Mar 09

The Rundown: Everything Is Ok

You know that moment when you read something and suddenly an idea just clicks? That’s exactly what happened when I read this article in Zelle by Kristin Armstrong (you may know her as Lance’s ex) titled “Ok With Everything.”  I immediately clicked on the title since I so desperately want to know how to be ok with everything. How exactly does one achieve that Ms. Armstrong?

This quote sums it up nicely:


So, this past week, I gave myself permission to be ok with everything. And it worked. Most of the time.



RUNNING: I ran and ran and ran this week for my highest weekly mileage in I don’t know how long. I was able run outside four times, (which is a miracle) even if one of them was more like ice skating, I was just happy to be out there! And I was so ok with it, even if some of the drivers were not. #Toobadbitches

Total: 48 amazing miles

Getting ready to run the strip! I miss seeing the sun outside my window.

Getting ready to run the strip! I miss seeing the sun outside my window.

CYCLING: I loved my cycling workouts this week. They give my legs a break from all the pounding but push my endurance. Plus I sweat like a beast on the bike and that’s good for getting rid of all the residual toxins from Vegas right?

Total: 2 hours and around 55 miles

SWIMMING: I’m slowly becoming a real swimmer my friends and the workout I did this week proved it. I swam my way to completing 2800 yards (1.5 miles) in the pool, something I’ve never done before. I felt so accomplished after this swim…and then I wanted to cry on the treadmill but, oh the swim! I did an additional 2400 yards on Sunday just to cap off the week.

Total: 5200 yards

CROSS-TRAINING: I did two strength training workouts this week, and I’m starting to actually enjoy them. I know, I know. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing CrossFit anytime soon but when you see the benefits of strength training spill over into running, cycling and swimming, it’s hard not to be a fan.

FUEL: I found myself somewhere I haven’t been in a very long time…Whole Foods! Unfortunately for me and the produce section, I had the two monkeys with me. Let’s just say I was happy to get out of there in one piece (which is more then I can say for the fruit) and I grabbed what I thought would be delicious muffins:

You're deceptively disgusting.

You’re deceptively disgusting.

I absolutely love muffins but I rarely eat them because they just make me feel bloated afterward and have almost zero nutritional value. Yes, even the “healthy” ones. However, when I saw these I was psyched, until I tried one. I even toasted it and put butter on it. The only time I would eat these ever again would be purely for fueling purposes. If I were starving and it was the apocalypse. Gross. #WholeFoodsFail

THINGS I LOVE: Having my tweet favorited by Shalane Flanigan. I seriously hope she kicks so much ass in Boston this year and finally brings home a female win! If anyone can do it, she can.

We're like twins.

We’re like twins.


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH EVEN MORE: Ok so I’m cheating but it’s my blog and, if you haven’t noticed, it’s positivity week. I was finally able to get a new license picture! The last time I took my photo I was eight months pregnant with the twins. Eight months pregnant with twins! Really? I clearly remember waddling into the DMV and snapping this horrible photo. I look so bloated, uncomfortable and like I have cornrows. WTH?

Can you guess which is which? HA!

Can you guess which is which? HA!

For years I have been explaining to people, when they inevitably look up from my picture confused, that I was very pregnant at the time. Ok, sometimes I say I was 100 pounds heavier and on The Biggest Loser and don’t they remember me? but that usually doesn’t go over very well. #LightenUpPeople

READING: The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself and All the Women Around You by Elizabeth Gilbert. Do you suffer from feelings of inadequacy even though you have a career, are raising children and/or living and eating healthy?  Yes, yes and hell yes. I love everything about this article because it’s a call to action for all women to take a step back and think about all you have already accomplished, instead of constantly searching and reaching for more, all the while putting yourself down for not being and doing enough. Enough already.


Miles (while watching TV): Mom, can we buy Trix?

Me: Ugh, no.

Miles: Why not? Trix are for kids!

You’re killing me General Mills!!

How was your week?

What do you think about the “everything is ok” quote?

How do you feel about your license picture?


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  1. shalane favorited a tweet of mine recently too! We are just sooo cool now. Love the pic from Vegas. If I would have been home last week, I could have run outside every single day. But alas, I was in the frozen tundra with -27 degree temps.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…One Big HeadacheMy Profile

    1. Too cool for tweets baby!!! That is awesome. Your trip was so un-awesome and I’m glad you’re home. Hopefully you have similar weather this week. We’re looking at 40 degrees – break out the capris!

    long personal story Id share offline but suffice it to say IT IS OK.

    CARLA recently posted…Life is a special occasion.My Profile

    1. Fantastic!!!

  3. My week seemed to have flown by. It’s been stressful honestly! I’ll be happy to have some down time to relax and enjoy myself. I remind myself that it will be okay constantly. Thanks for sharing this!
    Hollie recently posted…A Year of DinersMy Profile

    1. I never thought of it as a mantra…but I will certainly be using it. Rest up that hammy girl!

      1. I just posted about mantras and one of the ones that gets me through tough spots in a race is “It’s going to be ok!”. Sometimes I think just saying that to yourself makes such a big difference. Amazing week – I can’t wait for warmer running weather!

        1. SO true!! And today is 55 with full sun. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time I was running!!

  4. Love the way you spun your perspective here, and I have a new tab opened with that article, gonna read it next. Thank you for sharing, and I think I need a little of that right now as I have been a bit grumpy, especially towards my running. Thank you for the reminder, and I am glad you are taking your training as important from every angle. Thanks so much 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
    Tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Sweet Potato and Almond Butter SoupMy Profile

    1. I’ve been so grumpy too, and a lot of it has to do with this weather, but I have to take some responsibility for my attitude – snow or no! I’m so glad you’re going to read the original article – you will love it!

  5. I truly need to give myself permission more to just let it be and be OK with it. Even at the end of last week, I had to kind of force myself as I had the stomach bug that Lily ended up giving to me since she had it the weekend before. I could barely move from my bed to the bathroom let alone doing much else and I felt truly guilty, but in the end just had to give in. It made me realize though the world won’t come to an end if I can’t do it all once in awhile. So, in the end I do agree that everything will be OK no matter what.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Why Growing Up Is Hard To DoMy Profile

    1. It’s so, so hard when you’re used to doing so much and being so responsible. But, it truly feels good to let go and just be ok! I hope you’re all feeling so much better.

  6. Great post. I love the pic of you getting ready for your run in Vegas! And I think I would have died if Shalane favorite a tweet of mine! I need to definitely go over and check out the article you were referring to…I need to learn how to be ok with everything too!! Have a great week, looks like al ittle of a warmup, yahoo!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Paris Marathon Training Recap: Week 8My Profile

    1. I nearly did! It was awesome and I am a running nerd but whatever.
      YES – sun is on the way and dare I say 40 degrees?! I’ll believe it when I feel it.

  7. Haha Miles is hilarious! My license photo isn’t too bad but Cooper’s passport photo is so hilariously bad! He was asleep and looked really grumpy. We laugh everytime we look at it!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Some Tea and a PicnicMy Profile

    1. OMG he had to take a passport photo??? That is hilarious. The boys’ photos are so cute and I’m just glad I was able to get my new picture!!

  8. Hahah omg my id picture is so me at 8 months preggers with 16 chins and even more cheeks ha! I can’t wait to get a new picture 🙂 I love this mantra. We often drive ourselves crazy and don’t even realize that WE are the ones doing the damage!! Great workout week considering you came back to the cold and snow. This week should be an even better week for you given the temps! I’ve never had a muffin from whole foods but the ingredients sounded decent enough!

    And Shalene favorited your tweet?! Amazing!!!!!

    1. The ingredients got me!!! They look amazing but…not so much.
      I love that you have a similar license picture – OMG just too funny!!!
      And YES, we are the ones doing the damage so I’m just taking it back and being ok with it.
      Thanks Nellie!!

  9. The license is a keeper. One of my friends has a hideous Costco card and yes, she whips it out whenever we’ve had a few drinks. Hold onto yours!

    Nice week of training, lady! You are coming into spring in great shape. And I hear you on the strength work. I have kept at mine all winter, but I need to take it up a notch now that marathon training is over. And I swear, this really IS the week I get back in the pool!
    misszippy recently posted…Marathon recovery–week oneMy Profile

    1. Of course I spotted your promise of the pool on your post today and I’m going to hold you to it!!
      I will absolutely keep the license because everyone needs a good laugh now and then.
      Cannot wait for the “nice” weather this week. It’s going to feel amazing!

  10. Fitness Muffins! I need me some of ‘dem. No, wait. ALL of dems!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Lips are Movin’ Invisible Jump Rope Workout + Fitness Missions for This Week!My Profile

    1. Not those ones…they are awful! I’m sure you could whip up much better ones…and then make a video on how you made them…and then post it to your blog. Thank you!

  11. That is an AWESOME quote!!!! I also love this….
    Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get 🙂
    Shalane favorited you tweet…AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    The beginning of this week was rough but it ended pretty good. Here is to a week with sunshine and 50’s!!!!!!
    I hate my license picture! :)…but no one really sees it.
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…A rough start but a great finish to last weekMy Profile

    1. That is a great one too!!! I need all the positive quotes to get me until Wednesday when it will be 45!!! Woot woot!

  12. Love that quote. Isn’t it so true? But so hard to get your head around!
    Leah recently posted…Quote of the WeekMy Profile

    1. Yes and YES! Thanks Leah.

  13. I’m getting better at being okay with whatever is. Awesome mileage!! That’s where mine was supposed to be last week- but this sore throat held me back. This training cycle has not been ideal, but what can you do? Trying to be okay with it. 🙂
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…5 Foods you should be eating in the springMy Profile

    1. Yes, be ok with it. You know that training usually does not go as planned but it will turn out ok! I just know it. Plus, you still have a few more weeks (with better weather!) until Boston. Keep your head up mama!!

  14. Right now I’ve been wondering if anything is OK. I know (hope) that it will be but right now is a rough patch with a major parenting issue that has me doubting myself in a big way. I know – the sun will shine, the weather will be warm and life will go on – it will be OK!!!
    Kim recently posted…The Legs Feed the Wolf (3/1 – 3/7)My Profile

    1. It will!!! This too shall pass Kim. I know it will!!! Lean on the people who love you and trust in yourself. You got this!

  15. haha “Trix are for kids!” That’s awesome. I love Kristiin’s writing and can’t wait to read this one. So proud of you and your swimming and your training! Can’t wait to see you kick some ass. Kara Goucher and Deena Kastor favorited my #likeagirl photo and I nearly fainted.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Happy-Go-YogaMy Profile

    1. That is so great they “liked” your photo!!!! It’s funny how we can get so star struck by other athletes 🙂 I’ve been thinking about you and hope you’re recovering nicely!!! Hang in there!

  16. Haha… Trix are for kids. My HS senior would come out with something like that. He eats Honeycomb. Seriously. I have two little foodies and one that eats crap. What did I do wrong? I guess he eats good food some of the time…I should be glad for that, I suppose. Love that your tweet was favorited. How fun! And I LOVE Whole Foods. Sad to hear about the fail…most of the time their premade stuff is out of this world. Well at least the stuff I have had.
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Lemon Blueberry BarsMy Profile

    1. You didn’t do anything wrong! You’re lucky to have two “foodies” and just one who eats crap. Usually they come around, right? And yes, WF is usually amazing but these muffins were a trick!!

  17. I love my license picture, and I am sad that I need to renew in October. But my new pic can’t be as bad as my passport photo. Absolutely horrendous. Or hysterical, if you are my husband and kids.
    Dana recently posted…Buffalo sistersMy Profile

    1. You have to have one bad one right? And, more people will see your license I’m sure so there’s that… 🙂

  18. General Mills.. grrr!
    My license photo is ok actually! I’ll have to show it to you.
    As for the ok-ness, every so often I get that mindset and it dramatically reduces my anxiety. I wish it could last longer for me.
    Tamara recently posted…Don’t Panic.My Profile

    1. I can’t imagine you would ever take a bad photo! Cameras just see you and melt…plus you’re besties with all lenses I’m sure 🙂

  19. I was thinking, “Oooh yum, fitness muffins?” and then I kept reading on hahaha never mind then!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…5 Tips to Avoid Overeating + MealEnders Giveaway!My Profile

    1. That was exactly my train of thought! SO disappointed 🙁

  20. Well, let’s just say you’re proof that we do improve with age. 🙂 (love you!)
    Alison recently posted…What’s My Life’s Theme Song? (Not Really About Songs)My Profile

    1. Best compliment ever! Thank you Alison. I love you too!

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