There’s nothing like a good sweat so let’s get right to it! Here you’ll find the latest workouts from interval training to abs to equipment free fitness. Get your water and towel and prepare to sweat…

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HIIT IT HARD! (No equipment needed!)

Take my interval challenge! All you need is your body and the will to do it. This is a great 20 minute workout that can be done in a variety of ways.


This is a quick and dirty 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing.  I incorporate kicks, various punches, jumping jacks and plyometrics to get your heart rate UP!  It’s a perfect quick cardio workout when you’re short on time.  Kick it!


It’s obviously not just about working those arms but eating right…and being blessed with good genes!  When you do lift weights – go hard!  In the video Allie’s Arms I show you six different exercises and a way to put the moves together to create a 30 minute arm burner!


Incorporate some Tabata, push-ups and mountain climbers to give that core a challenge:

My Legs Are On Fire!…in a good way:


NICE ABS!  When is the last time you heard that?  Maybe it’s time to start working them separately.   I cannot stress enough how important your CORE is to everything you do – not just in training but in your everyday life.  Click the picture below to see a variety of ab exercises you can do in various ways.  Modifications are shown and you can do these with or without weights.  Enjoy…

Look Ma - one arm and one leg!

Look Ma – one arm and one leg!


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Keeping It Real In Key West!

Keeping It Real In Key West!









Endurance Workout – complete the first exercise according to reps provided then do the second exercise immediately after completing the first but do as many as you can – NO TIME LIMIT. Repeat each TWO times before moving on.

Mountain Climbers (on the floor)————1 minute
Push-ups——————————-As many as you can

Alternating Step out lunges————30
Alternating Lunge jumps————As many as you can

High knees————1 minute
Squat jumps————As many as you can

Abs – laying down, feet up, toe touches 50
Jacknife (laying down, arms to the floor/feet to the floor) As many as you can

Toe taps on a med ball or stair————1 minute
Squat thrusts————As many as you can

Champagne————1 minute
Down/down up/up————As many as you can

Alternating “air” punches————1 minute
Alternating lunge/front kicks————As many as you can


Cardio Intervals #1

Round ONE for 30 seconds each:
Mountain climbers
Champagne (plank on elbows, alternating forward reaching as if serving champagne)
Up/up Down/down (plank from elbows – up to hands and down again, alternating)

One minute each:
1. Lunge and Bicep Curl
Repeat cardio above
2. Step out squats (squat and then move one foot out & back in – alternate 30 sec each)
Repeat cardio above
3. Single leg squat to back lunge – stay on the same leg & then alternate
Repeat cardio above

Round TWO for 30 seconds each:
Squat jumps
High knees
Football runs

One minute each:
1. Single leg tricep extension
Repeat cardio for round two above
2. Push-ups
Repeat cardio for round two above
3. Single leg squat and row
Repeat cardio for round two above

Round THREE for 30 seconds each:
Leg lowers (abs)
Ab bike
Crunch to knees
Knee extension

One minute each:
1. Squat with shoulder raise
Repeat cardio for round three above
2. Lunge/put weights on floor by your feet/lunge/pick weights up/repeat
Repeat cardio for round three above
3. Push-up walks or plank walks
Repeat cardio for round three above