Is anyone else overly excited about this long weekend? I know we just had a holiday break but it seems like a distant memory. If you’re feeling unprepared for the extra day off, I have you covered with a workout, something to watch and a share for the win!


You can make this as long or as short as you want, depending on how much time you have to spare. I love the run portion of this because it’s long enough to experience the euphoria of going fast but, short enough so it doesn’t wear you out over the 15 minutes of inetervals.



So, I died with laugther because the struggle is real. This family is the best ever…


…and then, this one has me tearing up almost as much as Obama’s profession of his love for both his wife, daughter and his VP. Almost…


Mostly this weekend I will be watching out for my kids on the slopes as we head to Vermont to celebrate MLK…which is weird since I’m pretty positive Dr. King did not ski. Regardless, I will make sure to have another enlightening conversation with the boysΒ about the incredible man he was and what he did for this country. The kids are justifiably fascinated by Dr. King mostly because they cannot fathom segregation. I know “the dream” has not been fully realized but I think Dr. KingΒ would be proud of how far we have come.


This has absolutely nothing to do with MLK, the long weekend or fitness. It’s just funny and it’s Friday so you probably need it.

I am married to a man baby.

It defies logic that he can be so forgetful and fragile yet such a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

Earlier this week he was readying himself for a business trip. As per usual, before I kissed him good-bye I went though the reminders:

Make sure you have all your essentials – – wallet, phone, chargers, laptop and keys. Yes, I do this every time because he has been known to leave any and all of these items behind, on trains, in his car and every other place except on his person. If you are married to a man baby, you know exactly what I’m talking about. #IHaveTriplets

Fast forward to 11:50am when I get a phone call:

Him: Do you know where my license is?

Me: Are you still here?

Him: I’m at the airport and I can’t find my licesne.

Lawd have mercy!

I sped home, grabbed his passport, sped out to the airport in record time (unless your a CT State Trooper reading this in which case I obeyed the speed limit) and practically threw his passport at him by 12:30. His flight left at 12:48.

And because, everything always works out for my husband (which is why he never learns) he texted me the following for the win:

We have yet to find his license.

Here’s hoping everything works out for you this weekend! See you back here on Tuesday…possibly Wednesday.

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What are your weekend plans?

Have you watched anything good lately?

Are you married to a “forgetful” partner?