I recently read an interview on espnW, with Erica Schenk. You know, the first plus-sized model/runner they put on the cover of Women’s Running and everyone went berserk?…in a good way. The reporter asked her about positive body image and she said “People look at me and say ‘You don’t exercise’.” Well Erica, I have the opposite problem. People look at me and say “Do you do anything but exercise?”


These are the other comments I hear a lot:

“Do you eat anything unhealthy?” Yes!

“Are you a vegetarian? Vegan? Mutant?” NO, none of those things.

“Do you eat dessert?” OMG YES!

“You probably don’t drink.” That’s like saying I probably don’t breathe.

Once, several years ago, when I hosted one of the first girl’s nights at my house, almost everyone brought a veggie platter or fruit plate.

I get it, but, I need to set the record straight.

I do a lot of unhealthy things. Yes, most of my habits and diet are extremely healthy but I also love to exercise and eat well most of the time. I’m not forcing myself to eat kale, veggie stew, fruits, vegetables or anything else. I actually enjoy my food and it helps me to maintain my training regimen.

However, here are my top seven sins:

  1. I put half and half and sugar in my coffee. Real, pure, sugar and I make it a big scoop. My second cup of the day is hopefully Starbucks which I put Almond milk and sugar in, but there is always sugar and there are always two fabulous cups of coffee.
  2. I love french fries. I mean I really love them. I like them thin and crispy and piping hot. Most of the time I will defer to sweet potato fries but, if that choice isn’t available, I get the real deal and eat every last one. And no, I don’t think McDonald’s has the best ones. I don’t think McDonald’s has the best anything.
  3. I drink. Sometimes too much, sometimes too little and every so often I get it just right. I don’t have a mudslide or fruity concoction with seven different liquors in it, but I love a great glass of red, a citron and tonic and there’s nothing like a good Sam Adams beer, especially after a race.
Double fisting after my Ignite presentation at Fitbloggin in 2014. Drinking at a fitness conference. Yep.

Double fisting after my Ignite presentation at Fitbloggin in 2014. Drinking at a fitness conference. Yep. I also haven’t a clue what is in those but it was delicious.

4. I’m negative. I know you all think I’m sunshine and roses but, alas, that is not the true me. I’m a happy person but I’m definitely in the “glass is half empty” camp. I’m actually a permanent resident. I actually founded the town.

5. I don’t go to the dentist regularly. I know, I know, but since I’m being honest I need to tell the whole awful truth. I will be really pissed if I die from gum disease and not overtraining

6. I’m a horrible hydrator. Since my little bladder scare back in the spring, I’ve gotten much better, but I can still use improvement in this area.

7.  I don’t have a thigh gap. Now, this is not necessarily “unhealthy” and I certainly do not think I’m overweight but, I know this is a sort of awful trend and I want to address it. Not only do I not have a thigh gap but I’ve been known to forget to apply glide on my thighs when I’m running in my short shorts and I chafe like a bitch.

Track session + sun + sweat + short shorts = chafing.

Track session + sun + sweat + short shorts = chafing.

I know my husband some people will look at this list and think none of it is really that bad. I’m not saying it is, but I do a lot of things most people wouldn’t think an “athlete” does. The point of this is to not look at someone like Erica Schenk and think she’s lazy and then someone like me and think I live at the gym.

Cut yourself some slack, try your best not to compare and be happy with the real YOU…with a side of fries.

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What assumptions do people make about you?

What are your “unhealthy” confessions?