Feb 06

The Rundown – Mahalo

Mahalo means “thank you” in Hawaiian and I could not be more thankful to the people and the island of Hawaii.

The big island is spectacular, the people are wonderful, the sun was warmer than I remembered and the swimming, cycling and running were incomparable. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to go, to meet new people and to feel the meaning of Mahalo which, I of course took to yelling as “MaHAlooooooooo!” randomly and mostly in public. It’s a thing now. You’re welcome.

Aloha everyone! I hope you missed me. I would say it’s good to be home but that would be a total lie. My husband and I thought long and hard about just sending for our kids and staying on the big island for another month. But alas, I have returned and now you all get to suffer though what will probably be months of Hawaii posts and photos. Mahalo bitches!



The thing I will probably miss most is the simplicity of slipping on a top, shorts, and shoes and stepping out into paradise to run. With piles of lava rocks on one side and miles of ocean on the other, I didn’t even think about listening to music and instead tuned into my breathing, surroundings and all the other smiling people out and about before 8am running, walking and biking in paradise.

My first morning in heaven. I was smiling like this all day, um, week!

I even made a new triathlon friend, after I passed him on the run. He was super cool about being chicked (aka passed by a woman) and proceeded to tell me how he lives in Boulder, CO and is training for an Ironman. He invited me to swim with him and his wife in the ocean the next day. This is all filed under “things that never happen at home.”

My view on my beach run. If you look closely, you can see the surfers. #hangloose


In case you don’t know, Kailua, Kona hosts the International Ironman competition and we stayed about 30 miles from where the start and finish line is. I had the privilege of riding the same roads as the athletes who compete in that most prestigious of races and it was insane! I had heard incredible stories of people being blown off of their bikes on the course and into lava rock by the infamous Kona winds and now, I can see how easily that could happen.

Riding a volcano can be windy as hell and, at times I was saying out loud to myself, “steady, steady” while trying to stay upright. Riding the wind of Kona brought new meaning to “resistance” training but, I absolutely loved every minute. If the locals were catching the wind just right, they would have heard the voice of a little Cuban yelling “woooooohooooooo” all the way down highway 19. Oh yeah, did I mention this all happens on a highway? More on that later…

That is pure joy right there people.


This was the only part of my vacation that did not go as planned…at least the only part of my “training” on vacation. See, I thought I was staying in Kona but, we were actually about 30 miles away, which made swimming in the Kona Aquatic Center pool impossible. The rip tide current in the ocean made swimming in it, impossible and the people, children and floats in the pool ruled that out as well.

We walked for miles on stretches like this and jumped into and out of the water at will. I mean, seriously? Does it get any better? No. The answer is no.

Instead of actual lap swimming in the water, I did a few “land” swims in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I did plenty of ocean and pool swimming but nothing I would equate as “training” especially since most of it was done with one hand on my drink.



I did yoga. This is what it looked like…

Shit show on the lawn.

See those two women laughing hysterically in the background? They are two of the best people I have met in a long time and we became so close over the week we were there. More (a lot more!) on them later.

This yoga-on-the-lawn in front of the ocean was everything you would think – relaxing, refreshing, and exactly the way I wish I could do yoga every single day. Sigh.


These are a few of my favorite Hawaiian fuels:

  1. Kona coffee
  2. Fruit
  3. Fish. All the fish!
  4. Alcohol

Coffe by the ocean, every single day.

This magical margarita was a favorite by the pool. I’m not really a margarita kinda girl but these? They are made with passion fruit and whatever that mystical deliciousness is covering the rim, I loved it and had to have it. I’m now experiencing withdrawals. #worthit

The best margarita ever. Ever. Ever. That stuff around the rim? Insanity.

In case you did not see my undying devotion to the shaved iced martini on FB, here it is…

We “hiked” at least a mile to get these.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my food since I either A). ate it too quickly or B.) my food pictures somehow make everything look inedible and/or disgusting.



My husband for putting up with my flying anxiety.

My dad and stepmom for taking the best care of my boys and loving (almost) every minute of it.

The new friends we made.

Not seeing or hearing anything on the news for seven days. Seven amazing, glorious, perfect days.

Cheers to that!


The sense of entitlement some of the people at these high end resorts have. I saw hotel guests simply leave behind messes their kids made, wet and dirty towels strewn across abandoned pool chairs and plastic cups discarded practically right next to a garbage or recycle bin.

Hey, rich people – your maid does not work here. Pick up your shit!


Let’s just say my mouth got one hell of a workout on this vacation. In fact, when me and one of the other wives had what looked like a Botox injected lower lip the morning after a particularly chatty afternoon at the pool, her husband suggested it was due to “lip fatigue” and not sunburn. My point is that I hardly read a thing, except on the plane when I wasn’t thinking about imminent death.

This was an interesting read:


Whenever I’m introduced to a new group of people, I’m reminded that I’m an abnormality. When you’re usually surrounded by like-minded and super fit people, you start to think 6 mile runs are short and eating fries is something you only do twice a month. God how I loved hanging out with non-triathletes!

At 7am one morning – – “So, did you already run like 10 miles?”

Someone talking to my husband but motioning to me – – “You can go golf. She bikes like 8 hours a day, right?”

Meeting one of the wives I would become besties with – -“Oh hell no. You are not sitting anywhere near me at the pool!”

When I said I’m terrible at staying hydrated – – “Yep, That’s your problem. You would probably be able to run so much faster if you drank water.”

Talking to the girls about lunch – – “I love that you eat real food!”



How was your week?

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

What are you thankful for?


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  1. Angela @ happy fit mama

    This makes me want to go back to Hawaii ASAP. Ok, really anything makes me want to go back. Screw Disney World. Hawaii is the most magical place on earth. lol! I’m glad you had a great time and now I want a margarita. And a shaved ice martini. 🙂
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  2. jill conyers

    Pure bliss! There are very few things better than running in Hawaii.

    Allie your smile is contagious!
    jill conyers recently posted…How To Stop Negative Self Talk with a Compassionate VoiceMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks so much Jill and, you are 100% correct about running in Hawaii!

  3. Susie @ Suzlyfe

    Hawai’i truly is a world of its own. When I went, I wasn’t the runner etc that I am now, and I am glad I wasn’t , because it was a trip where I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that, but I would love to go back and really throw myself at it again.
    And lip fatigue? Maybe that is what is wrong with my lips. OH WAIT they are just chapped.
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…We All Need a BreakMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Can I throw myself there with you? Maybe we can then test the “lip fatigue” theory for real 🙂

  4. Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home

    I love that you eat real food too! Actually, that’s why I don’t post pictures of my food. It’s real and it’s spectacular. But who wants to see pizza? Or the pulled pork we had last night?

    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The Group Run: It Was TimeMy Profile

    1. vita88

      You get me 🙂

  5. Kara A. Forrest

    Wow!! I have never been to Hawaii, but now I must go. . . someday!! So glad you had an incredible time and love the stories you have shared about your adventures in Hawaii! I was wondering about the Kona coffee- I love a good cup of coffee!! I could absolutely fuel off of everything on your list! Every Day!! Hope you ease back into the New England chill!
    Kara A. Forrest recently posted…Black Bean, Garlic and Butternut Squash Zoodle SoupMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Oh the coffee!!! It’s as good as it sounds. Luckily, we can get it here too but somehow it’s not the same without the view and temperature.
      Thanks Kara!

  6. Jennifer @ Fit Nana

    I’m so glad you had such a great time!! The Big Island is just so beautiful. 🙂
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…THE WEEKEND IN PICTURESMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thank you! It was stunning!

  7. danielle

    oh wow!!! aloha!!! mahalo!!! for some reason the old 80’s song ‘Heaven’ from warrant just popped in my head. you? no? ok…
    well i’m so utterly delighted to read this. this makes me all happy inside. i can’t wait to visit, neither my husband or i have ever been to hawaii.
    i still can’t believe Kona is where the ironman champions race – i’ve watched it and still can’t believe it. that course just LOOKs tough!!! like seriously, those athletes are just mind blowing. miranda is another level of machine woman.
    it’s so cool that you got to hang out with ‘other’ types of people!!! now i’m one of them since i’m not training for anything so it’s fun to be on the other side. and also funny to hear the comments.
    i know what you mean about entitlement. i teach at a really nice gym, lifetime fitness, and am horrified at how some assholes just leave their disgusting dirty razors and wet towels and products and trash all over the showers. what the bloody hell is wrong with you, madame??? sorry but it pisses me off. take care of the damn facility that you utilize. the trash can and towel bin is RIGHT THERE!!!!
    ok happy monday, welcome back and so happy for you’re awesome experience!!!!! <3
    danielle recently posted…WIR sleep less play moreMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It’s definitely an entitlement thing because people are downright tidy at the YMCA!!

      I would love to be at Kona someday to WATCH the IM 🙂

  8. Paria@momontherunsanity.com

    Hey there yogi… love that you made friends with these random women… I look forward to hearing more about that… And I would love a week of no news right now… even just a couple of days of it.
    Paria@momontherunsanity.com recently posted…WhisperMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It was truly refreshing to have a genuinely fun and and honest relationship with two other women I just met. And having no news was probably the best part. Seriously.

  9. Suzy

    I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. I LOL’ed at the comment by the lady to you about not sitting near her at the pool. Ha ha ha ha! Cute. 🙂 I would do anything to go back to Hawaii. OMG. Anything. Is there a bartering god around here that I could shave my head for? Or eat bird poo or something?
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Please let me know if that bartering system exists because I would also do almost anything…like suffer though all those long flights again!

  10. Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner

    I am also the worst at taking food pictures and for the most part, I find food pictures to be pretty boring anyway. I’d much rather see alcohol pictures. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I am sure that I don’t care. I am also not glad to be back from New Zealand. It is NOT good to be home. Let’s just go back.
    Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner recently posted…Prague Marathon Training, Week 4My Profile

    1. vita88

      Whatever it says about you goes double for me so…:-)
      And yes, let’s just back. Actually I would now like to go to New Zealand because it looked beyond amazing!

  11. Jen

    Sounds like an awesome trip! We were just out there in October to cheer on my sister at the Ironman World Championship. Absolutely LOVE Kona and was not ready to return home (although I did miss the little ones). As a marathon runner, I was so excited to see Desi Linden while out on a few morning runs. I don’t know if many triathletes would recognize her (she looked surprised when I called out her name), but she was there to cheer on her husband. By the way, totally digging the arms and shoulders. I lift weights hard about 3-4 times a week and really enjoy it. I find that it complements my running and helps me keep my form once I start getting tired. Keep up the great work!

    1. vita88

      I missed my boys too which was the only thing making going home bearable!

      LOVE that you recognized Desi…and that she was just out running! How cool!! Of course just being there to cheer on an IM athlete is cool enough so you went above and beyond 🙂

  12. Fancy Nancy

    It sounds like an amazing trip!!!! I can almost smell the coconut oil!!! I’m so glad you were able to really unplug and enjoy your time!!! While of course getting in amazing workouts!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Me too!! Thanks so much Nancy 🙂

  13. Laura

    You were totally missed!! And I’m so jealous of the sun and kid free week to do as you please. Actually, I think the lack of access to news might be one of the most appealing parts too. Thankfully it hasn’t been too miserably cold here, and there is sunshine today so I can’t complain!
    Laura recently posted…6 weeks to NYC Half training + Meal planningMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks Laura!
      And not having to prepare meals and do dishes was right up there with no news!! Funny how the things you love about vacation changes over time. LOL!

  14. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    Maholo bitches made me LOL for real! Your pics looked so lovely and the trip sounds amazing. Hawaii is on the – on day – list of places to get to, what an amazing opportunity!
    Lack of news sounds so nice. I will be in Iceland next week – and CANNOT WAIT to not see or think about the news.
    Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted…Winter Running FavoritesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Wow – Iceland!! That is on my husband’s “someday” list so I’m looking forward to following your trip! So glad you got a good laugh too 🙂

  15. Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes

    Seriously, Hawaii was life changing! I can not wait to go back and see the other islands! Sounds like you had an amazing time!! I think we should go together next year. D’s conference is at the same place you stayed next year….beginning of Jan again, you in?!

    1. vita88

      YES YES YES YES YES!!! Seriously, we need to make this happen. We would get into a lot of trouble there 🙂

  16. Laura @ This Runner's Recipes

    Welcome back!!! Okay, I need to go to Hawai’i. Preferably right now to escape this weird white stuff that fell on the ground last night and won’t go away (and to escape the news). Your photos are stunning! All of those drinks sound delicious especially that margarita.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Lake Sammamish Half 2017 Training Week 5My Profile

    1. vita88

      HAHA – thanks Laura and your flight is a simple 5 hours so you need to make that happen!

  17. Jess

    This post was worth the wait! Did you bring your own bike? So glad you guys had this opportunity for an amazing getaway and that you got to know some of the awesome people we get to work with, it really is a great community of people (for the most part ;)!

    1. vita88

      Thanks Jess! And no, I rented a bike almost exactly like mine. Since Kona is the home of my people (aka triathletes) they do awesome shit like that.
      And yes, my whole view of telecom wives has changed drastically…you know how I feel about some of the men 🙂

  18. Dana

    Loved this whole post, but the quotes at the end were the best! Hell no, I wouldn’t sit next to you at the pool, either. 😉 Unless you brought one of those shaved ice drinks.

    I’ve never been to Hawaii – one day!
    Dana recently posted…Tips for college freshmen, from the college freshmanMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Oh yes you would because of course we would be drinking 🙂

      You should put Hawaii on your list as you all travel like pros. You would love it!

  19. Aimee

    Reading your blog just makes me laugh and smile. I love your quick wit and “be real” attitude. A week in Hawaii right now sounds fabulous!!!

    1. vita88

      Your words are fabulous! Thank you so much – I really appreciate it.

  20. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Le sigh. You’ve lured me back with your Hawaii pictures! I love all of this and so happy to hear that you had a great time on the Big Island. That’s one of my favorite islands. A million years ago, Ed and I almost bought a bed and breakfast there. Now, I can’t believe we didn’t do it! Let’s go back, yes??
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Goal Setting for a New YearMy Profile

    1. vita88

      What? I can so picture you and Ed running a bed and breakfast…and I picture myself staying there for months at a time while we write and you teach me to surf!
      Seriously thought about you so much while I was there. Next up we’re planning Oahu 🙂

  21. Hollie

    I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and this looks like an incredible time. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    1. vita88

      It was truly amazing. I honestly hope you get to experience it someday because everyone should!! Thanks Hollie.

  22. Nellie

    LOL welcome back! I for one am not mad about hawaii pic for the next few months, or forever really 🙂 I can’t believe you biked up the volcano….wait a sec, of course I can! That place looks incredible Allie!! I bet you will find yourself back there sooner than you think 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…This is 34.My Profile

    1. vita88

      I hope so and thanks for the welcome!
      And, don’t be too impressed as the entire island is basically one giant volcano 🙂

  23. Jesica @rUnladylike

    Welcome back! I’ve been so jealous of your trip and am so glad you had fun!!! We went to Kauai and Maui in 2010 and it is one of my favorite vacations ever. Hawaii is such a special place. I can’t wait to go back! Running the marathon in kauai on a whim was one of the most memorable and spiritual experiences! I can’t wait to continue reading more. xo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…Face-down in a Pan of BrowniesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I remember when you did that marathon and you only found out about it on the plane ride there!! That is seriously one of the best stories EVER!
      Hawaii was even better than expected and now, I of course need to check out the other islands.
      Thanks Jesica!

  24. Natalie

    What am I thankful for? Reading this post when I have had a crazy, borderline crappy day!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
    I did a triathlon in Maui once and it was magical. HEAVEN. It’s hard to concentrate on the swim, because you are too busy gazing at sea turtles!! 🙂 Ha!
    Your trip sounds AMAZING and you should’ve flown your kids in and stayed for a month – cheers to THAT!
    Those margaritas… OMG.
    Natalie recently posted…Boston Marathon Training: 10 Weeks!My Profile

    1. vita88

      How could a triathlon in Maui be any but magical? That is fantastic and SO glad I could provide a brief bright spot to your day. Hang in there mama!!

  25. Jess

    A great reminder why vacations are so important for re-charging!

  26. Jess

    opps, I meant for this comment to go with your other Hawaii post about the 5 ways it restored your faith in humanity, playing catchup 🙂

  27. Mo at Mocadeaux

    Hawaii is definitely one of my absolute favorite vacation spots. Truly paradise! We once went to Maui with another couple (their 1st time to Hawaii). The husband joked that “Mahalo” probably really means “up yours” and the Hawaiian people are getting a good chuckle out of saying it to all of the tourists.
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…A Grandmother’s Guide To Toddler Books – Part TwoMy Profile

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