People can be jerks and, lately, I’m up to here with them. My relationships with some family members has been thrown for a loop, a nasty situation with a close girlfriend left me cranky and, in general, I was sick of the human race. You all know why.

By the time I left for Hawaii, my head and my heart needed a break. Little did I know both would get a complete restoration.


Before you hurt yourself with a massive eye roll, let me explain. The Hawaiian people take relaxation as seriously as north easterners take Dunkin Donuts coffee and Patriots football. Hawaiians live the life of peace and happiness even when their electricity bill costs more than a mortgage…and let’s not even talk about the cost of real estate. Despite living on an island in the middle of the pacific, or maybe because of it, they live in a dream and they live that dream every day. It permeates though everything on the island until you have no choice but to embrace it full force.

I have brought some of that aloha back home with me but, being bombarded by a Nor’easter, alternative facts and Nerf darts is making it increasingly more difficult to keep it.

This guy. Lighting the nightly torches and blowing the conch shell. Please come back!

This waitress, like all the waitresses was hilarious, informative and fun. Obviously nothing like most of our overworked, under respected and stress out wait staff here.


If you are female, this needs no explanation. Women and girls have complicated relationships from, oh I don’t know, first grade until death. Why all the drama? I haven’t a clue but I avoid it like the plague. Prior to this trip I was not even thinking about meeting other wives or who I would hang out with since I love being alone. Stick me by the ocean with a book and a drink and I’m good for at least five hours…after my run or ride of course.

Upon meeting three of the other wives, I knew there would be no book reading for me. We instantly clicked, there was no bullshit or pretense or any other nonsense that usually goes with meeting other women for the first time. These ladies were real, honest, fun and funny.

This is pretty much what we did on a daily basis.

We talked about everything from kids to where we’re from and even politics, with no airs or nastiness. And no, we did not all share the same political views. It was like a miracle.

I seriously miss them so much and they made what would have been a “work” trip into something that felt more like a planned vacation with close friends.

We’re already plotting our next get together.


Although I truly love to run, bike and swim and can do it anywhere, it’s insanely more enjoyable when you have views like this:

And, not only the stunning views but all of the other people out there doing what you’re doing or being active in some way. It’s inspiring! When I’m home I hardly ever see someone else running, cycling or even walking when I’m out there. It can make for very lonely days.

In Hawaii, not only was the main road in and out of the resort bustling with people running, cycling and walking but, out on highway 19 (part of the Ironman route) there are signs everywhere demanding cars to “share the road with cyclists!” and we even have our own bike lanes. The most astonishing part was, the drivers adhered to the rules! At no point did I ever feel I was in danger of getting hit and I was on a highway!

Possibly best of all, almost every single person waved smiled or actually said “aloha!” as I passed them.

I was teary eyed.


My husband and I did not turn on the television even one time for the entirety of our stay. I made a point to not open my New York Times or Washington Post apps and, each time I started to scroll though Facebook, as soon as I saw a political post, I was done. Let it be known my FB scrolls lasted 2.8 seconds on average.

It was fantastic.

Ignorance is bliss.

On the big island I never felt more detached from the world and, after a grueling year of ridiculousness where the news is concerned, it was way overdue. I limited my time on social media (because who can see a screen with all that sun glare anyway?) and was so much better for it.


It was like being on The Biggest Loser in the sense that, reality is suspended and you can have laser like focus on your goal, with no outside distractions or silly worries like kids, money and work. My goal was relaxation and happiness.

Goal achieved.

The tough part is brining all of this home with me. As much as I try, I feel the spirit of aloha slipping away with each passing snowstorm…um, day. The easy part is I have the pictures and memories and was able to get the reboot I needed to help me make it though the rest of the winter.

That and I leave for Cuba soon so…

Aloha! Or, should I say Hola!

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