The Rundown: Go Big or Go Home

Some girlfriends make plans to meet for coffee.  Others meet for cocktails or lunch or lunch with cocktails.  My friends?  We meet to run.  Ok, so not all of my friends of course, but I have a few who love to catch-up while logging miles.  Right now, a great friend who I’ve been running with for the better part of 10 years, is training to run the Boston marathon in April.  Another good friend of mine is doing training runs with her, basically just for fun.  I didn’t say we were sane, I said we were runners!  So, on Saturday they planned on doing 18 miles.  My plan called for 13.  We headed out in 14 degree weather, with the sun shining and a lot to chat about.  At the 6.5 mile mark, it was time for me to turn around and run 6.5 alone, back to my car, for a total of 13 miles.  I just couldn’t bring myself to turn around and leave – we were having too much fun.  So yep, I ran 18 miles for no good reason other then I just didn’t want to leave my friends.  It was the equivalent of “I’ll have one more, if everyone else is,” at the bar.  We’re addicts.  We’re just addicted to fitness.



RUNNING:  I had a big running week my friends.  My training last Monday called for a 15 miler.  I haven’t run 15 miles since I last trained for a marathon in 2007.  When I train for half marathons, I don’t usually go over 11 or 12 miles for a long run but hey, I just do what I’m told and follow my plan.  I headed out determined and I wasn’t disappointed.  I ended up running a hilly, windy, 15 miles at a 7:48 average pace!  I had just enough energy to do a little dance in my driveway to celebrate.  The training is working.  The rest of the week looked like this:

Wed: 6 miles at 7:39 pace/Thurs: 5 miles at 7:57/Sat: 18 miles at 8:40 for a grand total of 42 miles.  Holy crap.

CYCLING: I had three solid days on the bike, including riding just over 99 minutes on the spin bike.  In case you were wondering, when you get past 99 minutes, it resets to zero but keeps your mileage (50 miles).  What it should do is flash a message that says GET OFF!  Coach Rocket Scientist (CRS) told me to get prepared for a lot more cycling, a lot less running and more rest days in the near future.  After I run the NYC Half – changes will be made!

I hope I never see these kind of number again on a spin bike!

I hope I never see these kind of number again on a spin bike!

SWIMMING:  I’m only putting this here this week to tell you that I didn’t end up doing the indoor TRI at my YMCA.  After running 18 miles the day before the event, I decided to just do my bike workout on Sunday, during the TRI and yell and scream motivate those who were doing it.  Volunteering is so rewarding.

CROSS-TRAINING:  Besides my usual strength class and added exercises for my glutes, another thing got my heart rate up this past week.  There was a shooting on the main road below my neighborhood on Thursday.  The S.W.A.T Team landed a freakin helicopter at the elementary school that’s less then a half-mile from my house, which sounded as if it was landing on my house, and all while my husband was away on business.  Of course.  No one is quite sure yet exactly what happened but the general consensus is a murder/suicide.  What?  Even though I often refer to the place I live as my ‘hood, it’s as rural as rural can be, with more cows then people and more corn then cows.

RACING:  I’ve been receiving a lot of updates from the good folks at NYRR for the upcoming half-marathon.  I’m a little worried about the logistics of getting to the start of the race.  It begins in Central Park, we’ve been told to take the subway to get there and to enter the park only via 59th street.  Um, is the subway safe?  How freakin crowded will it be at 6am on race day and where the hell is 59th street? Luckily my dad knows everything about properly navigating the city so I should be fine.

FUEL:  You all know how much I love Runnerbox but they have knocked it out of the park this month.  Maybe it’s because I had a monster training week but my routine consisted of run, raid runnerbox, stretch, repeat.  These are my favorites and I haven’t eaten my way entirely through it yet:

IMG_3233 IMG_3223

So that’s all I actually got pictures of, the rest I scarfed down too quickly but include: True Bar in coconut cashew, Rani’s Yummy on-the-go granola pack and Earth Balance bars.  I need a case of each, stat!

SPEAKING SPANISH:  This has been a fail for me this week.  Slacker!  However, I added the post You’re Going to Spain to Do What? to the SITShare Fest on Saturday and, from the fine bloggers who read it, I found out that “pompis” is the polite word for “butt” in Costa Rica and it’s “culata” in Spainsh.  What do you think Latinos think of Dunkin Donuts Coolattas? Interesting.

THINGS I LOVE: Being reunited with my husband after he was away for the better part of the week!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: People who talk during spin class.  Just don’t.

MUSIC: I went to see Frozen in 3D with the kids this past week.  I had heard about the song “Let It Go” but when I actually heard the song, it was awesome!  I’m usually more partial to Flo Rida, Mackelmore and Pit Bull so you can understand this was quite a shock.  The kids and I listened to Elsa sing her little heart out on YouTube at breakfast the next morning until the boys knew most of the words by heart.  A line from the song can also be used as a winter running mantra:


TV:  Oh the joyous return of so many shows!  I have to admit that I was too afraid to watch Hannibal without my husband home.  That show totally freaks me out but I love it!  I also heard that Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope on the hit show Scandal is the keynote speaker at FitBloggin in June!  I guess I had better watch!  Oh yay and there was something called the Oscars on last night but I fell asleep around 10.  See “cycling” above for reasons why.

READING:  My running friend mentioned that she just read Catherine Switzer’s book Marathon Woman. For those of you who don’t know, Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon and head trainer, Jack Semple, tried to physically remove her from the course because women were not allowed to run it.  Right.  You’re probably thinking that happened in the 1800s but no, it was 1967.  I can’t wait to read about her badass, woman fueled, running awesomeness.  Thank you Catherine.

Imagine running 26.2 miles in that outfit?

Scene of the crime.                                                         Imagine running 26.2 miles in that outfit? One word – chaffing.

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  The original Superman movie is pretty cool, and you can’t beat the music.  MISS TESSMACHER!!!!

Have you ever been talked into extra mileage by friends?  What else have your friends talked you into?  What’s the craziest thing that ever happened in your neighborhood?


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  1. 50 miles on the spin bike… wow. I usually never see that number go above 24 in spin class!
    I am SO nervous about logistics of the NYC Half. We NEED to email each other and talk! I’m staying at a friend’s apartment that lives a block from Central Park so I’m assuming I can walk there? I’m trying not to think about it until I get there! What is your goal for the half? Sorry if I missed that! You are going to rock it! Wave to me as you’re walking home and I’m still running… hopefully!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted…FitFluential, Mom Help and MomStrong VideoMy Profile

    1. You can totally walk into Central Park – there are many entrances- just not every block! Good luck!
      Stephanie recently posted…“Blaze Your Trail” Pin It WinnersMy Profile

      1. Thank you!! That makes me feel better.

    2. Yes we need to talk for sure!! I’ll email you my cell number so we can meet up. And you KNOW if you were not pregnant right now, you would SO beat me to the finish…and who knows? You still may!!!?? I would like to do another sub 1:30 but I’m not as focused on it. I really just want to have a good race and FEEL good holding a steady pace.

  2. We loved Frozen here, too and watched Idina sing her heart out lat night on the Oscars and so glad the song won, because my little one seriously is addicted to it and she sings it everyday practically all day long and must admit still not tired of hearing it. Huge congrats on the running last week. Wow, you are on fire and so proud of you!! 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Kindergarten Registration ~ A New Chapter for UsMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Janine!! I also love hearing how much your kids love the Frozen songs too. It’s one of the best Disney movies I’ve seen in a LONG time. Love it!

  3. I am totally obsessed with Scandal, too. LOVE IT. So glad it is back! The fact that you just kept running in order to hang out with your friends is why you rock the free world and are my fitness hero!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Would You Rather Have: Oscar Style Or Oscar Arm Candy?My Profile

    1. Ha ha ha!! I think I may need more friends who meet for lunch. Thanks Ashley!
      PS – I love all the Dose tweets during the Oscars last night…until I went to bed of course…

  4. I feel fitter just reading your weekly rundowns. Thank you for working out enough for this slacker 🙂
    Alison recently posted…It’s Not A Disorder, Is It?My Profile

    1. You are SO welcome! Any time my friend.

  5. I LOVE that you ran 18 miles just so you could hang with your friends! And WOW, talk about an impressive training week. I rarely hit 40 miles (running) in a week, and I certainly don’t do all the other stuff on top of it! But I am making up for your lack of swimming. My hip has been bothering me a bit, and I’m trying to be smart about it for once. So, I’ve been in the pool. A lot. At least I’ll rock some sweet shoulders while my legs turn to mush. Ha. Kidding. Sort of. This mama needs to run!!

    How scary about the shooting in your ‘hood! I live in a pretty rural area too, and the news choppers usually only fly low for meth explosions!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…A Brilliant IdeaMy Profile

    1. I would love to know what you were talking about! I think the answer is “Everything!”
      Stephanie recently posted…“Blaze Your Trail” Pin It WinnersMy Profile

      1. It really was just “everything!” I rarely get to see these ladies unless we’re running so… 🙂

    2. OMG that is so funny about “meth explosions!” I mean, it’s not funny but it is in a Breaking Bad kind of way.
      I have to say that at least, as a runner, you can be in the pool rocking a workout. It’s definitely not the runner’s high BUT it’s a hell of a lot better then the elliptical and you get extra bonus points for being smart. Maybe by the time you’re ready to run the temps will hit 40 so it will be worth the wait.

    • Tina on March 3, 2014 at 8:18 AM
    • Reply

    Says the cop wife: Lifestar landed there and the woman shot herself and passed. Sad, but no one else was hurt. Well, except for you after 42 miles.

    1. OH!!! Is THAT what happened?? Thank you for setting the record straight. That is beyond horrible! And I’m laughing about the 42 miles 🙂

  6. Yes I’ve been talked into extra mileage. There may have been a couple times I paid for it. We’ve been eating that Keenwah here…and it’s really good!
    Michelle recently posted…Pie for Dinner! 14 Recipes to Please Your Comfort Food CravingsMy Profile

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I was feeling ok until CRS told me I had to bike for 2 hours the next day. What?? I’m happily resting today.
      I was psyched that I was able to find the Keenwah at my local Big Y! Bonus.

  7. Great job! You had a fantastic running week! 18 miles wow! I hate when people talk during spin too.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday (Thursday Edition) – Pictsweet All Natural Collard Greens ReviewMy Profile

    1. I’ve recently had a rash of talkers in spin and it’s incredibly rude. I try saying something like “If you’re talking you’re not working hard enough” but, they’re talking to they don’t hear me. When all else fails, I crank the music so no one can hear anything 🙂 Thanks Kris!

  8. Some of my best friends are my running friends. We have an awesome group of ladies and get together to run 3x/week. I love having a mix of solo and group running in my life. And yes, we’ve all been known to talk each other into more on occasion!

    You crushed your 15-miler! Can’t wait to see what you do for your half. yes, take the subway!

    I haven’t seen Frozen yet but am excited to now that it’s on DVD. My daughter and husband saw it and loved it, now my son and I must catch up!
    misszippy recently posted…Return from injury: it’s not all rainbows and unicornsMy Profile

    1. I know you totally get the running with friends thing. I wish I could run with them more but schedules are just too different for all of us.
      Thanks for the subway advice!
      Frozen is a must. It’s one of the best Disney movies I’ve seen in a long time.

  9. I wanna try that quinoa cluster! (I also need to stop saying qwin-noah in my head smh!!)

    I love that you ran with your buddies, who wants to run for 6 miles by themselves and leave all the fun?!

    You should absolutely watch scandal BUT Kerry is going to be a keynote at BlogHer not Fitbloggin. I haven’t seen Frozen yet but my hubby had the kids watch it and my eldest absolutely loved it.

    I’m from Brooklyn, I really don’t think you want to know the craziest thing that happened in my neighborhood 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Mayim’s Vegan Table – Mayim Bialik’s Meet and Greet #MayimMamarazziMy Profile

    1. I can’t tell you how bummed I am right now! I SO thought your FB post about her was for FitBloggin. Booooooo:-( I’ll watch anyway since it seems to be the greatest show ever based on what I’ve seen and heard.
      I’m laughing about Brooklyn and what goes on in your hood!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! You’re right. I don’t want to know!

  10. I love that you and your friends catch up on runs! All my friends ever want to do is eat and drink and they wonder why I refuse to go out with them half the time.

    Subway is totally safe. I take it everyday!

    I can’t believe there was a shooting right near your neighborhood. That is crazy! How scary. SWAT and everything!

    So glad your hubby is home. I definitely know how that feels!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Now and ThenMy Profile

    1. You need to suggest some fitness dates with your girlfriends…with food and drink afterward!
      Thanks for letting me know about the subway. In all the times I’ve been to the city, I’ve never taken it.
      The shooting was crazy. Turns out it was someone who shot herself and it was LifeStar that landed at the school. So sad.
      Hooray for husbands being home 🙂

  11. We all love volunteering at races!! So much fun. Craziest thing to happen in my good was being without power for 2 weeks during hurricane sandy. Lots of damage. The subways is fine in NYC. It won’t be that crowded. John did the NYC Triathlon last year. The run was in Central Park. Logistics were crazy. SOOOO much walking and it was so hot. We both recapped the race on the blog. My Sherpa ss were out to the test navigating his bike through the crowds in the city!
    Tara Newman recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

    1. I can’t imagine doing a TRI in the city with all those logistics! My husband, dad and Joanne will be at the finish line only. I’ll be getting to the start solo!
      Let’s hope there’s never another Sandy. That was devastating.

  12. I would totally tack on an extra 5 miles so I could keep running with my friends, too!! Oh, and people who talk in spin class are not working hard enough. 😉
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted…Scenes from a weekend #17My Profile

    1. A girl after my own heart!
      I usually call out the talkers by telling them the same thing! But, they can’t hear me b/c they’re talking!! When all else fails, I crank the music.

  13. Is it easy to talk while running, or is it just a nice thing to be together but you’re not able to chat so much? See how much I run that I don’t know that? Through all of you, I learned that you can eat and drink and go to the bathroom during a marathon.
    I do know not to talk during spin class…how rude!
    The craziest thing in my neighborhood? Definitely moose and bears running amok!
    Tamara recently posted…Too Darn Happy.My Profile

    1. You are adorable Tamara! See all this useless knowledge we’ve all bestowed on you? My friends and I never shut up when we’re running! We talk about everything and surprisingly, not all that much about running!
      I can’t wait to start seeing some photos of those crazy animals in your ‘hood!

  14. I go for long walks with friends to catch up – not quite the same as running, but at least we are getting out there, right? I live less than 15 minutes from the mall shooting that happened in January – so I know how scary it is to have violence hit close to home. I hope you were able to keep that info from your boys, so they feel safe.
    Dana recently posted…Pitbulls and granola barsMy Profile

    1. Walks are definitely the same! There’s something about a “moving conversation” that just feels good.
      I didn’t realize you were that close to the mall. How awful. I’m sure that was not a fun conversation to have with your kids. Luckily mine are young enough that they have no clue anything happened. Four is a magical age.

  15. I love that you kept running so you could chat with your friends! Way to rock that week of training.
    None of my friends run – actually my very best friend (almost more of a sister) a few years ago took up running and apparently one day right after she started running I made her mad because I asked her how far she had gone. Not even kidding – that is the reason she gave for ending a friendship that I thought would last forever.
    Kim recently posted…#Mania #Frenzy #OverloadMy Profile

    1. What? That is the weirdest and saddest thing I’ve ever heard?! There must have been some underlying factors because that seems extreme. I’m sorry that happened, it must have been hard for you. I actually wish more of my friends ran so I could have company more.

  16. Amazing job with your runs and cycling this week. I love that you just ran 18 miles just because 🙂
    I’m excited about NYC Half. Can’t wait. The emails are kind of stressing me out though I agree. Have to figure out all the logistics! And Scandal? Such a great show!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Ask a Yogini: Should I Use Yoga Props?My Profile

    1. I think I have it figured out, thanks to my dad! We need to figure out OUR logistics so we can meet up 🙂

  17. I think I may be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen Frozen. Those darn teenagers refuse to see it with me.

    I love that you had so much fun with your friends that you just kept running. That’s the beauty of exercising with others.
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Pistachio Blueberry CupcakesMy Profile

    1. I’m sure no other teen moms have seen it either! I don’t blame your kids, but it really is a good one.
      The buddy system really works – for running and pretty much anything else.

  18. Ok…first of all…you can run…AND talk? You deserve kudos for that! I can barely BREATHE let along talk while running! Lol! I also HATE when people talk in SPIN class as well. It’s so annoying…and YES, get in to Scandal! The show is great, but I do recommend you catch up with the first two seasons first!
    Britton recently posted…Motivational Monday Fitness Check In: FebruaryMy Profile

    1. You just have to go a little slower so you can breathe and stop when you’re going uphill!
      I had a good spin today with zero talking. Hopefully everyone is reading my blog – NOT!
      I will definitely start Scandal from the beginning. I can’t wait. Thanks Britt!!

  19. I love your run down posts! And I think I would definitely love those chocolate quinoa bars! And running with girl friends? Priceless? I basically would up running my first marathon because I was training for a 13.1 with a friend who looked at me and said, “Let’s see if we can do 16 miles today…” Yes – the same as “I’ll have another” at the bar.
    Ilene recently posted…Maybe This Could Be BigMy Profile

    1. I love it!! So glad you can relate!
      Thanks Ilene 🙂

  20. Yeah, um, no. I have never been talked into running 18 miles, lol. I love running but I do it for me time so I am a solo runner. I have ran with clients on the side but for me I go alone. I did do my first half because someone asked me to do a full marathon and since I had just had a baby a few months prior (and away from any distance running for years) I had to start small. Needless to say I think 13.1 is good for me. I am loving my trailheads pullover BTW, thanks!
    Melissa Gaines-Mow recently posted…When a 4 yr. Old Drops the F-BombMy Profile

    1. So glad you are loving your TrailHeads pullover!
      A half-marathon is not starting small, especially after just having a baby – good for you! I can also relate to running solo. I do most of my runs that way but, when I get beyond 10 miles, I like to talk to someone who can respond!

  21. I AM GOING TO FITBLOGGING BABY!!! I AM GOING – but isn’t it in July??!

    And I loveeeeeee active friendships! That is why Whitney and I are such good friends, we bonded over our love of health and fitness 😀
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Saint Patrick’s Day: Rolling Up a SpecialtyMy Profile

    1. WOOOHOOO!!!!! That is fantastic news!! It’s at the end of June and Kerry Washington is speaking at BlogHer. I was wrong. *hangs head in shame*
      Active friendships are some of the best!

    • Denise Pantason on March 5, 2014 at 12:50 PM
    • Reply

    Hi Allie- Thanks for the blog mention! I had a great time running with you!!! Looks like you had an awesome week of workouts….We are running 20 on Saturday if you want to join us again. Also, I have the book for you too!

    1. I’m not getting sucked into your mileage again my friend – haha! We actually have company all weekend so, let me know when you start to taper and I’ll join you again. It’s always FUN! I know I have to give your hat back so if you need it, let me know and I can drop it by before Saturday – and pick up the book!

  22. I totally cannot do anything when I’m running except listen to music. In fact, I’m so winded from my wimpy runs that I can’t talk to anyone for a few minutes because I am trying to catch my breath way after the cool down. What a bum!

    I don’t know how you have actual conversations without falling out somewhere on the street! You’re amazing!
    Lex @ Flecks of Lex recently posted…Fantasy Fitness Fashion: New Balance High Visibility Beacon JacketMy Profile

    1. Ha ha ha – thanks. It wasn’t always that way. We definitely have to take breaks when going uphill, but the conversation makes the miles fly by!

  23. I love that you kept on running with your friends to hang out some more. I wish I had friends to run with but I do all my running alone. It’s quality ‘me’ time and I enjoy it most of the time. I’ve been on the spin bike for my cross training. I look forward to it every week!
    Angie @ A Mother’s Pace recently posted…5 Reasons Why I Run With a Nike SportWatchMy Profile

    1. I do love running (and biking) alone, which I do most of the time. I think that’s why it was such a treat to have people to talk to on the run! Those long ones get really long when you’re by yourself but it absolutely is quality time.

  24. Such a killer week!! Awesome running mileage and paces. I need to find some more running friends in our new town. I’ve found a few groups I like to run with, but not many that I feel like I could meet up with outside of that. I had an awesome running buddy in Houston- they are the best!!

    1. They really are! Finding someone you can run those long distances with can be hard. When you’re logging 16+ miles, you can go though a lot of ups and downs…as you are well aware! I hope you can find someone to run with after the baby is born 🙂

  25. What a great week! Although you’d never see me running 18 miles just because. A 5th Zumba class, another round of kickboxing, Plates…sure. The running, not so much.

    I think you’ve been incredible with the dedication to learning some Spanish. Our local college has a conversational Spanish class (non credit) that I keep meaning to take. We have a lot of Spanish speaking customers at work and when they call they ask if I speak Spanish. All I can say is “No habla Espanol. In English por favor.” Then they say they don’t speak English and I just put them on hold and track down one of our Spanish employees. Nice, right?

    Sometimes I wish my husband would go somewhere for a few days. I need a break. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Goals…What Goals?My Profile

    1. Whatever your friends get you to do more of (that’s healthy) is ALL good!
      I’m starting to struggle with the Spanish now that it’s getting to the conversational level. I think it’s something you need to immerse yourself in.
      I agree with the solo time away from the hubs. Everyone needs a break!

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