Sep 21

The Rundown – Running Through My Head

I forgot how much time you have to think during solo training runs. Now that I’m back to almost exclusively running to train for the NYC marathon, I can’t seem to shut myself up stop talking to myself.


When I’m on the bike, I’m constantly anticipating what gear I need to be in, the upcoming hill or curve, and always trying to not be killed by a distracted driver, random piece of farm equipment or arrogant motorcyclist. In the water, I’m equally engaged with either counting laps, looking out for boats or just trying not to drown. But, on the run, your mind is free to wander and that can be both very good, and horribly bad.

Here’s everything that was running though my head this past week. Brace yourselves.



For some runs this week, the only sound I heard was my breathing. I had three hard sessions, two easy paced runs and strength training. This is what the week looked like:

Monday: Track session with 800 @5K pace, 200 easy / 1 mile @10K pace, 400 easy / 2 miles @HMP, 400 easy / 5K @MP, cool down with 5 minutes easy walk or jog. Total of 9.51 miles averaging 7:25.

I love being on the track but the wind was pretty nasty by the end of this 10 mile session. I forgot my headphones because they are permanently plugged into my iPad so I can watch OITNB at a moment’s notice. Usually I don’t do track sessions with music but, by that last 3 miles, I was wishing I had something other then the wind whipping through my head!


Tuesday: 7 miles easy @ 8:15 pace

Wednesday: 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles @almost tempo (7:00/mile) 1 mile cool down. Total of 6.28 miles averaging 7:23.

Is there nothing harder then trying to hold onto a tempo pace through hill after hill? I was pretty tired after this one but I held my pace for the duration of those 4 miles.

Thursday: 7 miles easy @8:35 pace

Friday: 15 mile long run with 2 mile warm-up / 4 miles @MP / 4 miles @HMP / 4 miles @almost tempo (7:00/miles) / 1 mile cool down.  Actual run was 13 miles averaging 8:00

So, this run was going to be very challenging. My coach was “experimenting” and it was kind of a disaster. I started the run barely keeping an 8:00/mile pace. At mile 6 I picked it up to 7:30-40/mile and it was comfortably hard. I knew I should not have tried to push it because my legs were tired but, I’m not that smart. At mile 10, I pushed through the next two miles at 7:15 and, by the end, felt like I was going to collapse. I decided to just do a one-mile cool down and get it over with.

The old me would have considered this run a complete fail. But, I did a few handstands, changed my perspective and realized it was a pretty kick ass 13 miles with six of them around 7:20 pace, on tired legs, which are the same legs I know will show up around mile 23 of the marathon, so I’ll take it.

Things look so much better from the ground up.

Things look so much better from the ground up. This shot only took 4 tries, in case you’re wondering.

Saturday: REST…and by “rest” I mean as much rest as one can get with two six year-olds, soccer and a birthday party.

Sunday: 4 easy miles/strength training

Total mileage: 44

…and we will start all over again this week!


Why is this so difficult to figure out? I’m having trouble with everything from pre-long run eating, to eating during the run and then, you guessed it, post-run. There are so many staples my stomach rejects prior to running – eggs and peanut butter are at the top of the list – so I’m experimenting once again. I’ve also had my limit of chomps during my long runs so I picked up some new GU flavors at the running shop this week.

Since deer could mistake me for a salt lick post run, I thought these would work great. I was wrong. I used the watermelon ones on my disastrous 13 miler so maybe that’s unfair, but I remembered all the reasons I hate GU gels. They get hot, I had trouble opening the second one because I was delirious and they are big and bulky. #TheseAreMyProblems


What I really need is someone to run, bike or drive next to me so I can try a variety of things without my shorts falling down from stuffing it all in my pants. What? Too much?

Post long run this week I had orange juice, a grande vanilla soy latte on ice and a spinach and feta egg wrap. The orange juice tasted like heaven.

Can one hydrate and dehydrate at the same time? I was willing to try.

Can one hydrate and dehydrate at the same time? I was willing to try.


You know I finally found my dream running shoes, right? Well just like every fairy tale, my price charming turned out to have a few issues. There are no deal breakers yet but I have a nasty cut on my ankle from where the tongue of the shoe was rubbing and, after that New Haven 20K race, I have the second black toenail of my running career.

Since I didn’t have time to go shoe shopping once again, I decided to just wear some tall socks so at least my ankle and shoe wouldn’t be covered in blood post run. Don’t worry, there’s no photo this time. Well, guess what? I found out that compression socks aren’t just for stopping the bleeding on my ankle but they actually feel pretty great on the run.

Let’s pretend it’s 2012 and this is actually a big discovery.

These are the Lily Trotters that had my husband ask "What's with the socks?"

These are the Lily Trotters that had my husband asking “What’s with the socks?”


Zuckerberg and company have finally come to their senses and realized we don’t want to “like” a post about a friend’s relative who died, or that time the whole family had the stomach bug or the incessant Donald Trump posts or over-the-top motivational memes. DISLIKE! That’s right – the dislike button is coming. Maybe next we’ll have a STFU (shut the f*** up) button or PMIT (please make it stop) or, my favorite, NOC (no one cares) so that all my running posts will finally get over 1,000 hits. All publicity is good.



Having to restrain myself from registering for the Boston Marathon. Registration opened on Monday and, after running the New Jersey Marathon in 3:28 I had a qualifying time almost 20 minutes in the clear for my age group.

I have only run Boston one other time (in 2007 when the weather was horrendous!) and, since I went to Boston University, part of my heart is in that city. Not to mention some of my friends who will be running down Boylston Street this April and the fact that my cousin now lives in Hopkinton where the start line is.

So many reasons to register! But one great one not to – I cannot handle training for another spring marathon. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it and instead will focus on the triathlon national championships.

But it sucks.


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Food and Fitness Blogging: This appeared in U.S. News & World Report and was shared by Melissa Burton. It’s such an interesting article and must read for everyone – not just bloggers. Be careful giving and getting advice my friends!

Older Athletes Have Strikingly Young Fitness Age: The NY Times gets everything so right. From now on I’m using my “fitness age” on Tinder.


I am loving the fact that so many great podcasts are coming out just when I have upwards of 18 mile runs! While I wait for the return of Serial, I am soaking up my friend’s great interviews to make the miles fly by:

Runner’s Connect Tina Muir interviews Hungry Runner Girl (mega blogger!) about consistency and why community is so valuable. And I’m not just promoting it because Tina gave me a shout out. Janae is great to listen to and offers so much practical, real advice like “Running will always be there for you when you’re ready.” Just because you take a break or re-focus, doesn’t mean you will never run again. #Preach

45 minute listening time 

Hi. My name is Janae and I get 1 million hits on my blog per month.

Hi. My name is Janae and I get 1 million hits on my blog per month.

If you somehow have still not listened to Amanda’s UpDoc podcast with ultra runner Keith Levasseur, don’t wait! I was literally running with my mouth open when he nonchalantly spoke about the suffering he endured though out some of his epic 100 milers and the amount and extent of injuries he’s had that he just ran though. Total insanity and makes you re-think bitching about your tempo run. #suckitup

30 minute listening time


This gem is brought to you by my SIL who I used to aggressively make fun of for incessantly posting to FB:


How was your week?

What do you daydream about most these days?

Any recommendations on my nutrition/fueling, etc.?


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout for the podcast, it was a good episode, and janae has been encouraging a lot of people. I did not know serial was coming back! WOOOO! As for your workouts, you are gonna be SO strong, I am very excited, especially with completing workouts like the one you did on the track! Phew! Tough cookie! Happy monday!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean EnchiladasMy Profile

  2. I LOVED the Janae episode as well and really do GIGGLE AT ME as I am the consummate nonrunningrunnerlover woman 🙂
    I caint help it.
    and I want your shorts in that handstand photo.
    so that too 🙂
    CARLA recently posted…G-d gives us opportunitiesMy Profile

    1. You are really proving yourself to be a Oiselle woman my friend!…those are the shorts – tool belt roga!

  3. I really enjoyed that podcast as well. It was awesome! Marathon training is time consuming and tough. I’m glad you are enjoying it though and have plenty of time for thoughts ;). I think it’s smart to just focus on your tris! It’s hard because there are so many great races to do in the Spring!
    Hollie recently posted…The Garden State DinerMy Profile

    1. It’s so hard because I want to run ALL the races! I know you understand that feeling 🙂

  4. Ok, so did you get a little giddy when Tina mentioned us both in the podcast? hahaha. It’s the little things in life. And can we practice handstands in a couple of weeks? I need to work on mine!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…A Healthier Cheesy DipMy Profile

    1. I know, right? I think it’s the accent. And yes, we can absolutely work on handstands!!

    • Marisa on September 21, 2015 at 7:42 AM
    • Reply

    Please be safe ♡

    1. You are so sweet 🙂 Yes, mama Marisa, I’m being safe. xo

        • Marisa on September 21, 2015 at 7:04 PM
        • Reply


  5. I can’t eat eggs or PB or many other things before a run. My husband can literally eat a giant plate of Indian or Mexican food and then run for two hours. What??? It hurts me just thinking about it.
    I’m liking the Cliff energy gels in mocha espresso flavor. I can’t do the GU either but the cliff brand I can handle.
    I’m totally checking out the podcast, Janae was the first blog I ever read. She blew my mind back in the day, dang that was a long time ago. Thanks!
    Danielle recently posted…recap of the week thus farMy Profile

    1. OMG my husband can do the same and it’s super annoying. Of course he doesn’t run but he can workout for hours on a full stomach. Crazy.
      Glad you got a little blast from the past with Janae 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for the shoutout! Of course, great subjects make for great podcasts, so both Janae and Keith fit the bill. This week I have a great one coming up–my friend Lee DiPietro, former pro triathlete (top 5 at Kona) and elite runner. She had one hell of a year in 2010 and you’ll want to hear about how her endurance sports career helped her through it.

    #alltherunning this week, Allie! Nice work and mature attitude when it came to the run that didn’t go as planned. That’s the way to get it done! I also didn’t hit register for Boston (saving it for ’17 provided my marathon goes well in two weeks). It’s always a tiny bit hard not to, but I’m also pretty ok knowing I won’t have to fight winter for 20-milers this year!

    And seriously–is the quest for the perfect fuel during marathons never ending or what? I’ll never have it perfect!
    misszippy recently posted…My podcast is live!My Profile

    1. Oh I cannot wait for your new podcast! It’s like you’re doing it just for me 🙂
      Glad to know it wasn’t just me holding back on the Boston registration. Does this mean I can run in 2017? If you are then…
      Maybe we can figure out our fueling by then. Probably not. *sigh*

  7. Oh my gosh! I totally do not have the fuel thing worked out. I went to an all day Zumba thing and by the end I felt so exhausted and kind of sick from lack of fuel. It is really hard here because there are no packaged goodies. I had one mini KIND bar left from the US so I had that at least but fuel options are limited to say the least.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the no like button. Obviously I don’t like using the like button for things that are not positive but I feel like more often people are going to use the no like button as a way to put others down (youtube I’m talking to you).
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Zumba in Sao Paulo Brazil with Beto & GinaMy Profile

    1. I never really thought about the lack of protein/carb snacks in brazil. Should I send you a package of contraband? Maybe this is a new business opportunity for you? I mean I know you just launched your first one but, sounds like a case of supply and demand there, no?

      And yes, FB is ahead of you on that one b/c when you’re not chasing Cooper down you can read the article, where they say it won’t necessarily be a “dislike” button b/c of exactly what you mentioned. It will be interesting to see just what they come up with!

  8. I love the dislike button coming, but even more than that….I need the no one cares button, badly!! I can’t believe you can run Boston and are passing it up, but I totally get it. Must prioritize. It is too tempting to do too many things out there, in running and in life, and you have to pick (just passed on doing a ragnar which is on my bucket list, because I already have too many weekends away from family scheduled in the next few months…I’ll have to cross if off the bucket list another year)
    And the Gu thing…. I still haven’t found something that gives me energy without giving me stomach cramps/diarrhea… I’ll be waiting to see what works for you….. recently posted…TruthMy Profile

    1. Yes, there are just too many things and I also have a few weekends aways coming up. It’s a balancing act that never quite balances, but we’re having fun, right? If it makes you feel better, I had a burning desire to do Ragnar and I was pretty disappointed when I finally did it. Not trying to discourage you but just know that you’re not always missing out 🙂

      I’ll keep you posted on the fuel. This week I’m going to try Chia bars…

  9. Inspired by canine fun, I think you should get a treat for that handstand trick you did. I will send you donuts.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…My Husband Has No MoneyMy Profile

    1. THANK YOU!!!! Finally…

  10. I know what you mean about the constant dialogue . . . I know exactly what you mean about training for a spring marathon. Training for a spring marathon in New England can totally suck and you feel like you are going around and around in circles with your training! You will be awesome at the Triathlon Nationals and I think it is an awesome decision!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…I’m Running a Trail Marathon. North Face Endurance Challenge.My Profile

    1. I know you know!! Thanks so much Sandra 🙂

  11. I’m the same way with fueling – I can’t have peanut butter, eggs, or dairy within three hours beforehand. I eat Rice Chex and a banana, which actually works well even for my long runs…so far, because fueling always seems to change once I think I get it down My roommate in college could eat cheese and hummus half an hour before a run and to this day it baffles me.
    I really enjoyed the podcast with Hungry Runner Girl also! Runner’s Connect is my favorite podcast right now.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Marathon Nutrition {Marathon Monday} + Portland Marathon Training Week 16My Profile

    1. I’m doing cereal (usually Kashi) and half a bagel with butter. Seems to be working but I don’t think it’s quite enough for anything over 15. I’m glad to know someone else has cereal as a pre-run fuel!
      I agree about Runner’s Connect. So much great info and podcasts!

  12. I actually hate GU. It is gross. So bad. It was the first gel I tried and thought it was the best it got until I tried the Clif shot gels!! So good! (I mean good as far as gels go). I’ve tried the powerbar ones and a few others and nothing compares to the clif shots!!

    I don’t know how you run without music. Get a new pair of headphones and use em girl!! I’ve become so obsessed with podcasts as a result of marathon training!

    I totally thought u were gonna register for Boston and do over the crazy experience you had! But I totally get it. I can’t even imagine training in the winter. And you just finished doing it. You totally deserve a break. Maybe next year??
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…What Fills the Cup of Your Soul?My Profile

    1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Clif gel shots so maybe I will try those, although I really want to try REAL food, like the Chia bars. We shall see!
      I think I’m the last runner on the planet to not have wireless headphones so I’m heading there next…
      Trust me – it was incredibly hard to not sign up for Boston but I just cannot run three marathons in one year. I need a break! But YES, perhaps in 2017… 🙂

      1. You know I totally use those as well. Right now my combo is usually a clif gel shot or 2, a chia bar and the sports beans!
        Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Our Trip To Universal Studios Orlando – Part Two #FamilyForwardMy Profile

  13. OK, can I tell you that I love reading your Rundown posts? Because 1) I can live vicariously through you even though I will never train at this level and 2) because I love hearing all of your thoughts! That must take a lot of restraint not to register for Boston. I can imagine that it’s hard to pass up with all the excitement but you have something amazing ahead of you to focus on with the Tri Nationals. I’m totally addicted to podcasts now and handstands! Can you do some for me please? I miss standing on my hands.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Surfing and the Funny Thing About ExpectationsMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Christine. I really appreciate you writing that b/c you know how you can get mired down in “who cares?” Now I know at least YOU do 🙂
      I’m so addicted to all the inversions! I was doing some dolphins last night and some headstands. These will be a must in Maine!…and you can correct my form.

  14. You got some awesome running in this week!!! GREAT job! I did some 800’s on the track this week and it was brutal for me. I was not expecting it to be so hard and it was SO hard!
    I am so with you on fuel…it is something I just don’t seem to have down and have never been comfortable with my fueling! Right now candy is working for me, but I would prefer something else. I am honestly afraid to try new things too because I hate ruining runs. I am wanting to try some actual food…something along the lines of energy bites/balls. Not sure if that will work, but gels are just no good for me. I read another blogger who slowly sips her throughout the race which might work but I am not sure I could handle carrying it in my hand like that for so long. Seriously…it’s a pain. I know a lot of people like GenUCann too, but I just hate what I have tried of it. Gagging something down just doesn’t work for me :).
    I am actually struggling with hydration right now..I am hoping the cooler temps will help, but I have been finishing my runs SO thristy that my mouth is so dry. I am also sweating way more than I used too (I have no idea why…if this is some sort of hormonal thing or what). Saturday I was super thirsty by the end of my 16 miles and I had 20 ounces to drink during it!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Week 10 of Marathon training done!!!My Profile

    1. YES exactly! It’s so hard to experiment on the run because then you’re stuck with whatever you have. And, I too want to eat REAL food. I’m going to try cutting up some Chia bars this week since those typically work really well for me prior to running. I’ve tried UCann but I really don’t like it 🙁 At least my OrangeMud hydra quiver is working out well for me and I have plenty of water. The temperatures have just started to drop here and it’s like heaven!!! Since it sounds like we have similar tastes, let’s keep each other posted on what works!!! Good luck my friend. Hang in there…

    • Dana on September 22, 2015 at 1:27 PM
    • Reply

    Do you ever listen to books when you run, or is it too distracting? I’m listening to The Martian before I see the movie, and it’s great.

    Turning down the Boston Marathon must be tough, but it sounds like it’s the smart decision – go triathlon!
    Dana recently posted…Dear DiaryMy Profile

    1. I do! It has to be a long, slow run without intervals but yes. I didn’t even know The Martian was a book so thank you!! That will be perfect for my long runs.

  15. The Boston thing is tough!! I have moments of itching for another marathon but last winter was brutal and I know I’ll be glad not to have a marathon waiting for me at the end of the season.

    Solid running week! Do you have a goal for Maine? Can’t believe it’s like 10 days away!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Junior League 5k Race RecapMy Profile

    1. Exactly. I really need a break from at least Nov 2 until Jan 1.

      I’m shooting for 1:28ish in Maine. I just ran 1:31 in a 20K without feeling great and in high heat so it’s doable. Of course, I haven’t a clue what the Maine course is like! I need to do some research…

  16. Ugh. I am not so sure about the DISLIKE button. There is so much negativity in this world, LOL. It’s only going to make people feel worse about themselves and cause more cyber bullying!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Put It In Your Mouth: Frozen Meal Taste TestMy Profile

    1. According to the article it won’t be a straight up YOU SUCK button but something more gentle like SORRY?! It will be interesting…

  17. Nice week of training!! Way to get after those 800s!! I just love this time of year – there is such a buzz of excitement of everyone training for a fall marathon!!
    I know its hard to say no to Boston, but you’ll be warm and cozy in your house instead of plowing through a 20 miler! 🙂 Plus you are going to NATIONALS in the tri. Pretty amazing!! xx
    Natalie recently posted…Where In The World Is Nat + Coach, I’m back!My Profile

    1. Yes, this is such a buzz and I love it too! I can’t even imagine what NYC will be like on marathon weekend!
      I know I will be happy for some much needed time off over the winter but, BOSTON! 🙁 Maybe next year…

  18. Wow, that is some serious willpower to not register for Boston!! I said I wouldn’t run a spring marathon either, but if I had the change to do Boston I would totally eat my words, lol. Don’t you love those lilytrotter socks? I wore compression in my half marathon last weekend and regretted it almost immediately. They were so freaking hot!! And as for FB…I think a STFU is GENIUS.
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Hemp Heart Bites: the latest and greatest snack!My Profile

    1. It was very hard but I know I’m not up for it. Maybe next year…maybe not, we will see.
      YES! I love the Lilytrotter socks but you have to be careful in the heat. That was ALWAYS my problem with them in the past. CEP actually makes a very light pair but, since the winter is fast approaching…

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