The Rundown: Snow? Whatever.

It’s winter in the Northeast which means it’s freakin’ freezing and it snows pretty much every other day.  Last week we got a total of 15 inches or so, which is not conducive to running or biking.  It is however, an absolute blast to snowshoe in!



Pretty fancy graphic, right?  Thanks to Michelle at A Dish of Daily Life and Canva, my site can look like I know what I’m doing and it’s Pinterest friendly.

Anywho, it’s been cold and snowing here but the training must go on!  It reminds me of one of my most favorite quotes from running icon Emil Zatopek:


You can change “raining” to “snowing” and “tired” to “snowing.”  What’s the issue?


RUNNING:  Despite having to switch a lot of things around because of the snow, I was able to log 23.5 miles this week.  I had to do my 11 miler in loops around my neighborhood since the streets were so bad but it was infinitely better then the treadmill.

Another re-arranged meeting was with CSR (Coach Rocket Scientist) at an indoor track yesterday where we quickly realized there was no way we could do our planned workout.  The indoor track is underneath a gigantic dome where soccer, volleyball, touch football and basketball are played.  They were all being played when we got there so we had to improvise.  I did a warm-up on the treadmill and then three laps around the track at 5K-10K pace.  I had to dodge volleyball players, wandering siblings and odd stares throughout those laps.

The purpose was so CRS could film my running from a few different angles.  The result?  A complete analyzation of my form and efficiency.  It was ugly.  If you have ever seen yourself running in extreme slow motion on film, you know what I mean.  It’s kind of like the first time you hear your voice on a recording and you think “Who is that?”  But, it was insanely helpful and I have a lot of work to do.  Running work.  Which I love.

I was also instructed to get new running shoes asap!  Done.

BIKING:  I got some weird looks from my gym peeps when I was on a spin bike in the middle of the gym instead of just riding it when I teach classes.  You can usually find me on the treadmill if I’m not teaching class so there was some confusion.  My body was also confused when CSR gave me the equivalent of speed drills to do on the bike.  I felt like my muscles were crying.  I ignored them and pressed on.  I’m not positive on total miles logged this week since I didn’t always have a counter but, I rode a total of 4.5 hours.  Here’s a sampling:

Click on the image to make it bigger:


SWIMMING: I had the perfect opportunity to swim this week and I still did not swim.  I was coaching some “brick” training at the Y (bricks are two TRI disciplines put together like swim & bike, run & bike or swim & run) and the first leg was a 20 minutes swim.  Did I get in the pool?  No.  My back was a little cranky that morning and I was meeting CRS at the track later in the day.  I’m no fool.  I wasn’t going to risk anything for my track performance so, once again, no pool.  Little did I know there would be no track workout!  The pool Gods hate me.  I think this is officially coming off The Rundown.  That will pretty much guarantee that I get in the pool next week, right?

CROSS-TRAINING: Snowshoeing – with a twist.  Once again, because of more snow, my Power Sculpt class was cancelled so I had to improvise.  As most of you know, I live on a mountain.  This mountain comes in handy when you’re snowed in with pent-up toddler angst.  Pent-up twin toddler angst rivals pent-up athlete angst so clearly we all needed to get out!  Try dodging snowballs hurled from two monkeys, as you attempt snowshoe hill repeats, and this is the result:

RACING:  I saw on Laura’s blog, Mommy, Run Fast, that I could enter to be randomly selected to enter the NYC Marathon.  It’s on my bucket list and I couldn’t help myself so I registered.  If you’re my husband and you’re reading this – it’s a total lie and one of those wacky things I only say when I’m blogging – wink, wink.

FUEL: I am getting to be quite the cook these days!  I really just enjoy frightening my husband when he finds me whipping up egg dishes on Saturday mornings. You can find this one on my Pinterest board – Food Is Fuel HERE.  It’s from Runner’s World “The Athlete’s Palate” and it’s amazing.  Some thought the combo of cherries and chick peas would be a little odd, but it absolutely wasn’t.  This dish is packed with protein (eggs, goat cheese, chickpeas) and left me full for at least 2 hours which is a very long time in my book.


SPEAKING SPANISH:  I had a “real world” language experience this week.  One of the moms in Miles and Vaughn’s gymnastics class speaks fluent Spanish.  Her daughter was very upset this week, which happens when you’re four.  I was able to understand what the little girl was trying to tell her mom and I was overly proud of myself. That lasted about seven seconds when her mom started to reply.  WTH?  She spoke so fast and with such intent that I had no clue what she was saying!  Clearly I need to restrict my interaction to children when we get to Spain or I will be lost!

THINGS I LOVE:  NUUN hydrating tablets.  They are amazingly awesome.  One of the reasons I needed to hire a coach is because I know I wasn’t fueling optimally for my endurance events and I’m horrible at drinking water.  I know, I know.  But now?  I pop one of these suckers into my water for runs, spin class, cross-training, wine…ok not the wine, but I would if wine actually needed anything added to it!


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  Low back pain!  I started getting little tweaks on Sunday morning and I’m not happy about it.  I chatted with a friend about her chiropractor but I’ve never been to one.  Any thoughts on them?  Yay or Nay? CRS and I established that I have a gluteus medius weakness so I need to do more clam shells, single leg dead lifts and Bosu squats which should take care of it.  Time will tell!

MUSIC:  I’ve already stated that I’m not up on the latest tunes.  I have to admit I had no clue this was an “old” song until my friend pointed it out to me in the nicest way possible.  Bless my heart.  Well, it’s new to me  and I freakin’ love it!  Caution: swear words used.  Really just one swear word repeated 1,000 times:

TV:  The Olympics are finally here…and I’ve watched about 15 minutes so far.  I really want to watch, I just haven’t.  I’m sure I’ll get some time in this week when it snows again.

READING:  All I’ve been reading lately are the computers on my bike or my wrist.  Numbers are swirling around in my head  Pacing, Mileage, RPM, HR, Watts, CD, WU – I mean really!  Do you know how hard it is to keep track of 15 repeats when you’re at 151 heart rate?  Hard.

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  It’s really more of an apology I owe to all the shoppers at Dick’s Sporting Goods on Sunday afternoon who had to witness my son puking all over the floor in the shoe department.  He felt a lot better afterward, which I’m sure is more then I could say for any of you.  Sorry.

Don’t forget that you can still enter to win this fabulous TrailHeads headband:

And it's reversible!

And it’s reversible!

Just follow TrailHeads on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and leave a comment saying you did.  Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day – Friday, February 14th. xoxo

Do you love or hate the weather where you live?  If you could move, where would you move to and who would you take? Are you watching the Olympics?


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  1. Allie… you never cease to amaze me! I should try your bike workout at my next spin class to switch things up a bit! aND look at you going all pinterest on us. Can you come teach me?! I won’t tell the hubs about the NYC Marathon but go out and rock / win the half first!
    PS- nuun tastes GREAT but just watch out because it’s got some fake stuff in it. But I hear they have a U Natural Line?
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted…Olympics 2030, Pregnancy Update and Arm Pump VideoMy Profile

    1. Yes! You should definitely try the bike workout. You will love it b/c it’s a killer!
      I know almost nothing about Pinterest but we can learn from each other 🙂
      Running the NYC half is going to be amazing but there’s nothing like the marathon in that city. I figure the kids will be starting kindergarten in the fall so I’ll have more time to train.
      Fake stuff in NUUN??? Say it isn’t so! Darn it. I knew it was too good to be true. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll have to do some research now…

  2. Yay- how exciting that you registered for NYC!! I’ll be there cheering… if you get in. 🙂 Great workout week… I keep skipping the swim too, maybe this week?
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…16 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

    1. Thanks Laura!! I’m thinking of taking my kids to the pool at the Y today so that’s a step in the right direction 🙂

    • Alit on February 10, 2014 at 7:33 AM
    • Reply

    Thursday 7:00pm swim workout. I will throw you in if that’s what it takes to get you in the water.

    1. I know!! I so want to be there but my husband’s work schedule and the Y’s day care schedule keep plotting against me!

  3. I totally go to a chiropractor now once a week, because I have suffered from sciatica and lower back pain, which was pretty miserable and definitely not fun. Must say it has helped me greatly and would totally recommend, because the back is nothing to play with. It can be minimal pain, but if left untreated can truly turn into something totally worse and seriously very painful, too. Trust me I thought I could deal and ended up being able to barely walk when I kept putting it off from the awful pain. The pain was actually worse then childbirth in my eyes. Hope you feel better with the back and thinking of you.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…RAVPower Chargers ~ Just Right For Charging All Your Mobile DevicesMy Profile

    1. I’m so sorry you went through that Janine! Back pain is the absolute worst – I agree. I have had two occasions where I’ve been flat out on my couch for 2-3 days b/c of a disc issue. Of course it all happened after I carried the twins! Go figure. Luckily for me the glute exercises my coach recommended have taken away the tweaks but I appreciate you telling me your experience with a chiro b/c I may end up there!

  4. Cracked up at the side note to your hubby! She is totally kidding. Seriously. Sometimes you have to spice up your blog post with a little excitement, right? 😉 I have not seen one minute of The Olympics yet, and I feel really badly about it!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Would You Rather Give Up S-E-X Or Alcohol For 6 Months?My Profile

    1. Yes I do! I just hope he skips this one 🙂
      I actually got to watch some of the Olympics last night – figure skating, skiing and snowboarding – SO great. I love watching but the hubs gets bored.

  5. I haven’t watch much of the Olympics either, I think my total watch time is around 3 minutes. I feel very unpatriotic. I must fix this. My kids will never put up with it though so we will see!!

    Glad you got your 11 miles in even with the snow. I just want it to be overrrrrrrr!

    You are totally going to get picked for an entry and it is going to be so awesome. I will be waiting patiently for the announcement!!

    I am happy you understood the little girl!! My husbands family speaks so fast I catch words here and there. You are doing great!!

    Sorry about the lower back pain…that is a bummer. I hope you feel better soon!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Interview With Rosie Pope & Caring For Your Child’s Dental HealthMy Profile

    1. Thanks Nellie! I got a good 40 minutes in of Olympic watching last night so I’m feeling better about it.
      I so hope I get into the marathon even though I haven’t done one in oh seven years!!! Yikes.
      When my dad speaks Spanish I’m lost. Adults are just too quick so I’m sticking with the kids.
      My back pain is GONE! I did a bunch of glute exercises last night and this morning after my run and all is well. Yippeee!!

  6. I actually made it to the pool twice last week for two very short swims, and I FINALLY got OUTSIDE for a much-needed trail run on Friday. The rest of my week was pretty much a bust, so I’m hoping this week is better.

    I’ve never been to a chiropractor and have mixed feelings. It seems like everyone who sees one has to keep seeing them. All.the.time.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…10 Reasons to Hit the Trails and a GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Good for you!! I’m sure you were in heaven on the trails. That is great news as I know you needed it!!
      I feel the same about the chiropractor but some people get really great results. Right now, some simple exercises are fixing the issue so I’ll stick with that. I haven’t a clue when I would fit in a chiropractic visit anyway!?

  7. You just amaze me every week. So you haven’t got into the pool. You have been training your ass off so that’s what counts. Keep up the awesome work!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Game Plan – Spin Cycle & GU Birthday Week GiveawayMy Profile

    1. That’s right Kris!! I’m keeping my eyes on the prize 🙂 Thanks.

  8. You just gave me an idea: Wine Hydrationfication Tablets. Totally gonna invent it.

    It’s cold here in Delaware and I wore the wrong pants. Not only are my legs freezing, but so are my butt cheeks.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Homemade Cake DonutsMy Profile

    1. Don’t forget to give me 50% cut 🙂
      Not dressing right is the worst. That’s why I did loops in my ‘hood so I could come home to fix any issues if I had them. Winter running is messy.

    • Andrea (@FitLifeRun) on February 10, 2014 at 9:50 AM
    • Reply

    Love your blog! And I now follow TrailHeads on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    1. Thanks so much Andrea!! Good luck.

  9. Lower back pain is the worst! When I’ve finished a volleyball tournament, like yesterday, I cannot walk normally for about 48 hours. It is awful! I’m scared to try a chiropractor, but I think I’ll take your suggestion on trying some different exercises to address that area. Maybe that’s the problem?
    Lex @ Flecks of Lex recently posted…Fantasy Fitness Fashion: SwimsuitsMy Profile

    1. I think it’s the problem for me b/c I feel a lot better today after just doing some simple moves and foam rolling. Good luck!!

  10. Oh, the puking in public places fun with kids! I remember my daughter standing up at the end of a movie when she was about five and announcing that she was going to be sick–and then just let it all flow. At least it was the end of the movie, right?

    I think you have a great thing going with your coach. So much attention to detail on her part. It will pay off with some speedy race results, I’m sure!
    misszippy recently posted…Five steps to affordable runningMy Profile

    1. Yes the joys of parenting never end. I love how your daughter announced it! People who have kids totally get it but I feel bad for the others…
      I have to say that I have a great coach and she’s so detailed! I tried her suggestions today and already it’s making a difference. At least my confidence level will be improved come race day and that alone is worth it.

  11. Oh–and I actually do have a wine/NUUN combo–sort of. Any time I might have had one extra glass too much, I’ll pop a NUUN into a water bottle and drink it down before bed. Counteracts the dehydration beautifully!
    misszippy recently posted…Five steps to affordable runningMy Profile

    1. I knew there must be a connection!!! Thank you – I will absolutely try this 🙂

  12. Booooo to back pain, and to your son getting sick at Dick’s.

    I’m loving every minute of the Olympics I can watch. Hope you schedule some time to watch them too, you’ll be sorry once they’re not on any more.
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Secret Subject Swap: CupidMy Profile

    1. The back pain is gone and my son is all better which is probably more then I can say for the poor people who had to witness it!
      I managed to get some Olympic viewing in last night. That Russian 15 year-old skater is amazing!!! WOW! I saw some snowboarding and men’s downhill skiing as well. I love it!

  13. LOL…lol about your son! Poor thing! Even after two kids, I still feel uneasy about vomit! LOL! I don’t know what it is, but I can never really get “in” to the Winter Olympics! They are just boring to me! I watched a little of the opening ceremony Friday, but haven’t seen NONE of the games since. I have been keeping up with the medal count though!
    Britton recently posted…Everything you need to Know about Les Mills RPMMy Profile

    1. Vomit doesn’t really bother me anymore but it was pretty difficult to deal with in the middle of a department store! The days of carrying a diaper bag are long gone so I had to schlep to the bathroom and back a few times. So gross!!
      I managed to watch some of the Olympics last night…until my husband joined me. He’s like you – he thinks it’s pretty boring 🙂

    • Nikki on February 10, 2014 at 3:10 PM
    • Reply

    I liked Trailheads on Facebook. Love that headband!

    1. Super!! Thank you.

  14. I LOVE that video of you and your boys! They are so adorable in their snow get ups. It reminds me of like a Mario Nintendo video game- dodge the snowballs that these little mario creatures throw at you! So cute!

    I love that spin workout you posted! It sounds really hard!

    I am super pumped about the Olympics but feel like I keep missing it somehow!?
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Sydney: The Beaches and More!My Profile

    1. I have to say that it brought new meaning to “cross training” but it was so much fun. They really love hitting me – can you tell?
      You should try that spin workout – its killer but makes the time go by!
      I finally watched some figure skating, snowboarding & men’s downhill skiing so I feel better now! More on tap for tonight…

  15. I entered the lottery too! Fingers crossed! I’ve been thinking of making that recipe from RW. Glad to hear it was tasty!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…5 Reasons to Workout in the MorningMy Profile

    1. So cool!!! I hope we both get in so we can share training stories & then meet up!!
      You should definitely try the recipe especially since it’s pretty easy. Good luck 🙂

  16. Oh my god. Your poor son! Poor you! Did he have a virus? Or just eat too much?
    These hydrating tablets intrigue me. I’m terrible at drinking enough water. I can’t understand why I can’t do the simplest and most basic human thing correctly. And we are really lucky to have clean water! What is wrong with me?
    Anyway. I may need to do a rundown list myself one of these days. And nice work on the Canva!
    Tamara recently posted…I Wanna See You Be Brave.My Profile

    1. It was awful because I had nothing to clean him (or the floor) up with and I was alone with both boys! Luckily there was a very kind employee and a bathroom near by. I actually think he has a food allergy. He had to get blood drawn today so we can figure this whole thing out!
      I hear ya on the water. As “fit” as I am you would think this would be second nature to me but I’m horrible at hydrating.
      I would love to see your Rundown!! Do it up!!

  17. You’ve watched 15 minutes more than me of the Olympics.

    I had no idea that CRS was also going to be analyzing your running. I was wondering why she was meeting you there. So she’s doing the entire tri training then? Swim?

    I need to cook more again but I’ve been working so much I can barely function. Much less put anything on the stove. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Weekend Recap: Disney Junior Live, Tiara’s and FriendsMy Profile

    1. Sounds like everyone is having a hard time with Olympic viewing! I did get a lot more time in on Sunday but last night was speed skating on the short track and well, I lost interest after one round.
      YES CRS will do it all but I’m training for a duathlon so there’s no swim 🙂
      I hear ya with the cooking. I really only have time for it on the weekends. The boys and I had pizza last night.

    • Kim on February 10, 2014 at 8:15 PM
    • Reply

    Ugh – bummer about your son – never fun for anyone, you included!!!
    If I could move anywhere it would definitely be to a beach house in Hawaii!!!
    And, love the new graphics – being able to click on that one of your training and enlarge it was awesome – you are fancy!! I meant to play around with the Canva thing this weekend but….
    Kim recently posted…Celebrating Russia (host of the 2014 Olympics)My Profile

    1. Yes the puke incident was bad b/c I didn’t have anything to clean him up with!! From now on I’m going to at least keep some wipes in my purse.
      I’m sure you’ll need a roommate who loves fitness and wine in Hawaii so I’ll meet you there 🙂
      Canva is SO easy. You should definitely try it out.

  18. I’ve watched ten minutes of the Olympics. I can’t get into it. But I am experimenting with Canva – nice job on your graphic! I have one up tomorrow – so often my posts have no photos, so I make a graphic so I have something to pin. And yes, take swimming off the rundown – that’s the only way you’ll get into the pool.
    Dana recently posted…I’m coming out…My Profile

    1. Canva is SO amazingly easy which is why I love it. Can’t wait to see what you have done with it!
      I got in the pool with my kids last night. Does that count?

  19. I need to stalk your Pinterest for your Runner’s World recipes. I love Nuun tablets. And I love reading your your training with CRS. You are so tough in the best way possible. – total inspiration. .
    Ilene recently posted…Good Vibes Volume 1My Profile

    1. Thank you so much Ilene! Stalk away – that recipe and the other egg one I have on my board are both amazing. I have a total of like 6 food pins so it’s easy to find – ha ha!!
      The best word for my training right now is tough. I don’t think I’ve ever trained this hard and most days it’s awesome. I’m so glad I hired my coach b/c she is amazing.

  20. Oh my! I’m glad he’s feeling better. I did the same thing in the pharmacy last week, ugh! Glad that’s over. I’m tickled that you keep updating us on swimming! You have so much going on in a week physically!!!

    I’m gonna try this frita….pizza looking thingy!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…20 Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Weekend PhysicalMy Profile

    1. Oh no! That is awful Joi!! When it happens as an adult it’s so much worse.
      I got in the pool last night with my kids and we had a blast, so I’m going to count that!
      You should def try the egg pizza. It’s so easy to make and the cherries and goat cheese are yum-o!

  21. I’m so excited you tried Canva! Didn’t you just love it?!
    And I didn’t know you snowshoed! I love snowshoeing…I have been going so much with all this snow! We need to find a time to meet up!
    Michelle recently posted…5 Tips to Make the Most of a Blog Commenting ChallengeMy Profile

    1. I seriously love Canva and I haven’t even done half of what its capable of doing. Thanks so much for the introduction!
      We definitely need to makes some plans to get together and, if we can also snowshoe then that’s just a bonus!!

  22. I can’t even imagine swimming in winter though yes, I know it’s an indoor pool. But the thought of shedding clothes…. 🙂
    Alison recently posted…A Different Kind Of Sweet SpotMy Profile

    1. I know and it’s definitely tougher but I took the boys yesterday and it’s SO toasty warm in the water pool (there’s also a lap pool that’s not as toasty) and it’s not so bad as long as you stay in the water. It’s the showering and getting dressed afterward that’s pretty awful!!

  23. Sorry about your back pain. I hate that.

    I’m always impressed when people still run in the snow. I’d fall all over the place.
    Amber recently posted…Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!My Profile

    1. The back pain is gone but thank you!
      Winter running can be tricky but luckily I haven’t fallen yet…

  24. I am SO over the weather here in NYC. The snow just turns into this disgustingly polluted slush covering a layer of slick ice. I want to run without fear of breaking my neck or freezing to death already!
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Four Reasons Races Make Better Investments than Gym Memberships.My Profile

    1. I hear you! Sometimes I end up running in the middle of the road since it’s the only place where there’s actual pavement. I have a feeling I’ll be doing more loops in my neighborhood because of it. Not fun but better then the treadmill.

  25. OKAY if you’re going to watch the Olympics – WATCH TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT, okay?!?!? It’s snowboarding half-pipe, MY JAM!! And my future husband will be taking the gold, just you wait! 😉
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…You’ll Frittata Over This Heart-y Dish!My Profile

    1. I’m watching!!! I can’t wait to be your maid-of-honor when you guys get married in the French Alps.

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