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The Rundown – 13.1 Miles in Sin City

  Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been one year since my last Vegas confession and this one is a doozie! I confess to having way too much fun, way too many shots, laughing way too hard and hugging too many people...if that's possible? I have zero regrets about...

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The Rundown – Sorry Doesn’t Make the Noodles

If the quote "sorry doesn't make the noodles" seems familiar to you, you have watched Kung Fu Panda as many times as I have. In the opening scene, Po the Panda (voiced by Jack Black) oversleeps. When he rushes downstairs to help his dad (the Goose voiced by James...

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VITA  (pronounced VEE-TA)  means LIFE

I come from a long line of smart mouthed women and I try to use my powers for good! On any given day you can find me training for my next big running race or triathlon, raising my twin boys, freelance writing, traveling the globe and eating and drinking with my husband at home in the Northeast.

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