Relax.  It’s not as dramatic as it sounds.  Ok, well maybe it is but my command from Joi at Rx Fitness Lady today is Throwback Thursday – 10 Years Ago, therefore I’m telling you pretty much the biggest thing that happened to me 10 years ago because, let’s face it, the rest is pretty boring.

In case you have somehow missed the fact that I’m posting here every damn day this week, you can catch up with my video, boobs and hysterical children by clicking on each title.  Hmmmm, which will get the most hits?

Now to the task at hand:

Eleven or so years ago I met my husband at a gym.  If you know me or read this blog at all then you will not be surprised by that.  He left a note on my car (I still have the note and he spelled my name “Ally”) and I called to tell him I couldn’t meet him.  Let’s get a few things straight.  Back then, he put the YA in PLAY-YA people.  He had a reputation around the gym for being a real ladies man.  He was also divorced and had a young son.  Not exactly what I was looking for in a man.  However, he was gorgeous.  I mean, drop dead gorgeous.  He didn’t let me off the hook with one try so after some insistence, I agreed to go on one date.  I actually told my sister-in-law, “I’m just going to date him.  I’m not going to marry him!”

Who wouldn't fall in love with this?

Sorry ladies…he’s all mine!

The date was amazing!  He was everything I thought he wasn’t.  He was so honest and charming and sweet that I instantly fell in love with him.  Really, I did.  Six months later we were engaged.  We planned a wedding in Key West and were giddy with excitement.  And then I freaked out.  It was three months before the wedding and I just totally freaked!  I called the whole thing off (which is no simple task when it’s February and your destination wedding is in May!) and had the hardest conversation I ever had to have with my fiancé.  It was U.G.L.Y you ‘aint got no alibi.  But I did it and he stuck by me –  supported me even!  I wasn’t going to rush into this wedding the way I did the engagement just because everything was already planned.  Of course it was awful and difficult but it gave us what we needed – TIME.

One year later the wedding was back ON!  We had an amazing two weeks in Key West with 30 friends and family.  It was one big party and was absolutely the time of my life!

I wish I was there right now!

I wish I was there right now!  Not a newlywed but on that beach in Key West!

Ten years later (and twin boys!) we’re still together and going strong.  Is it perfect?  Of course not.  But he is my rock.  He’s the one who calls me out on my crazy – and trust me people, I need this!  He’s the most dedicated, hard working man I’ve ever met (besides my dad) and loves me unconditionally.  He even reads all my blog posts…now that is love!

Ten years from now, the only reason I won’t be in jail or a mental health facility will be because of my husband. Thank you sweetie.  I’d marry you ten times over again!


What were you doing 10 years ago?  Do you think your husband would have married you a year later if you called off the wedding?