Sep 15

The Rundown – In Pictures

That’s right, I’m taking the easy way out this week and bringing The Rundown to you in pictures. Why? Oh let me see, it could be because I was in a van with six other women, running 200 miles from Canon Mountain, NH to Hampton Beach, NH from 4:30am Friday until 5:30pm Saturday night. This 34 hour Reach The Beach Relay race also included a 9.5 mile run at 1AM, for yours truly. I’m stunned that I can even post pictures at this point. I hope the following makes sense…




RUNNING: All I did was run. Including the Reach the Beach race, I ran a total of 42 miles this past week. I also got to run in Boston on Thursday morning, which makes me happier then I can possibly tell you.

The Boston Common is my happy place.

The Boston Common is my happy place.


CYCLING: I taught only one spin class, so this was a sad mileage week. I managed 26ish miles in that class. I suck, and I have no picture to prove it.

CROSS-TRAINING: Um, living in a van for two days? Not using a real toilet during that time? Yes and (unfortunately) yes.

I live in a van. Sometimes we park it near a river.

I live in a van. Sometimes we park it near a river.


RACING: I could post 10,000 pictures here but, I’ll save that for my Reach The Beach relay race re-cap post!

I'm smiling because this was my first leg of the relay and I had slept in a bed the night before.

I’m smiling because this was my first leg of the relay, and I had slept in a bed the night before. Oh, and because I had already passed 8 people, hence the eight fingers up.

FUEL: This really needs no words but here I am typing anyway…


THINGS I LOVE: The boys at their first track practice!


That’s Vaughn waving to the camera.


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Missing the boys first track practice because I was running a two-day race!

MUSIC:  This was the very first time I listened to music during a race. Sadly, I have no picture to represent that.

TV: The Packers just won. I can’t ask for much more.

READING: I’m so glad to not be reading maps of transition areas and/or elevation gain and losses for my next leg of the relay.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Now we’re cooking with corn oil!” – Lorriane at Run Wifey Run – do yourself a favor and check her out!

There was no one else I would rather have been in a van with than this woman. The only thing we disagreed on was day-glo jackets.

There was no one else I would rather have been in a van with, than this woman. The only thing we disagreed on was day-glo jackets.


Can you post a picture in the comments? Give it a try!

What did you do all weekend?


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  1. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    Your weekend looked strangely similar to mine. Weird. SO FREAKIN’ BUMMED WE DIDN’T MEET!!!!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Reach the Beach Relay Recap {Leg 1}My Profile

    1. vita88

      Right? And seriously, we need to stop being in the same place at the same time and NOT meeting. Total bummer.

  2. Janine Huldie

    My weekend was tame in comparison and must admit sadly boring, too with me cleaning, organizing and also tending to a sick child – Lily was running a low grade fever with a bit of stuffiness. But overall, I got more then I thought done, so it wasn’t all bad. But does look like you had a great weekend and loved seeing the photo recap 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Hopeful Wonder…My Profile

    1. vita88

      I WISH I had a boring weekend. I also came home to a sick child which is just awful…for both of us. Here’s to a quick recovery for everyone!

  3. Tina Muir

    Awesome! Cant wait to read the recap, and I am mighty impressed you even managed to get a post up! I would be dead to the world! I had a great weekend, my race went better than expected, and I went apple picking to welcome fall in. As for a picture, no idea how to do that, but you can hop over to my blog when you wake 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted…The Road Half Marathon Recap and Meatless Monday: Superfood CurryMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I already saw what you did miss first place overall!!!! I couldn’t be happier for you – so, so amazing!!!! Now I need some of those cider donuts you had – YUM!

  4. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    oh man. I was cheering you guys on! I am so curious about how it all went, but if your picture is any indication I think it went pretty well. 🙂 The boys’ track t-shirts are so just so long and so cute 🙂 Was that Miles waving to you?
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Family Forward Fun at Universal Studios OrlandoMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It was actually Vaughn but the funny thing is that I thought it was Miles too!!!! They are so freakin’ identical, it’s ridiculous.
      The race was crazy. I’ll leave it at that. Lord have mercy!!!

  5. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Love this and can’t wait to read the rest because I didn’t get to spend enough time with you! BTW you and Angela are making me feel like a slacker since I have no post up today. Oopsy. Oh well. I tried to blog and fell asleep. So good to finally meet in person.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…High Five (or 11) Friday!My Profile

    1. vita88

      You are actually smart! Angela actually had like an entire recap for her first leg!? How the hell did she do that?? I was seriously cross-eyed by the time I ended my post and went to bed directly afterward. It was 9:15.
      But YES so happy to have met you and, now that I have, we must hang out again!!!

  6. misszippy

    You all had to have had the best time! I have always loved Lorraine and am jealous you got to hang with her. Now go rest up!

    Oh–did a triathlon relay with my friends this weekend. We had three teams and we swept the podium! Fun, fun, fun!
    misszippy recently posted…Be a butter burnerMy Profile

    1. vita88

      OMG!!!! That is awesome Amanda!!! Good for you! I hope you write about it.
      I can’t believe you know Lorraine…well, I can but YES she is seriously the best. She’s smart, funny and never even once got cranky. Well, maybe once but that was after she had been up ALL night and didn’t get her breakfast so… 🙂

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes

    Ahhhhh! I can’t wait to hear the recap!! I need to live vicariously through you!! I need to find a track program for my 5 year old, thanks for the idea!!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…I have found the most delicious protein bar & a Giveaway!My Profile

    1. vita88

      I was thinking of you every time I went into one of my ziplock bags 🙂
      Yes, the track program is SO popular and fills up really fast. We have like a whole alert system between parents so we can make sure our kids get in. Cray cray.

  8. Dana

    If I could post a picture here, it would be the one I took of the beignets I made for breakfast on Saturday. While you were running your butt off I was frying dough and dumping powdered sugar on it.
    Dana recently posted…My Other ExMy Profile

    1. vita88

      That sounds infinitely better. I need to do more eating and baking and less running. For real.

  9. Yum Yucky

    I hope no one in that van had the farts. A van full of farting women would be treacherous.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Yum Yucky’s Guide to Intermittent FastingMy Profile

    1. Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

      Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Fitness and Depression aka What I Do To Stay SaneMy Profile

    2. vita88

      It was an “anything goes” atmosphere but, I have to say, all the other women were ladies…which leaves only one person in question… 🙂

  10. Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

    I can’t wait to read the recap! What an awesome experience!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Fitness and Depression aka What I Do To Stay SaneMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It was an adventure. I seriously don’t even know where to begin the recap as my mind is swimming!!!

  11. Caitlin

    I could probably go into about 80 Lorraine quotes! Can’t wait to read your recap – and meet up with you in Glastonbury when I’m back in CT (because let’s be real there’s nowhere to meet up in Ellington 😉 ha!)
    I still can’t believe it was your first time listening to music when you ran!
    Caitlin recently posted…Reach the Beach Part 1: Pre-RelayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Seriously – she had SO many!
      Yes to meeting up in Glastonbury as there is ONE restaurant in Ellington, and I’m not sure they serve Manhattan’s there 🙂

  12. Tamara

    I love that Dunkin Donuts sponsored the track team.
    Ok, I’m going to post a photo of my weekend. Hope it works..
    [img src=”http://letmebestormy.smugmug.com/TamaraBowman/Holy-Cow-Its-2014/September-2014/i-zCd6Bkm/0/X3/Skip-X3.jpg”]
    Tamara recently posted…A Letter To a Little Girl.My Profile

    1. vita88

      Darn it! It did not work. Booooo. Now I really want to know what picture it is! 🙂
      Gotta love Dunkin. American DOES run on it!

  13. jill conyers

    I want more RTB pics! If you ever know of a relay team needing a runner think of me!

    My weekend was nothing unusual or big eventful but no less extraordinary. Hmmm…life is good 🙂
    jill conyers recently posted…#dailyMNB Instagram Challenge Link-UpMy Profile

  14. Kim

    Can’t wait to read your race recap!!!
    Love the picture of the boys on the track – you will have lots of opportunities to see them at track practice!!!
    Kim recently posted…Knowing When to Say WhenMy Profile

  15. Alison

    Well, my weekend was fairly dramatic. I suddenly became a mother of four!
    Alison recently posted…FirstsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Um YAY!!!! Holy cow woman!! So excited and happy for you. Love all the pictures and posts of your beautiful TWINS! Keep them coming!!

  16. Britt@MyOwnBalance

    That race sounds insane! I can’t believe it! You simply amaze me more and more each day! I feel like such a slacker! Lol!

    No toilets? That is my personal hell!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Friday’s Food & Fitness: The Greek EditionMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You are doing the hardest work of all – creating a human!!! Rest up mama!!

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