What Is It Like to Be Paced by an Elite Runner? Maine Half Marathon Recap

The half marathon I raced in Maine this past weekend ended with one of my slowest recored times.

It was the best race I have ever run.

MaineHalf Marathon-2

The race was a small part of the inaugural Rise.Run.Retreat co-hosted by Sarah Canney of Run Far Girl and Jesica D’Avanza of runadylike. I will be dedicating another post to the overall experience and greatness of the event itself but, if I don’t write about what happened to me during the half, and the experience of running with elite Tina Muir, I may explode. That would be messy so let me do this first…

The Elite

Tina Muir is an elite runner for Saucony. Her PR’s are 16:08 (5k), 33:24 (10k), 1:14 (Half Marathon), and 2:41 (Marathon). She is a very serious, dedicated athlete who was born and raised in England. You can read her story on her blog Fuel Your Future with Tina (and I highly recommend that you do) but I’m hoping you will learn more about who she really is, right here in this post.

This is how fast she is. #ItsABlur

This is how fast she is. #ItsABlur Tina is dead center in the lime green shoes!

I have been reading Tina’s blog for about two years but this past weekend was the first time I had met her in person. We definitely had a great virtual relationship (that sounds a lot creepier then it is!) and would often text and email each other.

To say she is down to earth is an understatement. If you didn’t know how lightening fast she is, you would never know, because she would be the last one to tell you. Her posts are always honest, genuine and she shares her worst days along with her best. She is the real deal.

The Offer

Tina had mentioned that she was willing to pace someone through the half marathon prior to us meeting in Maine for the retreat weekend. I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat at the opportunity but I thought it would make me way too nervous and do more harm then good.

The night before the race we were all sitting around chatting nervously mostly about our non-expectations for the race, as runners do on the eve of a half marathon. My thoughts were mainly this:

  1. I’m deep into training for the NYC marathon and did 19 miles four days prior to this race. #NoTaper
  2. I knew I wasn’t in PR shape (1:28) but my range was 1:28 – 1:32 for the half. Because a girl can dream.
  3. I had run a 20K (12.5 mile) race four weeks prior and finished in 1:31:54 which is 7:26/mile which would translate into a 1:37 half marathon.

Tina looked directly at me and asked if I wanted her to pace me. Her coach (and husband) had given her permission to run between 6:48 – 7:10 pace for the race as she is training for other greatness. She was also doing this as only part of the 19 miles she would run that day. #ForReal

Running an easy 3 miler on the beach was one thing...racing 13.1 miles was quite another.

Running an easy 3 miler on the beach was one thing…racing 13.1 miles was quite another.

I was still hesitant because part of me was freaking out but, the other bigger part of me thought: when will I ever have an opportunity again to race with an elite runner, and my friend, Tina? It was too good to pass up.

I agreed and was immediately scared shitless.

The Experience

We talked about going out at a 7:10 pace to see how I felt. Let’s see, how did I feel? Scared. Nervous. Anxious. Not great things at the start of the race but I tried my best to calm myself down as we warmed up for about 10 minutes prior to the start.

And we’re off…

We started out too fast. By mile two (two!) I was breathing heavy, thinking all the wrong things and Tina could sense it. She told me to slow up and, even if we ran the first two miles in 7:30, I could still make up the time. It was in that moment I started to relax, listen to her voice and just let go.

The first few steps it was all fun and happiness.

The first few steps it was all fun and happiness. Although I kind of look like a mental patient.

This is the part that is so hard to put into words. As Tina ran with me she started telling me everything that was already in my head but in her confident and soothing British accent. She was my friend, she ran much faster then I ever could, but she had been where I was. She knew exactly what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. She literally guided me though the entire race.

It was windy…

At many points in the race, she ran directly in front of me, to block the wind. Granted she is a little wisp of a thing but it helped. All I needed to do was follow her footsteps. I could handle that.

It was hilly…

Before each hill she would tell me: “This hill is going to cause you to breathe a little harder and it’s totally normal. You will get your breathing back at the top of the hill, like you always have. Pump your arms, look up, you can do this.”

And I did.

It was a fast pace…

I went out fast (6:52) and only dropped it back to 7:00/mile average over miles 4-6. I was pushing with each step. I was doubting, but then I was listening.

You’ve done this before. You’re strong. Your form looks good. You can do this.

It was hard. Really, really, really fucking hard.

Around mile six I was thinking: I went out too hard. I can’t hold this pace. I suck. I’m going to let myself, Tina, and everyone else at the retreat down. What was I thinking?

Then Tina said: “This is the hard part. It’s supposed to feel hard. Everyone is feeling this. This is where all your cross-training comes in. This is what separates you Allie. You are so strong! You are running a great race. All you need to do is keep this going and you will be so proud of this effort later today.”

I took it all in. I believed in her and I started to believe in myself. And, as soon as I thought that she said…

We chose those Momentum bracelets for a reason (we both chose “Believe in Yourself”) this is your time to believe. You can do this. You can.


I was wearing my Oiselle tank and lots of people noticed…

Do you hear that Allie? People are cheering for you. For YOU. You have a lot of fans out here. Take their energy and use it.

Spectators were cheering and telling me I looked strong…

Yes Allie! You look strong because you are strong. You have trained so hard and you are tough! You are getting faster as we get closer to the finish and you are handling this pace. “THIS IS HOW YOU RUN A RACE!”

When she said that, it hit me hard. I was laboring harder then I ever had. I felt like I was running a 5K because I was literally going as hard as I could each and every mile. I listened to my Tina metronome and I believed!

I ran the following paces miles 7-10:

6:47, 6:58, 6:41, 6:39

At this moment I was doubting and Tina was telling me "This is the last hill. It's all working toward the finish now. Let it guide you."

This was right after the turnaround at the halfway point. At this moment I was doubting and Tina was telling me “This is the last hill. It’s all working toward the finish now. Let it guide you.” It was an out and back course and, amazingly enough, Sandra (Organic Runner Mom) took this photo while she was running by us!

Mile 10…

She had to leave me at mile 10 to do the rest of her workout. As we approached the 10 mile mark she was just as encouraging as she had been the entire time.

Did I also mention she got all my water for me? I cannot tell you how fantastic that one little thing is. I kept running straight though the water stations and she would just had me a cup on the other side.

As she took her leave she reminded me that, by mile 10, I already run this race and all that was needed was the last three miles of endurance.

Endure. Believe. Achieve. < – – – I also have a Momentum bracelet with that on it

The Change

At mile 10 I knew I could do it. I was hurting but there was no way I was giving into the pain now. The first mile after she left me, I slowed to 7:00 but I picked it right back up. I kept thinking that YES, this is how you run a race and I realized I had never really even raced a half marathon before.

I thought about how much potential I have but was so afraid to go for it. Tina made me see that you have to face that fear, look right at it and tell it you’re not afraid. Not of pain, not of chafing (of which there was a lot!), not of failing, none of it.

The best part was, after about mile four, I didn’t look at my watch again until mile 13. I ran by feel and ultimately, this is is what 13.1 felt like:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.14.58 PM


The Result

I crossed the finish in 1:32:24 which is a 6:58/mile pace. I couldn’t have cared less about my time because I have never been more proud of myself nor more grateful to another human being for literally changing my running life. Words could never express the gratitude I feel for Tina and what she taught me about racing and about myself.

Love this photo.

Reunited after the finish!

I have accomplished many great things though running and racing but this is the single best experience I have ever had, and I will never forget it.

This text exchange I had with Tina afterward pretty much sums everything up:


Of course, when I realized I won my age group and placed third in the Master’s division, I was ecstatic!

Overall place: 65 out of 1765

Female overall place: 17 out of 1132

Masters: 3 out of 485

Age group 40-44: 1 out of 152

It's a framed picture of a loon. I shit you not. It's now in my kitchen.

It’s a framed picture of a loon. I shit you not. It’s now in my kitchen.

The other best part? Cheering in my friends, seeing Carrie complete her very first half-marathon ever, and having Angela, Christine and Sarah waiting for us at the finish. It was really a dream come true day for me.

All the finishers! All the smiles! All the badassery!

All the finishers! All the smiles! All the badassery! From left – Laura, Sandra, Me, Jesica and Jen!


And then there were donuts…

Best post-race food ever.

Best post-race food ever…besides a cheeseburger but I had that pre-race.

The Future

I now know I am capable of so much more. I have a renewed belief in myself, my training and my abilities. Just reading what Tina wrote about having great things in my future makes me pause.

Since I turned 40 I’ve been so caught up in my age. I dismiss my age group wins because I’m “old” and I keep thinking “is this the last PR?” every time I race. It’s all garbage and I’m getting rid of it.

The Takeaway

When you think you’re doing all you can, do a little more. Take chances. Believe in yourself.


Have you had a breakthrough race or moment like this?

What is holding you back from your goals?


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  1. I’m doing the ugly cry on my bike trainer right now. ALLIE!!!! I’m so glad you had this amazing experience with Tina. I could tell you had the race day jitters but you overcame. And I love that you hung your loon picture in your kitchen. Love ya girl!!! And of course, you raise me up!!!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Rise.Run.Retreat. – It’s all about communityMy Profile

    1. Awwww – no tears!…or should I say no MORE tears. It was a great day for sure but next time we do something like that I want to see a bib on your chest mama!!! #YouRaiseMeUp Yes, it’s a hashtag now. xoxoxo

  2. In those conditions, you have so much more in better weather and an easier course. This was so lovely to read Allie and I’m incredibly happy for you. Tina is one of the nicest women I’ve ever met so it was great she helped you out.
    Hollie recently posted…Welcome to New York…My Profile

    1. Yes and YES! Tina is the best. An elite in every way.
      Thanks Hollie.

  3. You are literally the cutest person ever!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You say WAAAAYYY too many kind things!!!!! Others are going to be disappointed when they meet me in the future 😛 YOU DID AMAZING! IT WAS ALL YOU!!!! I can’t do anything for you, you need to be strong enough to succeed!!!! You did it 🙂
    Tina muir recently posted…Building Lifelong Friendships- Rise Run Retreat RecapMy Profile

    1. I would have never run the race I did without you! I know you can’t accept my thanks because that is just the kind of person you are but I’m giving it to you anyway!! And no one would ever be disappointed to meet you – ever.

      However, maybe next time we see each other we can just have dessert? LOL 🙂 xoxoxo

  4. First let me say, what a great read. So well said and so well written. I can tell that the experience was just so awesome by the way the words poured out of you. I love that you got to connect with Tina because she gets it and she gets YOU. You guys did a phenomenal job and I’m so proud of you!! First place!!! I love it. You keep showing up and showing out!!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout – Upright Super Crunch Abs ExerciseMy Profile

    1. Thank you so, so much Nellie! You are absolutely right – she gets me. It’s a runner thing and I know you get it too! It’s not about pace, it’s about suffering and passion and anyone who has trained for a marathon like you have, knows both. xoxoxo

    • Jayne on October 7, 2015 at 8:07 AM
    • Reply

    Congdon’s have the best donuts, how do we know this, because Sheila’s parents live in Ogunquit for half the year. Great race. It really is a beautiful part of the country.

    1. Oh yes they do!!!! That is hilarious! This was my first time to that area and we had amazing pizza at Cornerstone in Ogunquit and I had two delicious donuts from Congdon’s and I would have eaten more if we didn’t have to leave.
      Thanks Jayne!

  5. I love everything about this!! That was one of the best races I’ve run in a long time, too. It was so encouraging to see you and Tina out there at the turnaround looking strong- you killed it!! So proud of you for pushing beyond what you thought you could do. Awesome!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Run Rise Retreat RecapMy Profile

    1. It sounds so corny but it really was very, very cool to be racing with you after reading about so many of your races! For all of us to be there together, doing what we love, it’s no wonder we all had great days out there. Thanks Laura!

  6. Is anyone else so impressed that Tina can say that many words while running?! I usually can only get out grunts. Seriously, this sounds like such an amazing experience for you Allie! And fantastic job finishing first in your age group and having such a great race!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Best Barre Workouts At HomeMy Profile

    1. It was easy for her because 7:00/miles is a total conversational pace for her! She was running fairly slow for what she is capable of 🙂 No matter though, she is amazing.

  7. Holy crap Allie. This post? Totally tearing up. My heart is so full for you – for the experience, the lessons and the confidence you gained. You did look so so strong out there. So freaking proud of you (even though I hate saying that) and cannot wait to see what you do in NYC.

    1. Why do you hate saying that? Too mom-ish? LOL – I love it. Thank you!!! And this was one of the easiest posts to write. You know how that goes!

  8. Rockstar pacing rockstar–how could it not go well? Love this race recap and love how hard you pushed. Yes, you had Tina there guiding you, but you did the work. So well done! And at 40, you are just getting started, lady. Congrats!
    misszippy recently posted…My podcast is live!My Profile

    1. Thank you so much for saying that last part. I hate that 40 is a struggle for me!? Why? You’re absolutely right – I’m just getting started. Lookout triathlon ladies, I’m coming!!

      Congrats on your wineglass marathon! This is when I really miss your blog. I want a whole recap!

    • Jill on October 7, 2015 at 9:15 AM
    • Reply

    Yup…ugly crying sitting at the gas station! Allie, what an amazing experience! You ARE strong, and you should know what an inspiration you are to so many of us, just as Tina is! Thank you for sharing! Today’s run will absolutely be kick ass, with this in my heart and on my mind! Can’t wait for the RW weekend!

    1. OMG thank you so, so much Jill! I hope you kicked so much ass on your run today!! RW here we come… 🙂

  9. I don’t even know what to say…..what a great read!!! In all this what speaks to me is when she tells you that this is what it is supposed to feel like to race…. it is supposed to be hard… It wouldn’t be pushing yourself and challenging yourself if it wasn’t hard…. While I generally run for fun, I think that we all do want to do better, and so it’s good to remember that sometimes it should be hard….sometimes it should be painful… there is a great sense of accomplishment in pushing through that!!
    Paria@momontherunsanity.com recently posted…Delayed GratificationMy Profile

    1. Yes! One of my favorite quotes is from the movie “A League of their Own” when Tom Hanks’ character says: It’s supposed to be hard! It’s the hard that makes it great!” Yup. So, so great.
      Thanks Paria.

  10. LOVE this race recap! What an amazing race and amazing day! That was awesome of Tina to pace you, but ultimately YOU did it; you took what she said to heart and believed it and that is what’s so great and what you’ll have going forward. Congrats!!
    Teal recently posted…Vacation: Rest and Relaxation… and RunningMy Profile

    1. Thank you!!!

  11. So cool that Tina paced you! I think it can really help having someone reassure you of things you may know deep down, but have trouble believing in the moment. This sounds like such a fun race (and weekend) and I’m glad you had that experience and that even after she left you those last three miles (which to me are the toughest), you really hung on and killed it! Great job 🙂
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Taper WeekendMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much and YES to actually have what’s in your head being said to you (especially by someone like Tina) just drives you harder when you think you have nothing left! I wish everyone could experience pacing like this, even at just one race!

  12. This is awesome, Allie!! I’m so excited for you; what a great race day experience! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures at the retreat, but being able to run a half marathon (well, most of it – ha!) with Tina is pretty freakin’ cool, right? Of course, I’d feel that way about running one with you, too…if I could ever keep up! Way to go, girl!!
    Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Sweet Dumpling SquashMy Profile

    1. It was so cool!
      I would LOVE to run with you someday at any pace!!!
      Thanks so much Tara!

  13. Wow, what an inspiring race recap! Congrats on having a big breakthrough moment in your running!!
    Jess @ Jess Runs ATL recently posted…New Tune Tuesday: Songs You Forgot ExistedMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much!

  14. i am also crying. This made the whole weekend worth it for me! Love that you had this experience!
    Sarah recently posted…You can do it all…until you can’tMy Profile

    1. When you said that to me before we left, I felt even better! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work making that weekend happen!

  15. I love all of this and can’t wait to apply some of it to my half marathon this weekend! Congrats on a great race and a big breakthrough!
    CK @ Cooking Up Kefi recently posted…Baklava CheesecakeMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much! I hope it helps!

  16. Congrats, Allie! What a strong race, and how awesome that Tina paced you. Your recap is such a great read and so inspiring!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Hansons Marathon Method Post-Race ReviewMy Profile

    1. Thank you Laura! She was amazing.

  17. “training for other greatness”. You have no idea how much that little tiny piece of your post just jumped up, punched me in the chest (in a good way) and inspired me. Although not related to running, that small little phrase just gave me a renewed burst of optimism for the things I am working towards.
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Holiday, Sports and Collegiate Pasta Shapes! (Be Gracie’s Pasta Pal)My Profile

    1. YES! Love that so, so much.

  18. oh yes!!!! congratulations on such an AWESOME day in so many cool ways. how freaking cool is that, you got to run with an amazing athlete and had a marvelous time??? that’s like so many wishes come true all in one day. i’m just beaming for you, and i wasn’t even there. LOL. but seriously i can only imagine how awesome you feel.
    i had a ‘moment’ back in 2011… whoa that was a while ago, but it was the 11-11-11 race and of course it was 11K. i had been marathon training for a couple of months and wasn’t even working on my pace but was running with the 10/min pace group. but that night of 11-11-11, i just ran for fun and somehow ended up getting 2nd female! i was so surprised that i didn’t stay and hear the awards, i just knew i was having fun and someone told me we were doing 7 min miles. i was sort of baffled and just surprised i felt so good. that was the best run of my life and i’m happy i had it. it all went downhill from there and injury after injury, but hey. i had full spinal fusion and all i ever wanted to run, so gosh darnit i’m happy that i can still run. maybe i won’t be the fastest, but i’d rather run slow then not at all.
    my goals right now are to rehab my sciatic issues and shins, and get things strong and healthy for my january houston marathon. i’d really love to run a marathon without an injury, and so far that hasn’t happened. oddly i was less injured during the two ironman races than just the marathons. of course i had other issues, but it’s funny how every single situation has its ups and downs.
    i’m happy for you, and i’m so excited for a great season!!! one way or the other, i’m a better person today. and at least i’m doing the damn PT exercises like it’s my job. 😀
    danielle recently posted…Ode to OctoberMy Profile

    1. You just never know when a great race is going to happen! I’m so happy you had that on 11-11-11 🙂
      Keep doing that PT and you will back at it!

  19. I love everything about this! Congrats on a great race and what an amazing experience. I truly believe that our minds and our fears/doubts can absolutely hold us back and it’s amazing what can happen when we break through those barriers. You should be so proud – Tina’s support and guidance was a big part of the race, but your legs ran it 🙂 Congrats!
    Beth recently posted…NYC: checking in half-way thereMy Profile

    1. YES! Exactly. Thank you so much Beth.

  20. ahhhhhmaaaazing! So incredible to read the about the encouragement that she gave you. We all have the power within ourselves the key is just figuring out how to find it and how to push through the barriers. This inspires me to keep on pushing harder, faster, farther. You will carry this run with you always. Congrats Allie! You rock (and Tina of course too!)

    1. Exactly! If I said it to myself (and I do!) it would not have the same power. Now I know I have the power!! Just one piece of a truly amazing weekend. Thanks so much Sandra!!

  21. How very incredibly awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience and some of the stuff Tina said to you. Mental fatigue is tough and you pushed through it.
    Wendy recently posted…Weak-a$$ Glutes!My Profile

    1. It so is and was amazingly easier when someone else is helping you push though it. Every runner should have this experience! Thanks Wendy.

  22. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a race recap more. I am SO glad you had such a breakthrough experience and that I was able to be there to witness it. It was awesome seeing you and Tina before the turn-around. I was counting all the women to see how close you were to the top women’s field. Your takeaway is simply beautiful and is the most amazing thing about running. The fact that we end up believing in ourselves more. Redefining what is possible. Making things happen that we never imagined. I loved seeing you and meeting Tina. What a special day and group. One of the key takeaways for me is that while I believe in myself, I doubt myself a lot. I’m going to try to stop doing that and believe more is possible … and keep doing more when the time is right. Heart you a ton. Congrats again! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…Maine Half Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

    1. Yes! Exactly! I THOUGHT I believed in myself but, after that experience with Tina, I’m taking it to a different level.
      I’m so grateful to YOU and Sarah for putting this whole weekend together. You know by now how much everyone loved it and NEEDED it. It was so great spending time with you and I loved seeing you race and push and achieve just as much as I loved my experience. I think it goes without saying but…I seriously cannot wait to do it all over again next year! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  23. This is wonderful, thanks for sharing. I can understand why the experience was life changing.
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…Cat or dog ?My Profile

    1. Thank you Karen!

  24. Okay, we all are crying!! Everyone reading this has to be crying!! This is the most beautiful experience and I was so happy and emotional to be reading it.
    I think that is what racing is all about – pushing through the hard parts and knowing we are capable of great things. I feel like I go through those doubts sometimes in my head, even though I know my body can do it!!
    Tina is so amazing! I feel like I know her even though we’ve never met.
    What a special day Allie! I am so, so happy for you!! Just think what you will be able to do at NYCM!! xx
    Natalie recently posted…One Sentence Wednesday!My Profile

    1. Thank you so much Natalie and YES, we all go though this especially during a race! I was so lucky to only have the positive voice speaking to me…and a few doubtful thoughts rattling around my own head. Luckily, Tina drowned them out and I had a huge breakthrough 🙂 She is exactly as you would think and I’m just so grateful to her.
      Looking forward to NYC and seeing what I can do 🙂 xoxoxo

  25. Ive sat here and read this three times.
    CARLA recently posted…4 steps to intuitive living.My Profile

    1. This makes me insanely happy! Thank you Carla xoxoxo

  26. Allie – this is an amazing write up and I could not agree more about your impressions of Tina Muir! I am so glad she mentioned this blog and I now can follow another amazing person. I have not met Tina, but I started reading her blog over a year ago and I joined Runners Connect earlier this Spring.

    Kudos to you for pushing and getting a time you never expected. Have a blast at the NYC Marathon!!

    1. I’m so, so glad you found me! Thank you so much for reading and yes, Tina is the real deal and I absolutely love pretty much everything Runner’s Connect does and is about. It’s no surprise she works there and she adds so much value.
      Nice to meet you Margaret and I hope you come to love this space 🙂

  27. What an exceptional friend (friends) you have! I loved reading your recap but what I loved the best is how you’re approaching turning 40 as a runner. I am almost 54, my mid fifties and sometimes I get so bummed because I wish I could run like I did in my early 40’s. Obviously I am slow compared to you and Tina but the good thing is I am still running and I hope I can continue to reach those Personal Bests in my age group….finish at the top like you. I’ll keep trying! You’re very inspiring!

    1. I so needed to read this! Thank you so much for giving me this perspective. It really doesn’t matter as long as we’re still out there! I certainly hope to still be racing well into my 50s and, hopefully, I won’t care too much about paces but just keeping up with the women in my age group.
      Thanks so much!

  28. OMG, I’m totally wiping away the tears right now Allie!! This is so amazing. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have Tina pacing you, so freaking cool. You killed that race, I can’t even imagine hitting those paces without wanting to puke, lol. I have the same Momentum bracelet–believe, endure, achieve. You can bet I will be wearing that at MCM in a few weeks. Muah….love you girls! Congrats! xoxox
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…MCM Training Recap Week 13My Profile

    1. Thanks so much Sue! I remember crying reading your MCM recap from last year. Wear that bracelet and BELIEVE!!!! xoxoxo

  29. Allie, I am so happy for you! To have someone help you release what was in you all along….what a fabulous experience. You rock, big time.
    Dana recently posted…My Fall (in) Love ListMy Profile

    1. It was truly amazing. Thanks so much Dana!

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