Apr 24

The Rundown – In Sickness and In Health

My husband went to Las Vegas and all he brought home for us was a cold virus. That’s right. My husband was on a business trip to the city of sin and returned with the worst cold ever and promptly shared it with every member of the family. I got hit hard and the entire week was a struggle. Having two kids and a puppy is not conducive to resting but somehow I made it though, after all, I did vow to stay in sickness and in health but I was honestly thinking more about the death parting us, for the majority of last week. Let’s discuss…

WEEK OF APRIL 17, 2017


I was so excited to get out and run in the spring temps but it was not to be. I could barely make it out of bed for a few days and so I just looked longingly out the window and let the wave of self pity wash over me. It was horrible. In total, I lost three full days of training and the fourth day was nothing stellar. This is why I’m grateful to be healthy every single day and try to never take it for granted.

I did get a lot of snuggles in with the pup which is always a great way to spend the day…

My shirt says “I literally cannot” and it has never been so accurate.

I managed only two runs off the bike for the week. Whomp whomp…

Friday – 20 minutes after 15 mile ride | 2.8 miles

Saturday – 20 minutes after 40 mile ride | 2.6 miles

Total = 5.4 sad miles


I managed to drag my butt to Peabody, MA to Fit Werx on Tuesday to have my power meter installed on my bike. My coach has been wanting me to get this new gadget for about 8 months and I was finally able to do it. I’ll get more into what it does in the “gear” section but I had better see some results from this thing!

After I drove almost two hours one way, had a horrible lunch while it was being installed, and drove home, I went straight up to bed and slept for one precious hour before my kids came home.

First day back in the saddle after three long sick days.

Thursday – 21.9 miles | 1 hour and 30 minutes on the trainer

Friday – 15.8 miles on the trainer | 1 hour 7 minutes endurance

Saturday – 36.8 miles outside | 2 hours 8 minutes

Total = 74.5 miles 


Sadly there was no swimming last week. I couldn’t barely breathe and, that’s kind of essential in the pool but kinda optional on the run and bike so…


Back to the power meter for the bike…in case you have no clue what I’m talking about, a power meter calculates the power output of the rider and mine is crank based, meaning the crank (what the pedals are attached to) is able to calculate my power output by using opposing forces (gravity, wind resistance, inertia, rolling resistance) and combining these with velocity. I have no clue how it happens but my watch tells me everything I need to know about my output, cadence and speed and my coach tells me what zones I should be in for each. It’s kind of like a heart rate monitor for your bike.

However, unlike a heart rate monitor power meters provide instant feedback about performance and measures actual output; heart rate monitors measure the physiological effect of effort and therefore ramp up more slowly. So, when I’m doing “interval” training while using my power meter, it instantly sees that I’m producing 300 watts, for example, so I don’t have to wait for my heart rate to climb to a certain point.

Plus, power meters measure the force that moves my bike forward multiplied by the velocity, which is the desired goal. This has two significant advantages over my heart rate monitor: 1) The heart rate monitor may remain constant over the training period, yet my power output is declining, which I cannot detect with a heart rate monitor; 2) If I’m not rested or not feeling really well I may still train at my normal heart rate, but it’s unlikely I will be able to produce my normal power—a heart rate monitor will not tell my coach this, but a power meter will.

We shall see what kind of training affect it has…


I lived mostly on Sudafed, Nyquill and water for the beginning of the week and then ate a huge breakfast after my bike/run on Saturday. Food tastes so much more incredible after a cold, doesn’t it?


I know a lot of people are so over all the subscription boxes but I happen to love them! I was given this latest one by someone I met though freelancing and it was the first one that had clothing in it – score!

It’s called BuffBoxx and is described as the “ultimate fitness subscription boxx” on the web site.

What I loved: a personal note from the founder of BuffBoxx, the Reebok tanks that fit me perfectly, new food products I have never tried (flapJacked Mighty Muffin in two flavors) run gum, resistance bands, and a very easy way to return the shirts if they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them.

Bonus: Customers can chose a charity to receive a portion of their proceeds!

What I didn’t love: several packets of Cellucor WHEY protein. I don’t use added protein too much and, when I do I only use VEGA or Cabot. It’s simply a preference thing but now I have about four packets of protein I won’t use and I’m not sure if that’s something any one I know wants! Of course there are going to be things in any subscription box that you don’t need or want so it just comes with the territory.

Overall I thought it was a great box and, if I were to subscribe to any of them it just may be this one since I love getting new fitness clothes to try. (Regular subscription is $49.99 month but you can also get the Lite Boxx for $29.99)


I thought there was nothing worse than bringing twin boys to the doctor…until I brought one puppy to the vet. Holy hell! I love my vet (so far) however there were two little “yippy” dogs (you know the ones!) in the waiting room going insane over Star but apparently, they are not friendly so I had to try and manage to keep her away from them until one of us was called. Guess who was also at the check out? OMG! It was nuts and the women checking us out could not have been slower unless they worked in a Cuban bank.

I have been to the dog park several times now and have had zero issue but have been to the vet only twice and have had this happen both times. Any ideas for possible solutions here? I’m sympathetic to people who have dogs that don’t get along with other dogs but why is this my problem?


Of course I did a ton of reading since I was sick, and luckily I was reading a book I absolutely could not put down or stop thinking about until it was finished. It’s my new book club book All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. It’s a mystery told backwards (yes, backwards!) and keeps you guessing until the very end. I seriously wanted to start from the last paragraph and read to the beginning, once I was finished. It was that good.

Another great read took me by surprise. It was a Sports Illustrated article sent to me by a good friend after the news broke about Aaron Hernandez, one-time Patriots super star turned murderer, was found dead in his prison cell apparently from committing suicide by hanging. She texted me “because I know you’re a Pats fan and also that you appreciate good writing…” Well, one of those is true. I’m actually a Packer fan and have started to like the Pats less and less. Anyway, the article is absolutely captivating and told prior to the suicide by Aaron’s brother Jonathan.

Let’s just say, before reading the article I thought Aaron Hernandez was nothing but a thug who made horrible decisions, thew away his talent, and possibly got away with two additional murders. I didn’t think, even a little bit, about his family or what he might mean to someone as a son or a brother. If nothing else, it’s an incredibly well told story and, by the end, you may just change your mind about Aaron Hernandez and other NFL players like him.


I’m not sure if you’re aware but people have lots of opinions when it comes to kids. Gasp! As I was scrolling through FB on Easter morning (in lieu of church) I saw a few posts of people “outraged” that Easter has somehow morphed into Christmas and it’s ridiculous how much kids are getting for this holiday.

My question is – why do you care? If you don’t want Easter to look like Christmas at your house then that’s fine but don’t tell me what it should look like in mine.

Oh and this is what it looked like BTW:

Don’t worry though, there was no consumption of the dreaded Starbucks Unicorn drink!

How was your week?

When was the last time you were sick?

Do you celebrate big on Easter?


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  1. You just made me snort laugh reading the scrolling FB in lieu of church. And that is why I love you Allie. Lol! I’m glad you are feeling better. The sickness has been going around here too. Thankfully I have been spared. But it’s spring break so I’m sure it will happen this week when I’m off work and we’ve got things planned. Never fails!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. Don’t curse yourself! I’m sure you will all be just fine!!
      And so glad I could make you snort laugh with that one

  2. I feel as though many people got sick last week. You always make me smile and the church comment was hilarious.
    Hollie recently posted…Training Last Week: Not Meeting GoalsMy Profile

    1. So glad I can make you smile. I feel like you need one friend. Hope this is a better running week for you!

  3. I’m not sick but I can’t hear out of my left ear. We “think” I have a massive ear wax back up but it has been going on for a week and I am OVER IT. I need one of those little blue slurper things for baby’s noses. I work in a restaurant, after all!
    That crank thing is LEGIT. But then again, I don’t know if I want that much information about how much I am slacking, lol.
    We… well I slept a lot of Easter, then we went to a friend’s house for dinner, where I ate way too much and a huge slice of pie so I guess we went big?

    1. OMG that would make me insane. I hope it clears up for you ASAP!!
      Your Easter sounds amazing. That is definitely going BIG

  4. Ugh, being sick is the worst! We all made it through the winter but got hit with something this past week too… it didn’t keep me in bed, but it’s taking a good 10 days to fully get out of my system. I’m looking forward to feeling 100% soon!
    Laura recently posted…Beginning my taper + Meal planningMy Profile

    1. I hear ya. Why does it take SO long for it to completely go away? Let’s hope this is it until next winter, right? Feel better friend!

  5. Omg what an insane week! I’m so sorry you guys were sick but it’s nice that you were able to get some reading in!! I feel like we have avoided it all winter so like it’s somewhere around the corner–lurking.
    Nellie recently posted…Trap Aerobics Class + A Birthday Party DisasterMy Profile

    1. Totally! Why do we always feel like we’re “due” for a sickness if we’ve been healthy for a while? I hate it! Hope you all stay well 🙂

  6. Ugh to the viral ick! Glad you kicked it and are feeling better. God, your pup is cute.

    I wonder if there’s a power meter for runners? In all seriousness, I wished that I had done fitness testing prior to my diagnosis. I talked with our sports med about it and we were going to do it but then the bottom fell out. I’d like to know where I was and where I’m at. Just because I am a numbers geek.

    I tried to read All The Missing Girls and couldn’t get into it. I’ll pick it up and try it again, based on your recommendation!
    Wendy recently posted…Doing the OppositeMy Profile

    1. Yes, they actually JUST started making power meters for running. Google it and I’m sure there will be a ton of stuff!
      I’m surprised you didn’t really like All The Missing Girls?? I hope you can get back into it. The ending is worth it!

      1. The ending? Or is it… the beginning? Muwahhahaha….
        Wendy recently posted…Doing the OppositeMy Profile

  7. I actually do have a recommendation for the vet thing! I literally cannot (ha!) bring my dog into the waiting room at the vet’s office because he is aggressive with other animals and well, let’s just say there would be an incident. So I leave him in the car for a minute while I go check in at the desk and then ask that they let us know when a room is available so we can be put in right away. They just come out and wave when his room is ready and no animals are harmed in the process. DO IT.
    Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner recently posted…Prague Marathon Training, Week 15My Profile

    1. Genius!! My other friend said the same about check out – she brings her dog to the car and then comes back to pay just so she can avoid all the crazy. Maybe they can call my cell when my room is ready 🙂 VIP VET!
      Thanks Danielle!

  8. So sorry to hear you were sick and I hope this week goes better. Having to remember to take a dog to a vet is yet another reason I can’t have a dog. As much as I loved our 10 days of dog-sitting, it was exactly what I needed to really make it clear to me that I do not have time for a dog/child in my life right now. I took down the name of that book… sounds interesting.
    Paria@momontherunsanity.com recently posted…Big White LiesMy Profile

    1. They take up a TON of time. I seriously do not know how anyone who works full time, outside the home, can have a pet. It’s insane. Just admire your friend’s dogs from afar. Trust me.
      Read the book. You will love it.

    • Ana on April 24, 2017 at 9:58 AM
    • Reply

    I hope you are feeling better! I find that cuddling is needed so much when everybody is hacking up a lung!

    that breakfast on your picture looks so amazing and delicious! it is the best feeling to get the taste buds again after having a cold!

    It was very sad to hear about the suicide of Aaron Hernandez, I just kept thinking of his kid and his fiancé and how awful it must be for them to know he is gone now.

    I don’t do anything for Easter on the years that my son is with his father, but when he is with me, we do an Easter Egg hunt and he gets a small basket. I don’t care what people say about how many toys kids get… he is mine and he will get what I want him to get for Easter!
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap 4.23.17My Profile

    1. Cuddling in sickness is a must for sure and yes to having working tastebuds again – you nailed it!!
      You have a much bigger heart than I do when it came to the Aaron Hernandez thing. You should definitely read the article and then you will feel really badly for his look-a-like brother. *sigh* Such a waste all around.
      Thanks for the support on the Easter thing and I hope you had your son this year!

    • Jen on April 24, 2017 at 10:57 AM
    • Reply

    What a bummer to be sick and miss training. I would definitely be going bonkers!

    Easter morning was spent in the gym at a hotel in Boston, as I ran the wicked awesome Boston Marathon on Monday! I had two goals – one was to re-qualify and the other was to beat my sister-in-law, and fortunately I did both. Since my husband stayed back in Florida with the kids (my dad met me in Boston as my support crew), he was in charge of the Easter baskets and did a great job with them. Go big or go home!

    Sounds like an interesting book, already requested from the library. I need a few good reads.

    I saw in one of your previous posts that you have been reading “Roar” by Stacy Sims. I picked it up from the library about a month ago and will now purchase my own copy, because I’ve marked so many things that I’d like to refer to when training and racing. What a great book on the physiology of training!

    Enjoy getting back to your workouts!

    1. Congratulations on conquering Boston and TWO of your goals!!! That is seriously awesome. Since I was sick I actually sat on the couch and watched the whole thing. It was amazing.
      So glad you also read ROAR and can relate. I’m still working my way through it!
      Thank you 🙂

  9. Ahhh that is really crappy that you were so sick last week. It seems that there are a few bugs going around. LAME. And yeah, people can be so judgmental about the stupidest things. It just means that they’re unhappy with something in their own lives. When I was a kid, I’d get presents on Valentine’s Day for crying out loud, and it wasn’t just candy either. One year I got Valentine Barbie. So, it’s not just a modern thing. Parents have been giving gifts to their kids forever. I’m pretty sure Jesus would approve a lot more of the gift-giving than the gossipy judging that goes on in social media. If I were him, I’d certainly think twice about coming back 3 days later. HA HA.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. OMG for real!!! I always think about that with the whole Jesus thing. The bigger the Christian, the more judgmental they are!! Everyone needs to calm down and mind their own business…off of FB obviously.
      Thanks Suzy. You get me 🙂 xoxo

  10. Oohhhh I’m so sorry to hear that you were sick! At least there were puppy snuggles.
    I usually check in at the vet and then walk the dogs around outside if there are other dogs at the vet. It prevents waiting room potty accidents and fights, especially because other dogs seem to love to pick on Ollie.
    What’s wrong with Easter looking like Christmas? Gift-giving and celebrating are all in the spirit of Easter! Goodness, people have the strangest compulsion to make a fuss about anything if they’re freaking out about Easter and frappuccinos. One of the reactions on Facebook should probably be “bigger problems in the world.”
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: On RepeatMy Profile

    1. That would be the BEST FB reaction ever!
      Thanks Laura and several dog owners have now given me that tip, which is perfect, and I will definitely use next time.

  11. Your vet story reminded me of the time I thought it would be a good idea to bring my dog and an infant, 2yo and 4yo to the vet. I wanted 3 leashes that day. Or a portable kennel…
    Courtney recently posted…Taking Collagen? It’s Not Doing Much Without ThisMy Profile

    1. OMG NO!!! I cannot even.
      I wish I could leash my boys for their regular doctor visits 🙂

  12. Oh man. I’m so sorry that you all were sick! That really stinks and I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I read that SI story last week too and it was one of the best things that I’ve read recently. The storytelling and writing totally hooked me and reading Aaron’s story through the lens of his brother was really interesting.

    My kids look forward to the Easter egg hunt at their grandparents’ house which is essentially a crapload of plastic eggs scattered on the lawn yet they love it (and all the plastic crap and candy stuffed inside the eggs). And seriously, why do people have to judge every little thing?!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Kicking the limits wide openMy Profile

    1. I’m not surprised you read that article already and appreciated it as much as I did. Amanda is the one who sent it to me 🙂
      And yes, we also have a HUGE Easter egg hunt at my dad and stepmom’s house and they also “hide” toys, clothes, etc. It’s truly ridiculous.

  13. i was avoiding this post because i didn’t want to get sick again. LOL just kidding. i’m just behind on everything in life because. life.
    i had the worst stomach bug that was diagnosed as stress…. like, ok, how can i improve that? well i was irritated when my doc asked me if i was stressed out, but now i get it. i do internalize stuff and it affects my stomach. oh well, it is what it is. i’ve been trying to herbal remedy and witch-brew my way around everything. after the crazy bug i feel a bit better but of course i’m watching my babe like a hawk. are you hot? are you cold? why did you sneeze!!!!!! OMG. yeah, i’m not stressed, silly doc.
    also i just got a full time job that i start next week. i’m actually thrilled. i got a taste of the stay at home mom/wife life and i am totally ok going back to work now. my little one is pretty awesome and miss independent, and i’ll make the mornings our special time, and nights. it’s all good.
    easter was not a big deal to me this year because i simply wanted a free pass to be lazy… because i know starting in a few months all the holidays and all the things will be HUGE. i’ll love. so will she 🙂

    1. Congrats on the job!!! And ugh a stomach bug from stress? That is truly awful. I hope you are able to de-stress and just have more of that lazy time for you and your daughter 🙂

  14. Easter looked like Bastille Day at my house. We had like 10 bottles of bubbly. Oops… 😉

    Sorry ya’ll are all sick! Hopefully you’re better now… I’m so behind on my blog reading. Vegas is sick s a dog right no though. It’s making this plane ride super fun…

    1. OMG I saw that about Vegas! Hope she’s doing better and so sorry that happened – ugh! I guess it’s time to have a repeat of Easter 🙂 Good luck!

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