When it comes to music, my taste has a very wide range and, because I’m usually training for the better part of two hours, five days a week, I need to mix up my playlist – a lot!

Most Embarassing

I often think, while running down the street or lifting weights at the gym, if someone stopped me and asked what I was listening to at that moment, I would be mortified. So, why not share it on my blog and just get it over with?

Anything By Justin Bieber

I know it’s kind of cliche to frown upon the biebs but I cannot stand his media-portrayed self. He may be a very mature, decent human being, but I’m guessing he’s just as awful as he appears in tabloids and on Twitter . However, when it comes to some of his music, I just cannot help myself.

Currently I have these gems in rotation:

Is it more or less embarrassing that these songs are so outdated? I’m going with less.

Let’s continue…

Carrie Underwood – Smoke Break

Country songs in general are laughable. Every once an a while you get an amazing ballad like Live Like You Were Dying and there are quite a few Kenny Chensey songs that I love, however I’m a firm believer that country music should stay in a honky tonk bar where they serve only beer or whiskey, and not in a gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be in that bar, but country music and working out are kind of an odd couple.

I’m not sure where I saw this song advertised as a great run song, but something about the title made me want to hear it. To save time, I just downloaded it with a few other songs without ever listening to it. I was in for a treat later on the treadmill when I heard these beginning lyrics:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.13.17 PM

I have an especially hard time with that last part.

But, something about the song and Carrie’s voice just won’t let me delete it from my playlist. The best days are when, on shuffle, it comes on right after 50 Cent or Ludacris.

Laughter is good while working out. I’m keeping it.



Guns ‘N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

I’m so old that this song was popular when I was in elementary school! I had a stone-washed jean jacket with a huge Guns N Roses patch across the back. Total eighth grade, small town badass.

I love this song because it literally reminds me of childhood memories and not just because those are the exact words Axle Rose is singing. Plus, he goes a little bat shit crazy at the end and it puts a little fire in my step!

Is there nothing cooler then the opening riff?


Miley Cyrus – The Climb

This one gets filed under songs like Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, which I loathe. I like my uplifting, girl power, struggle songs to be more subtle and way less cheesy. But that does not explain why this oddity is still in rotation:


It’s funny what will keep you pushing up a hill, or though that last mile when you’re out in the trenches. Desperation and bad music sometimes combine to help you finish strong. It cannot be explained.

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Your turn! Confess to all your most embarrassing playlist songs…