The Rundown – A Strong Practice

Now that I’m a regular yogi (I have attended yoga class three weeks in a row!) I’ve started to really love being on my mat. Of course, I run at least four miles prior to class because even “power yoga” leaves me with too much excess energy on a Monday. In last week’s class we had a new instructor. He was amazing, actually snapped his fingers to whip our minds into a pose *snap! and told me I had a “strong practice.” I think he was being kind since my flexibility leaves a lot to be desired but I can pop a crow or handstand like nobodies business. *snap!

This was on a beach in Portugal two years ago but I still got it.



Running has been more exciting lately with my new running partner! Star continues to love our runs and is very well behaved, probably because she’s so focused and then exhausted. She’s been keeping a fairly steady 7:40 average pace with me but I’m sure she could go much faster.

Most all my runs were easy this past week, and I made a point of running in new locations. It’s the little things.

Four sweaty miles before yoga with my goodr sunglasses, GFAR tank and Momentum Jewelry necklace. I’m a running ambassador!

Sunday: 3.5ish miles with Star then the same 3.5ish miles solo | 7.35 miles | 8:12 average pace

Monday: 3.87 easy miles before power yoga | 8:07 pace

Thursday: 8 easy trail miles | 7:50 pace

Friday: 4 miles off the bike | 8:00 pace

Total = 23.22 miles


I had another really great long ride and even found a new route! I’m doing my best to take new turns and just see where they lead. While I have time to play, play I will! I’m even taking time to not only appreciate the flowers but to stop and take a selfie with them. Imagine?

Tuesday: Long ride | 36.8 miles

Friday: Short ride | 20 miles

Total = 56.8 miles


I confess that I haven’t been open water swimming in two weeks because I need a friend or SUP support. I know I should take advantage of these gorgeous days and get out there and swim but the pool is just so much…safer.

I did attempt to get Star back on the SUP but she now refuses to sit down and then jumps off and starts swimming with a panicked look on her face. I feel like I’m terrorizing her so I settled for a game of fetch instead.

Wednesday: 8 x 200 on 2:00 minutes | 2,200 yards

Friday: Intervals | 2,000 yards

Total = 4,000 yards


I’m doing my best to reach a respectable quota for burgers consumed in one summer and I’m proceeding quite nicely. Since we needed to make a quick trip to Mohegan Sun with the boys last weeend we treated them to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville for a cheeseburger in paradise. Truth be told, I had a bison burger, but still.

The boys hated it.


Seeing this in my Facebook feed…


The lethal ignorance of Donald Trump.

The almost end of summer.

Balloons < – – don’t ask, I just hate them

The general lack of customer service.

Removable pads in sports bras.

Women had some strong opinions on this one! I knew it would be popular but there were over 300 comments on the Women’s Running Facebook page and I had about 50 on my Instagram. The overwhelming majority of women absolutely loathe them. I hope the companies that make these torturous inserts are paying attention!


Besides the above article I wrote, I enjoyed these last week as well:

A New Way to Measure the Quality of Your Workouts | by Ted Spiker for Runner’s World

Let’s just say it has nothing to do with anything currently on your Garmin…

This “measurement” is probably my favorite:

The Smartphone Standard: What photo did you take during or after your run? The evidence will indicate its quality.

A+: You and your tribe after your workout
A-: You in front of an ocean, sunset, or plate of sausage links
B+: Any other form of gorgeous scenery
B: Shoes only
B-: Watch only
C: A freshly scraped knee
D: A “where the eff did that come from?” snake
F: Anything bloody that’s not a freshly scraped knee

Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports? | by Brad Stulberg for Outside Magazine

It’s a valid question and one I can answer fairly quickly – because it takes a whole crap ton of money to actually participate in endurance sports! Duh.

If you want to get all psychological then you can read the article and find out the research behind it like “endurance sports offer something that most modern-day knowledge economy jobs do not: the chance to pursue a clear and measurable goal with a direct line back to the work they have put in.” Interesting.

I have no idea what they’re talking about…


Vaughn: Mom, can you get our helmets down?

Me: Why?

Vaughn: Because Miles and I are going on the scooter together and he doesn’t trust me.

Smart kid.

How was your week?

Where do you stand on the removable pads in sports bra issue that is very, very important?

Do your kids always wear helmets on bikes and scooters? Obviously mine don’t.


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  1. That sign with the Tiki torches is THE BEST!!! Thank you people! And pads in sports bras? No thanks! Just leave well enough alone, k? Although they really aren’t well enough and padding isn’t going to help it.
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. Isn’t it? I couldn’t resist sharing here 🙂
      And enough already with the stupid pads! If I was that concerned I wouldn’t be running.

  2. Currently, I am liking having pads in my bras but I am with you in that I wish they weren’t removeable. But right now, the nips and the girls need them. Otherwise… OOOOWWWWWWWWWWYYYYYYY
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…A Little Place Called Aspen (Wedding Weekend Recap)My Profile

    1. I hear you. When I was pregnant with the twins, I also had twin sports bras in that I HAD to wear two! Ouch.

    • Jen on August 21, 2017 at 9:15 AM
    • Reply

    Definitely not removable pads. I spent 15 minutes trying to straighten out ONE pad in my sports bra…RIDICULOUS! But I’ll take padded over unpadded any day.

    1. Beyond ridiculous!! That is 15 minutes you could have actually spent running!

  3. Ooooooh I love that quote! I fkn HATE pads in sports bras and according to most people I “need” them. But honestly I really DGAF about my boob appearance while I’m running! All I care about is that they keep quiet and tucked in while mama takes them for a ride.

    1. Can I get an AMEN?!

  4. Look at you miss yogi!!!! The article on rich people and endurance sports with that quote about getting back what you put into training was so good and interesting…..
    I have to say, I’m enjoying your little racing hiatus… and am enjoying the identicals as well….
    We started handmaid’s tale last night… watched 2 episodes… can’t tell you if I love or hate it… it filled me with anxiety, but I can’t wait to watch the next episode … recently posted…Permanent ReminderMy Profile

    1. Oh I’m SO glad! And yes, that article is super interesting.
      I’ll have to check out Handmaid’s Tale…intriguing. Right now we’re watching Ozark and it’s amazing!!

  5. I’m so unflexible in yoga too but you’re inspiring me to get back on the mat anyway. I need the flexibility work! I love that you can run for fun whenever you want to. You’re still getting in really quality workouts!
    I like pads but get really annoyed with the removable ones… yet I get it that they dry faster and don’t have to go through the dryer, etc… so that’s a tough one. Great topic for an article!
    Laura recently posted…Workouts from last week + Meal PlanningMy Profile

    1. Thank you and yes, get back to that mat if you have time. As you know, it’s about so much more than physical flexibility.

  6. I love how much running you are getting to do with Star! Aren’t dogs just the best running buddies? I bet she can go way faster. Ollie had no problem cranking out some tempo miles with me and you would have thought it was no different than an easy run for him.
    I thought the article on rich people and endurance sports was super interesting. I’ve often thought that everyday life is just too comfort – like, comfortable enough to make us less resilient unless we push ourselves.
    That tiki torch sign is too relevant. And also – why do we live in a country where the moral compass of tiki torch sellers better than that of the president? What alternate universe is this?
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…CIM Training Week 1My Profile

    1. Yes yes yes! She is the best running buddy and, while we’re out there, she looks back at me with her tongue lolling out of her mouth like she couldn’t be happier and I’m all “I feel you girl!” So much fun!!

      I actually laughed out loud to your last comment. That pretty much confirms we ARE living in an alternate universe. Well said my friend.

  7. oh yes give me a bison burger, and make it a double!!! yummy.
    i love that article about rich people and endurance sports, i think it’s pretty damn obvious though if you participate. you sure as hell can’t be broke if you want to play in the tri world. gimme a break! that crap costs butt loads. i spent a house load of $$$ on all the crap and ce la vie. i enjoyed it. it was great. no regrets. but it sure did urk and baffle some of my friends on how much i had to drop for the sports. you buy your fancy gucci bags, i buy some wheels and maybe a helmet. haha.
    oh just please get rid of the darn bra pads. they serve no purpose except make good toys for kids and dogs. otherwise annoying.
    so glad you’ve been miss yogi lately! i’ve been trampoline lately. i broke out my old mini trampoline and love bouncing. it’s been so fun and my 14 month old loves it too!!! she is super strong and i couldn’t be more in love

  8. I’ve never even noticed about the removable bra pad thing? I’ve got a lot to work with so, thats not surprising LOL! My kids do wear helmets but only because it is minion themed helmets, not sure anything else would work! I LOVE margaritaville!! The measurement is awesome, I think I may have done ALL of them!

  9. I’m glad you’re having more fun with training!

    Don’t even get me started with Trump. I feel like we, as a country, should follow Miles’ example and strap on some helmets.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Recovering from ACL Surgery, Week 3My Profile

  10. Bison burgers…yum! I like the pads in sports bra because they make me look less like a twelve-year-old. I do not like having to unbunch them after they go through the wash, because I never remember to take them out.

    Side note – have you watched “Catastrophe” on Amazon? It’s a comedy and it’s hilarious, and episodes are only 24 minutes long.
    Dana recently posted…Alaska cruise part one: JuneauMy Profile

    1. I get it but it’s not worth the bunching to me – so annoying!!
      I have “Catastrophe” on my watch list now. So doable with only 24 min episodes. Genius!

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