I don’t take these things lightly.  Gear is expensive and I like to be selective, especially when it comes to something as important as a gym bag.  In fact, in the past 12 years I’ve had exactly three.  And, if you’re a regular here then you know I use the hell out of a gym bag!  So when the Apera bag promotions were sweeping the inter webs, I was intrigued but not overly impressed.  Why?  Because I was absolutely head over heels in love with my Athleta bag.  I’ve had it for three years now and, when I had a slight problem with one of the interior bags, Athleta sent me an entirely NEW bag.  That’s just how they roll and I love them for it.


But, then the fine folks at Apera contacted me and who am I to say no to new fitness gear?  I haven’t completely lost my mind.  However, I was quite certain that I would like the bag but probably end up only using it occasionally.  Well, for the first time in history, I was wrong.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  Wrong. Wrong, Wrong.  The Apera Performance Duffel is the best gym bag I have ever had.  Seriously.  I love this thing like it’s the missing triplet to my twins.  In fact, I could probably fit both boys in it, if they would sit still long enough!

Top 10 reasons why you need this bag in your life:

10.  It has more pockets then a pack of kangaroos!  Even the inside pockets have pockets.  There are pockets on the very top of the bag, on the outside, inside and giant shoe pockets on the sides.  I dare you to lose anything in the bottom of this bag!

My running shoes are packed neatly on one side, just waiting for me.

My running shoes are packed neatly on one side, just waiting for me.  And, don’t worry, I’m wearing shorts!

9.  Two separate shoe compartments.  On each side of the bag are two zippered pockets for shoes or sweaty gross clothes.  These days, since I’m often cycling and running in the same session, I can easily haul around two pair of shoes and switch them out like magic!  Plus, the outside of the pockets are all mesh so there’s a constant air flow which is certainly needed for my sweaty shoes.

8.  It’s PINK.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of pink, however I chose it so my husband can’t even think about using it.  Ever.

7.  It’s huge!  At first I thought there wouldn’t be enough room for the sheer amount of crap I carry around with me, but, I’m able to fit all of this and more…


6.  It has a stink sack.  You know, a separate bag to put wet or smelly and wet clothes, socks, hats – you’re typical stink sack.  Plus, the bag itself is washable.  I know this because I wash it about three times a week and it’s come out unscathed each time.  Bonus!

Waterproof stink sack.

Waterproof stink sack.

5.  It can double as a diaper bag.  God do I wish I knew about this thing when the twins were babies!  I used to have to carry around a rolling piece of luggage with all the stuff they needed just to go to the grocery store.  Well, not really but that actually would have been helpful.

4.  The company is awesome.  Every interaction I’ve had with the people at Apera has been professional and downright pleasant.  There is zero chance of a “conscious uncoupling” here.

3.  Discounts galore!  Currently they’re offering  40% OFF their entire BLUE line of bags.  Any style of bag, including the Performance Duffel, will be 40% OFF.  Also, all of their Duffel Packs, any color, are 40% OFF too.

2.  The bottom of the bag.  That’s right, the bottom.  What’s so great about it?  It’s totally wipe-able.  So, say you put it down outside because you’re kids are fighting in the gym parking lot, and it gets snow/mud covered because isn’t it supposed to be snowing in April?…and once you make it to your car in one piece, you can wipe it down with an errant towel before putting it onto the seat next to you.  At least one thing in your car will be clean.

1.  Because I said so.  And so have many, many bloggers including Cori at Olive To Run and Christine at Love, Life, Surf.  Be a follower on this one, trust me!

If you want a chance to win one (and who wouldn’t?) Apera is offering a pretty cool deal in the month of April.  Basically you can win a new Apera bag just by showing them how completely beat up your current gym bag is.  For all the details and a chance to win your very own bag – with your choice of color – check out the April giveaway HERE.

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What’s your favorite bag – gym or otherwise?

Did you ever feel you would never want to replace a certain product until you discovered a new one?

If you bought an Apera bag, what color and style would you chose?