This is where the magic happens! All the training and preparation comes down to race day and I absolutely love it.

My boys, with the sword I won, in the Ten Penny Ale Duathlon in 2014.

My boys, with the sword I won, in the Ten Penny Ale Duathlon in 2014.

5K – 3 Miles

June 20, 2013: XTreme Scramble: 21:11 – 1st woman overall

August 22, 2013: Xtreme Scramble: 23:05 – Went the wrong way for .6 miles but managed third in age group 30-39

December 8, 2013: Santa’s Run (3.5 miles): 22:30 – 6th woman overall and 3rd in 30-39 age group

April 27, 2014: March of Dimes: 19:53 – 2nd woman overall

June 19, 2014: Riverfront Scramble: 20:14 – 1st woman overall

August 7, 2014: Corporate 5K: 19:06 – 2nd woman

October 16, 2015: Runner’s World Trail Race/3.8 miles: 33:30 – 3rd woman

October 17, 2015: Runner’s World: 20:12 – 1st in age group and won master’s division

Breaking the tape at a local 5K

Breaking the tape at a local 5K


5 Miles

September 14, 2013: Somers Great Escape: 33:03 – 1st in age group – $20 prize


10K – 6 Miles

June 2, 2013: IronHorse 10K: 43:10 – 2nd woman overall

October 17, 2015: Runner’s World: 46:50 – 3rd in division 40-44


15K – 9 Miles

November 9, 2014: Gazette Stockade-A-Thon: 1:03:00


Half-Marathon – 13.1 Miles

February 23, 2013: Colchester Half Marathon: 1:38:02

September 2, 2013: New Haven 20K: 1:32:33

October 12, 2013: ING Hartford Half: 1:29:32 – 4th in age group out of 582

March 16, 2014: NYC Half: 1:29:00 – 15th in age group 35-29 out of 1,790

October 11, 2014: ING Hartford: 1:28:20 – 3rd in age group 35-39

October 4, 2015: Maine Marathon 1:32:24 – 1st in age group 40-44 and 3rd in Masters

October 18, 2015: Runner’s World Half 1:39:00 – 6th in age group/2nd in “grand slam” of 4 races in 3 days

February 27, 2016: Colchester Half Marathon: 1:35:00 – PR for this very hilly course

October 2, 2016: Leaf Peeper Half Marathon, Waterbury Vermont: 1:39:00 and 3rd in age group (VERY hilly!)

November 13, 2016: Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon: 1:39:00 and pre-party with Snoop Dogg

Happy half marathon PR of 1:28.

Happy half marathon PR of 1:28.


Marathon – 26.2 Miles

October 2005: ING Hartford: 3:57:00

October 2006: ING Hartford: 3:30:23: Boston Qualifier by 10 minutes

April 2007: Boston Marathon: 3:47:00

June 2007: Vermont City Marathon: 3:40:00

October 2007: ING Hartford: 3:30:33

April 2015: New Jersey Marathon: 3:28:22 – 1st in age group 40-44, 3rd in Masters Division

November 1, 2015: New York City Marathon: 3:31:00

Post New Jersey marathon age-group win!

Post New Jersey marathon age-group win!


Duathlon – Run/Bike/Run

May 19, 2013: Ten Penny Ale Glastonbury: 1:38:40 – 1st in age group, 7th woman overall, qualified for nationals

October 26, 2013: Duathlon National Championships, Tucson AZ: 1:53:12 – 6th in age group 35-39, qualified for worlds

May 18, 2014: Ten Penny Ale Glastonbury: 1:34:22 – 1st female overall, won a sword

June 1, 2014: World Championship, Pontevedre Spain: 2:30:32 – 9th in age group, 3rd American woman

Finished! In Spain with my family, representing Team USA!

Finished! In Spain with my family, representing Team USA!


Triathlon – Swim/Bike/Run

July 14, 2013: Ellington Sprint Tri: 1:06:27 – 1st female overall

July 8, 2015: Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon: 1:16:16 (swim 17:35/bike 34:38/run 21:35) 12th woman overall

August 30, 2015: Women’s Sprint Triathlon: 1:19:37 – 1st in age group, 7th overall and nationals qualifier

May 15, 2016: Columbia Triathlon Olympic distance: 3:00:25 – 3rd in age group (nationals qualifier)

June 18, 2016: Pat Griskus Olympic distance: 2:47:18 – 3rd in age group (nationals qualifier)

July 6, 2016: Pat Griskus Sprint distance: 1:13:36 – 1st in age group and 4th overall (nationals qualifier)

July 24, 2016: Ellington Sprint distance: 1:06:12 – 1st female overall, 8th overall total, 1st age group

August 13, 2016: USAT Age Group National Championships (olympic distance): 2:43:35 – 39th in age group

September 18, 2016: HMF Women’s Triathlon: 1:16:13 – 1st in age group, 4th overall (nationals qualifier)

All business on the bike at the Women's TRI in 2015. Nationals qualification!

All business on the bike at the Women’s TRI in 2015. Nationals qualification!



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  1. Very nice results on your races. Super runs on Duathlon National Championship, Tuscon, AZ.
    BodyFeed recently posted…Workout And Cold WeatherMy Profile

    1. Thank you!

  2. Hi! Fellow sweat pink ambassador here! Just found your blog, very inspiring!! How long have you been doing triathlon? I’ve just started training for my first and I’m wondering how long it will take me to become as fast as you! Haha!
    Hayley @ Oat Couture recently posted…Grilled Cheese with a TWIST!My Profile

    1. Hi there! So glad we found each other 🙂 I’ll have to check out your blog but I think your Instagram account said you’re training for an IM!? That is way beyond my abilities right now!! I’ve been running for about 13 years, but only started doing Triathlons after my twins were born in 2009. I’m sure you’ll be amazing!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      1. Ah yep, I’m starting with a half (although it’s a Challenge race I’m still saying half Ironman! It just sounds better, right?! Ha!) and then next year I hope to be racing (surviving) a full distance! Honestly, looking at your blog and all of your training and racing etc I’m sure you would absolutely smash the longer distances!! 🙂
        Hayley @ Oat Couture recently posted…Grilled Cheese with a TWIST!My Profile

        1. Ha ha – thank you so much! GOOD LUCK! I’ll be rooting for you 🙂

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    • Tracy on October 11, 2017 at 10:09 PM
    • Reply

    Hi Vita,

    I have just read your blog about the upcoming Las Vegas Rock N Roll half marathon…

    Some background…three girlfriends plus myself are flying from Ottawa, Canada to run this half and want to do something…basically I was trying to figure out what that could be…when I came across your website and blog. We want to do something to show we care, show we are concerned, because we share the same views as yours…but not sure how best to display this support during the race. We don’t want to seem like we’re better as Canadians. We don’t want to seem condescending. We don’t want to come across as though nothing bad ever happens in our country. Or like Canadians are smarter and have their shit together. But I can’t help but wonder if maybe we do? Why does the gun debate continue south of the border? Why is there no action, yet there seems to be so much anti-gun talk…and so little action? Am I wrong? So my question to you Vita, is what can we do?

    We are merely a group of friends, who are runners who wanted to run a different race, in a fun place, with no other goal but to cross a finish line…until now. How can we support and show that Canada actually cares what is happening to our neighbours?

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comments! I wish I had better advice about what to do that would properly honor the victims in Las Vegas. My advice (and what I’m waiting for) is to let the race directors guide you. I’m hoping they will come up with a way for us to run for a cause or purpose and unite ALL the runners and the people supporting the runners that day and direct us toward a common goal.

      Canada definitely has better common sense laws in place when it comes to gun control but I don’t think anyone would think you are trying to be “better” or flaunt something that is obviously working for your country and many others like it.

      I’m hoping we will all hear from RNR soon and I’m also hoping they can be our guide in honoring the victims of Las Vegas. If not, I’ll get back to you with some of the ideas I have.

      Lastly, just showing up to race and not being afraid is the perfect step in the right direction!! Hope you all have a good race and find a way to reach all of your goals – both running and otherwise.

      Thanks again!

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