I cannot tell a lie…this is my hands down favorite thing to do. I know I should remain objective and say all exercise is good exercise (and it IS!) but for me there is nothing like running!

In my younger, childless days I could run 5-6 days a week. I signed-up for countless races, trained hard and ran 5 marathons (including Boston in 2007!) in three years. Once the reality of kids came crashing down on me like so many of their toys they throw at each other, I now run when I can and when the gym daycare is open.

I’ll post some of my favorite running workouts here and please feel free to share yours!


Qualifying for Boston at the Hartford ING Marathon in October 2006!

Qualifying for Boston at the Hartford ING Marathon in October 2006!


Start out with your regular warm-up and then:
Run hard for 7 minutes (half-marathon pace)
Recovery pace for 3.5 minutes (half the total time spent running hard)
6 minutes fast running
3 minutes of recovery
5 minutes fast running
2.5 minutes recovery
Continue the pattern of 4-, 3-, 2- and 1- minute intervals for as short or as long a run as you like. It’s a killer workout and makes the time fly!

10 min–Easy————————————————1%
5 min—45 sec/mile slower then 10K pace———-2%
3 min———————————————————-5%
2 min———————————————————-8%
3 min———————————————————-5%
2 min———————————————————-8%
3 min———————————————————-5%
5 min———————————————————-2%
10 min–Easy————————————————1%


  1. Visiting from SITS…I like to do intervals once a week. First, a warm-up of 5 minutes jogging. Then for one of my interval workouts, I’ll do 30 seconds top speed, then 90 seconds of walking or jogging in between. I’ll do 8 of these reps, then a 5 minute cooldown. For another interval training workout, I do a warm-up for a quarter mile, then sprint for a quarter, and jog/walk for a quarter, and so on until I reach 3 or 4 miles (6 or 8 repetitions). I also do a tempo run during the week. 5 or 10 minutes slower speed, 10 to 15 minutes race pace, 5 or 10 minutes slower speed.
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    1. These are GREAT! Thanks for adding them. I like the “30 seconds at top speed” – I’ll have to try it out.

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