Mar 20

The Rundown – You Still Have Legs

Years ago, when things got really bad in my running life – – an injury, missing a big goal, having an “off” week or month – – one of my best running friends would say to me “you still have legs.” Ah perspective. I needed to remind myself this past week that things were not so bad even though I was housebreaking a puppy, getting no sleep, planning a party and dealing with the nor’easter, meaning I had two boys, a puppy and my work-at-home husband all trapped inside the house for 48 hours straight.

I may still have legs, but I definitely lost my mind.

WEEK OF MARCH 13, 2017


So I didn’t come close to getting killed this week (by a car anyway) and that’s a plus. I was forced to the treadmill because of the nor’easter and because I’ve mostly been doing speed drills…some with hills.

Tuesday – 800 meter sets | 6.31 miles | 6 x 800

Friday – Tempo hills | 2 x (3 min @MP, 4% incline 2 min 6% incline 1 min 8% incline with 1 min recovery in between) repeat one time @ HMP | 5.63 miles total < – – this one almost killed me, no car needed

Sunday – 20 min transition run off the bike

Total = 14.62


I’ve started watching movies on the trainer since I’ve had long endurance rides this week of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I watched Manchester by the Sea despite several people telling me it was awful, but I actually liked it. I could have done without some of the horrific storyline but I love that it didn’t have a happy ending. There was something very real and raw about it and, since I was already in that headspace I decided to watch Hacksaw Ridge next. Fantastic movie with again, very heavy subject matter (this time World War II) but way more hopeful and inspiring.

Oh yeah and my rides were pretty amazing too.

Monday – Endurance ride | 1:30:45 | 23.8 miles

Wednesday – tempo with jumps to Z4 | 1 hour ride | 15.3 miles

Sunday – Endurance ride with single leg drills before run | 1:25:44 | 21.16 miles

Total = 60.26 miles


I had two swims this week and both were a little weird. I screwed up the first one because I failed to transfer key pieces of information from my TrainingPeaks log to the piece of paper I bring into the pool with me. And, since I didn’t want to get out of the pool and go all the way to the locker room soaking wet to check it out, I improvised. Big mistake. I ended up doing way more than needed and paid for it on my next swim.

I literally dragged my body though the water on Friday, after my ridiculously hard run. It wasn’t fun but I freakin’ did it because I still had arms and legs.

Wednesday – 25’s hard with pull, bands, etc. | 2,242 yards

Friday – endurance swim | 2,297 yards

Total = 4,539 yards


Yes, we had sushi takeout again last week. Since the puppy came along, all we have done is order take out or had cereal for dinner and I did the grocery shopping at 8:30pm on Wednesday. The struggle is real.

On Thursday I dropped StarFire at puppy kindergarten for the day. Apparently this is an absolute necessity if she is to ever associate with other dogs, kind of like kids. Since I had some puppy freedom I of course indulged in much needed caffeine and an egg and turkey bacon sandwich. Have mercy.


My new baby girl!

I put my gym bag down, turned around and saw the below picture. OMG the cuteness. I had a towel folded on top so she just plopped herself down…and promptly went to sleep.

She’s not the best at walking right now and is really hating this weather (like the rest of us) so we have been keeping it short and sweet…and warm with her coat on of course! Mostly she just likes to eat snow.


My new baby girl.

You know how when you want to have a baby and everyone tells you how hard it is but you’re all “I’m ready! I really want this baby!” and then you have one (or two) and suddenly you’re like “wait, this is way harder than I thought. It never ends and everything is a mess and I haven’t slept through the night and I want to kill everyone except the baby!” Yep. That’s where I’m at.

She really is a very good dog and is doing exceptional at potty training. She made it though the past four nights without me having to take her out, so that is major progress. Now, if I can control her chewing on absolutely everything, I can sit down for more than three minutes at a time.


I am absolutely loving the book What Alice Forgot by Laine Moriarty. I love everything this woman does, including the book turned HBO series Big Little Lies. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. It’s amazing and Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman (who I don’t even like that much) and Shailene Woodley are outstanding. Plus the music is killer, the backdrop is the unbelievably gorgeous Monterey, California and the dialogue is sharp, clever and hilarious.

I always wear a party dress and heels when I drop the boys off at school. The girl who plays Witherspoon’s daughter is fantastic too.

Ok, anyway, back to the book. What Alice Forgot is about a woman who falls off a spin bike, hits her head and wakes up thinking it’s 1998 when it’s 2008. She has literally forgotten 10 years of her life! Can you imagine? In 1998 she is about to have her first baby with a husband she adores but, in 2008 she has three insane kids and is getting a divorce. Moriarty does an insanely great job of weaving the two Alice’s together and shows the pull of the past with the reality of the present so beautifully and with so much humor you can’t help but wonder who and what you were 10 years ago compared to now. Do yourself a favor and read it!


I threw a party for myself this past Saturday to celebrate my 42nd birthday! My actual birthday is tomorrow, March 21 and this one has special significance. I’ll be writing about it on Wednesday’s post so don’t miss it. Have a great Monday and on Tuesday, raise a glass (or a leg if you have one) for me!

How was your weekend?

How do you gain perspective when you need it?


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  1. I love that phrasing as it is SUCH A REMINDER TO ME WHAT I TAKE FOR GRANTED AND THE PROBLEMS I HAVE—-someone else is wishing for!
    And the baby?
    I said lets rescue an older one…a toddler 🙂
    I remember the bebe phase far too clearly still.
    CARLA recently posted…4 finger gratitudeMy Profile

    1. Definitely go with a toddler dog! The puppy is SO MUCH WORK…as are newborns 🙂

  2. Another one I hear a lot (because I work with people who just had bypass surgery or a heart attack) is at least I’m not looking up at you. Meaning I’m not dead. Cardiac humor. Your baby girl gave me puppies on the brain. I told Ron we should get a puppy. But then I started thinking about the puppy phase. That’s seriously some hard work! But it’ll get better. And I’m with Carla…I’d rather go with the toddler. It’s WAY easier! Lol!
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. Now that is a fantastic saying.
      Also, agreed with the toddler. Or the actual baby.
      Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Positives and Big Fat NegativesMy Profile

    2. THAT is funny!…and true. And yes, the toddler phase is definitely easier but the puppy is so cute that it ALMOST overrides all other things. Almost.

  3. That is one crazy week! Your new baby girl is seriously adorable! But I’m glad you added all the ‘harder than you think’ parts as I was starting to get tempted and then realized I am so not ready for that. 🙂

    Nice job killing those workouts, too!
    Laura recently posted…New Half Marathon PR- Finally!My Profile

    1. Honesty is key to making good decisions 🙂 Glad I could help you with that. And congratulations one more time on your shiny new PR from the NYC Half!!! So exciting!!!

  4. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! We’ll certainly raise a glass for you tomorrow. Every day this week, really. It IS Paris after all. Cheers! 😉
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Traveling Tips and TricksMy Profile

    1. I’m pretty upset you did not offer to take me to Paris with you for my birthday. I guess if you toast me, I can forgive you 🙂 Have the most fabulous time woman!!!

  5. Omg so much stuff!! So yeah, that snowstorm lockup was NO joke!! It was actually quite hysterical to actually try to get work done with all of them in the house. You still knocked it out of the park exercise wise though!!

    I have not seen Manchester By The Sea but it looks way too depressing for my tastes. But I still feel a way that Denzel didn’t win best actor. Because he deserved so much.

    What Alice Forgot is one of my favorites!! The entire book I was wondering about myself 10 years ago and my relationships and the twist….when she actually remembers the REAL reason…? Omg! I wanted to punch somebody. I was unusually invested in the book.

    I thought I was the only one that was obsessed with Big Little Lies!!! The show is exceeding my expectations. I cannot wait for the end. The big reveal. It’s gonna be amazing. Seriously.
    Nellie recently posted…Simply And Easy Ways to Beautify Your HomeMy Profile

    1. Yes yes and OMG YES!!! You get me 🙂 xoxoxo

  6. Speed work is definitely much easier on a treadmill when there is snow/ice outside. YAY for that being of the majority of our week.

    I like that perspective a lot. Sometimes (as hard as it is), we must step back and take a look at where we are physically and emotionally. Even when running doesn’t seem to be going well, we still do “still have legs”.
    Hollie recently posted…Training: Blizzards, 800s and a Half MarathonMy Profile

  7. Your puppy is so stinking cute!

    Amazing week of training! Being relegated to the treadmill stinks but it’s definitely easier to do speedwork on the treadmill, in terms of being able to control your speed better.
    Nicole recently posted…Running recap: Base building week 2 & donation prizes!My Profile

  8. I knew I messed up my not sending Cocoa to puppy preschool–she’s anti-social and growls at people when they come to our house. After she warms up, she’s fine, but it’s like having a poorly behaved child living with you.

    But she’s so so cute!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Race Recap: Wintrust Lakefront 10 MilerMy Profile

    1. I already have two poorly behaved children so if I have one puppy with good manners, I’ll take it!! I should have tried “treat based training” with the boys 🙂

    • Jenny on March 20, 2017 at 7:52 AM
    • Reply

    I’ll raise a glass WITH you tomorrow because it’s my birthday too!!! Hope yours is happy. : )

    1. WHAT??? How amazing!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  9. I’m trying to practice gratitude when things go wrong for me lately. Like, if something crazy is going on at work, I remind myself “at least you have a job to complain about.” If I burn my breakfast or something, I remind myself that I’m lucky enough to have extra food to make another one. That sort of thing. It doesn’t always snap me out of my rage spiral, but it does take the edge off a little bit!
    Danielle @ The T-Rex Runner recently posted…Prague Marathon Training, Week 10My Profile

    1. Agreed! Right now, all I need is a little edge taken off.

  10. I read What Alice Forgot years ago… I loved it and recommended it to everyone then… It just shows how your life/marriage/etc can be in a great place one day and then slowly drift into something you don’t recognize…. Manchester by the Sea, Lion, and Moonlight are on my must watch list…… This whole post further reinforces that I can not handle a pet, so thank you. recently posted…ImmigrantMy Profile

    1. HAHAHA!!! You also work full time so adding a puppy to that mix would be even harder. It’s a lot easier that my husband and I are both home all day…well, easier when it comes to puppy training 🙂
      And I want to see Lion in the worst way!!!

  11. squee happy early birthday!!! happy happy joy joy. what a gorgeous little puppy, these creatures amaze me. how something can be that cute and do so much damage is quite incredible. aren’t we lucky? i’m a step mom to my little doggies and they are totallly my babes now, but seriously i wish every single day that my darling hubby would have socialized them when he got them, and trained them to be less….. effing insane. oh well, i love them. but now i’m the step mom of two pups that i always have to explain “sorry, so sorry. these are my special ones. so sorry, they are special. sorry about that, they’re very special… ” they are crazy and nuts, but i love them. i love my special, challenged, socially challenged pups.
    we tried watching big little lies and my hubby said no way, this is crap, so i silently smiled and said yay, i’ll watch it on my own. ha! it’s always hard to watch something with my sweetie when i know he won’t like it, please don’t pee in my cheerios. LOL
    happy monday and happy almost bday!!! hooray!
    you need to watch mad dogs, i thought that had it all. no pretty dresses or heels or reese though…
    danielle recently posted…WIR sleep less play moreMy Profile

    1. Thank you!!!!
      That is so funny about your husband hating Big Little Lies because mine loves it – LOL!!
      I will need to look up Mad Dogs since I need more to watch on the bike trainer this week – thank you!!

  12. I can’t raise a glass right now but I’ll raise a leg! Although a little toot might come out; I’m losing control of my pelvic floor with each child I carry.

    I’ve never seen Big Little Lies, but now I will! And great job getting through your workouts last week. Your weather sounds miserable. I am so glad you had a great birthday party! I love the theme! And I adore you. Happy Birthday, my friend! xo
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much Suzy and I will take what I can get from you preggo mama!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Ana on March 20, 2017 at 12:59 PM
    • Reply

    Happy Birthday!!

    I love how real you keep your training here!!

    Congratulations on the Puppy! she is adorable! Patience is the only thing I advice, and lots of chewing toys! Back 10 years ago, my puppy ate my shoes on my second day at my new job…. I still wore them, but the heel feel off the next day.

    I loved Big Little Lies, but haven’t watched the series yet. The book was amazing!! The end threw me off and I screamed when the twist at the end came!! what a fantastic book! I will look up Alice now.
    Ana recently posted…Weekly Wrap 3.19.17My Profile

    1. OMG about the shoes!! So far our shoes have been safe – it’s the rugs! We have hardwood floors which is great for “accidents” but the throw rugs are her favorite chew toys so far. *sigh*
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  13. Oh how adorable is Starfire. We are getting ready for a puppy at some point soon but haven’t quite been ready to take the plunge. Not sure I’m ready for a crazy needle teeth chewing monster in the house. Nice work with your training despite the screwed up swim. And again happiest of birthdays!!!!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Triathlon Talk–A Day in the Life of a Multisport MomMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much Sandra!! And yes, be ready for anything with a puppy but, like kids, the good definitely outweighs the struggle 🙂 xoxo

  14. I really want to see Hackshaw Ridge, so I’m glad to hear that you liked it! You crushed those hard workouts, especially that crazy hilly tempo run!
    Star fire is SO adorable! I don’t miss the chewing phase and that’s why when we got Ollie, I told Ryan that I wanted a year old dog, not a puppy because they are so much work. Try apple bitter spray to stop the chewing. It’s natural and dogs really, really hate the taste and smell of it, so it discourages chewing. Benebones also help because the dog can just chew the eff out of that thing until it’s gone, so it’s satisfying for them. Benebones save my sanity (and my home office chair, which the dogs will try to chew).
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Mile Markers: Cutback WeekMy Profile

    1. You are such a wealth of puppy info! I so appreciate it and I jotted this stuff down for my next trip to PetCo 🙂 and she loves my home office chair too! I need a new one and now I’m putting it off until she stops eating this one!! So crazy but totally worth it as I’m just so in love with her.

  15. Seriously, your pup is the cutest. I mean those eyes! I can’t imagine going through training a pup and the sleepless nights but it will be over soon, right? Just like with kids?? I’m LOVING Big Little Lies. I haven’t read any of her books but now I do and will have to read What Alice Forgot. And happy early birthday. I wonder if 42 has a similar significance for you as it does for me? Either way your bday party looked amazing and sending you the biggest bday hug.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Hello? Is this thing on?My Profile

  16. OMG, the pink coat is amazing and so stinking cute that it makes me want to go out and get a puppy….for like two seconds…and then I think about being a mom to a newborn again, lol. More power to ya 😉 Someday we’ll get one! Hacksaw and Manchester by the Sea are on my watch list. Maybe one of these days when I’m stuck on the treadmill for a long run I’ll get to watch! I’m really drawn to Hacksaw for the military theme and I think he’s a medic right? Right up my alley.

    1. It’s been rough for sure but the good absolutely outweighs the bad and, she is 100,000 times easier than the twins!
      I would recommend Hacksaw for the treadmill for sure. And yes, he’s a medic. Outstanding and inspirational!

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