When I had my blood analyzed by the new company InsideTracker, I actually learned a lot but, there are two things in particular that I think will be helpful to almost anyone reading this.


If you read my first blog post when I mentioned InsideTracker, you may recall that I used one word to describe my experience: annoyed. Here is why:

  1. Unless you select the “white glove” service (for an additional charge) to have someone come to your home to perform the blood draw, you have to make it to a facility. You also have to fast for 8 hours prior to the draw. After several failed attempts, I decided to just pay the fee and have someone come to my house first thing in the morning.
  2. About 24 hours later, I was sent this email by the Product Operations Manager at InsideTracker: Quest was unable to run a complete Performance panel on the specimens that were collected because there was an issue with the packaging. That’s not very fun at all, so I’ve set you up with an Ultimate test (with WGS, if you’d like to have a phlebotomist come to your home or office again). It’s on your account and you can use it at any time. Please give us a call if there’s any questions I can answer, or anything I can do to help.
  3. Even though I think they were very generous with the offer, I was so annoyed that it happened in the first place. However, it turns out that quite a bit of information was gathered and I will definitely be using the Ultimate Test in a few months time.
  4. The results had my InnerAge as 46. I’m 41.

So, how did I turn my frown upside-down? I’ll tell you…

No. 1 – Doctors do not know how to treat healthy people

My contact, Jonathan Levitt, could not have been happier about my annoyance. He loves the skeptics because it really provides him with an opportunity to show how InsideTracker works and why it’s specially designed for athletes (both weekend warriors and psychos).

My annoyance about my “InnerAge” was based on the fact that any other testing I have completed with an inner age result has me somewhere in my 20s. Obviously if I compare myself to the average 41 year-old American woman, my insides look like a rock star. However, if you compare me to say Shalane Flanagan, I’m 46. At least.

After reading my post, Jonathan put my results into perspective:


So we scheduled a call to go over everything in-depth.

Again, the levels shown that are in yellow (below) are not optimal for someone who is training and racing the way I do/want to. If I had these same tests done at my regular doctor’s office, they would all be “normal.”

I had three areas that deviated from where they ideally should be, so we discussed them and, how I can make some simple changes to bring them into the good range.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.37.05 AM

Jonathan also told me that glucose has a major impact on your inner age result since it’s one of the biggest indicators of longevity. And, the younger you are, the bigger the impact.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.37.21 AM

My cholesterol showed as borderline high but again, nothing that is overly concerning. A recurring theme in my profile was to eat more beans. We talked about making some simple swaps (like oatmeal for breakfast and beans in my salads) which should have a big impact on all these numbers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.38.18 AM

No. 2 – The best meal plan is one tailored specifically for and about YOU

Just because I feel successful in my training and nutrition does not mean I’m not susceptible to being influenced by the latest fad diets. I’ve looked more than once into metabolic training/eating, I’ve Googled paleo, tried to force a smoothie on a daily basis and even thought about putting a salad in a jar. < – – I did not.

What I finally found with InsideTracker is all I really needed to do was make two small changes. Two. Small. Changes.

I didn’t need to sign up for specialty food supplies via Amazon.

I don’t make 45 minute drives to Whole Foods for some obscure ingredient.

I don’t force myself to eat (or not eat) anything.

I feel fuller longer and have the energy I need to go strong through two hour training sessions.

I have scientific proof from my blood draw that I am doing almost everything right.

How did I do it? Like this:

  1. I now have oatmeal with peanut butter and chia seeds for breakfast most mornings which should help bring my glucose and cholesterol numbers into place.
  2. I have some sort of beans, either in a salad, salsa, as a side or in a wrap, two to three times a week in hopes of upping my iron numbers.

That’s it.

Good morning glucose lowering breakfast!

Good morning glucose lowering breakfast!

After everything we talked about, my overall results were pretty great. Not only that but Jonathan used common sense (gasp!) by asking me how fatigued I am before, during or after training sessions and how my sleep patters are and whether or not I feel good overall since, if I feel great, what is the point of making any changes?

Next Step

I have been including these extras in my diet for the last two weeks and I feel great, my training is still on point and, if I could get my kids to sleep though the night I would feel less like 46 and more like 26.

InsideTracker also takes all the guess work out of food shopping with their Food Basket option, where you can basically input your likes and dislikes and they will create a shopping list based on what your body needs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.08.13 PM

I will have a re-test done in four months time, see what happens and, of course, tell you all about it.

Why You Should Try It

Because it makes so much sense! If you are sick of guessing what will or won’t work, this makes it easy. Yes, it’s expensive but how much have you already spent (including your precious time) on trying diets that are not working? Until you get a blood draw, you really don’t know what is and is not working for your body specifically.

Prices range from $499 for the Ultimate package to $99, to only get your InnerAge and, even two more packages under $150.

Overall I had a great experience, even when it started out kind of rough. I appreciate good, quality, genuine customer service and that is what the people at InsideTracker are all about. I also believe in making small, attainable, changes that you can live with every single day otherwise, the change won’t stick and you will be right back to where you started.

Get inside your body, don’t be afraid of your inner age and get on TRACK!

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I paid for the Performance Package ($299) with a 20% discount and upgrade for the white glove service from Inside Tracker. All opinions are always my own.

How do you feel about Inside Tracker?

What do you think your inner age would be?

Will you try it? Why or why not?