Sep 22

Running with Gazelles

We have reached the finish line and I’ve WON!  I cannot believe I posted a blog everyday for seven straight days.  So it’s not as epic as say completing and Ironman or throwing a Pinterest worthy party for 20 five year-olds but, in the blog-o-sphere, it’s a pretty mediocre event and I’m going celebrate it.  Joi at Rx Fitness Lady was a divine hostess and I met some new friends like Veronica Watts, Confessions of a Single Mom, Embrace the Struggle and Beignet Mamas!

We have now come full circle and I get to blog about what I love most (besides my family) and that of course is RUNNING!!  Lucky for you dear readers, I ran a 5 mile race a couple weekends ago and I get to recap it for you now.

It all started with a phone conversation with a friend:

Her: I signed up for the Somers race.  It’s just a 5 miler so why don’t you do it with me?  You’ll probably win.

Me:  When is it?  I’ll totally do it with you. *nervousness bubbling up because I hate the pressure of possibly winning*

Race ready.  Game faces on pre-start.

Race ready. Game faces on pre-start.

I immediately check out the web site to get the facts.  I then check the race results from the previous year to see how things stack up.  Well…let me see…the overall woman winner in the 5 miler (there’s also a 5K which is 3 miles) won it in….oh wait, this must be a type-o because it says 28:57 and I think only a cheetah would be able to run 5 miles at a 5:47 pace.  Then I see her name is Mekdes Bekez and she’s from NYC.  Now why the hell would someone who can run like a cheetah drive 3 hours to little podunk Somers, CT to run a 5 mile race?

Turns out there’s a shit ton of prize money involved!  Another racing friend clued me into this and chuckled when I told him my friend thought maybe I would win.  Yeah, right.  I guess one of the running clubs in NYC travels down here for the race because there’s over 2 grand in prize money.  Very cool.  Pressure is off me and I get to see some serious runners in action!

$3,540 Total Prize Purse! 1st: $300 / 2nd: $150 / 3rd: $75
$200 Course Record Bonus! Medals & $20 to Each Age Division Winner!

There’s still hope because there’s age division prize money to be had!  I check my age group winner from last year and realize this is totally do-able.

Race morning, literally the first thing we see is a man who appears to be part of the NYC track club.  Why do we think this?  Well because he is 10 feet tall, looks like he weighs 75 pounds, is wearing a full Nike track warm-up suit and is stepping out of a cab.  ABout 5 minutes later he’s joined by 4 or 5 of his speedy friends and they take off down the road to warm-up.  Their warm-up is the fastest I’ve ever run in my life.  This is a very cool thing to watch.  It’s like a pack of gazelles floating through the streets of Somers.

At the finish line!  I wasn't able to capture the gazelles on film!

At the finish line! I wasn’t able to capture the gazelles on film!

The temps were perfect at the start, about 50 degrees and the sun was peeking out.  It was a fast start, of course!  The course was pretty flat and consisted of a double loop (if you were doing the 5 mile) so you got to see the leaders fly by twice.  And fly they did!  There were many speedy men and women who were not part of the track club as well.  I held my place of sixth woman overall with a finish time of 33:05.

This is how the winners stacked up:

5K (3 miles)

Men: 14:03 Pace: 4:32  (seriously?  A 4:32 pace per mile?)

Women: 16:16  Pace: 5:15

5 mile

Men:  23:28  Pace: 4:42

Women:  27:47  Pace: 5:34

My time was good enough to win my age group and it was the second time I’ve ever received actual prize money for racing!  It was a crisp $20 that I showed off to my husband later…

A medal AND prize money.  Today was a good day.

A medal AND prize money. Today was a good day.

Me:  See this sweetie?  Now I’m winning actual money for racing!

Him:  That’s great dear except it cost you more in gas to get to the race.

Good point.


What’s your favorite sport?  What impresses you most about the top athletes in it?


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  1. Alison Hector

    Your hubby is funny! And he has a point… sorta. The real point, however, is that you banished your initial fear went for it in spite of all the gazelles around you, and you won something!

    Thanks for the S/O, Allie, and it was great to read all your posts this week. Talk about reaching the finish line in style! I only did three of the challenges this week and felt pooped, so mad props to all who did all seven days.

    Take care, and have a great rest of the day, Allie.

    1. vita88

      He thinks he’s hysterical…and most times I agree.
      I really enjoyed reading your posts – no matter how many you had – it’s ALL hard! I look forward to reading many more from you. Thanks for all your support this week!

  2. Andrea

    Congrats on completing the challenge in style. I’m glad to have “met” you through this experience. You are a joy to read, and quite funny too! Lol! #mbc

    1. vita88

      Thanks Andrea! It’s been great reading you too. I’m looking forward to reading many more posts from you!

  3. LydiaF

    It’s a lot of hard work to post every day of the week, isn’t it? Congratulations of winning your prize money, that’s awesome 🙂

    1. vita88

      It’s exhausting! Thank you!!

  4. Kim

    WooHoo – great job on the blog challenged – loved all of your themed posts!!
    And – awesome job on the race and winning $20!!!
    I’ve only won money 2x – both in the Race for the Cure 5K here – you get $100 if you are the overall male/female winner – always exciting!!!

    1. vita88

      Thanks Kim!! Sounds like you’re pretty awesome yourself! I hope there’s more prize money in both our futures!!

  5. Carla

    I would be so stoked about winning prize money! Whoohoo!

    That’s so funny about the people driving so far but I totally get it when you see the prize money. I bet there’s not a ton of opportunity to make back some of the money you put out for running.

    And, hey, at the end of the day can take $20 off your running money tally. 🙂

    1. vita88

      I was definitely excited! I can understand why they would drive all that way. I mean $3500 is good money when you make a living from racing. I like the way you look at the $20 – same way I did – it paid my entry fee for the race!

  6. Leah

    Great job on the blog challenge! I have enjoyed your daily posts. You are seriously one of the funniest bloggers and I look forward to your posts! I missed out on blogging this weekend for the last two days – but I have a good excuse and you will proud: I ran a 5K with my hubby and my 12 year old! We had a blast – my 12 year old totally beat us and he was thrilled. We wrote his time on his bib so he can keep it (I told him how you keep all yours)! You are a great inspiration, my dear! So glad you are winning money now!!

    1. vita88

      Wow!!!! First of all thank you so much for your compliments. They mean so much to me!!
      Second of all – YAY to your first 5K!! I certainly hope you blog about it so I can learn every detail. I absolutely LOVE that you had your son write his time on his bib. You have truly made my day with this Leah! Thank you!!

  7. Tamara

    You did it! I read all of your posts.
    And congrats on the $20. Prize money is prize money.
    I’m fumbling over a good answer to the favorite sport question. I’m not sporty..at all. It’s just sad. I do love playing kickball, though. And mini golf.

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much for reading each one Tamara! That in itself is a challenge!
      Mini-golf and kickball definitely count as sports…there’s just not a lot of it on tv. You could maybe start something here. Hmmmm:-)

  8. Kim

    The after-taste of chocolate cake is making me feel VERY guilty, as I read this… It was a home made “low carb” cake, with almond flour… but I still feel guilty. LOL Great Job!!!

    1. vita88

      There is zero guilt in “low carb” cake…or any cake for that matter. Enjoy!

  9. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

    Congrats on completing the blog challenge. You’re a rock star! And, whoa mama, what an awesome race! You’re smokin’ fast! So cool that you won prize money, even if the race entry and gas wipe out your earnings!!

    1. vita88

      Thank you!!! The $20 covered my race entry so I’ll take it – ha!!!

  10. thedoseofreality

    OH GOOD GOD. Those running times are INSANE! How is that even possible??!! Or human?? Congrats on your win…and the prize money! That is so exciting! You should totally spend it on yourself only! ;)-Ashley

    1. vita88

      I have no idea how a human can run sub 5 min miles for 3 miles…or 1 mile…or 1 min. It’s crazy!
      Yep I sure spent that $20 very quickly!! I think it was on pumpkin munchkins and coffee for me and my friend at Dunkin Donuts after the race!!

  11. Becky @ RunFunDone

    $20? Lucky! You’re so speedy to be able to hang in with all those gazelles! I’ve realized that if I ever want to win anything, I need to set up a relay team in which everyone is fast except for me. Then maybe I’ll be a winner!!!

    1. vita88

      Relay teams are so fun! There’s always less competition, that’s for sure! No matter what your pace though, the fact that you’re out there running is a lot more then most. Keep it up!!!

  12. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Congrats on your age group win and blogging 7 days! I think that the blogging 7 days is harder, yes? 😉
    And OMG such fast times – you and the gazelles!!

    1. vita88

      Yes Christine – for sure! I would take the 5 mile race again over seven straight days of blogging!!!

  13. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Your hubby makes a good point buttttt we are just going to pretend like you FLEW to the race and OMG you won money!! For your talent and hard work. Don’t you love that?? 5:47/mile make my head hurt. I can barely get under 40 minutes on the 5k!

    1. vita88

      I like the way you think Nellie!!

  14. Hope

    Love this! I’m always curious to see how fast runners respond to faster runners! You totally rock Allie. prize $ is prize$…even if it’s $20. 🙂

    1. vita88

      I always respond with awe! Unless there’s any chance I can beat them, then it’s game on!! Thanks Hope!!

  15. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

    Love how you scope out the competition beforehand, I wouldn’t have thought of that! You did great and super cool that there were monetary prizes, but lol at your husband’s very relevant point!

    I’m so glad you did the challenge and met cool people Allie! It was awesome having you!

    1. vita88

      I usually check out my age group if it’s a smaller race. It gives me some extra umph if I need it in the last few miles!! Thanks Joi!

  16. Michelle

    Your husband is funny. It is nice to win something sometimes. Good for you! Those gazelles show up for our 8 miler here too. I usually do fine in my age group though. 🙂

    1. vita88

      Good for you Michelle! They got nothin on us…except maybe 10 min & $1,000 but that’s it!! Ha ha!!

  17. FitBritt@MyOwnBalance

    Haha! That is awesome! Congrats on 1.) An amazing time!; 2.) winning in your age group; and 3.) $20- that’s a manicure my friend!! Also, well done on the 7 days straight! I only did 5 but to be fair I had a bachelorette party that took up the entire weekend!! 🙂

    1. vita88

      Thanks Britt!! Bachelorette party? Woohoo! I hope you’re blogging about it!

  18. Michell

    Haha, your husband is funny, but hey…you.won.something, which was the point, right! Lol! Congrats on competing AND winning! Can you say 2016 Summer Olympics! 😀 I tell you, I don’t know how you and Hope do it…I’m scared of the both you! Again, congrats! Have a good one!

    1. vita88

      Yes, that is the point! Thanks Michell!!!

  19. Mrs. Pancakes

    you are such an awesome inspiration lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav. sport is tennis…and the amount of work it takes to become a top athlete is just beyond me. i would kill for that kind of dedication to something.

    1. vita88

      Thank you so much!!! Tennis is awesome. There are few professional sports with so much endurance needed. Maybe it’s because it’s similar to running that I really enjoy watching it. So cool!

  20. Melissa Burton

    I will never, ever, ever win money for race so I would frame that $20 and gaze at it every single day if I were you!

    4:32 per minute mile?! Wow!

    I wish that I could say that I admire sports and that I admire someone but I can’t think of even one name. 🙁

    1. vita88

      I’m sure you admire *someone* athletic?? Maybe a pilates master?
      Thanks Melissa!!

  21. Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness

    Hahahah i cant stop laughing at: “Well because he is 10 feet tall, looks like he weighs 75 pounds, is wearing a full Nike track warm-up suit and is stepping out of a cab.” hahaha oh man, those new yorkers 🙂 congrats on winning 20 big ones!! that is very cool!

    1. vita88

      I mean really!? It was so crazy! Thanks Charlotte!

  22. Julia

    OMG girl. I was sitting here reading through like “Holy shit! She won the entire thing!” LOL. Great post my friend. My husband would be the same way… saying I spent more in gas to get there than what I won. They just don’t get it. LOL.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

    1. vita88

      Not quite but thanks for your confidence in me!!

  23. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    No way! Posting a blog EVERY DAY is a CRAZY AMAZING FEAT and I couldn’t be more proud! I cannot do a blog every day, oh heck no! No time, so the fact that you FOUND TIME to do it, I am floored!!

    And my favorite sport is definitely snowboarding as I used to compete. It takes A TON of dedication!!! Not many are up for the challenge!

    1. vita88

      You could totally do it if you wanted to. I think it means I basically have no life. As you can see, I’m taking a little break since I haven’t posted anything since Sunday!!!
      LOVE snowbaording!! You competed? You’re such a badass!

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