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Reverse Bucket List

I was hesitant to do this list.  Angela at Happy Fit Mama posted A Reverse Bucket List and put a call out for others to join.  Now, I love a good link-up and, even though this isn’t supposed to be a “bragging” list, I thought – how could it not be?  Then I started thinking about how much I could benefit from making it.

In case you’re all “What the hell is a reverse bucket list?”  I’ll tell you. It’s basically a list of things you’ve already accomplished.  As previously mentioned,  it’s not supposed to be a braggart list but, in my case, it helps me put some things in perspective and I need a boat load of perspective this year.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you know I’m Type A with a vengeance.  I’m always looking ahead, moving forward, wondering “what’s next” and hardly ever appreciating the now.  I have a very difficult time being present.  I squirm in yoga classes, if I ever attend them.  Being still is for sleeping and death.  Sounds like a party over here, right?  This is precisely why I decided a Reverse Bucket List could be one of the best things I could do for myself.

A rare moment of stillness.  However, you see those ripples in the water, right?

A rare moment of stillness. However, you see those ripples in the water, right?

I’m breaking mine up into People I Emulate, Places I’ve Been and Things I Survived.



On a traditional bucket list this might include people I want to meet but in this case it’s a list of people I’m proud to say I’m more like now then I was earlier in my life.  As in – “If only I were more like Drake. YOLO baby!”  That’s You Only Live Once.  If you need me to explain Drake, you and Google can figure that out – after you read this of course.

1.  I’m more like my dad in temperament.  The man is a saint.  I’m not.  However, just the other day when some crotchety old bag in the super market made a nasty comment about me “getting a better handle on my kids” I didn’t tell her to mind her own nasty business and then proceed to unleash the full fury that is my kids on her.  Nope.  I just gave her a nasty look that said “Go eff yourself” and continued on my way down the aisle.  That is personal growth people.

2.  I’m more like my Aunt in generosity.  As you recall, my aunt is always swooping in like a modern day Wonder Woman to help me with whatever I need.  Keeping her unselfishness in mind, whenever a friend calls desperate for a girls night out, I drop everything and rush to meet her at the nearest bar.  It’s tough leaving those little angels of mine but I’m working on being more generous with my friendship and something’s gotta give.

3.  I’m more like my husband in attitude.  There are many, many times though out my day and week when I just stop and think “What would Mike do?”  and then, confident in my decision, I stay at the gym for another hour.  Sure it’s mentally draining but those races aren’t going to run themselves!


Oh the places you will go…before you have kids!  This one is actually easy.  I used to travel all over for fun, for work, for more fun – it was a good life.  It all came to a screeching halt on April 13, 2009.  My “travel” now consists of Hershey Park and Disney World.  It’s magical.

1.  Vegas Baby!  My husband and I went on our first date in November of 2002. We celebrated New Years together in Las Vegas that same year…or the next year, or whatever, you know what I mean.  It was awesome.

2.  Key West – We were married in Key West and it was non-stop adventure for four days with family and friends followed by two weeks of honeymoon time!  I’ve never before or since gone on vacation for two weeks.  I’m going to go sob quietly about that for a minute…be right back.

3.  Mexico, California, Jamaica – these are all the places we went without a care in the world.  Every April or May we would jaunt off to some beautiful, warm location and relax.  Now every April we pick a Disney theme and are surrounded by toddlers, cake, candy and balloons.  Of course it’s awesome in it’s own right but there’s no saying about “What happens at a toddler birthday party stays at a toddler birthday party” for good reason.  Nothing happens.


1.  Carrying and delivering twins.  ‘Nuff said.

2.  Five marathons including Boston in 2007 during a ‘noreaster.  Good times.

3.  Building a home.  Anyone who has gone through this process knows how excruciating it can be.

4.  Owning a business and, years later, selling that business.  This deserves it’s own post…or many.

5.  Writing a blog!  You know that saying about “do something that scares you every day?”  This is it.


What’s on your reverse bucket list?  



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  1. This was a great blog topic! I think I’m going to put it in my to write about when I get stuck bucket!

    I loved learning more about you in this way. You’ve accomplished so much! It was really cool to see the list of the people who have inspired you to become a better person. Your aunt sounds amazing!
    NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner recently posted…10 Commandments Of BloggingMy Profile

    1. It’s definitely a great topic and can be done in so many ways!
      Thanks 🙂

  2. I love that you broke it up into different topics. The people idea is genius. May need to add on to mine…Thanks for linking up!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Oat and Quinoa GranolaMy Profile

    1. Ha ha!! Thanks Angela. I had to spice mine up a little… 🙂

  3. I agree with you: I love reading these but I feel so ‘braggerly’ writing one of these. Need to get over it I guess. AH yes, epic Boston 2007. Remember it well!
    Marcia recently posted…Two Pic TuesdayMy Profile

    1. That’s why I tried to keep most of it tongue-in-cheek – takes the edge off a bit!
      Yes, it was epic for sure. Happy to know you remember it too…of course, who could forget?

  4. Wonderful bucket list and for that women who made that nasty comment in the supermarket, it is so easy to cast stones, but seriously wonder if she was a mother herself. I don’t have twins, but being my kids are so close in age, trust me I too have had those moments and I give you tons of credit for not answering back, because I know the urge to what to and try your best to suppress it. Seriously, though what is wrong with people that they can’t just mind their own business. That said, you are a wonderful person Allie and love all that was on your reverse bucket list 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Twitter Hop 2.4.1My Profile

    1. Thank you so much for that Janine. It was SO hard!! She was with her elderly mother and was afraid the boys were going to bump into her. It was beyond ridiculous because the boys were actually being very good for once. It took everything in my being not to blast her – instead I ranted to my husband for about 10 minutes when I got home!! I hope she’s no one’s mother.

  5. OMG this is FANTASTIC!! I love this concept. It really helps you focus on your accomplishments, the things you’re getting right, and the fun you’ve had instead of those things that remain just out of reach.
    You had my dream wedding!! I wanted to be married on St. John with a few friends and family then have our honeymoon there. My inlaws FREAKED OUT at the thought. Their “people” would not accept such a thing. I caved in when they dangled the carrot of sending us to Hawaii for two weeks for our honeymoon. It was all great and everything, but I still love the thought of the destination wedding!!! –Lisa
    Ps. I haven’t built a home, but we had a remodel of our entire downstairs (kitchen and everything else) while we were still living in our home, so I feel like I’ve been in the trenches, too!
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Move Over Miley Cyrus…There’s A Dose Girl In TownMy Profile

    1. Hawaii for two weeks sounds amazing but I get it. I especially don’t like when family gets so involved with your wedding decisions. Obviously money wasn’t an issue if they sent you to Hawaii so….what gives?? Just smile and nod at the bride!
      You win with remodeling a house while you’re still living in it!! That takes a strength I don’t think I posses. Good for you!

  6. I love your twist on this list! I’ve been wanting to sit down and write it, too. We also went to California and Jamaica together. And I’m glad to see carrying twins made the list- that is a feat for sure!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Oh Yum! The Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie GuideMy Profile

    1. Thanks Laura! Carrying the twins is always at the top of the list. It’s a good thing I had no clue what I was in for when I got pregnant 🙂

  7. Great list! I’m going to have to think about mine. I don’t think it will quite as interesting as yours or Angela’s. Don’t you just love when strangers have to put in their two cents. Kudos to you with not blasting her. I don’t think I would have been that gracious.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 1My Profile

    1. Oh Kris is was SO unbelievably hard. I have to admit that I was hoping to run into her again while we were in the store b/c I was reconsidering keeping my mouth shut. Luckily we didn’t see her again.
      You should definitely do the list. Once you sit down to do it, you may surprise yourself!

  8. Love your awesome twist on the reverse bucket list, Allie! I think it’s great to look back on where we’ve been as a way to feel gratitude for the good things in life. Like you said, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s next, but when we look back, we realize how much we’ve already accomplished.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Let’s Get Physical: Tips for Motion Photography (Guest Post)My Profile

    1. It’s so true! I almost did it straight up because I wanted to really reflect but I figured I will keep that one personal. I’m more comfortable sharing “funny” with the world 🙂
      You should do one! You’ve traveled to so many amazing places, done so many amazing things – it would be a treat.

    • Marisa on January 22, 2014 at 9:46 AM
    • Reply

    This cracked me up!!! You forgot to include – Ability to survive being a protein bar taste tester…or have you decided to block some of those out of your memory?!? – Sorry thought of you the other day when I passed by a few that did not make the cut – Bwahaha! Your Reverse Bucket list is great – so may people have a bucket list and never fulfill them…YOU ROCK! :-))

    1. hahahahaha OMG!! I totally blocked out the protein bar taste tester. That would actually make for a great post! Too funny…

  9. You are amazing, my friend!!
    I love the idea of a reverse bucket list. Might have to do this one.
    Alison recently posted…FullMy Profile

    1. Please do it!! I didn’t steer you wrong with the meltdown post, right? 🙂

  10. Hey–I was at Boston ’07, too! You have a great list, here, and I love how you described your character traits first. Anyone who can carry/raise twins..hats off to you! That will build strength, for sure.

    As your kids get a little older, you’ll find that travel is so much fun to share with them. I love our family vacations each year.
    misszippy recently posted…Dynamic warm-up for runnersMy Profile

    1. You were? That is too much! It was a tough year but the weather actually was not too bad by mid-race for me although I still ended up in the medical tent at the end. I couldn’t get warm!! Go figure…
      Travel IS fun with the kids now (and I’m sure will be much more so as they age) it’s just totally different. Luckily my husband and I still do get to travel alone so I get the best of both worlds. Some years anyway…

  11. Oh the travel comment almost made me want to cry! I’m forcing my husband to travel as much as possible!!!!

    You have a lot to be proud of as you have done some amazing things. I am especially impressed by your ability to not smack that woman. Who the hell does she think she is??? Even though I know you used to own your own PT business, I think it is so impressive. You really are the definition of the woman who has it all and is doing it all. I love your mantra “What would Mike do?” I think I need to adopt the same (except of course sub Pete for Mike) because I am so tightly wound and hubs is so laid back.

    On my reverse list: 3 degrees (BA, MPP, JD); living abroad; blogging (like you!); attending a blog conference without knowing a soul and making friends (I’m shy so that was a big deal!).
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Zumba Master Class with Loretta BatesMy Profile

    1. First of all, thank you so much. You have more then made my whole day with your comments! Thank you, thank you!!
      Second, I actually was hoping to run into that wretched woman again in the store b/c I changed my mind about holding my tongue. Luckily, for her, we didn’t see her again.
      Third, it’s so true about the hubs! Totally laid back and usually not a care in the world! Drives me nuts!!
      Fourth – you and your husband have traveled so extensively it’s just incredible. Since you’re such savvy travelers, and barring any twin pregnancies, I’m sure you’ll have a globetrotting baby/toddler who you will just bring along.
      Lastly, I’m going to my first blog conference this summer (FitBloggin) and even though I know a few people who are going, I’m still terrified!! It’s a very scary thing and I give you MAJOR credit for going alone and not knowing a soul. That is the definition of BRAVE!

  12. I think you may see quite a few of these lists in the coming weeks – it’s a great topic to write about! I know starting a blog is on my bucket list, but I’ll have to think about the other things. As far as places, Matt and I used to love Vegas as our adult only getaway, but now New Orleans has taken its place. We’re hoping to go back again in 2014 – yay!
    Dana recently posted…My outside heartsMy Profile

    1. Since it’s a list I think you’re contractually obligated to do it Dana!! 🙂
      New Orleans is pretty amazing. I’ve only been once but it was a very good once!
      Can’t wait to see your list…

  13. 5 marathons…i bow down to you Allie!! You are too cool. This is a fun post..will have to remember to do one of these one day!! I so want to go to Vegas!!
    Mrs. Pancakes recently posted…Snow Day Fashions…My Profile

    1. Bowing is totally unnecessary. Anyone can run a marathon with enough heart and training – but thank you, I’ll take it!
      Vegas is just plain awesome. I think what I love most about it is the food!! The weather doesn’t suck either. Viva Las Vegas!

  14. This is such an awesome post! Made me want to write my own!! I don’t think I could be nearly as funny as you were. I love the part about “What would Mike do?” Haha! My hubby’s name is Mike as well and that sounds like something he’d do…if it were an arcade as opposed to a gym!
    Heather recently posted…My SITS DayMy Profile

    1. You should definitely do it! I’m so glad you can relate to the Mike comment 🙂 I also think it’s hilarious that your Mike would be in an arcade. If mine was there, he had better have the kids!!
      Thanks Heather and enjoy your SITS Day!

  15. You never cease to amaze me. I saw the reverse bucket list idea on three blogs now… I think it’s a sign that I need to do one myself 🙂
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted…The 10 Side Effects of RunningMy Profile

    1. I amaze you? Well that just made my day! Thank you.
      You should absolutely do one! I think you owe it to your readers 🙂

    • Kim on January 22, 2014 at 2:39 PM
    • Reply

    I’m so glad that you did write this – very cool!! I tend to do the same thing with asking myself how Chris would handle something (he doesn’t let things bug him and rarely loses his temper) – of course, then I still tend to do what I do!
    And, I’m going to spend a few minutes feeling sad that I haven’t been on a warm beach in awhile, too!!
    Kim recently posted…A Sherpa Wife I’m NotMy Profile

    1. OMG I totally do it my own way too even after thinking I should handle it like Mike. I guess there’s no cure for stubborn!
      So sad not being on a beach in the sun when you’re surrounded by snow. sniff sniff

  16. Great list Allie – I can appreciate a lot of your sentiments including the owning a business (my husbands) and selling a business. That was a lifetime of life lessons crammed into 6 years I would rather not repeat but grateful they happened.
    Tara Newman recently posted…WIAW: What My Triathlete EatsMy Profile

    1. I think you summed it up perfectly! When I first sold it I thought when the kids go to school “full time” I will just open another one. Well, with kindergarten looming, I’m not thinking that way anymore!!

  17. Cool idea for a blog post! And kudos to you for one, owning a business; and two, selling a business. Woot woot!
    Andrea recently posted…Blogging is Similar to the Social Fabric of a High School CafeteriaMy Profile

    1. Thanks Andrea! It was really fun to write. Sometimes I entertain the idea of opening another one but WOW it’s a ton of work and when I opened the first one, I didn’t have kids.

  18. I love this list Allie! I have never seen a reverse bucket list before so your twist is original to me! I am so like you I squirm like a crazy person in yoga and wonder why on earth its SO QUIET, I mean can we get some music going?! 😉 You have done some awesome things, dont you miss those kid free vacas? So awesome.
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: 3 Way LungesMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much Nellie! I was trying to keep it on the funny side so it wasn’t too much ALLIE!!
      We had better not take a yoga class together!! HA HA 🙂

  19. I’ve been trying to get here all day. Mainly just to tell you that my 12-14 day virus actually..is better today. Wonder of wonders! And I couldn’t wait to share.
    Anyway, I drove to Key West once. On a whim. In January. With the last of my college graduation money and with a very handsome boy. Definitely on my list.
    As well as two cross country moves, two pregnancies, falling in love twice (see the two pattern?), umm…more about two..oh! Discovering two career moves I want to make.
    Tamara recently posted…Wherever I May Roam.My Profile

    1. I’m SO happy to hear you’re feeling better. The magic of Disney is upon you already!
      I love that you drove to Key West “on a whim” – that is the coolest.
      Maybe you should make a list of “twos!” It seems to be working for you.
      Enjoy your health! I hope you’re feeling even better today.

  20. Loved this Allie! And shame on that woman that made the comment to you…guess she was never a mom! I really don’t know why people like that can’t keep their thoughts to themselves. Like, think about it, and if it’s not a nice thing to say, then just don’t say it. Didn’t she watch Mr. Rogers?!
    Michelle recently posted…Choosing a College: Questions to Ask Before Applying {Guest Post}My Profile

    1. I actually thought of you and the time that woman followed you out of the store to give you parenting advice! I mean really? What’s the matter with people? Clearly not a mom!…at least I hope not.

  21. 5 marathons? You are one thousand percent awesome. And I too have traveled quite a bit and loved everywhere I have roamed. It’s good to look back every now and then and take stock in what we’ve done and revel in it for a second – before we keep moving forward.

    1. Thanks Ilene! The last marathon I ran was in 2008. I really want to do another one but the training is more then I have time for right now. Maybe when I turn 40…
      See? Already looking ahead! 🙂

  22. I agree with you that this was an excellent exercise for you Mrs busy body ( I guess you’re thinking, “hello Pot, My name is Kettle) 🙂 But any who, great list. Love the humor with the people described. You did excellent with the unsolicited bag lady. I would have given the look and verbalized the thought 😉

    I might join you all, but I tend to jump in on prompts like a month after so stay tuned an I’ll answer that question of yours!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…SQUAT Test: Gym Undies for the LadiesMy Profile

    1. That’s what I love about you – once we’re all off the “bandwagon” you’ll bring it roaring back! You may have to make yours a two-part series.

  23. I love the idea of this! I think you’re likely missing quite a few things on your list as even in the short time I’ve “known” you, you’ve accomplished a ton!

    I can’t believe that you didn’t include surviving plane rides and ridiculous delays in addition to qualifying for your duathlon and making some of us laugh and be inspired whenever we read your blog.

    Maybe I need to make your list?! I’ve been crazy over here (the world seems to be blowing up – all good things but just many, many things at once) but I wanted to lyk that I’ve missed reading your blog more regularly.

    Melissa Burton recently posted…7+ Conferences For Health, Fitness and Nutrition Focused Bloggers in 2014My Profile

    1. Thanks Melissa! I definitely left a few things out (I absolutely should have put flying in there!!) but I was trying to keep it on the light side.
      I’m excited to hear you have so much going on! I was thinking of you yesterday when I met with my new coach for the first time and she was schooling me on hydration. Apparently I’m not drinking enough! I’m working on it…

  24. Oh, you have the patience of a saint, because my mouth would have been going a mile a minute with certain words and thoughts for the old lady. Seriously. I don’t care how old she is.

    I think many of us our like our spouse in attitude. It’s what makes a good marriage.

    Disney world couldn’t be that bad, could it? 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Loving Lately…Meet My TrainerMy Profile

    1. It was VERY difficult. I actually changed my mind and tried to find her again in the store but she was gone. Jerk.
      You’re right that it makes a good marriage – opposites and all that…
      Disney is the very worst and the very best. It truly is magical 🙂

  25. I’m laughing about surviving building a house. We went one step further and renovated a house — which basically meant rebuilding all but one room. What an adventure!!
    Seana Turner recently posted…Permission to “Pitch”My Profile

    1. My brother and his wife did the same and, six years later, there’s STILL things they’re working on. I don’t know how they do it!! Good for you for surviving that 🙂

  26. Your mention of the squirm makes me think of my Greedy Baby. She won’t ever keep still. Ever! And now I’m thinking she just might have many fun adventures ahead of her, much like you’ve had. 😉
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Food from ‘da hood.My Profile

    1. Oh I hope so!! My mom was always saying that I never sat still as a kid. She even accused me of being in constant motion in my sleep. Baby I was born this way!

  27. I love your list Allie and how you split it up. So glad that you shared it! It is hard to sit and reflect, huh? I have a tendency to just brush things off.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Laws of MotionMy Profile

    1. That’s why you are an amazing yoga instructor! I absolutely need to spend more time with myself. I’m contemplating having a “summer of yoga” after I train my butt off for Spain!
      Thanks Christine.

  28. I BOW DOWN TO YOU FOR BIRTHING TWINS!!! OUCHHHH!!!! My vag hurts just thinking about it, LMFAO!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Rachel Ray Better Watch Her BackMy Profile

    1. It should!!! Luckily they didn’t come out of there 🙂 Oh Gigi I cannot WAIT until you have a baby!!!…or two…or three!

  29. What an excellent idea! I should do this, I think it would be a good way to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished instead of constantly looking ahead and thinking, “I haven’t done anything really cool yet, but I’ll get there”. Not that looking ahead is a bad thing, but sometimes I lose sight of all the good I already have!
    Martha recently posted…Random Thursday: My favorite snack foodMy Profile

    1. It’s SO true! Just the process of doing it brings up so much – so many things you may have forgotten about. Do it!

  30. I’m another SITS blogger and so glad I clicked over to this post! I did a post like this last year- isn’t it so much fun? The things you survived section is awesome- it’s so important to pat ourselves on the back for the amazing things we’ve done!
    Christy@SweetandSavoring recently posted…Blog for Mental Health 2014: Erasing StigmaMy Profile

    1. It’s a great way to see what you’ve already accomplished instead of constantly looking forward and toward the nest goal. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  31. You’ve accomplished so much! I am still plugging my way through. Jealous most of all of you building your own home! I want a dream house stat!
    Kate recently posted…Ladies weekend in NYCMy Profile

    1. And I would love to live in a brownstone in Boston! It’s always the way…you want what you don’t have 🙂

  32. Oh I love your spin! What a great take. The places you’ve seen…they’re on my bucket list 😉
    Maureen@Scoops of Joy recently posted…Reverse Bucket ListMy Profile

    1. Thank you!! The funny part about doing the reverse bucket list is that it gives you more ideas for the bucket list!

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