I’m not a fan of fake. Skinny is skinny and strong is strong, and skinny is not the new strong. In the same vein 40 is 40 and I really don’t want it to be 30 or the new 30 or anything like 30. When I turned 30 I was unmarried, didn’t have my two beautiful boys and had yet to run a marathon. There are many things I would like a do over on in the past 10 years but those three are not on the list. I love being almost 10 years into my marriage, the boys being on the verge of six, and having the experience of running five marathons as I embark on numbers six and seven.

Hello 40! I see you!

Hello 40! I see you!

Forty is good. All good.

And I’m in good company.

A friend of mine, who I think is more like my sprint animal, sent me a link to an article about all these celebrities who as old as I am this year. I was a little surprised at how many of them I identify with:

Bradley Cooper – I just knew he and I were connected in some way. This is proof. Yes, it is.


Drew Barrymore – I loved you more in your younger (read: less weirder) days and especially as Firestarter. As a little girl watching that movie, I used to dream about being able to start raging fires with my emotions. Is that bad?

Light it up girl!

Light it up girl!

Wil.i.am & Fergie – Clearly I too should have been a Black Eyed Pea.

Can't you just picture me in the middle?

Can’t you just picture me in the middle?

Kate Gosselin – One celebrity who makes me feel really good about who I am and what I have done. Thank you Kate.



Angelina Jolie – Did anyone else think she was 50?


50 Cent – Do you think he knows how many runs we have shared via my iPod? Probably.

I love you fiddy!

I love you fiddy!

Octomom – She keeps stalking me. This lunatic was having her litter two months before I had the twins so imbeciles everywhere would look at my swollen belly and ask “How many do you have in there?” Thanks Octomom.


Charlize Theron – Did anyone else think she was 20?

Just stop it

Just stop it.

Ryan Seacrest – He was a local DJ when I lived in L.A. and I used to change the station whenever he came on because he was so annoying. I would have never guessed what he would become.

Seacrest 40!

Seacrest 40!

So I’m no talent scout and hardly ever predict the future accurately but, I can tell you this – I’m excited to be 40 and this year is going to be fantastic. I’m so happy with where I am in my life, what I do, and the people I chose to surround myself with. Being 40 means making better decisions, caring less, doing more. I appreciate the years behind me and anticipate those ahead. It also means I’m closer to death but hey, I’m trying to keep this positive.

Tomorrow is THE DAY and I will be living it up in Vermont, surrounded by a ton of family and friends. I will leave you with the wise words of a fellow 40 year-old:

It’s your birthday
We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday
We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
And you know we don’t give a fuck
It’s not your birthday!

But it IS my birthday 50, and we are going to do all of that!…until 10pm.

Is it your birthday? If not you can still party like it is!

What’s your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

Do you know any celebrities who are your age?

Is it weird that two famous moms of multiples are the same age I am?