We have established that I am not a trendsetter. I’m late to the game on most things, never accurately predict the future (I thought both the iPod and Ryan Seacrest would be fads) and basically wait until everyone else tries stuff out before I jump on the bandwagon.


Now that tons of some extra time has opened up to me with the boys starting first grade, I have finally taken the time to get my shit together. Here are five things I should have or could have done years ago. I’m going with the “better late then never” on these:



This was actually a huge mistake. I would rather get 17 Brazilian bikini waxes in a row then go through this again. Full disclosure: I have not been to the dentist in 6 years. My main reason being that when I was pregnant with the twins my gums were so sore and tender, they would bleed when I brushed them. There was no way I was going to the dentist during that time. Postpartum all hell broke loose and, had I any free time, I was drinking, running or sleeping, in that order. I have no excuse for the other four years. #Shame

What I can tell you is that no one should ever wait that long in between dental appointments. It was brutal. But, the dentist was actually a little stunned at how good my teeth looked. He asked if I had been seeing another dentist all those years and then asked the hygienist if she took the x-rays before or after she cleaned my teeth! That is a testament to good brushing, sort of flossing, and eating healthy.

They even managed to hurt my hair while I was there.

They even managed to hurt my hair while I was there.

The bad news is that I need my wisdom teeth out asap. And, once those babies are out, I may need a root canal.

I’m going to think very hard about both of those atrocities when I’m feeling sorry for myself during the last miles of the marathon. I’m positive I would rather be running the last 6.2 miles of the NYCM then having oral surgery.



Let’s see…I’ve been shopping at Target for about eight years now. For the purposes of this exercise, I will be conservative and say I go there twice monthly. Each time I go, I spend at least $100 because I think it’s actually be proven to be physically impossible to spend less then that, and I’m an overachiever so I will say on average I spend $120, with all holidays considered. Let’s add this up, shall we?

2x month x 12 months = 24 times per year

$120 x 24 = $2,976 spent at Target per year…without a RED CARD with which you save 5% on your total purchase!

Had I done this when the boys were born, by now I would have saved roughly $145.00/year x 6 years = $870


After spending an obscene amount of money on Halloween decorations for my guilt party for the boys (more on that later!) the cashier and the women behind me in line basically bullied me into getting one. When a woman with an infant strapped to her chest and three half-gallons of cold milk on the belt tells you to take the time to get the card – you do it.

Too much?

Too much?


Like many mothers before me, I used to be and do so many things before the boys were born. Yoga was one of my favorite ways to stretch, reset, relax and strengthen my running body. As I got bigger and bigger though my pregnancy, yoga was one of the only things I was still able to do. But, once again, after those two little crazies were born, I pretty much never went to yoga again.

That all changed this past week when I went to my first class in years! This was infinitely better then the dentist and, as a bonus, I was the only one who showed up for the 9:30am class, so I was treated to a private session at no extra charge.

I need a constant reminder.

I need a constant reminder.

I loved everything about it – setting my intention, being guided through the poses, stretching my hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back, holding balance poses and staying present – all while breathing deeply. Ohhhhhmmmmmm!



I touched on this in my rundown last week and, even though I no longer need to wear them for the cut on my ankle, there is no way I’m stopping! I have come to absolutely love running with them and, as far as I can tell, there is really no difference for me in the pairs I have.

I have a at least four that were free and two pairs that were $60. No difference. I wish I could get my money back.

These are the expensive ones. I did not use these staring blocks but they were fun to play with.

These are the expensive ones, but I would never pass a blind test between these and the shamrock ones I won at a race.


I can’t find the post now but, a friend of mine took to Facebook (where all important matters are handled) and pronounced anyone still wearing headphones with wires to be archaic. *raises hand and hits bone in hair* I decided it was finally time to get a pair, especially with my new Garmin vivoactive and it’s wireless music capabilities!

Peace out wires!

Peace out wires!

I have only tried one pair so far, so I’m still testing them out but I’m definitely ready to get rid of the wires! I know, welcome to the year 2010. You’re going to like it here…


What would you like to do or need to do, that you haven’t in years?

Do you have a wireless headphone recommendation for this runner?