Jun 13

What Would We Do Without Dads?

Besides perhaps not being born in the first place, I think there’s a lot we would do without the “help” of the dads in our life.  I happen to be blessed with the best dad in the entire world.  I know a lot of people throw that around, but I would challenge anyone to a dad-off with mine.  I wrote 10 reasons as to exactly why he’s the best last year so, this year I wanted to venture into life without him…without all dads.


1.  Fewer visits to the emergency room.  I think it’s safe to say that, on average, most ER visits by kids are done while dad was supposed to be in charge.  My brother placed his entire hand on a wood-burning stove (while it was burning wood) when he was about eight, pretty much right in front of my dad.  Somehow he doesn’t have a hideous scar from this but…

One of my cousins also broke his collar bone, when battling his brother to the death, over a fruit roll-up (it was the 80s!) while my uncle was upstairs sleeping*.  I believe that was the same day my aunt quit her job to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).

*I guess it should be noted that my uncle was coming off an overnight shift as a police officer in a particularly ugly town, at the time of the “incident.”

2.  Healthier habits.  My father coined the term “breakfast cookie” with my kids.  Yes, my dad gives my kids cookies for breakfast when they’re at his house (which is often) and has also been known to dole out a peanut butter cup or two before 9am.  As a result, my kids want to be at Papi’s house all.the.time.  That is a win for me.

My husband has “boys day” with the kids that consists of donuts, the gym and then McDonalds.  One of these things is not like the other.

3.  Less bullying.  My husband has a unique way of solving “sneak attack” hitting by the boys in our house.  One of the twins is particularly fond of walking by his brother and, at the last moment, throwing an elbow or smacking him across the face for no reason at all.  Just another joy of parenting boys.  The last time this happened (after many, many. many times) my husband told the smacker that the next time he does it, he’s going to hold him down so the smackee can get a clean shot.  My husband will be 42 in October.  And no, I did not let this happen.

4.  Less Confusion.  Around here, my dad and husband both get things a little confused.  English is a second language for my dad and hilarity has insued over that.  He once told a business associate they should have a threesome with his wife.  He meant the three of them should go to dinner.  Needless to say, he sold that deal.

As for the hubs, just the other day, on the plane home from Spain, he told the girl sitting behind us (who was graciously interacting with our kids), that the boys were starting kindergarten on Wednesday.  This Wednesday.  She thought they were attending some extraordinary progressive school! What they have on Wednesday is a one-hour orientation.  They start kindergarten in September like every other kid in America.

5. More bandwidth for everyone!  Since my dad is in sales (and has been for the last 40 years or so) and my husband owns his own business (that he successfully built from the ground up!) they are both constantly answering emails, taking calls, or are online for one reason or another.  Most of the trip to Spain consisted of where the best Wi-Fi strength was and who had the better, more powerful, wireless battery charger.  For realsies.


At Okemo Mountain in VT this winter.  One of the annual trips we take with my dad and stepmom.

At Okemo Mountain in VT this winter. One of the annual trips we take with my dad and stepmom. They have excellent Wi-Fi at the resort.


Of course, the good stuff far outweighs the bad.  My husband is an amazing dad, and my own father is one of the most important people in my life.  I honestly would not know what to do without either one of them!  I love you both beyond any words I could type on this page and myself and my boys would suffer tremendously without either of you in their lives…but you already knew that.


Happy Father’s Day!

What would you add to the list?



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  1. Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

    Very sweet Allie! I would say that my (our) boys learn how to be a good man from their Dads. The kids learn by example and if that’s the case they would be hard working and devoted husbands/fathers like him.
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted…My Next New Year’s Goal – Ride For Roswell!My Profile

    1. vita88

      What an important quality!!! My parents were both very hard workers, and made us work from the time we were 12 or 13! I hated it at the time but, because of a strong work ethic developed at an early age, I went on to great jobs and even owned my own business. So, so important! Happy Father’s Day to him 🙂

  2. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    This is spot on with my dad (except the Wi-fi, I’m not even sure he knows what that is!). Whenever he was left “in charge” someone always ended up bleeding, bruised or breaking something. He called it “life lessons.” And your hubs way of controlling the sneak attack is exactly my hubs solution. Good thing I’m around!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…High Five FridayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I am laughing! What is wrong with these men? I could not believe my husband said that to our kids!? I was like “really?” That’s how you want them to solve problems at school? I think he would have called it a “life lesson” as well!!! Glad you can relate Angela 🙂

  3. Janine Huldie

    Truly so very sweet and your dad’s threesome comment made me smile. Seriously, Happy Father’s Day to both of these amazing men in your life!! 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Dear Dad…My Profile

    1. vita88

      Thanks Janine! To yours as well!!

  4. Jess

    Love it! NOW, back to the day by day recap of SPAIN! And pictures!!

    1. vita88

      Ha ha ha!! You’ll get your fix on Monday my friend 😉

  5. Dana

    You look like your dad, Allie! Except you are prettier. No offense to your dad, though. I would add less eye rolling – my husband cannot resist making dumb jokes out of everything the kids say, and I cannot resist rolling my eyes at him. I complain, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 😉
    Dana recently posted…Out of the boxMy Profile

    1. vita88

      I know I do! I actually look more like my mom – if you can believe it.
      Oh yes!! Eye rolling for sure!!! I can absolutely relate to that one 🙂

  6. Kimberly (Manifest Yourself)

    I love this spin on this Father’s Day post! And I can relate to the accidents… I remember sledding right into the woods under the supervision of my father one winter and getting all cut up by the bushes in CT. SMH…. or cutting my finger at Bolton Ice Palace on my hockey skates.
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Favorite ThingsMy Profile

    1. vita88

      OMG the Bolton Ice Palace!!! HA HA! I think I learned how to skate there. So cool. We really must meet up in CT one of these days. Of course, I’ll be seeing you in Savannah very soon 🙂

  7. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    hahaha the ER visits…that’s so true!

    I think without dads…dinner would be a lot more appropriate. My dad is known to make sketchy jokes and pass gas at the table lol.
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Updates, Goodies, and ArticlesMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Love it! Boys just never seem to grow up, do they??

  8. Jen@milesandblessings

    Ha!!! This is so great and totally true…you just gotta love dads!
    The food one FOR SURE! My kids always get the best breakfasts when I am out running and dad let’s them pick! My oldest daughter also likes to compete with her dad over who can eat more :/!…or they will finish their meal and then go grab a bag of Doritos like they didn’t just eat a whole meal!…gotta love em’!
    Like you said though, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! My husband is such an amazing dad and has also taught my girls what they should be looking for in a man! He loves them, encourages them, reads with them, plays with them, watches them while I run :)…I love him!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Run by effort not by GarminMy Profile

    1. vita88

      That is just too sweet Jen! I have always wondered how my husband would interact and react to a daughter…but there’s NO WAY I’m going to find out 🙂

  9. Jen@milesandblessings

    PS. the coller bone story is hysterical!!!!
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted…Run by effort not by GarminMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It is now!!! The victim is over 30 at this point so we can all laugh about it!

  10. Carla

    Yes, you can just put a big check mark next to all those things for the men in my life. You can also add that they remember the most obscure facts about pretty much anything not important. But the dentist appointment that you remind them about daily AND have written on the calendar…no clue.
    Carla recently posted…Eating Organic, thinkThin Bars, and a #GiveawayMy Profile

    1. vita88

      OMG – YES!!!! That happens with my husband all the time. It’s infuriating.
      Glad you can relate Carla 🙂

  11. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Oh man I love this tribute!! I can’t believe that your hubby was about to go straight fight club with your boys LOL good thing you are there to stop all of that crazy! LOL My household has the same kind of shenanigans…I can’t believe your brother doesn’t have a scar from that grill incident. Well I guess boys really are from a different planet. haha. enjoy your fathers day weekend!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…No Sleep + Allergies = The McCarren Park 5k RecapMy Profile

    1. vita88

      Yes they are!!! Most dads are alike in the “punishment” of boys – it’s definitely a guy thing.
      Enjoy father’s day with your important men Nellie 🙂

  12. Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life

    This was hilarious Allie! It made me think of Bill Cosby’s “Dad gives us chocolate cake for breakfast routine.” It’s got eggs, milk, should be good for you, right?! LOL In this house, I’m more likely to be the one sneaking peanut butter cups before breakfast.
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Women Entrepreneurs: Are You Ready to Launch a New Business?My Profile

    1. vita88

      I’m so glad Michelle!! I forgot about that Cosby routine, but yes – it’s just like that! And, my kids rat my dad out as soon as I walk in the door “Papi gave us cookies for breakfast!” It’s pretty funny.
      Happy Dad’s Day 🙂

  13. Tamara

    I laughed out loud..very loudly.. about #4. At least he sold the threesome deal, right? It takes a special person to do that.
    I did a regular Ask Away Friday because I couldn’t even start to talk about Father’s Day, Des’ birthday and Scarlet’s graduation.
    You have inspired me!
    And yes, Scarlet had her orientation too. Definitely not ready for September..yet!
    Tamara recently posted…A Lovely Little Flashback Friday.My Profile

    1. vita88

      I don’t blame you for not wanting to “go there” on Father’s Day. Your heart needs a break!
      I’m so glad I could give you a good laugh 🙂

  14. Britt@MyOwnBalance

    Oh my gosh. Your stories are so funny! Your Dad and the threesome comment is hilarious!

    I’m spending the day with my favorite Dad and Dad-to-be and couldn’t be more excited. Seriously the amount or jars and cans that would remain unopened without them!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Food & FitnessMy Profile

    1. vita88

      HA HA HA – oh so true Britt!! I hope you had a great weekend! All the men in your life must be beyond excited about adding to the boys club 🙂

  15. Alison

    Hah! I love this.
    I have to admit, my husband is the one who’s trying to encourage healthy eating habits though he’s the junk food eater in our house 🙂
    Happy Father’s Day to your husband and dad!
    Alison recently posted…Through The Lens Thursday #24: DeepMy Profile

    1. vita88

      It’s great that he does that. My husband provides the “balance” but I still won’t set foot in a McDonalds.
      Happy Dad’s Day to your husband! Just imagine what next year will be like…

  16. thedoseofreality

    I am going to also venture to say there would be less crying at bedtime! Or really just all the time. But as you so perfectly put it at the end, dads rock! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Would You Rather: See Katy Perry Or Beyoncé In Concert?My Profile

    1. vita88

      HA HA HA – I have to say that the hubs is pretty good with bed time, but there are more tears when he’s around because he takes zero talk back…so you can imagine how that goes!!

  17. Kristen

    I love this post! And total truth the ER..but your husband’s idea to stop hitting is genius…he’s awesome!
    Kristen recently posted…[VIDEO] NBA Finals Behind the Scenes in MiamiMy Profile

    1. vita88

      He also thinks he’s a genius 🙂

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