Apr 17

The Rundown – Spring Break

Did you miss me? I’ve returned from Spring break with older children, a crazier dog and some enlightenment on my training. Not too shabby for a week off, right?

WEEK OF APRIL 10, 2017


I’ve been having some great runs lately mostly because the weather has been amazing and, I finally made it to Fleet Feet in East Longmeadow and ended up with a pair of cloud-like Saucony Freedom running shoes! These babies are so cushy it’s like running on pillows. I mean, I’m gasping and sweating and working my a** off but, with pillows on my feet! Somehow it makes the runs that much better…or maybe it’s just the weather.

Monday – 5 miles easy | 8:00 min average pace

Wednesday – Speed work ladder | 6.22 miles | 7:30 avg pace

Friday – 1:17:00 long run before swim | 9.4 miles | 8:16 avg pace

Total = 21.32 miles


I cannot convey how amazing it felt to get out of my basement and outside on the roads! I had to go a little earlier than I would have liked the first day and, as a result my feet were frozen solid, but I was still happy to be out there! The second ride of the week was pure bliss and I was basking in the warmth of the sun! I forgot how good it feels to be on the roads…I also forgot how cars are not quite ready for cyclists in the spring. Luckily, I’m still alive.

Sunday – 2 hour ride | 32.8 miles

Tuesday – 45 minutes outside before swim | 13.2 miles

Thursday – 1:15:00 tempo ride before strength session | 20.8 miles

Total = 66.8 miles


Not everything can be amazing, even during spring break and so this time swimming took the hit. Maybe it was because I just didn’t want to be confined to the pool but I was dragging though most of my swim workouts this week. I did, however, receive my brand new ROKA swimsuit and it fits like a glove!

Tuesday – 2,200 yards after bike

Friday – 2,200 yards after run

Total = 4,400 yards


Since it was the boys’ birthday week you know there was a lot of cake (for everyone) and wine (for those over 21) involved. I also drank enough water to drown myself. It’s amazing how the higher temps immediately affect hydration levels! Most of the week I felt like I couldn’t get enough water. I also realized that my dog is a water snob. She will only drink water out of her bowl and not the community ones at the dog park. #divadog

This is her in my car, drinking out of her travel bowl!


Taking a mini break and only doing things either I really wanted to do or absolutely had to do. So, I basically spent the week working out, writing freelance stuff, walking the dog, meeting friends and doing laundry. I think that pretty much sums it up.

I also did some day drinking because I don’t think it’s technically spring break without it.

The boys also did some “day drinking” of slushies during our birthday bowl-o-rama…


Do people even want to work anymore? I have had to deal with way too many businesses in the past two weeks who either don’t return my calls or try to actually talk me out of what I want! Obviously we need a fence now that we have a dog and out of the three local fencing businesses I called, only one called me back.

When I want to get something done, I want it done quickly and that goes for organizing my schedule. I’m ruthless with call backs and, if I don’t get one within 24 hours, you can forget about getting my business. My husband thinks this is rather harsh but I disagree, espaiclly when you can basically send and receive calls from anywhere and at anytime. One fence place I called had a full voicemail box for two days (can you imagine?) and never responded to my email. I’m so sorry I was trying to give you 10,000 dollars. Trust me, it won’t happen again.

I guess it could have been worse and I could have been on that Delta flight. Of course I would have volunteered to get the hell off that plane…or any plane. Air travel is not safe. Obviosuly.


As you probably know by now, my coach is a rocket scientist. The massive brain in her cranium tends to benefit me tremendously in ways I didn’t know possible, including this one. Apparently she actually studies all the very confusing charts and graphs that go along with my workouts in TrainingPeaks and, as a result, she discovered a pattern in my training. Basically, during the week of my period, my workouts suck and there is scientific evidence as to why this happens.

Another brainiac named Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist, nutritionist and Ironman athlete discovered that she had been treating herself like a small man instead of the woman she is. It seems so obvious yet, prior to Sims’ research, there was very little done to differentiate between men and women in endurance training, racing and fueling. Sims’ work, coupled with the writing and researching of her co-author Selene Yeager is available in book form titled ROAR! After a quick discussion with my coach, I immediately ordered it and have been highlighting passages ever since.

I will also say that prior to having this revelation, I thought my period had absolutely zero affect on my training. I never have complained about it or really suffered from cramps, bloating or sluggishness during that time…or so I thought. After all, my training numbers don’t lie.

I’ll be doing a complete review on the book and hopefully interviewing the authors as well so stay tuned!


Lest you thought I could forget it’s Marathon Monday, the day when thousands of runners will take the historic route from Hopkinton to downtown Boston and cover 26.2 miles, I will share some random thoughts on the day:

I had the honor of running Boston way back in 2007 during a nor’easter. The entire weekend was pretty amazing but the race itself sucked and I ended up in the medical tent suffering from hypothermia because I couldn’t find my family at the finish. Obviously I got over it rather quickly (in the photo below) once I was warmed-up and reunited with my husband and family…

After reuniting with my husband at the finish way back in 2007.

I have learned a lot over the past 10 years, have qualified to run Boston again twice but never have.

I attended and graduated from Boston University where I had some of the best experiences of my life, none of which involved running or even watching the marathon. Strange, isn’t it?

I recently watched the movie Patriot’s Day, which is usually not the kind of movie I would watch but, I have to say, it was so well done. If you can, I would watch it to restore your faith in the police force, and in human beings since we could all use a little of that every day.

Good luck to everyone running today! Remember to have fun out there because you never know what the future will bring!

How was your spring break…or have you had one?

Thoughts on Marathon Monday?

Thoughts on ROAR?

Any thoughts at all?



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    and for day drinking.
    and for your badassself GETTING OUT OF THE BASEMENT!!!!
    Im not even a cyclist and I truly can imagine how excitingfreeingHOORAYFORSPRING that must feel.

    so glad you had a week to just BE with those boys as well.

    CARLA recently posted…MONK!My Profile

    1. It was quite the week and I was so happy to spend it with the boys without the pressure of…anything really! Can’t wait to read about your marathon debut!!!

  2. Welcome back! I missed you! Our spring break is next week. I should probably partake in more day drinking to up my tolerance. I had one Bloody Mary at brunch yesterday and had to sleep it off. My college self is totally ashamed of me. It has felt amazing to get out of the basement for me. Makes me feel notmal and not like some creature who is sun deprived.Roar sounds awesome. Need to check it out.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. LOL to sleeping off that Bloody Mary! And being out of the basement is amazing, isn’t it?

  3. Welcome back! As you know, I’ve been enjoying the Saucony Freedom myself lately and I’m glad to see you are too. It sounds like you had such a great time!
    Hollie recently posted…Training: Off WeeksMy Profile

    1. YES! It’s funny I resisted Saucony for so long and now I have two pair!

    • Bev Williams on April 17, 2017 at 6:35 AM
    • Reply

    Positive post, well done on your achievements this week. We have just completed our spring break in Wales, very hilly and wet but great to be home.

    1. Thank you and glad you are home and hope the weather changes soon! As for the hills, they will only make you stronger, right?

  4. Holla at day drinking lol. Everyone seems to be liking the new Saucony’s, but they likely won’t fit my feet (or so I’ve been told). I’m interested in ROAR–the female hormone cycle can definitely play a role in how you train. But it would likely be for clients as I don’t have hormones… whomp whomp whoooommmmmpppppp
    Ah well. Have an awesome week!

    1. I never thought Saucony’s were right for me either but I think my feet have changed over the years…
      Definitely check out ROAR for your clients! It’s been a huge eye opener for me.

    • Barbara on April 17, 2017 at 7:47 AM
    • Reply

    I guess it was a great week to get outside here…Cabo wasn’t bad either. It was a United flight though, can you believe that?? I would have volunteered too!! Speaking of flights, we checked in to our Southwest flight, late (1 min late) because there is no separate line for Business Select or bag drop here at Bradley. The woman checking me in says “because you are a late checkin (cuz I took my sweet ass time), in the event that your bags don’t make it to Cabo, you can pick them up here at the end of the week.” I’m sorry, what was that!? I wonder how most people react to that statement…I didn’t react very well. In hindsight, I’m surprised they let me on the flight after my reaction.

    1. WHAT???? OMG! That is insane!! These airlines man, I swear. How could you possibly react well to that statement? Glad to see your bags made it (from the FB pics) and looks like you had another great time down there!! We need to get back to Orangetheory 🙂

  5. Welcome back! Star fire looks like she is growing! It sounds like you had a great break. I took a mini break this weekend and there was day drinking, which then becomes day napping.
    That book sounds super interesting – I do notice with some of my athletes how their cycles come into play. Back before my dr changed my medication to continuous, I planned cutback and recovery weeks around my period because endometriosis and hard workouts did not mix well!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Friday ThriveMy Profile

    1. She is getting SO big – it’s crazy. And yes, day drinking can sometimes lead to a nap which is even better, right?
      It seems to obvious about female cycles and training but I honestly never gave it much thought. I’m very interested to see how this plays out now…

  6. Your stalkers did miss you…. interestingly, after NYC marathon, I have even less desire to run Boston… I didn’t start nyc until 10:40… If I ever ran Boston, I’d probably be in the group starting at 11 am or something, and that just doesn’t work for me… I can’t be up at 3:30 am and not run for 7 hours…. If I do run any more marathons after Chicago, it will be ones that start by 8 am latest… But your post-Boston race pic face is the best, so that’s all that matters:)
    Paria@momontherunsanity.com recently posted…Big White LiesMy Profile

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the big races and start time vs wake-up time – no bueno. I honestly don’t love the atmosphere of the big races either – too many people, too many logistics and just too much. I probably sound like an old hag but I wouldn’t mind sticking to smaller races from now on…of course I have always wanted to run Chicago…

  7. my spring break is literally never ending. It won’t be over until wednesday. I just want to leave the house without having to drag humans with me. 🙂 I always think about your insane Marathon story on every marathon monday!! Yay for amazing running weather–I wish I could know how it feels…again…little humans. I’ve been stalking the weather for the latter part of the week so I can finally run outside on a weekday lol. I did run some bridges on Saturday and that was glorious.
    Nellie recently posted…A Life Update + A Scenic 7 Mile Two Bridge Training RunMy Profile

    1. Aw, thanks Nellie! Yes, my Boston Marathon was quite the story. I’m always so glad when the weather works out but this year I think it was a little too hot. And I can so identify with the “little humans” everywhere we go and I was not sad to put them on the bus yesterday! Bridge running sounds amazing!! I hope you get out there soon…

  8. We had our Spring Break already and day drinking would have really helped me get through it. Kids get way more days off these days than we ever did! We’re watching the marathon right now. I dragged Andrew out of bed so he’s watching it with me and feeling all inspired. Desi dropped back and then re-joined, and now she dropped back again. 🙁 I’m curious to know if there are any Canadians in the first wave or if they’re all smoking weed in the back pack?
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. My heart sank with Desi’s drop backs but I was so excited for Jordan Hasay! It was a great day for her and Galen Rupp, although I’m not a huge fan of his. And, of course, there is Meb!!! As for the Canadians, I hope they were in the back getting high 🙂

  9. Um, I am ALSO ruthless with callbacks and I have less than zero patience when it comes to businesses not returning my requests for information. I refuse to work with people who are not responsive, especially for stuff around the house. It is so aggravating!!! Welcome back, btw 🙂
    Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner recently posted…Prague Marathon Training, Week 14My Profile

    1. THANK YOU!!! I really cannot believe it. Since I wrote this, one of the fence companies called me back and it had been TWO WEEKS since my call. I asked if he was joking. Thanks Danielle!!

    • Ana on April 17, 2017 at 2:18 PM
    • Reply

    Welcome back! Yes, cars forget how to deal with any little inconvenience on the road!! It’s scary, and I’m very glad you are dodging them! they are crazy!

    Happy Birthday to the boys!!
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap 4.16.17My Profile

    1. I know, right? So scary out there sometimes!! Thank you 🙂

  10. Ha! i have no thoughts. that’s pretty much how i feel about everything. no words, just actions. spring break, oh yes that week where i was child rearing and dog rearing and single mom-ming it. oh yeah, that’s just life. LOL. my hubby is about graduate next month so my single mom days are coming to an end. i couldn’t be happier. i’m ready to drink a bottle of tequila and pass out for 24 hours…. that’s pretty much how i feel right now about it all 🙂
    i just ordered ROAR, so thank you. have a kick ass monday!!!

    1. I feel you mama! My husband was away for most of the week so I was solo with all of it…hence the day drinking 🙂

  11. Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a great spring break and while we enjoyed ours, I’m SO ready for the boys to return to school. Sad for me that doesn’t happen until Wednesday…So curious to hear your thoughts about ROAR. And PS your coach IS really a rocket scientist. I spoke with her today – thank YOU!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Kicking the limits wide openMy Profile

    1. Thanks Christine and I so hear you on getting the kids back to school after a European (or any) vacation! Looks like you had an amazing time so I’m happy for you but seriously, get them back to school already!!
      It makes me so happy you spoke with Becky! She’s pretty amazing, right?

  12. Ok, It’s the strangest thing, but my comments aren’t appearing on your blog! Trying again… I did miss you!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…4 Don’ts and Dos for Injured RunnersMy Profile

    1. I missed you too…and wanted you to know I got this 🙂

  13. You were definitely missed!

    Isn’t this time of year the best? It’s amazing to take everything outdoors… including the kids everyday! I’ve been waiting for spring for months.

    So you would recommend ROAR? I keep hearing good things about it and have been curious to check it out. As far as the cycles go, I definitely notice that it impacts me, but not by much.
    Laura recently posted…Racing Mistakes I’ve MadeMy Profile

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it if your cycle only slightly impacts you, however it may help you with your client base. I definitely recommend it to anyone who even thinks this could be an issue and, it’s a pretty quick read with detailed chapters so you can go directly to what you want to read about.

  14. Sounds like an amazing week and add in there day drinking and I’m all over it!!

    Being outside with the warmth and sunshine is incredible!! It makes running so much better!!!
    Nikki @ Nikki Marie Fitness recently posted…Simple 5 ingredient saladMy Profile

  15. Our spring break was uneventful, since now my kids have different breaks and we go nowhere. But I did binge listen to “S-Town” – have you listened to that podcast? You must.

    I’m with you on the promptness of reply for businesses. I called an electrician on Monday morning and didn’t hear back until Friday afternoon. I called a different one on Wednesday and booked them, so slow-poke guy lost my business. Four days to return a call from a prospective customer who called you? Unacceptable.

    1. You must have missed one of my posts (how dare you!) because I talked about my love for S-Town! I’m on chapter 7 I think and I’m completely fascinated.

      1. Oops – I must have missed that! Either that or I forgot as soon as I read it, which happens more than I’d like to admit.
        Dana recently posted…6 great reads for springtime or anytimeMy Profile

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