What Motivates You? How About A Giveaway?

Everyone loves a free gift, right?  Well don’t you know that nothing in this life is free?  I’m not talking about money, but something way more precious – blood, sweat and tears.  Usually lots of tears.


If I’m being completely honest with myself, my motivation comes from winning.  When I’m heavy into a serious training cycle (like the one for the World Championships) I’m focused on doing my very best, placing as high as I can, and knowing that when I’m in that race I did everything I could to be as prepared (mentally and physically) as possible.  Now, I was obviously in no position to win that race but, I’m only racing against myself.  All hail the PR (personal record)!

A little while before I started training for Worlds, I was reading a post by Beth at Shut Up and Run.  She was training for an Ironman (because she’s an animal like that) and she had ordered bracelets for her and her daughter to wear that had one word on them – BELIEVE!  She wore it everyday of her training, as a reminder.

I thought it was such a great idea and when Cori at Olive to Run, posted about Amy Cochrane’s company Momentum Jewelry and their super cool and functional (read: you can sweat in them and wash them) wrap bracelets – I knew I had found my talisman:


When you're grinding out a workout on a hot day, you have to smile when you read that wrap.  Find the joy in sweat, pain and endurance!

When you’re grinding out a workout on a hot day, you have to smile when you read that wrap. Find the joy in sweat, pain and endurance!

More about these later…and they don’t just make bracelets!

I took to FB recently to ask all of you about your honest motivation. Because everyone is super honest on FB. HA! However, I was thrilled at the response and honesty.  In fact, there were so many (50+) I can’t even include everyone’s response, but here’s a sampling:

Muscles and definition, lol! Motivating others and building friendships. Plus working out before work gives me the energy I need to take on the day. Watch out if I didn’t workout first! – Sarah V

I’m seriously motivated by a good sweat and the feeling I have AFTER I killed a workout and had told myself “I can’t do that”. – Amanda G

 On regular training runs, I choose busy streets… Cars keep you accountable. Not only do you have the exciting potential of being hit by a car, but we all know they are watching you, judging you, yelling run Forest run… YEAH, REAL FUNNY, GUY! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR EDUCATED CONNECTION BETWEEN EXERCISE AND A FILM FROM 1994! AREN’T YOU A MODERN FREAKING DAY BILLY CRYSTAL! I DON’T SEE YOU OUT HERE, BUDDY! YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT I JUST CAUGHT UP TO YOUR CAR IN TRAFFIC… Drink it in, pal… we both know I’m faster than you in real life, but now you know I’m even faster than your car… And yes, we were racing… And yes, I won. – James G.

I love that one so much!  First all of, James is a total badass runner and triathlete, but he’s also hilarious and a great friend.  And you know those people driving are totally judging you!

MY SEXY ASS? Bah ha ha! Okay but in all seriousness, however that was a pretty SERIOUS ANSWER- the way I feel after working out motivates me to keep on waking up at the ass crack of dawn to get it done!!! Plus, I want to be a positive influence- I have to practice what I preach!! – Gigi D

I hate working out! But I want to look fabulous by 40. I use one of my students our school lost this year as motivation. He was an incredible athlete. And when I feel like I can’t finish my exercise – I use him and the appreciation of being alive to motivate me. – Laurie B

So I’m not a crabby pants. I have great friends to be hamsters on the treadmill with or go for a trot outdoors. I need to burn calories to eat calories. I’m too cheap to buy new clothes, so I have to stay fitting in the ones I have; and I prefer to wear them without a muffin top if possible. And I need to keep up with my kiddos! – Barbara M

Wine.  – Allison S

At first it was seeing a smaller number on the scale and now it’s become about what my body can do…running 5 miles easily when it used to be super difficult or lifting heavier weights than I used to. I am also enjoying seeing muscles where there wasn’t any before. – Barb B

Proving to myself and others that I can do it. Whatever it is. Don’t underestimate the thick girl from Brooklyn  – Nellie A

I think I speak for everyone Nellie, when I say – NO ONE underestimates you!

This is the Suede Cuff.  Total bad ass!

This is the Suede Cuff. Total bad ass!

My motivators are health and responsibility. I feel like this country is in a health crisis right now, and I want to be part of the solution and not the problem. It feels good to take responsibility and make my health a priority while balancing my career and family. I want other people, especially women, to believe that they can do the same. – Diana M.

Fear that I will be 215 pounds again; joy in the marveling at the ability of a well kept body; hunger…I simply love to eat and drink; pride in my long list of small accomplishments; friendships-fitness friends understand me… – Heather L

Honestly? I’m motivated by fear. I am afraid that I will regain the 100 pounds I lost and go back to that awful, depressing, sickly life as an obese woman. Now in my 60’s, I’m afraid of being weak and frail. I want to be one of those strong old broads that make young people surprised and amazed at what I can do “….for my age”. I’m afraid of failure. I’m a winner by nature and don’t do failing well. On the plus side, I’m motivated by young strong women like yourself. I wish I had found this lifestyle when I was young. I am motivated by women who are strong mentally and physically no matter what their age!! – Aunt Kris G. 

Obviously fear, weight, mood, food and drink are huge motivators!  I’m also motivated by strong women and I like to surround myself with them, which is why I’m giving a huge endorsement to Momentum and a GIVEAWAY for y’all.  I just got back from Savannah, so I can say that.

Not only does Momentum have the coolest wrap bracelets, they also have Foot Notes, Necklaces, Headbands and Earrings.  I dare you to be un-motivated with all that on!!!  You can literally surround yourself with encouragement. Just do it.

These are my Foot Notes:



You can shop now, using coupon code GGS 158.  It’s good for 15% off their website purchase from now until Sept. 15, 2014.

To WIN a Foot Note Charm of your choice – follow me and Momentum on Twitter and Instagram:

Momentum Twitter | Instagram

VITA Train For Life Twitter | Instagram

then leave a comment telling me which Foot Note you would chose and why.

Good luck!  Entires close on Wednesday, July 9th and the winner will be announced Friday, July 11th.

I was gifted a wrap bracelet and Foot Note in exchange for this post but, if you think this post is anything but the truth, you know nothing about me.  I honestly love these and this company, so just enter the contest or buy one already!


What motivates YOU?

If you had a choice, what would you put on your wrap bracelet? 

What is one of your favorite motivational mantras?



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  1. Those are great! It always helps to have a constant reminder with you! Thanks Allie!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…Ride For Roswell RecapMy Profile

    1. It truly does help! I have to look at the “joy in the journey” one and laugh when I’m looking out at my spin class and not seeing much joy 🙂 That’s why we need reminders!

  2. I love little reminders like these to keep you focused!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…My Fall Race ScheduleMy Profile

    1. Me too! We can all use them, right?

  3. I think Nellie’s statement was my favorite and seriously she made me smile so much this morning! But still I love these and my favorite is the Stay Strong pair 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Bergdorf Goodman Meets GLOSSYBOX!My Profile

    1. She is the best! I laughed too – she’s good for that 🙂 It’s always good to have a reminder staring at you when you want to quit.

  4. Awesome responses to your question! I love the ‘find joy in the journey’ reminder- it’s not just about the finish line.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…WIAW and stocking the freezer pre-babyMy Profile

    1. SO, so true! The race is over so quickly (even if it doesn’t feel like it when you’re in it!) so it’s really about getting there and who you become along the way…

    • Kevin Vail on July 2, 2014 at 7:21 AM
    • Reply

    Sarah and I just came from a Beach body event. One of the guess speakers was Diana Nyad.She was the 60 year old female that swam from Cuba to Florida. The will power, the never give up attitude she had and has is amazing. If u want to see it Google her name with motivational speaker and beach body.The one that is 55 minutes is the one. It was amazing.

    1. I can only imagine! That is so very cool Kevin. Thanks for sharing – I will check it out for sure.
      Hope to see you in class soon 🙂

  5. Love all of the responses on motivation. Especially James. Hilarious!! And, yes, those drivers are judging us. So I want to give them something to score a perfect 10!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Why I Love an Outdoor Store Located Across the CountryMy Profile

    1. He is a riot! And it’s funny because it’s TRUE!
      You are always a perfect 10 my friend. You’re inspiring people out there!

  6. First, I absolutely adore the strong footnote! All if them are so pretty I am headed over there right after this to do some shopping! I love this post so much. Reading others motivation motivates me too! Thanks for including my answer, that entire facebook thread was amazing. Sometimes we need a reminder of why we do things. Awesome post girl!!
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Single Leg T-SquatMy Profile

    1. Your answer got the most “likes” I think! It’s the honesty and “keeping it real” about you that motivates and inspires. Happy shopping my friend!

  7. I think honestly what motivates me is that when I run/exercise whatever…I feel like a strong woman, something I don’t feel a lot at home as a mommy. I usually feel weak for some reason, so it gives me empowerment.
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Fit Foodie 5K ReviewMy Profile

    1. I can relate Sue!! Maybe because we are IN CONTROL out there on the road or trail, and feeling ourselves getting stronger – it’s powerful. Mommying my two unruly kids can make me feel power-less. So good – thank you!

  8. I love this entire post Allie, even down to what motivates you….as I think you know my answer is the same. That feeling of crossing the finish line knowing all that hard work paid off is definitely my motivator, as is running for my country someday in a world marathon, In some ways I am glad I haven’t done it yet, as it keeps me going, every single day!

    My favorite mantra is keep moving forward, as in from the Rocky Balboa movie, but it really reminds me every day to keep facing those challenges, and you WILL come out on top, where you want to be! Thanks for sharing, and for bringing momentum to my attention 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted…Skoop ReviewMy Profile

    1. YES to all of this Tina! I can relate to you not wanting to reach that goal yet. There’s something to be said about the hunger to keep moving forward toward your goals each day. What’s more motivating then that…besides YOU maybe? Thank you!

  9. My favorite mantra is “I’m getting better and better everyday, in every way.”… but that’s a bit too long for a bracelet or footnote. I’m working with Momentum too, and I got the bracelet that says “BE the change.”
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Pros + Cons of living in NYCMy Profile

    1. Of course you are! That is so great Kimberly. And I seriously don’t think they have a saying I don’t like. They are ALL great, inlacing the one you chose. BE!

  10. Wow, these are awesome! I hadn’t heard of Momentum, so I’m glad you wrote about them! Definitely going to use that discount! I love the Dig Deep footnote – that actually is one of the mantras I use when it gets tough in a race!!

    Your friend James is hilarious!! 🙂
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted…RunfessionsMy Profile

    1. Yes he is.
      Dig Deep! Love it!! I think that goes along with one of my favorite Pre quotes that’s something along the lines of “summon the beast” when you feel you have nothing left.

  11. This is so cool! I have no idea what I would put on the bracelet though because I don’t really have a mantra. I need one! I’m going to have to think about that some more.

    I love reading what motivates others. James’ response is pretty funny! I think I might be addicted to exercise. Haha. I honestly feel terrible when I can’t workout. I really need to be active to keep myself centered.
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Festive Snacks for Summer from Blue Diamond AlmondsMy Profile

    1. I have no idea what you mean Britt 🙂
      You should check out the ones they already have because there’s so many good ones. But, once you find the one that speaks to you – you will know it. You may also want to have one handy for labor and delivery 🙂

  12. I love that you have the option of motivation with a bracelet or shoe Foot Notes. I would probably pick finish strong.
    jill conyers recently posted…5 Healthy Food SwapsMy Profile

    1. You have excellent taste in motivational mantras Jill 🙂

  13. I love the ‘finish strong’ tags. As nerdy as it is, listening to training podcasts really motivate me. They give me new ideas, help me know I’m doing things right or where I need to make shifts, and more. After listening to one, I can’t wait to get in the gym!
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…32-Week BumpdateMy Profile

    1. Not nerdy at all! I’ve just recently gotten into them and I think I’m going to start listening to them on my long runs in lieu of music.

  14. These are really cool, I love stamped jewelry. So stamps that motivate are total winners in my book. My personal mantra would have to be “find joy in the journey.” I expect everything too easily or too fast and give up before I get the goods (many times, not always). I get frustrated and maybe this little reminder will give me that moment where I realize – it’s not over, take a breath, appreciate this moment for what it is and keep going. There’s a lot of motivation in that one short statement.
    Stephanie recently posted…How to Take Photos of FireworksMy Profile

    1. Oh Stephanie you need one of these ASAP! You’re so right about how that little reminder can help and how much motivation can be in one statement. I have another one that says “Endure, Believe, Achieve” and it honestly helped me through my training to get to Spain. There was a lot of “enduring!” I hope you get one 🙂

  15. I like the Finish Strong shoelace ones! I wish I had a set now because of the race I’m running this Friday. Two years ago I passed out (after crossing the finish line though! Lol) so needless to say I didn’t finish strong. So I’m toeing the starting line again this Friday for another go at the Firecracker 10k. What motivates me? A handful of things…but mostly to press on to becoming a better version of myself so I can rock the world to hopefully make a positive change in my little corner!
    Jess@Flying Feet In Faith recently posted…Wisdom Wednesday: Are You An Overachiever?My Profile

    1. Holy wow!! Sounds like you DID finish strong – too strong. I’m sure you will do awesome in your 10K. Go get it!!!

  16. I love that one about finding joy in the journey. These are awesome!! In light of everything that has happened over the past week, I think that one is the one I need to keep in mind all the time.

    I have a lot of catching up to do on your site, Allie…it’s been a rough week for us here, as I am sure you have probably seen from my FB posts. But I have not forgotten about my friends. I’m trying to go through as much as I have missed as possible. And I want to hear about the rest of your race, so I’ve got to go back!
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Fruity Summer Drinks: Strawberry Pineapple ColadaMy Profile

    1. I have seen the FB Michelle and my heart goes out to you all. I’m so happy to see you here and hope you’re getting back to some normalcy. xoxo

  17. By the way, I just followed Momentum on Twitter and Instagram! Very cool jewelry. And of course, I follow you everywhere. You just can’t get rid of me. 🙂
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Fruity Summer Drinks: Strawberry Pineapple ColadaMy Profile

    1. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  18. Oh dang. I just bought one of these two weeks ago but didn’t have a coupon code at the time. I blame you. Totally not coming to this blawg anymore. I’m quitting you!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…High School Gym-Style WorkoutMy Profile

    1. I have failed you. I shall blog no more!!!

  19. I would get YES! you can for my daughter. She is gearing up for field hockey season and running is not her favorite. She could look down at her shoe and get a little pep talk, kinda like having Mom right next to here 🙂
    Dana recently posted…10 reasons why it’s great to have one child of each genderMy Profile

    1. Love that!!! There could be a whole line JUST for teenage girls. Can you imagine?

  20. Mine would say, “Don’t (just) dream it. Be it.” Rocky Horror reference right there!
    I LOVE that Gigi’s quote got in there. That made me crack up.
    Tamara recently posted…Not Even Close To Wordless Wednesday: Ten Years & Ice Cream.My Profile

    1. You know I was going to put Gigi’s in – how could I not?? Love your quote and, more then that, I love that you’re actually living it!

  21. Ok, I’m officially obsessed. I cannot wait to get one of these! I love your Finish Strong pair. I also like earned not given and dig deep. They are such great motivational reminders since 80 percent of what we do is mental. I can’t wait to check out the other products. Fingers crossed. xo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…Getting Sweaty in SavannahMy Profile

    1. Hey Jesica! I love seeing you here! These are awesome, right? And yes, they are perfect for our mental game. Hope you get some good wearable motivation for Chicago 🙂

  22. I love all the shared motivations!!!
    I’m like you – winning motivates me. I always tell the boys – play to win!!!
    Kim recently posted…We Aren’t Guaranteed Another Day – We Should Cherish Every Second We HaveMy Profile

    1. And that’s why we’re friends. Love it! Thanks Kim.

    • Susie on July 2, 2014 at 9:26 PM
    • Reply

    I would choose the copper “live fearlessly” wrap bracelet-because at 34 I finally feel like a big girl and strong enough to stick up for myself and my family, and tell the jerks in the world where to shove it. for the foot notes, I would choose the “beast mode” just because I wouldn’t want to be lopsided with only one foot blinged out. Super cute stuff!

    1. Ha ha ha!!! That is great. I wonder if you can get a wrap with “I’m a big girl so shove it jerks!” on it? You’re right about the lopsided thing too. I couldn’t just get one…

  23. I like the footnote that says “FIERCE.” It’s actually what my volleyball team cheers at the start of each match!
    Lex @ Flecks of Lex recently posted…World Cup Bingo (printable version below)My Profile

    1. Perfecto!! Fierce just makes me think of Beyonce too and what’s more motivating then her??

  24. I can’t say what exactly motivates me because it changes all of the time. I like being a role model for my child, I like challenging myself but overall, I like being the healthiest version of myself.

    Being consistent in motivation has been tough for me lately (read: always) but my mantra this year has been “How am I going to be an optimist about this?” boldly taken from “Pompeii” by Bastille. Lately it isn’t about what I can do, it’s more about how I can do things.

    The run with Jeff Galloway really was life changing for me – it wasn’t about covering the distance, it was about feeling good while doing it. The conversation and living motivation right there (!) didn’t hurt either.

    1. I love so much about what you wrote Melissa. Mostly I love that you have a constant, changing motivation that you’re seeking. Looks like you found out that stuck 🙂 I’m still grinning about seeing you after that run. You could SEE the change!

  25. I would get “Run 13.1”. Since I tend to look at my feet quite a bit (mostly because I’m clumsy) it is a good reminder of my goal. I’m not always motivated to just train but thinking about the end result keeps me going. If I focus on what I’m doing right now then I get stuck. I need to think about the big picture.
    Carla recently posted…Running Forward & July #GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Yes – big picture certainly helps!!

  26. Aw, those are so pretty! I LIKE! Now, if only I lived nearer.
    Alison recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #27: MessMy Profile

    1. It’s the little things, like geography…

  27. I forgot to say that I follow everyone every way. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Running 101: A Beginner Q&AMy Profile

  28. great post, I need something like this to keep me motivated, though I am doing great. But, a reminder of my goals would be pretty cool and kick @ss. Great job and keep going! Happy Saturday Sharefest.
    karen recently posted…Getting Stronger and Healthier for my SonMy Profile

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting from the ShareFest! They are definitely great reminders and glad to hear you’re doing GREAT!!

  29. I would choose Run 26.2 because that is my favorite distance and so far I’ve ran 3 of them.
    Jovan B. recently posted…Happy 4th of July!My Profile

    1. WOW – good for you! The marathon is definitely a beast and it sounds like you’ve tamed it. Awesome!

  30. I love all the answers that you received! Love these words. It’s amazing how having a reminder right there for you can make such a big difference.

    1. It’s SO true! Running mantras are a must for me.

  31. What motivates me is to feel better, stronger and healthier. I would love a bracelet too! Mine would say Work Hard = Big Rewards! 🙂
    Kristen recently posted…4th of July in Small Town USAMy Profile

    1. Love that! The rewards are BIG and some are priceless.

  32. I love these and I’m glad I found your blog through rUnladylike!

    I’m motivated by continuing to improve myself in all aspects. My mantra when I’m running is a pretty simple, it’s just “Come on Jen! You can do this!” My mom used to yell that at me at track meets and I think that’s where I got it 🙂

    If I were to win, I would pick “Earned not given.” I have to remind myself that in order to be healthier, faster and stronger, I have to always work at it and I would not be able to accomplish my goals without the work beforehand.

    1. So glad to have you here from rUnladylike! It was so great meeting (and running) with Jesica in Savannah.

      I love that your mantra comes from your mom pushing you. What is better then that? Thanks!!

  33. I love them all! But would choose “Run happy”
    Beth P recently posted…My baby is here!My Profile

    1. That’s a favorite of mine too! Thank you.

    • Tammy McConnell George on July 8, 2014 at 4:32 PM
    • Reply

    I am so in awe with this jewelry. Push Hard would be my motto.

    1. Love it! Thank you.

    • Tessa on July 8, 2014 at 4:40 PM
    • Reply

    I like the run 26.2 footnotes. Gives me a reminder of what I’m training for!

    1. That’s a BIG one!! Go get it! Thanks for entering.

  34. I would get “shut up legs’ because they get in the way of what I want to do. When they start hurting, I give up! I must stop giving up!

    1. Yes, stop that right now!! 🙂 I tell my spin classes – you OWN those legs. You tell them what to do!!

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