The question is: How do you work with your spouse?

The answer is – I don’t!  If I worked with my husband (which I basically do since we both work at home) but if I actually worked in his business with him, there would be a murder suicide.  I’m not sure who would commit what to whom, but that is the inevitable outcome.

Lucikly for all of us TrailHeads lovers, Stephanie works just fine with her husband  Of course, I wanted to get to the bottom of this phenomenon of partnering so I decided to do a hard-hitting in-depth send her an email with a few questions about the inner workings of TrailHeads and working with your spouse day after day after day…you get the point.

Once Upon A Time Ed and Stephanie Rafferty said “I do” (it was actually in 2002), in the year that followed they had their first child Elle and started TrailHeads together.


Are these two go-getters or what?  I couldn’t start the oven when I had the twins, let alone a business!  Of course, I wanted to know more about Stephanie and TrailHeads so I asked and she answered.  Here’s how it went down:

Q: I know you started the business after your first daughter was born but why did you start it?

A: Ed and actually started the business before we were even engaged- he always wanted to have his own thing, he was in sports marketing and I was in design, so the combined experience really lent itself to starting something new.

Ah-ha!  So she was sucked into his business.  Too bad he wanted his own thing – HA!

Q:   I would kill my spouse if I worked with him everyday.  How do you manage a marriage and a business?

A:  It’s very difficult at times!  We have to practice patience all the time. But we’re doing what we love to do, so besides the stress of running a business, when you get right down to it, we’re happy doing our jobs and being close to home is the best for staying involved in our daughter’s daily lives (ages 9&10)

She also said that everyone asks this question since they have never witnessed a miracle before either.


Q:  Your office is “solar powered” and that is awesome…but what does that mean exactly?

A:  We have solar panels on the roof that generate about 90% of our electrical needs during the longer, sunnier months. When there isn’t enough sun light, we are still connected to the “grid.”

Sometimes I wish I could live off the grid.

Q:  You donate 3% of all sales to three amazing charities – National Sports Center for the Disabled, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Breast Cancer Research Foundation – why these three?  Any special meaning or ties to them?

A:  Ed is legally blind, so the Guiding Eyes is a natural fit. NSCD is an amazing place- Ed knew about that one; helping people overcome challenges is kind of a base line for deciding who to donate to. And BCRF because we all know too many women first hand that have battled breast cancer and we had to pick one!

Say what?  Ed is legally blind, runs part of this successful business, has two daughters and is a philanthropist? This is obviously how you can work with him everyday.  He’s super human.

Q:   What’s your favorite piece of TrailHeads gear and why?

A:  I wear the Power Gloves every day, and usually a contour ponytail hat or headband like S011 or S222. My fave for comfort, colors and versatility- run, hike, dog walking, walking the girls to school, jumping in the car for some reason…

Oh to have a ponytail!

Oh to have a ponytail!

Q:   What’s your favorite form of exercise?  Do you get the girls involved too?

A:  Hiking, running, cycling, and soccer is coming on strong!  The girls like to do their own thing, so I wish I could say we run together- but they think I am so boring!!

I know that seems awful right now but somedays I wish the boys would find me infinitely boring!  

Q:  You are the original creators of the “ponytail” hat.  Does it bother you that ALL fitness gear companies have that now and do you get a cut?

A:  We had seen ponytail hats out there before we started ours, but we do feel like we made them popular. We just have to stay ahead of the game and keep offering new and innovative product. I am always looking for new colors, new fibers, new reflective trim to keep it new and exciting.  I don’t love seeing them everywhere, but it’s a good way to keep us on our toes!

I know a thing or two about being on my toes and lately, that is frozen toes and fingers and ears!  Just as luck would have it, the latest and greatest gift my friends at TrailHeads sent me is this beauty:

And it's reversible!

And it’s reversible! The other side is black and goes with everything.

Cray cray, right?  I was actually in the middle of drafting my I Heart Headbands and Runnerbox post when I got it in the mail.  Clearly we’re a match made in headband heaven.  And this headband is heaven on a run.  It stays put, wicks away sweat and keeps my ears toasty.  What more can you ask of a headband?

Ok, enough about me already.  What you really want to know is what’s in it for YOU, right?  I feel ya.  Here’s the deal:

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