I feel as though there should be a very dramatic “DUN DUN DUN” after that title. I also kind of feel like I shouldn’t even write this post. I mean, who really cares that I’m turning 40, 40 days from Monday?

I do.

The question is why do I care so much and what am I going to do about it?


Here’s a list of things in my life I never thought I would do: get married (no, I never dreamed of my wedding day, not even once) have kids (I wanted a yacht) be a stay-at-home-mom (just typing that makes me throw up in my mouth a little) and give a shit about turning 40. I can honestly say that I didn’t really care until about six months ago.

I love birthdays. I love celebrating in big ways. I love life. I love my life.

What's not to love?

What’s not to love?

So, what’s the issue? I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because of all those things, that turning 40 scares me. My wedding day is almost 10 years behind me. My kids will be in first grade in September and I’m no longer the adorable new mom of twins, but the haggard crazy-woman who is aging rapidly with each year of their growth.

My mom died of cancer when she was barely 43. A good friend of mine just died from cancer 10 months after her 40th birthday.

So there’s that.

I realize that’s it’s oh-so-boring to hem and haw over turning 40. It’s almost a cliche, yet here I am.

Of course the character of Jane is a 20 something single mom. You'll see Jane! It IS a puzzle!

Of course “Jane” is a 20-something single mom. You’ll see Jane! It IS a puzzle! And thanks to Brittany from My Own Balance for the book recommendation. She is also not close to 40,

I’ve done all the preparation to ease the pain; to minimize the blunt force of the actual day. Ski weekends have been planned as well as a trip to Key West. I want to cover both ends of the spectrum when it comes to weather. I’m an equal opportunity kind of girl woman.

I plan to run not one, but two marathons and a few duathlons and triathlons this year. I’m very much embracing my new age group. Look out 45 year-olds, I’m going to be the young one in the group now!

I'm just getting warmed-up!

I’m just getting warmed-up!                                                                                                                         (Do you think the guy behind me thinks it’s strange that I’m taking pictures of myself at the gym? Nah.)

There’s a lot I am looking forward to. After all 40 is just a number (another cliche!), and I have so many things I absolutely love about my life and about getting older:

I give a shit less and less about what other people think. It’s very freeing but you can also make a total ass of yourself and blame your age.

I rid myself of a toxic friendship and never looked back.

I take more chances both personally and professionally.

I absolutely love the boys age right now and the whole world that has opened up for us as a family.

I love watching my husband’s business grow by leaps and bounds. A business he started at the kitchen table in our apartment 8 years ago.

I love watching my triplets grow! Yes, that's my husband as the Apple Jacks BoxTroll. How did those even get in my house?

I love watching my triplets grow! Yes, that’s my husband as the Apple Jacks BoxTroll. How did those even get in my house?

So the question remains, what will I do with the 40 days I have left in my thirties?


A little bit less of something everyday.

I spend most of my time rushing around from one thing to the next, trying to be everything to everyone, including myself. I think it’s time to slow down, take life in, look around and appreciate.

Starting Monday, I’m going to chose one thing to focus on and do less of it. Here’s what I have so far:




Movement (yep, that’s right. I’m going to SIT DOWN!)



Swearing (this one is for you Dad!)

Social Media



Judging (gulp)


Making (beds, dinner, demands)

I thought it would be easy to think of 40 things to less of but, it turns out that I need some suggestions from all of you. Give me some ideas to fill my next 40 days with less. Help an old lady out!

Give me something to do less of over the next 40 days

How do you feel about milestone birthdays?

What would you do less of?