If you’re not a runner, this day may be your worst nightmare. The first Wednesday in June has been declared National Running Day! So the obvious way to celebrate would be to go for a run. Boring! Predictable! Lame! A special holiday such as this requires special celebration and more then a Facebook post of you running with #NRD.


I’m celebrating NRD by flying to San Francisco. By the time you read this I will be doped up on Xanax 30,000 feet up and headed to a runner’s paradise. I even get to test my hamstring by doing my first run in two weeks…tomorrow. That’s right, I will actually not run on National Running Day. #Sad

I originally wrote this list for RunHaven so I’ll give you a tease here and then you’ll need to read the rest over there, since I know you cannot possibly go on with your day until you know the full list.

Choose wisely my friends:

  1. Randomly pee in the woods.

Pee-12. Tell a stranger all your racing PRs.

3. Sign-up a non-running friend for a 5K and announce it on Facebook.

4. Put every running sticker you can find on your car (you remember how much my husband loves those, right?).


5. Take the day off of work and claim discrimination if they refuse to let you.

6. Wear one of your old racing bibs all day and look confused if people question it.

7. Have a party where you serve only Chomps, GU and Gatorade and tell everyone it’s BYOHB (bring your own hydration belt).

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Now head over to RunHaven and read this and everything else you can get your greedy, running hungry eyeballs on. Enjoy!

Did you know it was National Running Day?

How will you celebrate?…or not?