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The Rundown – The Stories We Tell Ourselves


We all have that voice in our head that is constantly commenting, judging and stabbing opinions and ideas on a seemingly endless loop. It’s there as soon as we wake up and holds our last thoughts before closing our eyes at night. How much attention to you pay to the ceaseless voice? Do you know it’s all just stories we tell ourselves? I decided to pay more attention to mine since she seems to be a nasty little thing.

After listening to Dan Harris’ 10% Happier and then Susan David talk about “emotional agility” I started paying a lot more attention to the things I tell myself and if they are actually true, or just stories. And, if they’re simply stories, then the story can change.

WEEK OF MARCH 26, 2018


I chose to tell myself that just because I was staying on a ski mountain, with a total elevation gain of over 3,000 feet, there was no reason I couldn’t run. So I did.

My glutes, calves and ankles have been sore ever since. I had to laugh at one point because I was on my toes and barely jogging, but I refused to walk. The skiers on the chairlift had a good story to tell later that night about the crazy runner.

Tuesday – 5 minute hill intervals with longer run before cycling | 8.57 miles | 8:37 avg pace

Wednesday – 20 minute easy run after cycling | 2.3 miles | 8:47 avg pace

Saturday – 10 miles with building speed before strength | 9.21 miles | 8:27 average pace

Total = 20.8  miles


I have one glorious word — OUTSIDE!

I finally made it outside on my bike and it was absolutely amazing. Instead of being intimidated by the long ride (35 miles) with my coach (judgement) who is doing her third Ironman in Germany in July (stronger, faster and a better athlete) I pushed it all aside and just enjoyed the ride! It was fantastic.

I’m smiling because the ride is over and I love having my bike rack on Claire.

Monday – 1 hour Zwift ride before swim | 15 miles

Tuesday – aerobic drills after run | 24 miles

Wednesday – 1 hour recovery before run | 16.1 miles

Thursday – OUTDOOR ride | 34.87 miles

Total = 65.97 miles


The story that has changed the most for me since my early days of triathlon has absolutely centered around my time in the water.

Last year my husband and I went ocean kayaking in Hawaii. When we started paddling out into semi-rough waters my husband noticed I was starting to panic. He immediately said “besides our guide, you’re probably the best swimmer out here so you have nothing to worry about.” His words immediately calmed me but then I thought “why don’t I already think that?” Since then, I have used that example to empower me in the water.

Monday – endurance/form after ride | 2,600 yards

Friday – 100s and 25s | 2,300 yards

Total = 4,900 yards


These are stories I will gladly tell myself. Well, at least one of them is. I finally finished The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah who also wrote The Nightingale which is one of my all time favorites. The Great Alone is a story whose main character is really Alaska and not any particular one of the broken people Hannah writes about so eloquently. I never thought I would want to go to Alaska and now, I’m positive. But really, the story is compelling, tragic, inspiring and unforgettable. I highly recommend it.

I so badly wanted to love An American Marriage by Tayari Jones as much as Oprah but it just fell flat for me. I kept waiting for something to happen…and waiting…and, oh wait, oh this this is….ugh, not happening. The best and worst part of the book was the ending. I was so glad it was over but it was hardly an ending. I can’t wait to hear what my book club women think next week. In my opinion, you can skip right over this one.


I’ve been on a Rich Roll for most all my runs and I’m loving it. His guest this past week was Susan David, PhD Harvard professor and award winning psychologist on why “discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.” Does that hit the nail on the head or what? If podcasts are not your thing, I highly recommend at least listening to her TED Talk…I mean, about 2 million others have so why not?


My boys gave me this birthday card and then…

Miles: Which one would you choose?

Me: Um, both. I need both.

Vaughn: But if you HAD to, which would you choose?

Me: If I could only have one for the rest of my life? (it’s now clear to me that one of them chose wine and the other coffee) Wine. Definitely wine.

Miles: YES!!!!! I’m the wine Mom!!!! I win!!!

Not sure if this is good or bad but I believe in being honest with your kids. After all, they are the ones who drove me to drink.

Here’s to feeling all the emotions and creating beautiful, true stories in your head this week!

What stories do you tell yourself?

Are you aware of the voice in your head?

Have you read either book? Thoughts?


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  1. That run must have been intense!!

    I love the attention to that voice and the messages we always tell ourselves. It makes such a difference in my training if I go into a workout optimistic or dreading it… working on my mental game for race day now!
    Laura recently posted…Two weeks to Boston + Meal PlanMy Profile

    1. It was insane! I had to talk myself through it and, although I was barely jogging, I refused to walk. My calves, glutes and hammies hurt for days! And heck yes to working on that mental game for a big race like Boston. It all comes down to that one day but, as you know, what you tell yourself can make all the difference. I will be cheering you from CT!

  2. I’ve run in some crazy places but a ski mountain is not one of them. Nice pacing!

    I always say that I’m the best at beating myself up. Self-doubt? I own the patent on it. I could do some self-analysis and go back to my childhood but the reality is it wouldn’t change anything. It’s tough being type A. I’m always working on mental toughness. Read Deena Kastor’s book (it comes out this week). It’s really amazing as she takes you through her life as an athlete and how her thought processes evolved. I read it in 2 days–it’s that good.
    Wendy recently posted…Running Out of March Like…My Profile

    1. It was INTENSE and fun when it was over 🙂
      It’s a struggle being type A but that’s why I try to work so hard on what I tell myself b/c most of it is BS that no longer serves me. Thanks for the book recommendation. I will start listening to it on my runs!

  3. Love this! I’ve been trying really hard to work through the stories I tell myself about running and marathons as I prep for New Jersey. It’s hard, because I think many stories we tell ourselves do have some grain of truth, but are then taken too far. It can be hard to separate fact from fiction.
    Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner recently posted…A Little Cutback and a Big MarchMy Profile

    1. The truth of the statements are definitely the hardest obstacle to overcome but, when you do – the relief is intense! So freeing. I hope you love running NJ as much as I did. It’s a gorgeous course and the run to the finish along the beach is amazing!!…and just the distraction you need for the last mile or 2!

  4. I watched Susan’s ted talk and heard her on the school of greatness podcast… started her on rich roll but it was really a lot of repetition from the school of greatness episode… anyway, I really do lately try to sit with all my emotions and let myself feel them.. if I’m sad, let myself feel it and cry rather than suppress it, etc…. Love the card the boys got you… about 5 years ago, I may have chosen coffee, but now it’s definitely wine for the win!!!

    1. What is this “school of greatness?” I need to google that! And letting myself feel all the emotions is something I just recently discovered (in the past 5 years) and it’s SO hard but so much better because you can then actually move past the issue.

      And yes, wine for the win!

      1. Lewis howes school of greatness podcast… he has some pretty good guests

  5. WElcome to mountain running…want to enter the lottery for Mt Washington next year? The voice inside my head is always loud. I need to tell it to shut up more often.

    1. YES! I would seriously love to do that race…when is it? LOL! And tell that voice “shut it! I’ve got this!”

    • danielle on April 2, 2018 at 1:18 PM
    • Reply

    Happy happy happy belated birthday!!!!!!! weeeeee! I hope you had a glorious one and it seems like you did. Changing the stories we tell ourselves is huge, it’s literally life changing! this is great to read on a Monday so thank you.
    Your boys know their mom and there is not anything but awesome with that. So far my daughter sees me with a water glass, a coffee mug, and a wine glass. She knows water is safe but that the other two items are ‘la-la’ which means spicy or hot in Chinese. It’s what all my Chinese relatives say to little kids to keep them away from stuff. My mom told me everything was la-la and now I’m teaching my daughter the same. I don’t care if it’s lying or whatever, it worked for me and it worked for my brother. Long live the la-la’s!!!
    Happy Monday you crazy badass uphill warrior runner!!!!

    1. I love the la-la!!! That is greatness. And yes, changing our stories is changing our lives!

  6. I love that quote about discomfort! SO very, very true. Is that why the universe hasn’t let me win the lottery yet? 😉

    Your boys crack me up. Kids aside, I’d have to choose wine too.

    1. Yes, that’s probably the reason 🙂 And, as much as I would miss coffee, mama needs her wine!

  7. That run must have been so intense! I’ve hiked up ski slopes in the summer. Great job on that – especially not walking! The voice inside my head is an odd one. I will always expect the worst, but somehow I can silence that voice during a workout or race because hard work makes it shut the eff up.
    I’d take coffee over wine. I need my caffeine!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: Easter WeekMy Profile

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