It’s always an adventure when I’m in the kitchen and, when you add my boys, pretty much anything can happen. So when Nellie’s Free Range Eggs gave me an opportunity to go on an adventure with them, I graciously accepted.

First of all, the only eggs I ever even buy are Nellie’s. Why? Not because they remind me of one of my most favorite rap artists (well, maybe a little) but more so because I know the family who owns the farm where the eggs come from and, they are even more amazing than Nellie the rap artist. #truth

That’s my girl Sandra (far left) me, Sarah and Laura at this years Rise.Run.Retreat

The fine folks at Nellie’s sent me a box of goodies including cookie cutters, a whisk and some coupons for free Nellie’s eggs!

The first thing I thought was “how the hell do I use cookie cutters and oh my God I have to roll dough?” Up until last week when I made these cookies, I did not own a rolling pin. Let’s just let that sink in.

I headed to the store literally not knowing what kind of mix to buy (the thought of making cookie dough from scratch never even crossed my mind!) and I prayed the store had rolling pins. They did and I was saved by Betty Crocker.

It should also be noted that I went directly to the grocery store from an overnight at a local casino for my husband’s company holiday party so I had a fuzzy mind and a fancy coat.

Who takes selfies with eggs? This girl…

*I snapped a quick one when a kid puked out of his cart in aisle 11 and everyone was momentarily distracted

And this is a video of why I love my children. Perception is everything people, especially when it comes to kids! I also love their answer to what the chicken farm is called…

Now that we were all in agreement (sort of) of what a marvelous baker I am, I confidently moved forward.

However, it became clear almost immediately, that I should just let the boys handle this.

I struggled for a minute with the cookie cutting. The dough was sticking to the table and ripping limbs off of the animals. It was terrifying. I then sort of got the hang of it and whole animals developed.

You can see the confusion on my face as Miles shows me how to properly use a cookie cutter.


It wasn’t until I started laying out the ingredients that I remembered the cookie cutters were of farm animals. I bought holiday colored decorating items, so I went with some sort of nativity, Christmas mix theme. Just humor me, please.

I think it’s safe to say, these are some of the most interesting cookies ever made.

[Tweet “Had an #advenuture in #baking lately? Take one with @freerangenellie and see what happens!”]

Here’s the thing, I spend plenty of my time in training and writing trying to be as close to perfect as possible. It was more than fun to admit I know almost nothing about baking and just do my best and see what happens. What happened was I learned a few things, my kids had a ton of fun, and the cookies tasted just a good as they would if looked prettier. I’m guessing.

No one expects much from me in the kitchen and, apparently my kids think I’m a fabulous baker, so I call this a win win. If you have yet to bake this season, don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. Go get yourself some Nellie’s, use this homemade cookie recipe from Sarah, and just set a goal to have fun.


Do you bake? Do you pay attention to the eggs you use?

When is the last time you tried to do something you were not good at?