As you may or may not know, I’m a lover of headbands. Since I was blessed cursed with horribly thick and unruly hair, I chop it as short as I dare. However, it grows out in less then two weeks after a cut, and I need to somehow tame it – enter headbands.


I have yet to meet one I don’t like and I certainly don’t have the problem of them ‘slipping’ off, as some women do. If anything there’s a danger of them being lost in my mass of curls and craziness!

I especially love going out for a run with just a nice, thick headband to protect my ears, but that allows my head to breathe. After all, with all my hair, things can get hot up there!  The TrailHeads headband I’m wearing in the top left picture is one of my favorites. And then I got a glimpse of the latest one, and all the awesome patterns:

TrailHeadsHBPatternsSo many to chose from, and all with the TrailHeads signature ponytail hole in the back! I chose this one:


I have to say that I have found a multitude of uses for it:

1. Muzzle – With all of these delayed openings and cancellations of school due to the awesome weather lately, I’ve been spending an abundance of time with my beautiful children. I thought I was going to lose my mind with the fighting the other day, when I grabbed my trusty TrailHeads headband out of my gym bag and found another amazing use for it:

Quiet please!

Quiet please!

2. Toilet Paper – Yes, runners are disgusting. If you know one of us ahem, intimately, you will know that we will heed nature’s call when out on a run. Sometimes this leads to poison ivy, but most of the time you just wish you had something to wipe with. Just don’t put it back on your head.

There's no grass here in the winter my friends...

There’s no grass here in the winter my friends…

3. Eye Mask – Raise your hand if you can relate: I want lights out at bedtime and my husband wants to watch TV. As anyone who has had this argument knows, it’s not the noise of the television, it’s the LIGHT! TrailHeads headband to the rescue. Thank you for saving my marriage headband. I love you.

Nighty night!

Nighty night!

4. Weapon – That’s right. If I had to, I’m pretty sure I could fling it at an attacker to distract them just long enough for me to get away, mostly because they would be thinking “Is she serious?”

It could also be used to stop the jaws of a unleashed, angry dog, as it tries to bite down on my forearm during my long run!  I hope I never find out if this will actually work.

It worked for Wonder Woman right?

It worked for Wonder Woman right?

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