The Rundown – The Snow Must Go On!


You guys are never going to believe this but we got more snow and more school cancellations and delays this week! At this point, the boys have not had a full week of school since before Christmas. But, the training show must go on as the snow rains down. Here’s what your week looks like with a snow day, a delay and a husband who works from home.

Caught in the snow on a training run last week.



Despite the snow, ice and icy rain I managed to get in some good mileage this week and avoid my treadmill! This is a new record. I had two great runs and one horrible one, but you have to enjoy the good and learn from the bad. I’m proud that I mentally plowed my way through 12 icy miles when I felt like massive icebergs were attached to my legs. They can’t all be great and I’ll appreciate the next good run even more.

Tuesday – mile repeats before swim | 7.63 miles | 8:06 pace

Friday – long run with tempo time pace before strength | 12 miles | 8:40 pace

Sunday – 40 minutes easy before strength | 5.83 miles | 8:30 pace

Total = 25.46 miles


The miles are stacking up on the bike trainer as I anxiously wait for the temperatures to rise and roads to clear. I have seen a few brave souls out on the roads but I’ve been surrounded by too many stories of bike crashes and hit and runs to dare attempt it myself right now.

When the snow day hit mid-week I had to move the trainer to my living room so my husband could work in the basement. #whateverittakes

Wednesday – base build | 14.6 miles | 1:03:21

Thursday – strength endurance before swim | 17.0 | 1:12:53

Total = 31.6 miles


There are workouts I dread in the pool. I used to dread them all but now it’s really just multiple 500s. A 500 consists of 20 laps and I had to do three, after a 600 meter warm up, with one minute rest breaks in between.  I did them and I did them faster then I have in a long time but I’m still fighting a mental battle when it comes to these long ones.

Also noteworthy is you swim your ass off for almost an hour for a measly 352 calories.

Monday – 500s for form before strength | 2,200 yards

Tuesday – recovery swim after run | 1,200 yards

Thursday – 2x (10x50s) after bike | 2,000 yards

Total = 5,400 yards


My husband’s ridiculous Super Bowl bets. He took the under on how long it would take P!nk to sing the National Anthem. The line was 2:03 and our poor flu-ridden woman got the job done in 1:58:47. I know the exact time because of this…

He also won which color Gatorade the winning coach would be doused with. Pee yellow Gatorade for the win!


That we have had all this snow and I have only been snowboarding once. Once. It seems criminal. Part of the issue is the boys basketball schedule with games on Saturdays and the other part is me not just taking a damn day and going to the mountain by myself!


On Friday I shared the book I’m currently reading, Gratitude In Motion, about Colleen Alexander and her incredible story of survival. Colleen was hit by a freight truck while cycling home from work one day in 2011, was in a coma for five weeks and had 29 surgeries.  In the months and years that followed she slowly rebuilt her life, returned to racing and has given back in so many inspiring ways. I highly recommend reading it!

Sadly, along those same lines, I found the below article from Oct 2016. It’s back in circulation on social media because of another cyclist hit on a ride:

I Don’t Want to Die, and You Don’t Want to Kill Me | Tim Snyder | Boston Globe

Not only have I been immersed in Colleen Alexander’s story but a fellow Coeur teammate, Lectie Altman, was hit by a car while on a training ride a few weeks ago. I donated to her Go Fund Me page but mostly I feel helpless to do anything else but advocate for people to slow down and think about what it would mean to actually injure or kill someone because you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Tim Snyder does a nice job of putting this in the simplest of terms.

Lectie Altman recovering in the hospital where she will remain for weeks as she rebuilds her body. Regular updates have been posted to her Go Fund Me page where this picture is from.


In a nutshell, here are my reviews for the week:

Movie: Get Out – I wanted to get out of this movie! Honestly, why the buzz? It was predictable, not scary, had some good acting but really?

HBO: The Night Of – So unbelievably good! It was so real we were not sure if it was based on a true story until we Googled it (it’s not). The story has everything you could want – suspense, humor, great acting, interesting characters and tons of WTF moments. Granted, the first episode is slow but it’s like the steady climb on a roller coaster just before the non-stop action.



Hope there is only good weather in your forecast this week my friends!

How’s the weather where you are?

Why is it so difficult to share the road?


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  1. Wow- that is a lot of delays and snow days!! We had one delay this week for ice but otherwise, they haven’t had many snow days. I’m impressed that you got outside for all your runs regardless! Also- I feel like the estimated calorie burn for swimming can’t be right. I am always starving after I’m in the pool!
    Laura recently posted…Boston Training week 6 + Meal PlanningMy Profile

    1. A nutritionist once told me I’m so hungry after swimming because I’m so inefficient at it!!! LOL! Gotta love that.

  2. These bike stories make me so nervous as Babak is out there doing more miles each week… just running outside I almost get hit at least once a week by drivers in LA and have to be so careful… love that last picture… life goals indeed!

    1. Believe me, I know! My husband has made it clear how angry he will be if I get killed on my bike – LOL :-)))…although not funny but, I’m SO careful and never take chances where cars are concerned.

    • Jen on February 12, 2018 at 10:12 AM
    • Reply

    We certainly don’t have the problem with snow days here in Florida, but sometimes I wish we did. According to my weather app, it was a nice 82 degrees with a “feels like” temp of 87 degrees during my long run yesterday. Absolutely brutal.
    The one and only time I ever trained for a half Ironman I did all of my cycling indoors on a trainer. Not ideal, I know, but considering our state’s record for pedestrian and cyclist fatalities, I thought (and still think) I was protecting myself. I get a little nervous even when I run outside these days.
    Stay safe on the roads!

    1. OMG yes! Florida is by far the worst and something really needs to be done. And I know you have your own issues where weather is concerned and I kind of think it’s better to be too cold! But I REALLY would prefer triathlon training where it’s warm 🙂

  3. I feel you on the snow! It was nice to get away for the weekend, even if I traded snow and cold for rain and 95% humidity! At least it was warm. We’re supposed to warm up but you know that means black ice. I’d rather have snow. Hoping to get out on my XC skis.

    I kind of like your husband’s Super Bowl bets!
    Wendy recently posted…Running in A Snow GlobeMy Profile

    1. Definitely prefer the snow to ice. I had a crazy time on my long run, having to stop and jump off the road because of ice and traffic. Not cool. So glad you made it to Birmingham even if it was super humid!! Just read your recap and absolutely loved it 🙂
      And the bets were hysterical…

  4. Awesome running! And everything else of course! You’re very motivating! You’re hubby cracks me up. I’d be going batty with all the snow days with a toddler but I can’t say our weather is great. It’s hot and cold and crazy. Everyone’s getting sick. Yikes!
    The Colleen story tore me up inside no pun intenddd at all. I watched her interview and was just floored. People are dicks. Seriously. I’m reading The Subtle Art if Not Giving a F and just finished the Cat Marnell book. I feel like people do not have you in their best interest and at the end of the day if your out on the road it’s not for sure everyone will be careful or care. It’s a sad truth. I don’t trust drivers. I’ll just stop there and be happy with my spin bike and Netflix. I’ll get back on the road for sure but not while I’m city bound. Driving by all the urban cyclists makes me feel queasy because there are so many accidents. When I was a teenager I used to fly down major streets and highways on my bike. In my bike and no helmet. I’m lucky to be alive. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian which really messed with my mind. But that’s life. Shit happens to everyone and if we can survive it’s gonna be ok.
    The Cat Marnell book also really got me. I had a minute episode of her lifestyle in my early years but honestly had no ability to continue that level of toxicity. I hated the downs and enjoyed feeling human. I can’t believe her whole life has been just an escape from reality and quest for thinness. That is so sad.
    On a lighter note I’ve learned that it’s so much easier to enjoy life when I stop expecting perfection. Shit happens to everyone and it’s ok. I used to freak if I had a bad day. That’s silly but I did. Now that I accept life is great despite some bumps in the road I’m a lot easier to live with. Lol.
    Happy Monday!!! My husband is happier too 🙂

    1. Yes! Life is messy and it’s best to just embrace it. I think it’s getting better now too because people are more open to sharing the good with the bad. We’re all human and being human means shit happens 🙂

  5. That’s a bummer you haven’t been able to get out boarding! Especially with all that fresh snow to play in. I would be so nervous riding on the roads. I’ve had some people almost hit me when running through a crosswalk (my right of way!) because they wanted to turn without waiting- and I know stopping is harder on a bike. I don’t blame you for sticking on the trainer!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: TransitionMy Profile

  6. You know I feel your pain with the weather. I don’t want to jinx anything but this week is looking snow and ice free. I hope we still have snow for February vacation week!
    Angela @ happy Fit Mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  7. Awesome running, awesome post dear. Everything here I felt is just awesome. I can understand your pain the weather is not so good which does create problems in running. Hope next week will be much better for you to continue. Just enjoy February vacation week ! Be cool be happy.

    1. We don’t have a Feb vacation week but thank you:-) The week is looking good so far!

  8. Vegas isn’t kidding when she said you can literally bet on anything… WOW. Pink is a beast, BTW.

    I’ve only been boarding once too. Looks like that’s it for me this season, as we’re mid-move. Argh. Next year!

    1. It’s ridiculous and yes, Pink is a beast! We have tix to see her in April in Boston and I CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!
      I seriously cannot believe you are moving!? Congrats!!!

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