – you really miss someone taking care of you!

I’m extremely lucky in that my aunt swooped in, as she tends to, and sent me this text after picking the boys up at school while I went to the doctor:



I mean, really?  Everyone should have an Auntie Carla in their lives.

So, without the kids, and after fitful on and off sleep where I woke-up freezing and then sweating, I had time to think about all the training I was missing!  Be it sick or injured – every athlete out there know what I’m talking about.  To calm myself I read THIS post from Miss Zippy who is actually dealing with a two week hiatus – and quite well I may add!  After that I thought, surely I can deal with four measly days of only sweating because my body is fighting a ridiculous virus right?  Shouldn’t I channel all my energy into that?  YES!

All the things a good sick bedside table needs.  UGH!

All the things a good sick bedside table needs. And, that picture of mom is always there.  I like to see her first thing in the morning.

I’m so delusional that I actually thought I would be able to will myself into feeling better.  I absolutely did not want to admit that I needed a sub for my 9:30am spin class Tuesday morning because that would mean utter defeat.  So, after eating a hearty lunch of three clementines, Gartorade and a smattering of Saltines and realizing I was barley able to stay conscious through Ellen  I decided I had better call for reinforcements for class.  Turns out the Y does not shut down when I’m sick and I was able to get an actual good nights sleep.

Now, after four days of sickness and zero running, biking or swimming, I’m left to ponder some reasons why I got sick:

1.  I’m stressing myself out about training and trying to do too much too soon.

2.  I’m not washing my hands before I go to the bathroom, only after…and then 900 times the rest of the day NOT including washing dishes and all the plastic cups the boys use throughout the day, which adds up to 220 more times.

3.  I had a long week of training and then, on a date night with hubs on Friday, I had a martini and a glass of wine.  Clearly all that freedom and alcohol make your chest go into spasm.

4.  I took the kids to a bounce house place last week which is basically the equivalent of licking the floor of a preschool during flu season.

5.  Because of the Polar Vortex we have all been sucked into I was forced to run almost exclusively inside for 10 days and therefore did not get my weekly allotment of fresh air!

Whatever the reason, I hope that I’m now on the mend and I’m really hoping this is it for the winter colds for me!

One positive thing that’s come from this is that I’m able to do my Spanish lessons with zero background noise and my “new” deep and scratchy cold voice seems to be picked up better by that pesky Rosetta Stone microphone.  Who knew?  !Adios!

P.S. – I realize my link to my link up was not working for half the day Monday, but it’s now up and running so please link up your Rundown post here or I will cry and probably stay sicker for longer.

What remedies do you have for staying healthy in the winter?  Flu shot or no?


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  1. Nikki

    I am so sorry you are down for the count. Knock on wood, this seems to be working for us. My family has not been sick this season. Here is goes: yes to the flu shot or mist, LOTS of veggies in the diet, take your supplements every day, homemade bone broth (made in huge batches and frozen), and most importantly, try to eliminate stress as much as possible and do not let yourself get run down. I know this last one is hard to accomplish with littles in your life but you have to take care of you or you are no good to anyone else. Just think of the airline safety video where you put on your air mask first and then help the child. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. vita88

      I know you are right! I can honestly say the only thing I am lacking is a low stress level and I need to start taking responsibility for that. Thank you and I hope you all stay well!

  2. Janine Huldie

    Feel better and seriously I am so like you and hate to admit defeat or that I am sick when I truly am. I truly try not to give it, but sometimes we just have to no matter what (easier said then done believe me I know). Thinking of you and so hoping you are feeling a bit better today.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…90s Beauty Nostalgia from Byrdie Brought Me BackMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m not going down without a fight! Thanks Janine. I’m better now but BOTH boys are sick – of course. Onward!

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Oh yuck!! I’m so sorry… sounds like it hit you hard. Thank goodness for your sweet aunt to take the boys! Rest up!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls + Week two without glutenMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Rested and ready but now the boys are down for the count…let’s hope my Aunt’s not next or I’ll have to take care of my Uncle 🙂

  4. Karen LeBaron

    Hope you’re on the mend. I take a probiotic daily and try to eat clean. It’s very rare that I am sick, thankfully. I think the daily exercise is a big plus. Get well!

    1. vita88

      Daily exercise? Check! Probiotic? Does yogurt in a smoothie count? I guess not. Thanks for the tip Karen!

  5. Michelle

    Sometimes our body just needs rest! When I get sick, I have a hard time kicking it because I am always on the go…you’d think I’d learn my lesson! I hope you are on the mend! And your Aunt Carla is awesome!!
    Michelle recently posted…2 Good Reasons to Include the Date in Your URLMy Profile

    1. vita88

      She is beyond awesome!
      I’m glad to know I’m not the only stubborn one when it comes to sickness. When will we learn??

  6. Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

    That’s sucks that you sick AGAIN! This year has been a nasty year for a lot of people. I did manage to link up so I hope that makes you feel a little better. BTW, thanks for the gross out on #4. 🙂
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Half Marathon Training Recap – Preview WeekMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Ha ha!!! Sorry but…it really is. I should know better by now.
      1,000 THANK YOU’s for linking up!!! I’m feeling the love 🙂

  7. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    First of all, I’m so sorry you are sick AGAIN in six weeks. That absolutely sucks. Second of all, I laughed about the Rosetta Stone thing. I swear I repeat myself exactly the same 12 times before it tells me I got it right. Third, your aunt is amazing! Fourth, I hate flu season. I honestly think that half the time I get sick because other people are so damn gross. I found out that a woman I used to work with didn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom…EVER. How gross is that? And I just love it when someone sneezes or coughs on the train without covering their nose/mouth.

    I get the flu shot every year and I have only gotten the flu once since I moved back to the US from Australia (where they don’t have the flu because the weather is so mild year round-unfair!). I still get sick every year but it is usually just a bad cold and not the full-blown body aches and sweats flu.
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Fit Tips to Jumpstart January!My Profile

    1. vita88

      You are making me smile my friend – thank you!!!
      You’re so right about RS! I repeat some of the most basic language *perfectly* and get that annoying little sad bell that seems to say “wrong moron!”
      I’m the opposite of your flu shot story. I got it once when I lived in LA and was SO sick two days later that I never got it again. I just found out that the boys have bronchitis so that’s what I most likely had too since the antibiotics are working!! Thanks again for the laugh – I needed it!

  8. misszippy

    Ah, sorry you are down again. Hopefully this is the last time for this year, right? And sometimes I think it goes with the territory of having small children…those walking, breathing germ transporters!

    Thanks for the shout out–I am doing ok, most of the time. It really was a conscious decision to not wallow in my injury this time. I’ve had good role models in friends!
    misszippy recently posted…Places I don’t want to runMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You are a role model for me – even though you’re dealing with an injury – you’re positive attitude makes me want to smack myself.

      And, you’re absolutely right about my two walking germ balls. I’ve never had so many colds!! Kids are pretty gross and very free with their germs.

  9. jenn @ runnderlust

    I’d blame it on the bouncy house. Get better and don’t freak out 🙂
    jenn @ runnderlust recently posted…Week 2 Recap RungramsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Must.Not.Freak! I’m trying and holding on by a thread. Thank you!

  10. Tamara

    I’m sick too! It’s just a cold so no fever or sweating/chills, but it’s a bummer because I have a lot of work this week. And I’d like to heal fully for Disney next week.
    Thinking of you! I get it! Sickness sucks! When’s spring??
    Tamara recently posted…Something So Simple.My Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m sure you will be better by your trip and, once that sunshine hits you? You’ll feel infinitely better! Thanks Tamara.

  11. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Hang in there, mama! I know it’s tough, but you’ll make up for lost training days later. Right now your body just needs to rest & heal. And, yes, indoor inflatable gyms are breeding grounds for all things nasty! But I still take my kids there on rainy days to wear them out. I just commandeer the Purell station!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…One Thing I Won’t Do For My Daughters: Guest Post at Kiss My ListMy Profile

    1. vita88

      We practically bathed in Purell! Whatever germs are in that bounce town – they are there to stay. I may have to swear them off for the rest of the season!
      Thanks Nicole – I know you understand 🙂

  12. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Of course I say get the shot ma’am! I am heartbroken that you’ve been sick and I mean really sick twice lately. I would not stress about all the training. You are fit and fabulous so all of these fantastic fitness plans for 2014 are icing on the cake. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…Run or Dye with Rx Fitness Lady in Macon Middle GAMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Oh I know!! Although, I just found out it’s bronchitis (luckily the antibiotics are working!) and not the flu so NOW do I get a flu shot? I know what your answer is. *hangs head in shame*
      Thanks Dr. Joi!

  13. Melissa Burton

    I’m so sorry that you’re so nasty sick AGAIN! You are so lucky to have such a great aunt. I can see that you definitely have strong and smart women in your family.

    I do hope that you allow yourself an easy transition back to training – we want NO RELAPSES! Here’s hoping that your husband and the boys don’t make this thing a true family affair.

    I wish I had some advice for staying healthy. The strep that the husband and I both had over the holiday was awful. The sweating sucks (I had to change clothes in the middle of the night and then put on a sweatshirt and socks over my PJ’s it was so bad)!

    Here’s hoping that the latter half of January is better for you.
    Melissa Burton recently posted…Girl Power At Bittersweet TreatsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much! Unfortunately, the boys are both sick now and it’s so much worse to see your babies suffer. Let’s hope everyone is well by the weekend and we can start fresh on Monday. I’m so DONE!

  14. Kim

    I’m so sorry that this ended up being a full blown sick and not just a cold – you poor thing!!! Even though it’s hard and you are probably beyond restless, I hope you will let yourself recover fully before you get back to training!!!
    I’m so glad that you have an aunt like yours – she sounds incredible (I want one!!).
    Hang in there – sleep, read, zone out on mindless TV, study some spanish……
    Kim recently posted…Thank You, Friends!!!!My Profile

    1. vita88

      She is amazing and EVERYONE should be so lucky. I am blessed for sure. Unfortunately I’m doing much better but the boys are now sick which is so much worse. Let’s hope this storm blows over in the next few days and we can all reset! Thanks Kim 🙂

  15. Chris

    I love Carla! We promised each other that we would get together SOON, and we will…soon. Take care, sweetie and let your body HEAL. Fitness means doing what your body needs…remember that. I know why you got sick twice…your body is building up it’s immunity so that when you go to Spain, you will be able to fight off all those nasty airplane germs and all those foreign Spanish germs. It’s Immunity Training…very important.
    You’re Welcome,
    Dr. Chris

    1. vita88

      THANK YOU Dr. Chris! Who needs Dr. Oz with you around? I love the way you think woman. I’m going to hold onto this one and believe in it for all it’s worth!
      I hope you can hook up with the amazing Auntie Carla soon. I know she loves you!

  16. Kate

    Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better soon!!! Get some fresh air and relax, relax, relax.
    Kate recently posted…How one recent college graduate stays motivatedMy Profile

    1. vita88

      That really is the key – RELAXING! Thanks for a much needed reminder Kate 🙂

  17. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Make room sister because I am in your boat. I had a virus hit me HARD yesterday but thank goodness they fun didn’t start until after my husband got home. I was able to be sick without having to worry about the children. I know that is so hard! Thank goodness I’m starting to feel like myself again–looks like it was 24hrs.

    You have an awesome Auntie!!!

    I agree with the above commenter, fresh air helps a ton.
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Bench RaisesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m so glad yours only lasted 24 hours and that your husband was there to help – it makes a huge difference. I’m hoping to get out and get some of that fresh air today!!

  18. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    Those damn indoor play places! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve all come down with a nasty virus from stepping foot inside of the germ station. Hope you are feeling back to your usual self asap!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Crockpot Two Bean Veggie ChiliMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I know! I have finally learned and I am DONE! I’ll turn my house into a Bounce Town before I go back.

  19. Carla

    So sorry that you’re not feeling well! I’m glad that you have an Auntie Carla to help out. Sometimes Carla’s are like that 🙂

    I think I wasn’t well last week due to stress and last night I fell asleep at 7:00 pm due to some lingering illness. But it could be other things or a culmination of tons of stuff. Bounce house, snotty kids…yuck.
    Carla recently posted…#OneChange For Better HealthMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I hope you’re feeling better and YES you “Carla’s” are like that and I love you for it!

  20. Alison

    I’m so sorry you’re sick again. That sucks.
    But oh my goodness, you have a gem in Aunt Carla!
    Hope you’re feeling better.
    Alison recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #3: MovementMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I do!!! Thanks Alison.

  21. emma @ be mom strong

    Feel better Allie!!

    1. vita88

      Thanks Emma! Feeling better already…

  22. thedoseofreality

    Oh friend. 🙁 UGH. There is absolutely nothing worse than being sick when you are a mom!! Hope you feel better VERY soon!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…You Ate WHAT?!?My Profile

    1. vita88

      You said it sister! Luckily, everyone is now on the mend. Thank you!

  23. Tess

    Im sorry to here you are sick. Its a bummer when sickness takes over, but hopefully, the sickness season is almost over!
    Tess recently posted…Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Blueberry Giveaway Ends 11/23My Profile

    1. vita88

      Yes! Let’s hope because I am over IT!! Thank you.

  24. Hope

    On no! Glad it was only 4 days and not two weeks…probably because you are fit and healthy and your body was able to fight off that bronchial infection much more efficiently than if you weren’t putting the time in. SO kudos to you for listening to you body and resting and allowing it to recover. BTW, can I borrow your Aunt Carla 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Without my cell phone…My Profile

    1. vita88

      You are so right Hope! I was thinking that last night as I went to bed – soundly – for the first time in a week 🙂
      I wish I could clone Aunt Carla and give everyone her! She really is one of a kind though.

  25. Dana

    Yes to the flu shot, after my daughter got the swine flu three years ago and was down for the count for a week. But you can still get viruses…I hope you are up and running soon, Allie!

    1. vita88

      That’s the down side but hey, I got “lucky” this time and could take antibiotics. I’ll definitely get the shot next year when the kids are in school everyday. Thanks Dana!

  26. Sue - The Spin Cycle

    Hello, stranger…sorry you haven’t been feeling well…but WOW…what a gem you have in Auntie Carla. Rest, recoup, and feel good. xo
    Sue – The Spin Cycle recently posted…Better off Without…My Profile

    1. vita88

      HI!!!! So nice to hear from you. Welcome back my friend. I’m happy to report I’m almost 100% better – just need a good, long run and my recovery will be complete. 🙂

  27. Michelle Mossey

    Hope you feel better soon! It’s rough being a mom and being sick. We don’t get sick days. Your comment about the bounce house is hilarious and spot on! Each time I take my boys to a public lay area, I want to bathe them in sanitizer!
    Stopping by from SITS blog hop!
    Michelle Mossey recently posted…Save Your BreathMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I know, right? Thanks for stopping by – sounds like you know exactly what I’m talking about 🙂

  28. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    I hope that you’re feeling better Allie. It’s the worst when you are sick. I too want my mom to come around and just take care of me!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Friday Round-UpMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m much better but then, of course, the kids got sick and now my husband is sick. It’s a vicious cycle!

  29. Leah

    I am so sorry you are (hopefully were now – I’m behind in my reading) feeling so terrible! But you do need a break! You have to take care of you before you take care of everyone else. And, what an AMAZING aunt you have. Truly, Taking care of kids when you are sick is the WORST!!! Feel better:)
    Leah recently posted…Focus 2014My Profile

    1. vita88

      Mostly everyone is better now and looking forward to a NORMAL week ahead – I hope!! Thanks so much Leah.

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