If you’re asking “what the hell is a DEXAScan?” I got you. If you remember those fat pinching calipers from gym class or your first encounter with a personal trainer in the 90s then you’re close to understanding what it is. I’m happy to report that a DEXAScan is a painless body scan that can accurately assess bone density, lean vs fat tissue and how that tissue is distributed. This is fascinating stuff to me. Luckily, I was contacted to give it a try for free and was shocked to learn there was a facility sort of close to my country outpost…I mean, home in the woods…I mean, no man’s land where I live. You get the idea…

This won’t hurt a bit.

SURPRISE #1: My Bone Density is Good!

So this wasn’t a total surprise but I had no clue what my bone health was like and, since I’m getting older (I turn 44 this year!) it’s been on my mind. Most of my calcium intake comes from cheese (and maybe some greens) but I have been strength training since I was a four year-old gymnast, so I thought it should be pretty good. The thing about the DEXAScan is you can see, without a doubt, that it’s great.

When I commented it was “funny” that my fat seems to be mostly on the outside of my legs, the clinic manager Michelle Cotton, explained that’s where all women carry most of their fat – “child birthing hips.” Ok, she did not say that but that’s immediately what I thought. She also mentioned that men carry most of their fat in the abdomen. #nocomment

SURPRISE #2: I’m Almost Completely Balanced!

One of the best things about this test is how it not only tells you how much lean to fat tissue you have, but how it’s distributed. I was sure I had some major imbalances in my legs but nope…

If only I were this balanced in my head.

And, actually, after I saw this I thought “this is exactly why I don’t get serious injuries.” It’s also not accidental. This is where all the years of balance and strength training come in, not to mention the fact that running is basically balancing on one foot to the next. I was probably most excited about this result and I will continue to work to keep it balanced!

SURPRISE #3: You Can Cure A Hangover There

At the Live Lean Clinic in Milford, CT you can get just about anything under the umbrella of “health.” I think help with erectile dysfunction was even mentioned in the laundry list of things they do there but, getting an IV bag for “dehydration” aka I drank an entire bottle of vodka and now I have to parent at 6am, was magic I thought was only available in Las Vegas.

I may have also heard they do “a lot” of IV bags after holiday weekends. Shocking.

Of course I was very happy with my body composition but my husband had to explain to me why I was in the zero percentile. I also found it interesting that I’m considered in the “lean” category according to the DEXAScan results but the old BMI scale (at the bottom of the page) has me on the high side of “normal.”

What’s Next?

I will definitely be going back since I’m interested to see how much muscle I build (especially in my legs) as I train for my second half Ironman. I know my legs are visibly bigger at the end of that training cycle so it will be cool to see how much mass is actually there. We’ve all heard people say “I’m not losing weight but I think I’m gaining muscle” and we fight the urge to not roll our eyes directly into our skulls. Just me? Well, now you can actually see if that is true. I think CrossFitters may especially love this one.

The Facts

DEXAScan is 98% accurate and is considered the gold standard,ย most thoroughly and scientifically validated method, for body fat measurement.

Their website is a wealth of information including all their locations so you can find one near you.

In addition to the body composition scan they offer VO2Max, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), food sensitivity testing, IV nutrient therapy (as discussed) and hormone therapy.

Don’t take my word for it. Read Wendy’s review and Marcia’s too, if you like. Hint: they both loved it.

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Have you ever had a body composition test done? Would you?

Did you ever get pinched by those nasty calipers? I did!