Oct 26

The Rundown – Taper Town USA

Oh how I love living in taper town! Well, I love it this time because I truly feel like I need the rest after so much running, racing and repeating over the past several weeks. Bring on the rest days baby!



2 weeks to “A Race” aka the NYC Marathon…

Last Monday I was coming off a weekend of racing. I ran four races in three days, covering 26.2 miles and some pretty fast paces. If my coach was worried about having me in taper mode (and she was!) she had nothing to worry about. I was so ready, but it seems, my coach was not done with some tough workouts. Damn it!

At least my hat was ready for the week.

At least my hat was ready for the week.

Monday: Recovery swim, 1100 yards

This felt amazing! I loved being in the pool and doing a sort of mix and match workout with some kicking thrown in. Afterward I sat in the hot tub for as long as I could stand it. Pure bliss.

Tuesday: My final spin class!

I’m so good with it, and it was nice to get a bouquet of flowers from my two fearless leaders Char and Heather but, I’m still hanging around as a sub and I’m sure will do some other exciting things for the members once I’ve had some down time. Stay tuned…

Wednesday: At the track with 5 x 1km at sub 6 minute pace/effort with 500m recovery in between

Yes. This is what my taper week looks like people! Holy hell. CRS (coach rocket science) added this note to the workout: “Allie, this is a tough workout. Warm up well. Cool down, stretch well.” So that was scary.

Although it was most definitely more of a sub 6 “feel” I managed to get a 5:50 on the last set with the four others in between 6:00 and 6:10. I’ll take it.

This also happened:

That awkward moment when the high school gym class takes the in field and sets up for ultimate frisbee.

That awkward moment when the high school gym class takes the in field and sets up for ultimate frisbee. Luckily, I only had one set left, which may also be the reason for the 5:50 pace. #Motivation

Thursday: 45 minutes of pool running and a massage!

Now this is more like it! I didn’t even mind the 45 minutes of pool running because I had my trusty Waterfi music and the massage was so, so needed!

Friday: Rest

Hell yes! I actually kept forgetting I had a scheduled rest day during the week. I stayed in my pj’s until I had to head into my son’s classroom to help out at 11:15. Feeling like a true SAHM.

Saturday: 5K Time Trial

Here we go again! I didn’t even notice this until about mid-week but I sucked it up and got it done. After a 1 mile warm-up I was able to hold a 6:25 pace for 3 miles. I have no idea how I was so consistent, and I was just glad when it was over.

Sunday: 2 hour run with last 30 minutes at marathon race pace

I was so lucky to be able to do this last long run with some of my BRF’s, one of whom will be towing the line with me at NYC! We spent the first hour and half talking, laughing and running (in the rain) at around a 9:15 pace. I was so sad to leave them for the 30 minutes on my own but held onto a 7:25 for the last 3.6 miles and felt great.

Total mileage (including pool!) = 35


“Nothing new on race day,” pretty much flew out the window for me during mile 8 of the Runner’s World Half Marathon last Sunday! I had some chomps in my back pocket but they were handing out Clif Gel Shots on the course. I have heard so much about how amazing they are so I thought “what the hell?” I grabbed a Vanilla one (just by chance) ripped off the top and just took a little taste, since I’m not that crazy, and WHOA! It tasted like the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! Obviously my body needed the sugar and electrolytes and I downed the rest of it as fast as my body could take it in.

Miles after ingesting a new gel for the very first time and feeling fine!

Miles after ingesting a new gel for the very first time and feeling fine!

I love that I tried in at mile 8 of the half because now I’m confident I can use it at the NYC Marathon! I will actually be looking forward to eating this and, as you know, you take all the little things you can get when staring down 26.2.


I have so much new gear to try out after the RW weekend! I’m most excited about reading a new book from Rodale press (see below) and I’m really loving all the headbands – always my favorite!

Let there be swag!

Let there be swag!

I also need to rewind for a moment and tell you about two things that have really stood out since the Rise.Run.Retreat way back during the first week in October! Spandits and this pink thing that wards off attackers or just super annoying people – the Sabre personal alarm. I wanted to do a video demonstration of how loud this thing is, but I figured that would just make angry readers, so you will just have to buy it and see for yourself. I only wish I had this thing when I was running in the wild of New Hampshire all summer!

Don't let that sweet looking chick on the package fool you. She will make your ears bleed!

Don’t let that sweet looking chick on the package fool you. She will make your ears bleed!

And what can I say about Spandits except that just putting on their pants make me smile, they have an amazing company story and THE best ambassador in all of running in Jen of Running with the Girls. Seriously.

Ready for my 5K time trial!

Ready for my 5K time trial in my snazzy pants! Thank you Spandits.


Being less then one week from running one of the most iconic races on the planet. I’m seriously getting so excited! I’m reading a lot of race recaps and tips but mostly I’m thinking about how amazing it will be to run the NYC Marathon. Wow. Just wow.



Feeling excited and completely overwhelmed at the same time. I know it’s mostly due to the race but once again I had an insane week of planning the Halloween guilt party and I’m now heading into my fourth week in a row where I have to pack, plan and navigate a four day week while solo parenting, all of which will culminate in me running a marathon. I feel like my entire life is a marathon right now, so it should be easy. #Whaaaaaaa

Evil Miles filling the piñata! Yes, we had a pumpkin piñata and didn't even bust it open since the kids had ingested enough candy by 5:30pm to last a lifetime.

Evil Miles filling the piñata! Yes, we had a pumpkin piñata and didn’t even bust it open since the kids had ingested enough candy by 5:30pm to last a lifetime.


In addition to all the great things I’m reading about the upcoming NYC Marathon (a checklist to ward off taper crazies and everything you need to know about the race and expo) I’ve also been reading The Runner’s Brain by Dr. Jeff Brown. I was gifted a copy from Rodale press and I have to say that it’s not quite like other books I have read on mental toughness.

For one, the author is the head psychologist for the Boston Marathon. And no, he did not retain that post after the bombings, he’s had it for 14 years. Did you know there was a “head psychologist” on the Boston Marathon medical team? Me either. It only gets more interesting…


If you’re so inclined, Dr. Brown and co-author Liz Neporent will be on a Twitter chat today, Monday, October 26th at 2pm ET. Here are all the pertinent handles and hashtags: @LizzyFit & @DrJeffreyBrown authors of @RunnersWorld The Runner’s Brain @RodaleBooks #ChatRW


Me: How are you planning on spectating at the marathon?

My husband: “Like this,” as he rubbed his eyes, opened them, and stared at me. 


He will be sorry when he’s in a sea of 100,000 people who are all also looking for their runners. And he will have the boys.

Sometimes I think running the marathon is the easy part…

How was your week?

What is your favorite new piece of gear?

What is your workout plan heading into winter?



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  1. OH I ADORE LIZ NEPORENT and am adding the twitter chat to my calendar!
    I need to just suck it up and buy me some spandits.
    I love my BUSKINS (seen those?) but I covet the spandits patterns…
    CARLA recently posted…When saying YES is selfish.My Profile

    1. Excellent!!!
      I have not seen BUSKINS but will check them out…

  2. I had a similar track experience last year except it was the football team. Fastest mile ever! I’m loving everything about this. And so far the Runners Brain is so interesting. My goal right now, besides getting recovered fully, is to work on my mental game.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Behind the Scenes of My Instagram FeedMy Profile

    1. It’s a constant work in progress but, as you come back, I think your mental game will only get stronger! You have such a great year ahead of you…I know it!

  3. I’m so giddy with excitement for NYC too! And I’m loving the taper – train hard, taper hard 🙂 Those were definitely some hard workouts for the taper period, but you crushed it – nice job! That book sounds really good…..I might download it for the plane ride!

    1. You totally should. It’s a great read for pre-NYCM!!
      Good luck and let’s hope the weather prediction stays just as it is right now!

  4. Coming off your race weekend that is such an intense week. I would have been exhausted as well! I’m glad you can get back into taper mode and you are going to have such an incredible experience at NYCM.
    Hollie recently posted…Training: Rest Days and Bone RunsMy Profile

    1. I’m definitely soaking up some rest this week and getting more and more excited to hit the city! Thanks Hollie.

  5. Wow, that is one intense taper week! I’m in awe! I’m loving the Runner’s Brain too… I’m almost done. Not a lot of brand new info, but it’s been really interesting!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Perfect Ten Mile Race RecapMy Profile

    1. Agreed. I love the way it’s presented but I’m only about half way though. Thanks Laura and congrats again on your 10 mile PR!!!

  6. You are just an incredible athlete! I enjoy reading about your workouts and things. I wonder how you do it?! I’m running RnR Savannah the week after NYC so I’m a little taper crazy myself. Doing shorter hard workouts has been tough and I just feel so BLAH all of a sudden. And I didn’t even race last week lol Your boys are so cute! His face in that pic is priceless. I’m usually the last minute Halloween mommy lol BUT this year I at least remembered the costume! Yay! Lol I’m interested in that book the Runners Brain. Curious to see how you like it. I’ve read SPARK by John Ratey about exercise and the brain. Very good read! This winter I plan on reading a lot, increasing strength training, and focusing on shorter spring races (5k-10 miler). IF I qualify for Boston in two weeks for 2017 I’ll have about a year to focus on fitness and and shorter distances.
    Jess @ run pink recently posted…#FLF Music, The Kid, and an Ultra! My Profile

    1. OMG good luck in Savannah!!! I’ve only been there once but it is a gorgeous place so take it all in. I hope the weather cooperates as well as your legs and lungs to push you to a BQ!!!
      I’ll have to check out SPARK. I love anything about the mind/body connection and how it can help my training…especially as I age!
      Thanks so much!

  7. I’ve been seeing spa fits everywhere, I’m so curious to see if they pass the squat test. I’ve read so many tips and tricks for the marathon I’m pretty much overloaded with information. If it make you feel any better my hubby will be with the kids too, likely at a Starbucks somewhere nearby!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…My Trip To Israel: Tel AvivMy Profile

    1. LOL they will all probably be meeting up at Starbucks then 🙂 HAHAHA!!!
      Not sure about the squat test and Spandits but I hear you.

      So far, the weather is cooperating so please make sure that continues, ok??

  8. It has been an intense couple of weeks with all that traveling and racing but I’m so excited for you to run NYCM!! And you’re so cute in your Spandits! Rest up friend!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…The Dos and Don’ts of PeriscopeMy Profile

    1. The Spandits were surprisingly light and the day I ran in them was super cold/windy but they kept my legs toasty so I’m sold!
      I cannot tell you how excited I am to see you and your family (maybe?) during the race!! I hope I don’t miss you but I’ll be sure to give you my bib # etc, before the big day!!

  9. I used to do a track practice that coincided with a lax practice–dodging stray lax balls was always fun when you’re going full throttle!

    Way to hit the paces! You’re going to have such a strong marathon and I’m sure the crowds will carry you through those final miles. So excited for you! Enjoy the taper.

    The Spandits you all have been wearing are super cute. May have to check them out.

    My race goal for this week is to not break an ankle at the 8k cross-country race I am doing Sunday. It’s at a vineyard and is supposed to have beastly hills plus gopher holes and tons of ruts. But bottles of wine to the winners, so I’m on it!
    misszippy recently posted…My podcast is live!My Profile

    1. OMG to track practice and LAX! If you didn’t break an ankle during that you should be fine for the cross-country race 🙂 And bottles of wine to the winners? Now that is motivation!!

      Thanks so much for the well wishes going into NYC. This is it!!!

  10. AHHHHH!!!! It is so close! I am SO excited for you!!! I used to not really like th etaper, but the last few training cycles I have loved it! I am just easing into my taper now and I am ready for it. I think the combo of more miles and some harder training does it for me.
    I think I probably need that book :). I have a tendency to train far better than I race.
    I think I need to try that gel. I have tried a million gels, but actually never Cliff. I want to like gels really bad, but I just don’t! I am ok with Power Gel Double Latte and that is about it. I can stomach GU salted caramel, but barely. I tried Honey Stinger last week and definitely no!
    This last week we traveled to IL for a conference and drove through the night Thursday to get back for my daughters last volleyball game! Long week, but it was a fun week!
    I am playing the winter by ear. Last year after Richmond I really enjoyed taking the winter easy. I will probably do the same this year and start some training for spring 1/2’s 🙂
    Your 1k’s…..AMAZING!!!!! SO speedy!!!!!! I hate using the track when teams are on the field. I remember doing a workout several years ago and the marching band was using the field 🙂
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…4 weeks to go!My Profile

    1. Figuring out the fuel thing is always on-going!! I actually like a waffle and I may have one in NYC depending on my stomach. I like to bring as much of a variety as I can b/c that seems to work best but, overall, it’s tough!!
      So excited for you to run Richmond. I know you have had a few tough races so this has to be THE ONE. You are more then ready but you need to believe you can do it! As usual, I will be rooting for you all the way!

  11. wow check out you and that 5:50!!! nice job!!!! i can totally get it though, being that situation would fire me up too 😀 not to that speed, but certainly it would put some fire under my feet.
    my favorite thing right now is the lacrosse ball… i know i’m late to that game but hey, it’s awesome. and is sitting under my butt
    danielle saucy smith recently posted…Week in Review: Recovery, Happy Thoughts, and ShenanigansMy Profile

    1. I’m a big fan of putting something under my butt cheek after a long/hard effort 🙂 Hooray for LAX balls!! LOL

  12. I just had an lol moment at your husbands spectating response. and your taper week is no joke! There is a small part of me sad to not be running the marathon as the city is in a marathon frenzy but it will be fun to be on the other side after running the past couple years!
    Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted…Totten Trot 5K RecapMy Profile

    1. Oh I’m sure you will have SO much fun being on the other side!…and I’m pretty sure I will be wishing I were you around mile 23 🙂 Thanks Gianna!!

  13. Miles’ face is priceless! The Runner’s Brain sounds so interesting – another book to add to my ever-growing reading list! I’m so excited for you for NYCM – your training has been so strong!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers 10/19/15 – 10/25/15My Profile

    1. I’m getting really excited too – I’ll just have to remember this excitement at mile 23!
      The book really is a great one and you can just read chapters you think will be most helpful and then keep it as a resource.
      Thanks Laura!

  14. I love Spandits!! I just ordered 2 pair!! 🙂
    You are on fire with the speedy workouts! I can’t wait to cheer for you on Sunday and MEET you on Friday!!! xo
    Natalie recently posted…Weekend Update: It’s All The Little Things!My Profile

    1. Awesome about the Spandits!!! And YES!!! I cannot wait to meet you! Just another reason to be super excited for NYC 🙂

  15. How exciting! The race is getting so close! Those spandits look great on you!! Love!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Advanced Pilates Exercises for Your CoreMy Profile

    1. I know!!! I really cannot wait just to get into the city and feel the excitement!!! Thanks so much Britt. Wish you were still there…

  16. woohoo!!! i’m SO excited for you this weekend. can’t wait to track you on sunday! head up, wings out gal!! enjoy NYC w/your family!
    courtney @ eat pray run dc recently posted…September Blog Stats and Income ReportMy Profile

    1. Me too!! Thank you so much and I will try to enjoy every moment…even those last miles – ugh!!

  17. You are such a baller. And your hubby… that’s one brave man facing those crowds!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Quinoa Zucchini Breakfast “Pizza” [Recipe]My Profile

    1. He will probably cry before the day is done! LOL!!

  18. First of all, I’m so FREAKING PUMPED for you about NYC. You are going to have an amazing race!
    I also just got the two books you’ve started reading and can’t wait to dive into the Runner’s Brain. Books on the mental aspect of our sport are like candy to me. I can’t get enough and always learn something. So glad you like your Sabre alarm and Spandits. xoxo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…The Best Running Moment of My LifeMy Profile

    1. I couldn’t agree more about the books on mind/body connection for runners – LOVE. And I kind of want to use my Sabre alarm just to scare people. Is that wrong? 🙂
      Getting SO very excited for NYC!

      1. Haha! Maybe when your kids won’t listen to you, you can make it go off. LOL! I threaten my family all the time that I’m going to pull the pin because they’ve heard it before and don’t want to hear the siren again. Ha!
        Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…The Best Running Moment of My LifeMy Profile

        1. I’ve thought of that but, once they know what that thing does, they will use it against me!! LOL

  19. Running the marathon is definitely the easy part! My husband dragged around 4 kids, my sister, my parents and my 400lb uncle around DC to find me on the course. I definitely had the easy part!! So much awesome stuff in here as usual. I’m definitely interested in reading that book, I ‘ve heard great things. I just got my copy of Meals on the Run and it looks awesome! I’ve been seeing those spandits everywhere but haven’t gotten the chance to check them out yet. The patterns are pretty fun!! You are going to ROCK NYC, I am so excited for you!!!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…So you want to BOSU?My Profile

    1. OMG that is one brave man!! But, it is such a HUGE boost when you’re running and it keeps me going when I know where my friends and family will be.
      Both books are so great and I’m planning on cooking one of the pasta dishes tonight while I read about how to train my brain 🙂
      Thanks Sue!!!

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