The Rundown: No Rest for the Weary

Last Monday, instead of my usual rundown, I posted that I was having a rest day.  That was a lie.  I was (foolishly) thinking that after I ran, what I considered a stellar half-marathon, my coach would grant me Monday to rest on my laurels.  No such luck.  Even worse – she actually scheduled an hour and half bike for the same day as the race!?  I do love this woman, and certainly appreciate her enthusiasm, however even I had to push back on that one!

For starters, I was still in NYC on Sunday night.  Not to worry, she simply gave it to me to do on Monday afternoon.  So, dear readers, this has been yet another ass kicking week for yours truly but, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Plus, I celebrated my 39th birthday on Friday so I had that to look forward to all week!

The Rundown!

I couldn’t resist “borrowing” this image of me running through Times Square!  I also love that I’m surrounded by guys.  The first picture was the view of the sunset, from my hotel room, the night before the race.  It was a sign of good things to come.

WEEK OF MARCH 17, 2014

RUNNING:  As promised, I’m doing more cycling then running and have added some bricks to the schedule.  Since I’m training for a run/bike/run event, “training bricks” are done by combining running and cycling into one exhausting workout like the one I did on Wednesday: 1 1/2 hour bike, 6 mile run = awesomeness/exhaustion and hunger!

CYCLING:  I still have yet to ride my bike outside!  I was really hoping to get out there on Saturday but the wind gusts of 20mph just aren’t appealing to me.  Hopefully I get out on the actual road by my first Duathlon on May 18th.  I’m rapidly losing hope in that.  All totaled, I rode for seven hours this past week.  Seven.

CROSS-TRAINING:  One of my cousins sent me the following text on my birthday: No spinning, no running or any other exercise but 12oz curls for the rest of the day!  Is this considered cross-training?

RACING:  With the NYC Half behind me, I can now focus squarely on the Duathlon.  I have my first one coming up on May 18, which is held locally, and then the big mama on May 31.  This is starting to get very scary!

FUEL:  Birthday cake and wine.  Seriously.  I’m a big celebrator of birthdays and since I celebrated 39 years of life this past Friday, I went BIG with the cake and heavy on the reds.  I enjoyed every minute.  Plus red wine and dark chocolate and healthy for you, right?

Homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped topping courtesy of my awesome aunt!

Homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipped topping courtesy of my awesome aunt!

THINGS I LOVE:  My new bike seat!!!  Thank the heavens and sweet little baby Jesus that I found a seat that doesn’t feel like a steel rod on my lady bits.  Sorry but, I cannot otherwise convey the happiness that is a well gelled bike seat!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  All the people mentioned in this hilarious video about stereotypical gym people.  If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re welcome.

MUSIC:  Some great tunes heard during my NYC Half included Highway to Hell.  I thought that a rather odd choice since we were actually running on the West Side Highway at the time!?  It made me laugh so maybe that was the point?  Oh you New Yorkers – you are a witty bunch!

TV:  Since I’ve spent so much time on my bike trainer, I thought I would be able to catch-up on TV while I’m riding.  This is otherwise known as being a bike potato, and it’s not the easiest thing to do.  First of all, I need to turn the volume up quite a bit and even then, I’m distracted by what I’m doing and missing key points in plots!  After trying to watch one episode of Ray Donovan I decided I needed to watch it all over again!  It’s like texting and driving.  It just can’t be done without disastrous results.  I also don’t recommend watching Steel Magnolias.  When you start to cry, you loose your breath pretty quickly, which is also not conducive to an endurance bike workout.  I think I’ll stick to listening to music.

READING:  Menus!  I’m happy to say that between last week in NYC and this past weekend celebrating my birthday, I’ve been able to have the most amazing meals with some of my most favorite people and my family.

Acai Cosmo.  Super healthy.

Acai Cosmo. Super healthy.

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  In honor of Twitter’s eighth anniversary, they released some celebrity first tweets.  This was my favorite:



What are some of your highlights of the week?  Favorite restaurant?  Favorite drink?

Have you read any good Tweets lately?


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  1. a bike ride post a sub 1:30 half marathon? You and Justin need to get together! Thank you so much for sharing that video. Now that I work at the Y I actually go to a gym and love seeing people there… my gym is pretty small with all nice people, but the big “city” gym it 100% this and I find myself looking at them more than working out!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted…Career Addition, Recipes and Workout VideoMy Profile

    1. Ha ha – yes it can be very entertaining! Even though I go to a local Y in a small town, we have the weight belt guys, the water guys and definitely the talk-to-much guys.

  2. That Jerry Seinfeld Tweet totally made me smile and so glad you got to celebrate your birthday to the fullest. that cake looked amazing and to die for. Seriously made my mouth water just looking at it! Wishing you another great week ahead now 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Late Night Confessions – New Spring Pandora 2014 Collection & Bracelet PromoMy Profile

    1. Thanks Janine! I actually laughed out loud when I read the Seinfeld tweet so I just had to share 🙂

  3. A bike seat that doesn’t destroy the lady bits. That is definitely a thing of beauty. Please share! And celebrating your bday in style definitely counts as cross-training!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…The Hips Don’t LieMy Profile

    1. It’s a Diva seat – aptly named – and luckily when I went to the bike shop, the owner’s wife was there and she recommended it. It definitely takes a woman to pick out a seat for another woman!

  4. I need to find a bike seat that doesn’t destroy my lady bits 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend!
    Cori @olivetorun recently posted…Confessions: March Madness and PodcastsMy Profile

    1. It’s a thing of beauty, really. Thanks Cori!

  5. You’re a beast!
    I’m glad you celebrated your birthday big-time. Well-deserved!
    Alison recently posted…Writing: The ProcessMy Profile

    1. Thanks Alison! I like to celebrate the way I train – HARD 🙂

  6. Another awesome training week for you! You ROCK! I’m glad you had a nice birthday.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…It’s Almost Spring – The SpinMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kris! I love it when a birthday and a good week of training come together!

  7. I am *loving* all of these pretty pictures you have going on here Allie! That angel food cake? nom! And I love your race outfit!! LOL at the bike potato term!! I promise to not watch steel magnolias while I bike 🙂 I feel like I can be an elliptical potato too, when I am working out on my lunch break I totally watch the news and 30 minutes flys by! I love that you had some great meals over the past week! 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…FlyWheel Sports: Not Your Ordinary Spin Class!My Profile

    1. Thanks Nellie! I finally got the size of my pictures to cooperate, so thanks for noticing!! I have to say I stole the term from someone else’s blog about being a “treadmill potato” and it’s just so appropriate 🙂

  8. That video was hilarious – I wonder if they have a women’s version. Glad you had a great week, Allie, and that you celebrated your birthday in style!
    Dana recently posted…T. rex armMy Profile

    1. That is a great idea Dana! I think I should make one with my friends at the Y – although it would be so amateur in comparison but hilarious nonetheless!

  9. I love the video–the singer is perhaps my favorite!

    Ah, yes, a good bike saddle is worth its weight in gold. Glad you found the right one!

    Back when I trained w/ a tri coach, he would often have me go back out for a ride or run the afternoon after a race. I used to hate that! But it made me feel badass, too. And I know you are badass!
    misszippy recently posted…Improve your cadenceMy Profile

    1. I love the singer too – especially when he’s signing Miley Cyrus and swinging from the TRX bar!!!
      I’m glad you said that about the TRI training. I would have definitely felt like a badass if I had actually done it 🙂 You are a beast!!!! Love it.

    • Kim on March 24, 2014 at 1:13 PM
    • Reply

    Rocket Scientist sounds tough!!! I guess that will be a good thing at the end of May!!!
    I like shows like Dance Moms and Real Housewives and The Bachelor when I’m on the treadmill – it really doesn’t matter if I miss a few minutes here and there because of focusing on the actual workout. And crying while trying to work hard is never a good thing!!
    Glad you celebrated the birthday big time!!! That martini looks tasty!
    Kim recently posted…Lessons Learned from my Biggest Role ModelMy Profile

    1. She is a badass!…and I love her for it. I’m sure I will be happy come the end of June.
      I should definitely stick to lighter fare when cycling. Not sure I can stomach those reality shows but I certainly won’t mind if I miss a line or two 🙂

  10. Currently trying hard to scrape that strawberry shortcake off the computer screen with the claws of my hands. Almost got it.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Good Morning, Bitch FaceMy Profile

    1. BAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Love it.

  11. Oh my gosh that video is hilarious! My favorite is the mirror magnet. I used to see a guy at my gym who would walk around in the weights room on his cell phone staring at himself and flexing in the mirror. Hilarious!

    Birthday cake and wine = fuel of champions! 🙂
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…​Welcome Spring with Fresh Herbs and Veggies Grown with Scotts Organic ChoiceMy Profile

    1. Isn’t it funny how many of those kinds of people we’ve actually encountered?? Or maybe just plain scary!

      Thanks Britt 🙂

    Courtney recently posted…The Critical Mass of SleepMy Profile

    1. Yes you do! It was amazing. So I had two 🙂

  13. What do you have after Spain? Rest or another training cycle?
    Tara Newman recently posted…Old School Blogging – RandomMy Profile

    1. REST!!!! Until half-marathon season in Sept/Oct 🙂

  14. Des and I giggled over the gym people video. He needed it! The highlight of the past week for me is that both kids have at least made strides towards being better. Scarlet is there and Des needs another day or two to rest. We can work with that.
    And I think you know now about our puppy!
    My favorite drink is probably something iced and coffee and whipped creamy.
    Tamara recently posted…I Had No Idea How Much I’d Need Her.My Profile

    1. So glad I could provide a little laughter in your house! I truly hope BOTH kids are well by Thursday – for purely selfish reasons 🙂
      LOVE the new puppy and I’m sure she’s keeping you all a little happier these days.

  15. Lol, that video was priceless! I think I might be the hunter gather, I do like to hoard some weights 🙂

    Happy belated birthday! My husbands was also Friday he was not 39, but 50! lol no one is shoocked more than me about this.

    Enjoy your last year of the 30’s, the 40’s seem to pick up speed with great force, sorry for the spoiler 🙂
    Melissa recently posted…How Personal Training Is Like Being A ParentMy Profile

    1. I’ve heard that about those decades! Why is it that WE slow down, but time speeds up? Happy Birthday to your husband. I hope you had a big celebration 🙂

  16. Loved the Jerry Seinfeld tweet. Fun! Hilarious video!
    Michelle recently posted…1969: A Look Back in Time #TuesdayTenMy Profile

    1. Right? It’s kind of how I felt when I joined Twitter 🙂

  17. LOVE the picture from the marathon! You are just the cutest ever! 🙂 Happy belated birthday! Seinfeld’s tweet totally made me laugh out loud!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Would You Rather: Be Veronica Mars Or Rory Gilmore?My Profile

    1. Aww thanks Ashely and welcome back! I’ve missed my daily dose!!

  18. Sounds like a super awesome and super productive week for sure!!!!! Way to make the birthday memorable :)!
    Strawberries=totally healthy!!!!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Runner’s March Madness & my weekend run!My Profile

    1. Thanks Jen!! It was a perfect birthday week for sure.

  19. May I just say….

    Happy Birthday…

    39 is such a phenomenal feat, yay!

    You deserve breakfast in bed on a trey!

    And then perhaps a good lay……

    AHHHHH HA HA! How is that for some damn fine poetry?!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Skinny Ain’t So Confidential AnymoreMy Profile

    1. LOVE IT!!! but breakfast in bed is way too messy 🙂

  20. Happy 39th Birthday. At that number you are just a baby! 🙂 It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your race sounds awesome. The video was hilarious and the martini looked awesome. I think I will start celebrating my birthday with you next time.
    Kathy @ SMART Living recently posted…Promotion or Prevention? What’s Your Focus And Why It MattersMy Profile

    1. The more the merrier! Thanks Kathy 🙂

  21. I just watched that video, that was hilarious – the singer? The screamer? Too funny. I’m a counter…and I’m so glad to see that’s not a thing. I try to keep it to myself but you never know.

    Happy belated birthday, I think you are right on about the reds and the chocolate and it is bad that my mouth watered at little at that martini? Glad you had a great race – the pic is fantastic even with proof across it. Showing the guys how it’s done.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I count a lot too – to help take my mind off what I’m doing 🙂

  1. […] you need a good laugh, watch the video here before you go to the gym, or go for a run, or decide you are taking the day off (like I do […]

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