The Rundown – Fatigue

The struggle is real. Each week in my TrainingPeaks log my coach has me fill out an overall fatigue checklist. Last week, everything from my mood to my sleep suffered and my score was considerably lower than it has been in months. Although a lot of my stress is the good kind, it is stress nonetheless. Luckily for me, I had a huge pick me up over the weekend.





I was finally able to run outside and it was horrible both times! My first outdoor experience was in gale force winds and freezing temps. Somehow I had no idea it was about 5 degrees with 30 mph winds. Every time I turned down a new road I thought “now the wind won’t be directly in my face,” but of course, it was. Although it was horribly uncomfortable, I felt like I conquered something when I came home!

The second disaster almost ended with my dead body. I seriously came closer than ever to being hit by a car, and it was my fault. I will never say anything bad about my obnoxious day-glow New Balance vest again because I seriously think it saved my life. Just happy to be alive folks! (dad, if you’re reading this, I’m kidding)

Monday – 7 miles with 5×5 minutes at 5K pace | I changed this to “hills” because the wind was insane!

Wednesday – 45 minutes easy before strength class | avoided being killed | 5.82 miles

Friday – LT run with 3x5min at 10K pace (7:00) | 5.36 miles

Total = 18.18 miles


This week was deemed a “bike heavy rotation” by my coach, who by the way, killed it in the New Zealand Ironman! I felt like I couldn’t complain since she was up against 45mph wind gusts and said the swim was the most challenging of her life. Did I mention she is strongest on the swim? Hearing that made me happy to be in my basement on the trainer and on the spin bike at the gym, with zero chance of wind…unless you count the ceiling fan.

Unfortunately for you, my pictures this week also suffered from my fatigue. I make up for it at the end, I promise!

Look! I’m on a spin bike. *sigh*

Tuesday – 1 hour intensive power ride | 24.8 miles on spin bike before swim

Thursday – 1 hour tempo ride | 13.8 miles

Sunday – 2 hour endurance ride | 30.9 miles

Total = 69.5 miles


I have to admit, after the vertigo I suffered in Cuba I was a little nervous getting into the pool for my first swim since being home. I had no need to worry. I felt strong and fast and confident, if only for the time I was swimming. I’ll take it.

And I finally got to wear my swim cap from the Havana Triathlon. So sad.

Monday – Endurance form swim | 2800 yards

Tuesday – Down ladder after bike | 1600 yards

I had to skip my Friday swim because school was canceled and Miles had a dentist appointment. It was as fun as it sounds.

Total = 4,400 yards


Big news in my little town! We have a sushi place that delivers! You cannot even imagine our excitement. I think we  had it delivered at least three times in two weeks. We’re a tad obsessed.

Since I have no pictures from those dinners (brain fatigue) I offer this gorgeous shot of my deconstructed tuna from a local restaurant. Obviously I’m on sushi overload.


So much greatness to share! I have had a plethora of goodness coming though my inbox lately so I have a lot to show and tell in the coming weeks. I’m going to start with a cool Alpine Dam trucker hat (because you can never have too many) made by a very cool guy. I loved the way he approached the sell in his email, his prompt responses and speedy delivery. All these things count big time with me!

Plus, the hat is awesome and adorable all at once which is really hard to pull of. Almost as hard as a 41 year-old wearing a pink trucker hat. Don’t judge.

Wanna win a free one? Of course you do! Enter to win the Alpine Dam hat of your choice:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


My ranking in triathlon! I had no clue what my ranking was until a friend texted me just before I went to Cuba:

Apparently I am ranked 4th in Connecticut in my age group and, as you can read, missed being All American by three points! I still have no clue what this means but trust me, I will find out! She was also racing in Cuba and is actually the reason I found out about the race in the first place! She’s ranked eighth by the way.


Taking antibiotics! The side effects from being on them are so much worse than the sinus infection I had. I absolutely loathe taking drugs for this exact reason. All last week I was suffering from severe headaches, nausea, dry mouth and insomnia because of them.


This article from Competitor is hilarious. I love perspective about how insane runners are.It’s filled with stats like 17% of respondents would actually prefer walking in on their parents having sex than run a marathon! You really need to read the rest:

What Would Americans Rather Do Than Run A Marathon? | Competitor | by Allison Pattillo


Introducing my future running partner and the only girl I ever wanted, STAR FIRE! Yes, the boys named her after a character on TeenTitans Go. Do you think they will regret that in five years? Probably, but they say you need to let kids make their own mistakes.

They also say dogs are like babies so, first of all I should have two of these and, second of all start giving me all of your opinions and tell me everything I’m doing wrong.

No seriously, dog owners, I need your help. Tell me everything you know!


Are you as tired as I am?

What can I do as a pick me up? Oh yeah, I got a puppy! YAY!

What would you rather do than run a marathon? 





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  1. I’m sure DST is helping a TON with your fatigue this week. Lol. And of course, there’s your adorable new puppy! How’d you sleep last night? 😉 It’s been forever since I had a puppy so that stage is kind of lost in my brain much like having a baby. I do remember that there are tons of pee and poop accidents. Find a really good product to clean it up. And do not use puppy pads. Worst idea ever. Why would you want to teach your dog to go to the bathroom inside?!?! Also, you are going to need a bigger bed for her…fast. Haha! Have fun and enjoy the puppy love!
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. Thanks for all the advice! And NO, no puppy pads, not even in her crate. I agree that it goes against what you’re trying to do. Luckily (or unluckily?) we have mostly hard wood floors so all accidents so far have been easy to clean up. She is doing really well with potty training though and learning quickly! Treats help 🙂

  2. Star fire!!! Oh wow what a sweet dog and what a beauty. I’ve heard they are the best dogs to have from verybiast owners. I’m not personally familiar but I love dogs and mine are currently snoring next to me in bed.
    Holy moly I’m literally struggling as I read this from a very short night of sleep. Thank you time change. I’m stubbornly up to go for a run because it’s been so long. So my point is yes I’ve been so tired and so quick to skip a run lately. I finally got my pep back last week but was really not feeling it for a good two weeks. Just didn’t feel it and even assumed I was pregnant. Haha I’m not!! Since I’m only in to short distances right now and sprinting, I’d rather not do a marathon. I’d rather sing old mac Donald a thousand times. I’d rather clean out my car. I’d rather organize my office. Those two things will most definitely hapien before I run another marathon lol.
    Happy Monday Ali Starfire!!!
    Danielle recently posted…WIR sleep less play moreMy Profile

    1. You are too funny!! So glad you are a dog lover and the time change definitely did not help anything!

  3. Girl, you are going to have your hands full with that one (and by that one, take your pick of what I am referring to). I think that I am the inverse of that chart–I would rather run a marathon than do most of those things! Hell, I’d rather run a marathon… period… But whatever. Ridley has been insane this weekend, and I can only imagine how she will be this week. And it is currently snowing here. WHAT THE BALLS. Driving is going to be fun. Especially now that it is darker earlier.
    The caffeine is obviously talking. I’m going to go get more.
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Oven, Stove, Fridge, Freezer (Embryo Transfer Week in Review)My Profile

    1. OMG I know it!! And we have your snow coming our way only it’s going to double it’s viciousness and snow us all in for days. So much for the progress we’re making with potty training. UGH!! I guess I should have waited until June to get a dog 🙂

  4. I definetely understand about fatigue and I’ve been there. Lately, I feel the same way. I’ve been sleeping a bunch but I feel like I need even more to recover.

    A new dog? That is so exciting and I could not be happier for you! Congrats!
    Hollie recently posted…Training: Every Type of Weather in 1 WeekMy Profile

    1. It’s so awful to feel tired all the time especially when we’re used to doing so much and pushing so hard.
      Thanks!! She is so much fun!!

  5. Sorry I called Starfire a boy on FB. She’s sexy and she knows it. I should be more sensitive to that because I see so many babies in my clinic! Anyways, congrats on taking the plunge. My pup is not my running partner–she’s more of a sprinter, really–but she is a wonderful companion and a huge pain in the ass.

    Fatigue? It’s also a constant companion these days. I’m sure you’re exhausted from your trip, your sinus infection, those meds, the pup, the boys….it never ends! Feel better, my friend!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The Arthritis RunnerMy Profile

    1. LOL I didn’t even notice the sex mix-up 🙂
      And I cannot imagine the kind of fatigue you have with your RA. And no, it never ends so why not throw a puppy into the mix?

  6. Starfire is such a cutie! I look forward to seeing more of her here! I can’t believe how close you came to being hit by a car–keep wearing that bright gear! Yay for sushi!! I hope you finish you prescription soon that sounds like no fun.

    1. Thanks so much Nellie and you will definitely be seeing a lot of Starfire here!!!

  7. That competitor graphic is hilarious…. Dogs are so much work. My potty training and worrying about another being’s bathroom schedule are over, so my children will have to just not have a pet. recently posted…ImmigrantMy Profile

    1. I was laughing through the whole article. I never fully realize just how insane other people think we are 🙂
      And you are a very smart woman. Obviously.

  8. I love the trucker hats- I have a few and they are fun to wear after races. Sorry you’ve been feeling the fatigue lately but it sounds like your last race was a crazy event and I can see why. Plus antibiotics and medicines in general just make me tired!

    1. So glad you are a fan and yes, I have a slight obsession with hats and I just love my Alpine!

  9. So. many things about this post. I have ADHD so I forgot all my thoughts when I got down here to comment. All I know is that iced americanos with cream are saving my life right now. They’re super strong and because they’re already cold, I can sip on them throughout the day to keep a steady flow of caffeine trickling through my veins.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. We are on the same page my friend. I have had more caffeine in one day than I think I had for the entirety of the Cuba trip. And we’re getting a nor’easter tomorrow. Send help. And coffee.

    • Heather on March 13, 2017 at 12:50 PM
    • Reply

    I’ve been eyeing those Alpine Dam trucker hats for a while now since I’ve been wearing a trucker hat every time I run and race. I’m torn between the black (good for fall and winter) and the white (good for spring and summer)!

    1. Right!? Well, hopefully you win one and then you can buy the other!

  10. Starfire is SOOOO cute!! I love her little ears and eyes. Gah. The puppy years are so fun but so much work (ie so much potty accidents in the house). Like Angela said – a good carpet cleaner is a must (we use one from Woolite that has a scrubber attached – it’s a must for us because Ollie vomits if he’s hungry). But they are the best running buddies ever! Well, maybe not when they see a duck and really want to catch that duck, but otherwise, you will love running with her! Enjoy the first week with her!!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: Recovery and ResetMy Profile

  11. Nothing beats a new puppy!!!! She is beautiful, and I love her gray color!! She’ll make a great running partner. We use to run with our pup all the time until she just got too old and her knees wouldn’t let her anymore.
    Nikki Gingrich recently posted…Green Spinach- Banana MuffinsMy Profile

  12. I was feeling wiped out this past week too! Hope you bounce back quickly- I needed a mental health/pjs day and felt better after that.

    The new puppy is adorable and so exciting!
    Laura recently posted…Half Training Recap (1 week to go) + Meal planningMy Profile

    1. You mental health day sounds fantastic! I definitely need that…or to go back to Hawaii 🙂

    • RitaQ on March 13, 2017 at 2:00 PM
    • Reply

    Great (read… expensive) food and lots of running will keep her going. I have an almost 16 yr old Brittany who still wants to jog (when his poor arthritic elbows allow him) and ‘hunt’. I think the food made a big difference. My other Brits only lived until 12-13 yrs. Enjoy the craziness!

    1. Thank you! I’m using the food the breeder suggested which actually has a picture of a Weimaraner on the bag so…
      So happy to hear you boy still wants to jog! That is precious.

  13. Looking good in that trucker hat!! I need more trucker hats in my life…great for shading my eyes 🙂 🙂 That pup is beautiful! Anything with cotton inside will be destroyed, get a potty bell for the back door for bathroom training, make the crate their safe place, keep valuables out of sight (not just out of reach, they will climb, things will fall…messy mess). You had two little ones at one time before…this pup could be a cake walk for you 😉 😉 Good luck!!

    1. LOL – yes! I have heard all these things but have yet to get the bell. She actually sits by the back door when she needs to go out already (most times) so I think that would be an easy transition. And I bought ONE cotton toy and she’s trying to rip it to shreds. It’s also her favorite. Oops!! And thanks for the tip on climbing! My vet warned me they can be “destructive” – I’m guessing not any more so than my twins! Thanks again!

  14. That sushi looks SOOOOO good! It’s been a while since I had good sushi. And I definitely entered the trucker hat giveaway, I’m a sucker for hats. Hope you and the boys are having fun with the new little lady in the house!!
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted…How to Navigate the Gym (When You Have NO Idea What You’re Doing)My Profile

    1. Oh it was! And I must have 50 hats but I honestly wear at least one a day so…justified 🙂
      We are having a blast with the new girl, although this snowstorm is going to be a challenge!

    • Barbara on March 13, 2017 at 9:21 PM
    • Reply

    What sushi place delivers!?
    Looking forward to meeting Star Fire!!

    1. OMG it’s call Wen Mein and is next door to Trattoria. It’s a new place (I know there was another there before) and the sushi and Chinese food is amazing. Seriously.
      This snowstorm is killing me with the pup! Cannot wait until we can have a trail date with the dogs 🙂

        • Barbara on March 14, 2017 at 9:39 PM
        • Reply

        Steve took Bruin on a night Snowshoe adventure tonight for 2 hours at Crandall…he’s exhausted!!

        1. OMG that is awesome! I can’t even get StarFire outside for more than 5 minutes right now…even with her coat on 🙂

  15. I’m so glad you were able to swim! Vegas used to do tris but struggled with vertigo. She was a diver in the Navy and busted her ear drum… more than once. We’re a mess.

    That hate is SO CUTE! i must have one.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Shamrock Protein Shake [Recipe]My Profile

    1. I certainly hope the vertigo doesn’t become a “thing.” For now, it’s gone 🙂
      You obviously need a dog. Immediately.

  16. Excited to be int he giveaway!!

  17. Have you tried a Flywheel class? I’ve found that when I’m stressed they work great for me. I’ve even found myself on two occasions breaking down and crying in the middle of an uphill sprint, surrounded by strangers getting blasted by techno beats!

    I know it sound weird but on my most stressful and emotional days it really works wonders…
    Rick recently posted…Is Rice Fattening?My Profile

    1. It actually doesn’t sound that weird. I have definitely come home from a run (or sometimes in the middle of one) crying like a lunatic. Those endorphins can bring out ALL the emotions. Unfortunately for me, I don’t live anywhere near a Flywheel class but I understand what you’re saying and how it could help! Thank you 🙂

    • Brandon Sparks on March 19, 2017 at 8:57 PM
    • Reply

    Yes I love Trucker Hats.. I would choose The Summit…

  18. The puppy is absolutely adorable!! Is she a Weimeriner? I probabaly just butchered that spelling. I saw the Competitor article….walk in on parents having sex 17%?! Is the marathon THAT bad?! Lol.

    1. LOL! Yes, she is a Weimaraner and you didn’t do too badly. I had to practice.
      Isn’t that article the best? It puts A LOT into perspective.

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