Upon accepting the challenge to train ME, Allie helps me strive to achieve my goals and understand what I am athletically capable of. By overcoming my physical “boundaries”, her motivating & persistent instruction keeps us both focused on the desired outcome/results through very challenging events.

The most important feat, almost impossible, was convincing me to change my eating habits, getting me to realize its necessity for maintaining my metabolism/energy level, in order to keep up with the demands my intense workout routine requires of my body.

Also important was to structure a program so I could maintain my extracurricular “social” activities. The dynamic and progressive training regimen she designs for me weekly, maximizes time by emphasizing strength training AND power & cardio endurance simultaneously.

And while numbers (weight, inches, fat%) are an important measure of accomplishment, of equal importance is how I feel, both physically and mentally going into and coming out of each session—and Allie cares. Her ultimate concern is always in the best interest of her clients.

   It was through this hard work, perseverance and focus that Allie helped me achieve a three-year TRI_numbers1running spree at the Thanksgiving Road Race, post race pain free and this summer alone, complete two Sprint Triathlons in under two hours. I find these unintentional feats to be remarkable and owe her many thanks and express my deepest appreciation! L.C., East Hartford


  I never thought I would want to run at all and two years later I was running my first marathon. I snapshot1would’ve never done it without you, nor would I have wanted to. J.D., Glastonbury


  Why do I put myself through all those grueling exercise classes sweating up a storm, because of the snapshot2“thumbs-up” I receive every year from my doctor!! L.K., Ellington


  I met Allie in a “Yoga with weights class”, I felt so good after the 6 week session, that I didn’t want it to snapshot3end! So I signed up to train with Allie. I have not felt this good about myself in years! One would never think you would look forward to torture every week, but I live for my Friday training sessions! Allie, your the BEST, Thank you! B.K., Columbia


  Life lesson learned…losing a significant amount of weight takes drive, dedication and determination. snapshot4But keeping it off has turned out to be harder than I expected. Thanks Allie for putting my drive into overdrive, redirecting my dedication and challenging my determination. This was the push I needed to stop the regaining and get back my “losing ways”. C.G., Tolland

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