This is the blog post formerly known as the Wednesday Round Up. I think the reason is obvious. From here forth this last Wednesday of the month link up shall be known as Run It. Ya know, because that’s what we all do – – run our house, our professions, our workouts, the world, etc.

The topic this month is winter running because it’s winter and we’re still running because of course. Whether you run on a treadmill or outdoors matters not, it’s that you’re putting one foot in front of the other during some of the darkest and dullest months on the calendar.

Since there is enough misery in the world lately, let’s focus on the 8Β BEST things about winter running:

No. 1 – – It’s Cold

Yes, this is a positive thing people! I’m not sure about you but I tend to heat up when I run. This is a welcome fact during the winter months and not so much when it’s already warm outside. Even if you’re on the treadmill, it’s probably somewhere chilly like your unfinished basement or garage so you still get to enjoy (yes, enjoy) the cold air without all the nastiness of actually being outside.

Happiness is…

No. 2 – – New Clothing

Do people in southern California have two distinct running wardrobes? I think not! One can never have too many tights, wool socks, hats, gloves, mittens or neck warmers. Think about those poor, suffering women in the sunshine states who only have shorts and tanks to mix up their wardrobe with. So sad.

You don’t need these mittens in Hawaii!

No. 3 – – Snowshoes

Snowshoeing provides runners with an entire new season of races! At least one woman I know in this link-up has already participated in two such races and has placed second female each time.

I own a pair of Tubbs running snowshoes and use them every time the boys have had a snow day. They sled up and down the hill and I do hill repeats. Everyone wins.

No. 4 – – Cross Training

Needless to say, running in the snow is hard. It’s like a little strength workout for your entire body! Forget about keeping pace, forget about using all your already overused muscles and just run. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous out there right after a fresh snowfall.

Really, you should try it.

No. 5 – – Time

Since running in the snow is harder and is working different muscles (see above) you can actually spend less time doing it and still get the same, or even better, of a workout and the benefits that go with it. Need to up your endurance? Take a run in the snow and see how quickly you get out of breath!

And, don’t worry about what the neighbors think. Chances are, they already know you’re crazy.

No. 6 – – If You Hate It, You Can Leave

Not too many runners chose to come from a warmer climate and run in the snow but, plenty of snow-bound runners plan timely trips to tropical destinations to get a good dose of Vitamin D and then head back to snow country.

Running in Las Vegas in November? Hell yes!

In fact, I planned two such trips this winter and, although I love basking in the sun, I will be happy to return to the cold. Yes, I will, I promise you.

No. 7 – – Warm Food and “Recovery” Drinks

Big bowl of chili? Yes, please! Hot Toddy to wash it down? Oh yeah!

All in the name of “warming up” after being outside in the frigid temps. You deserve it.

Let’s just say I never make this stew in July.

No. 8 – – Transitions

No, not the ones in triathlon but the ones from one season to the next. There is something about acclimating your body through the steely cold of winter and then truly appreciating the spring thaw. You can make tremendous mental and physical gains from pushing through a tough winter of training to ready yourself for a spring goal race. Plus, you appreciate the hell out of the summer once it finally and mercifully arrives!

The winter cap/bathing suit combo look is not easily pulled off in warmer climates.


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Please give a warm welcome back to all my blog friends who participate, and drop all kinds of running knowledge, right here where you need it. We’re here for you runners!











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What is your favorite thing about winter running or just winter?

Least favorite?

If you live somewhere warm, tell us something awful about it. Please!