The Rundown – Quick & Dirty

It was that kind of week. It flew by, but things got messy. I had to get antibiotics for a sinus infection, one of the boys had another doctor visit (he’s fine), I attended my first PTO Halloween party committee meeting (my life is now complete) and it all culminated in yet another wedding in Boston for the weekend. I’m exhausted, but now it’s Monday again. Shit.



RUNNING: I had some excellent runs this past week, including a track workout (6×800 @ 10K pace) and 12 mile long run (7:26 average pace). I feel ready to race and not at all like tapering. But, that’s probably just because I had two full rest days over the weekend while I was in Boston. And when I say “rest” I mean walking all over the city, dancing the night away, and drinking wine.

Total mileage: 28 miles

Walking though Copley Square. My dad would call this an "action" shot. Gotta love it!

Walking though Copley Square. And yes, the cousins hold hands pretty much everywhere we go when we’re all together. My niece also laughs at your baby Bjorn. She simple buttons her baby inside her jean jacket. Suckers.

CYCLING: I’m dying to get out on my bike but, I have to get all my core training runs in so, for now, all my cycling sadly remains indoors.  However, I have to say that I absolutely love teaching spin and I love my class. Last Thursday I only had four people, but we killed it. Like I always say to them “This is the best part of your day!”

Total mileage: 50 miles

CROSS-TRAINING: I have been loving my pool workouts! I’m incorporating more/different workouts and I’ll be sharing some here very soon! I’ve also been stretching, rolling and stretching some more in hopes that my hamstring issue holds up for the race on Saturday!

Like I posted on Instagram, I was channeling my inner Christine at Love, Life, Surf

Like I posted on Instagram, I was channeling my inner Christine at Love, Life, Surf when I popped a wheel at the gym during my stretch and roll session.

RACING: The ING Hartford Half-Marathon is days away! BRING IT ON! I’m so ready to redeem myself after that horrible, awful, no good, very bad race in New Haven last month. Let’s f***in DO THIS!

FUELING: I’m very excited to have received two new products this week. Thanks to posts from Happy Fit Mama and Family Sport Life, I will be testing out EnduroPacks in the coming month. What exactly are EnduroPacks? It’s a system of daily vitamin and mineral replacement for endurance athletes. I really want to start trying some different fueling systems like this, prior to the new year, when I really rev up my training! Stay tuned…


I also started eating my way through my very first NatureBox thanks to a post by Brittany of My Own Balance. I was rushing around, packing for Boston, when my first box arrived. I was starving, and I tore right into some parmesan pretzels. They were fantastic – – and not just in the way that anything is fantastic when you’re starving and pressed for time. I know this because I went back and finished off the bag, with the boys, the next day and they tasted just as good!

Come to mama!

Come to mama!

THINGS I LOVE: How excited the boys get when their Halloween costumes arrive! They completely freak out, immediately try them on and wear them everywhere until I have to peel them off their bodies. It’s awesome.

The slow motion high-five.

The slow motion high-five. And, in case you’re not familiar with Skylanders, Miles is Chomp Chomp and Vaughn is Spyro. This is my life.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Not being able to see my extended family all the time. It’s just another thing that sucks about growing up. When I was a kid, the entire family (five kids and their families) would gather at my grandma’s house each and every Sunday. It seemed like my brother and I would play all afternoon with my cousins, and then sit down to a massive Italian meal, before rolling home again.

Now, we’re scattered all over the country and only occasionally get together, mostly for weddings and funerals. Luckily this year, we had three weddings (all in the same family!), and two of them were in Boston. And yes, we all go crazy dancing to “We Are Family!” It’s awesome.

Me and my cousins, both of whom were married this year. The one on my right was married in August and this weekend's groom is on my left. There was a time I was taller then both of them. I think it was when I was 10.

Me and my cousins, both of whom were married this year. The one on my right was married in August and this weekend’s groom, is on my left. There was a time I was taller then both of them. I think it was when I was 10.

MUSIC: I had the pleasure of hearing Howard Stern interview Melissa Etheridge this past week. She was so open and honest about just exactly how David Crosby is her kids “bio dad,” and talked a lot about the stories behind her songs. She sang two of them, live in the studio. The first was a classic – Come To My Window (which she wrote for her ex-girlfriend Julie) and then a new one called Monster from her new album This is M.E. I can’t wait for it to be on iTunes because it’s a perfect spin/running song!

READING: The only thing I had a chance to read was the map to the Science Museum in Boston. We were able to spend about half the day there on Saturday, and we can’t wait to go back. It’s funny because there was a time, not that long ago it seems, I was there late at night to watch laser light shows to music with my college buddies. How the hell did I end up at the dinosaur exhibit with my five year-old twins…and 40 something year-old husband? #LifeMovesFast


RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: If you’re walking on the track, please, please, please, walk in the outside lane. Please.

What did you do last week that was quick and/or dirty?

What are you or your kids going to be for Halloween?

Anyone else racing this weekend?


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  1. I have a race this weekend. My first half in what seems like forever. It’s only a training race for my goal race in Nov but still, it’s a race 🙂
    jill conyers recently posted…{Gluten Free} Mini Pumpkin Spice CakesMy Profile

    1. I have one too!! I’ll be posting about it on Friday… Good luck!!

  2. Boston is such a great town, especially for kids. And I’ve never taken mine! Glad you had the chance and that you got to see family like that. I know exactly what you mean about that–we have zero family nearby but I did just get my inlaws and brother in law to come to town to surprise my husband for his birthday. It was awesome!

    So…sounding like there’s a marathon in the works for spring. And I’m guessing it’s Boston?

    I get to see you next week!
    misszippy recently posted…Racing, I’ve missed you!My Profile

    1. Boston is awesome and so great for kids. You need a road trip!!
      Good guess but NOPE 🙂
      See you soon…Can’t wait!

  3. Your boys totally reminded me of my girls with their Halloween costumes. I just got them both (yes they are being the same thing) Elsa costumes (the obsession lives on!) and as soon as I got them home, they had to try them on and sing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs for all to hear. Definitely was too funny and cute for words. I truly just loved how excited they were 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Casetify Your iPhone 6 Now (Review + Giveaway)My Profile

    1. Isn’t it great? I should have videoed the boys reactions. I hope they’re always that excited about something!!

  4. “I am exhausted but now it’s Monday again. Shit.” Hysterical. Isn’t that always the way! We had a wedding this weekend too (and next weekend). We had a ton of fun. Glad you are going to try EnduroPacks. They are a huge part of John’s training. Big A is going to be a Ninja thing for the third year in a row. And Little A is a Ninja Turtle 🙂 A very cute one I might add.
    Tara Newman recently posted…School Lunch Box InspirationMy Profile

    1. Yes, it’s the never ending cycle of busy weekends leading right into another busy week. It’s all “good” busy but busy none the less. I know you so get it!
      John is a big reason I’m giving EnduroPacks a try. Can’t wait to get started!
      Love the costume choices!!! Maybe some pics on Instagram??

  5. Ha. Girl. You would HATE my local track!! It’s 90% walkers so…yeah. I love all the family pictures! Glad you had such a good time dancing it up with the family. You guys do Halloween early! Man! You got a lot of nice goodies too. I have been curious about the enduropacks since I saw them on Tara’s blog.

    I mean it’s quite obvious you are gonna kill that race dude!! Is it weird that I want to do two more before the year is out? Who AM I?! Lol!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…3rd Annual Fashion Forward ConferenceMy Profile

    1. I love this new running you!! It’s not weird at all – totally normal for falling in love with running. Oh it makes me SO, SO happy!!
      I was afraid to wait too long to order the boys costumes because they wanted to be specific Skylanders! Crazy.
      90% walkers at your track? OMG! I mean, I’m totally fine with the walkers, but just stay out of the first lane. They don’t seem to get it after 10 laps of me whizzing by and then getting back into their lane either. I mean, what???

  6. You were so close to me yet again!!! One day we will meet. One day. And I mean that in a non-stalkerish way! 😉

    BTW – your niece is a genius. She needs to market that!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…A Little Marvelous and a Little NotMy Profile

    1. I know!!! And, I’m totally going to start stalking you. Especially with all that great hiking you have! 🙂
      As for my niece, she needs to work on a twin one and she will be golden!

  7. That picture of all you is ADORBS! And your niece is totally a genius. Think of all the money I could have saved! 😉 I love Boston. That is definitely a place we have on our family vacation bucket list.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Hey Holidays, One At A Time!My Profile

    1. You must do Boston with the family. It’s the most family friendly city and there’s so, so much to do!! In fact, let me know when you’re there and I’ll be your guide. That’s not weird, is it? 🙂
      And yes, my niece is a friggin’ genius!!

  8. It was quick and dirty! It cool to get together with family! You a master of that stretch! I have been working on it but have yet to really do it. Kind of stinks to have a sinus infection! I hope you all a better soon!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Intermittent Fasting – Is It Right For Me?My Profile

    1. Thanks Kris. I feel SO much better. Now I’m just eating tons of yogurt 🙂

  9. I totally thought your niece was wearing a mini baby bjorn! I was like… they make those for kids? haha.

    I’m SO GLAD you like Naturebox! I really love their snacks., The only problem is that I always want more!

    In case I forget, good luck with your race!! 🙂
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Outstanding OctoberMy Profile

    1. They actually DO make bjorns for kids. She doesn’t like hers, which is why she does that! Too funny.
      I seriously LOVE NatureBox and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to order it. I’m so going to grab some right now and wait for the boys to get off the bus. Then I’ll take another bag to their gymnastics class tonight. See how much I need this??
      THANK YOU!!

  10. I’ve been dying to go to that Science Museum ever since they had a Harry Potter exhibit years ago. I saw it then and.. WOW.
    Also, I get it about family. My entire family and extended family and everything family will all be together for my sister’s wedding next week.
    Even my in-laws. Both sets.
    Tamara recently posted…Shout, Shout, Let It All Out.My Profile

    1. It’s such a great place for the whole family! We actually bought a season pass, since it was cheaper then just getting day passes for 10 people. Now I have an excuse to go 🙂
      That is fantastic about your sister’s wedding. Enjoy it all…even though I’m sure you’ll be taking tons of pictures.

  11. I must say that I am practically giddy over the fact that I don’t have to worry about Halloween costumes anymore. One stays home and gives out candy, the other has to come with his own. Okay, I’ll miss it a little.

    And aren’t you supposed to stick your baby in your jeans jacket? Oops. 😉
    Dana recently posted…Onion goggles and other things that don’t make me cryMy Profile

    1. There’s many things I won’t miss when they are gone like sleeping though the night and the boys being able to wipe themselves, but I LOVE Halloween through their eyes. Plus, I just order their costumes from Amazon and I’m done 🙂
      Yes, yes you are. You’re just ahead of the curve Dana!

  12. Good luck with the half marathon! I raced over the weekend, and now am in full blown taper mode because I’ve got ANOTHER freaking issue…now it’s my IT Band in my hip that is causing me problems. GRRRRR. My little guy is going to be a ninja, but has to go as a giraffe to preschool because they don’t allow costumes such as ninja’s/superhero’s etc. The oldest is going as Optimus Prime. I love halloween! I”m really curious about the Enduropacks, I’ll be interested to hear what you think!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…A long run and a DOUBLE race? {Clarendon Day Race Recap}My Profile

    1. Oh baby! Rest up and I can’t wait to read your recap from the one you just did!!
      They can’t be ninjas or superheroes? What??? Love the Optimus Prime idea!
      I’m excited to try out the EnduroPack system. I’m very curious about the patch thing…hmmmm.

  13. It looks like you all had so much fun :)!!!!! Those were some awesome runs this week too!!!! You are SO ready for the Hartford half…I tend to do good on what I call revenge races :). I just can’t help the urge to sign up for another race after a bad race…it is what I call the I need a second chance revenge race after a having a bad race. 🙂
    I have no more races till Richmond and I am getting anxious!!!!! I wish it was sooner 🙂
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Freedom’s Run Half Marathon Re-CapMy Profile

    1. I love that – Revenge Race! Yes, that’s exactly what it is and I’m anxious too. Can’t wait to see what you do in Richmond… 🙂

    • Kim on October 6, 2014 at 10:31 PM
    • Reply

    Wow – you are rocking that wheel pose and look amazing!!!
    I was sort of ready for Monday this week just because I have a lighter week on tap!
    Welcome to the world of PTO!!!
    Kim recently posted…My Heart Is OverflowingMy Profile

    1. I’m trying…the wheel pose is something that used to be so easy for me and now, my tight muscles make it somewhat difficult to hold for more then a few minutes!
      This week will be a breeze for you…enjoy it. And yes, I’m loving my PTO life. Let it begin!

  14. Last week was ridiculously long and man, I’m exhausted too and it’s only Monday! I’m so excited for you to run Hartford!! You’re going to do great. We’ve been wanting to take the boys up to Boston to hang out but haven’t made it yet. And I LOVE your wheel!! That made me so happy when I saw your photo.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Ask a Yogini: Tips for Starting & Maintaining a Home Yoga PracticeMy Profile

    1. Thanks Christine! I was stretching and rolling and doing some downward dogs and then I was like “wheel!” gotta do it…and capture it on film of course.
      Definitely do Boston with the boys soon. You know you will ALL love it!

  15. Its cool you did the 800s on the track, I used to hate that workout hahah, but I did it waaayyy too much! Right there with you in the walking in lane one thing…..although I usually ask people to move before I run into them haha!

    Looks like the science museum was fun, Steve and I went to one last christmas in london, and it was pretty cool! I remember going as a kid, and it seemed so much bigger!

    You are gonna kick ass this weekend, looking forward to it! Enduropacks will help 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Vegetable and Sweet Potato CakesMy Profile

    1. I just assume they will get the point when I keep zipping by them…but they never do!
      The museum was great and so much fun for ALL of us.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m out there 🙂

  16. I can’t get over how i’ve probably passed you on the street during one of your boston trips- i walk through copley to get groceries, and i was on the hunt for the perfect winter coat all weekend, so i was running around back bay like a person who lived before the internet (i NEED to try stuff on). We undoubtedly passed by each other at some point. And LOL your boys look soo freaking cute in those costumes!!
    Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness recently posted…How to Recognize if You’re Raising a Budding Healthy Living BloggerMy Profile

    1. I’m sure we have!!! That would be insane if we actually recognized one another, randomly on the streets of Boston. Next time I will look harder for you 🙂

  17. Both of my children and our twin grandsons live in Boston so we get to spend lots of time there. The science museum is fantastic – way too much to see in a few hours!! Our family is also spread all over the country. It is tough but I guess the good news is that when we are all able to get together – especially for weddings or to celebrate new babies – the time is even sweeter because it is so rare. In the meantime, FaceTime is my very best friend!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…The Three Best Things You Can Do For Your ChildrenMy Profile

    1. That is true about the time being sweeter and more precious. We are also lovers of FaceTime! That’s when I really love technology.

  18. I see your niece is holding your newborn. Having babies in-between races, huh? You can’t fool us!!!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…I’m asking you to do this…My Profile

    1. You caught me! At least it’s just ONE this time.

  19. Sinus infection? GROSS! I am currently dealing with a head cold, on the tail end of it, really wasn’t too bad, but the worst is the sore throat and what’s weird is this sickness is causing a weird rash like…. BEAST to grow on my face! Ha! It’s taking every fiber of my being not to scratch my face like CRAZY! ha ha ha! Perhaps I have a new sickness that no one has ever heard of? THE ITCHY COLD? LOL! Awesome. The CDC can have another field day!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

    1. That sounds very scary, and you’re not supposed to get sick, remember??? I really hope that rash clears up and you feel better soon!

      1. RIGHT! I KNOW!!!!!!!!! I WAS SHOCKED THAT I GOT SICK! AND I AM SAD TO ADMIT IT TO YOU! I really blame the airplane, so annoying! 🙁 But it’s almost gone, if I do ever get sick it’s literally for like a day or two.
        GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

        1. I didn’t take QUERCETIN for 5 days – THAT IS WHY I got sick! ha ah!
          GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

        2. Airplanes will do it! They really need to remedy the air quality – what the hell??

  20. The Halloween costume picture cracked me up – their enthusiasm!
    Too bad NatureBox doesn’t ship to Malaysia! (do you know how often I say stuff like that – how so and so doesn’t ship here? Sigh)
    Alison recently posted…Hey, I Have Feelings TooMy Profile

    1. Oh yes, they are very enthusiastic about Halloween. It’s awesome.
      That’s funny because I say that about deliveries! No one delivers out here to where I live in the country…not even pizza!! I feel your pain.

  21. I love how excited my kids get too when we buy their Halloween costumes. However this year I had to limit the playing with all the accessories it comes with because they lose the darn stuff before Halloween. Then I’m left frantically trying to find it at 5:30pm on October 31.

    1. I know!! That can definitely be an issue. Good luck!

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